Sofi Despedida Giving Blowjob and Pounded

Sofi Despedida Giving Blowjob and Pounded
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Authors note This is a fictional story just a fantasy that I wished would come true but never did **************** "James get yourself dressed up fancy and comb your hair" my aunt called though the house " we are going to a classy restaurant" I loved my aunt but I also loved food I was 215 pounds but not really noticeable due to the fact I was 6'3" and at 16 I was well endowed with my member was about 8 inches long and as thick as a air freshener can but enough about me back to the story I yelled down to my aunt that I would be down in a minute.

I came down the stairs in my purple button up long sleeve and black trousers I saw my aunt waiting by the door. My aunt was wearing a black dress that hugged her curves in a very flattering way and I told her she looked beautiful. "Thanks sweetie" she always called me that. " You look good glad you put your long hair in a ponytail I did too " she said as she did a quick little flick or her hair. A little info on my aunt though I've never looked at her in a unfamily type of way but as I saw her standing there with her long tan legs and her perfectly round apple bottom that just makes you want to bite down and pray for lock jaw it changed.

She was short about 5'8" and she was only 34. (but then again everyone is short to me) I was guessing she wasn't waering a bra cause under her dress her nips are sticking up which I didn't understand but she had nice 27DDs.


I know cause every now and then I did her laundry I most have a taken awhile to say anything or look away cause she said " Sweetie if you keep staring I'm going to blush." Whenever I would stay over at her house we always did things together whether it was a movie or dinner, one time I convinced her to do mini golf. We were walking out to the car ,my eyes for some reason we're glued to her ass and I think she knew cause she suddenly stopped in front of me and I bumped right into her.

She must have noticed me staring and did it on purpose because right after she said she forgot something and went back inside. A few moments later she came back to the car and we started off to the restaurant. " Where we going aunt Evelina ?" She just smiled and didn't say anything. As I sat there in uncomfortable silence with my hand over my semi hard dick looking at her legs. I looked up in shock when she pulled up at the drive through of taco Bell. (My favorite place to eat) she ordered us a couple boxes and just went straight home.

As we pulled in the driveway she grabs the food and walks inside without saying anything. Still unsure of what was going on I walked in and saw she had everything set up and had the TV on some romance movie and then I realized what day it was. About a year ago my uncle left her to go chase chicks with dick and she broke down and went into a deep depression. I sat down beside her and saw she had some drinks on the table but I couldn't tell what it was so I tasted it and found it to be wine. A nasty combo but I knew she needed this.

As I sat beside her and we started to eat while we watched the movie I wasn't paying attention to it as I was still thinking of her. I crossed my legs after a few moments cause of my growing erection.

She must have noticed as she cuddled up close to me and laid her head in my lap. "I've got another movie I want to watch .I lost interest in this one." She said as she got up and changed the movie. She came back and started cuddling again. I noticed that something wasn't right it was playing but there was no picture only sound and it was a slight humming then without warning it light up the screen. I sat there in shock as I saw my aunt using a vibrate on the screen.

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I looked down and she was staring at me with wide eyes. "What the fuck" I said pretty loud and she put her finger to my lips and started to explain. She told me how she's been so lonely since my uncle left. Told me about how she heard me moaning one day and that when she opened the door she saw me at the computer with earbuds in watching.

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She admitted that she touched herself while she watched and from then on she always touched herself to thoughts of me. I couldn't believe what I was hearing but before she could finish explaining I quickly put my lips to hers and she moaned into my mouth and just threw her arms around me. We just sat there cuddling and kissing for a few minutes before she broke the kiss. " Do you know what I forgot earlier before we left ?" I admitted to be in the dark on that.

She didn't tell me why she just took my hand and placed it on her thigh before slowly running it up her leg to reveal that she didn't have any panties on. " I took them off when you bumped into me and I felt your boner " she said before leading me by my hand to her room and countinued to say " After tonight you will be sleeping in here with me." I just smiled and kissed her softly.

I was rubbing my hands up and down her arms then her side till she turned around and told me to unzip her dress. As I pull down on the zipper I started kissing her neck. She pulled away and told me to strip. I did as I was told being a good submissive nephew I was. I had my shirt off and as I was undoing my pants she let her dress fall showing me her full breasts and trimmed bush. I let go and my pants would have fallen to the floor had it not been for my erection holding them up.

She smiling walks over and pulls my prick out letting my pants fall completely off as she slowly stroked it to full mass.

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"I've been waiting for this for weeks and now my plan has paid off." She said with a wicked smile. I told her chin up to look at me as I placed a passionate kiss on her and while she was lost in our kiss I reached down and cupped her heavy breast in my hands. A soft moan comes between our lips and I take the chance to slip my tounge in and start exploring her mouth as she did mine to.

I stopped and she looked upset and asked why I stopped. I felt so embarrassed but had to admit that I was a virgin and even though I watch porn I wasn't sure what we should do next.

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She just smiled and push me on to her bed while she got on her knees. I looked down as she slowly stroked my cock. "It's so big. So much bigger then that fucker who left." And before I could say anything to stop her talking about him she put the head of my dick in her mouth and I could only moan in pleasure. I head her chuckle around my cock and it sent shivers through me. She was doing her best to take it all and I could tell she was enjoying it.

She gaged a little but she mustered past that and took all of it down her throat before coming up to the head and plunging back down to the base .she did this for awhile and I was getting close.

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She must have sensed that as she stopped and as I lay there with a disappointed look on my face she got on the bed and straddled my face I could see the wetness and was able to feel the heat coming from her pussy. Although I was a virgin I did what felt natural and I started licking her pussy lips like it was the best lollipop ever.

I was licking vigorusly and would stay like that forever hearing her soft moan but when she took my entire cock in her mouth I stopped for a few seconds to moan. I was getting close and knew I wouldn't last long. I stopped licking long enough to tell her " oh Evelina I'm going to cum!" She just grabbed my hand and put it on her breast and the extra feeling made me shoot.

"Oh fuck I'm cummmming!" I said between short breaths.

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She just pushed my dick down her throat and swalloed every drop which I though was amazing because I shot 6 huge spurts. She release my cock and just sits on my facerubbing her pussy on my nose and mouth. As I was licking her pussy faster and licking her clit I slid a finger in and she couldn't hold back anymore. She shouted out " oh shit. . Oh shit I'm fucking cummmming!" I was pinned and couldn't help but lap up her juices as they flowed from her sex.

Slupring up her juices made my half deflated member a new life. I lay there next to my aunt and kissed her hard.


I could taste our juices mixing in our mouths and it turned me on so much I jumped on top of her and rubbed my swollen dick over her smooth pussy lips. She looked at me with lustful eyes and said " Do it make me yours, give me your virginity." With one good push I plunged into my waiting aunt almost all the way.

I lay there for a moment slowly sliding in till my balls were on her ass as I kissed her lips and told her that I loved her. She returned the kiss and the I love you ,but I think she was ready as she started bucking her hips lightly​. I didn't need much encouraging so I started to do slowly steady movementspumping in and out, sawing her pussy with my cock. (Evelina)" Oh fuck that's it baby fuck your dirty aunt. Make me yours.

You feel so good in me, I needed you I wanted you and now your mine." (James)"oh yes your so hot and tight I don't know how long I will last. I live the feel of your pussy on my dick. I will always be here for you. I am going to be your nephew, your lover, your mate and even if I find a girl I will always be ready for you." (Evelina) "oh baby I'm gonna cum again. Don't stop please don't stop I'm so close ." (James) "oh fuck I'm almost there too.

I'm gonna cum I can't hold it anymore." (Evelina) "Do it sweetie fill my pussy up with your hot cum. I want to feel you shoot your load deep inside me coat my walls with your baby maker." (James) " of fuck im cumming.

I'm cumming in my aunt. oh shit fuuckk I'm cummmming!" (Evelina) " oh shit. oh shit.

. I'm cumming to Sweetie I cummmming on your massive cock!" I fall beside her my cock slowly losing it stiffness as we cuddle and kiss. I start to freak out as I realized I just shot a huge load into my aunt's pussy.

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She sees me freaking out and asked me what I was worried about so I told her " I just came in your vagina what if you get pregnant I don't think I can be a father." She put me at ease telling me she had her tubes tied when she was 23 after a close call with her old bf. She went on telling me how she never wanted kids and I just kissed her passionately.

We lay there naked cuddling and talking about where this new found relationship might lead. I asked her if she ever had anal she just smiled kissed me and said we would talk about that later and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

************************ If I get enough good reviews and positive feedback I will do another some of my other fantasies wrote this on my phone so sorry in advance for any typos and duplicated sentences or paragraphs all criticism welcome