Pregnant milf Jocelyn rubs her hungry pussy

Pregnant milf Jocelyn rubs her hungry pussy
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This is an original work by inferis created in 2011. It is intended for mature audiences only. If you don't like it or find it offensive stop reading it and find something else to enjoy.

------------ Cool Spring Nights (Part 1: A Family Finds Love) It was the sound of our garbage can being knocked over onto the sidewalk that woke me up on this cool spring night. I glanced at the clock on my bedside table. 2:17am it glowed. I lay in bed staring at the clock thinking of a phrase I had heard somewhere, "Nothing good happens after 2am." Tonight that seemed truer than ever.

I didn't have to get out of bed to know what was on the way into my house. It was my piece of shit husband coming home as drunk as a skunk again. He was a terror when he drank. He wasn't just mean or loud. No, he was violent. He'll break things and throw things at you. He'll even hit you if he's drunk enough.

But the one thing that is worse than his anger is how horny he became when he drank. It doesn't matter if he's 4 beers in or an entire bottle. His cock will be hard and he will stop at nothing to get pussy. I knew he fucked around on me when he was drunk, and that was fine. It just meant I didn't have to fuck him, and the less I fucked him the better. I could hear him fumbling with the keys and the door lock trying to get in. I closed my eyes and said a quick prayer that he would pass out downstairs on the couch and that my children wouldn't be the object of his rage.

But in preparation that he would make it up stairs to me I readied myself. I took off my sweat pants and baggy T-shirt that I wear at night and removed the blanket I was under from the bed.

I learned my lesson about three years into our marriage when he had started drinking on a nightly basis. I learned that anything in the way of him and pussy including clothes and bed sheets could infuriate him.

I paid dearly that night with a black eye and a missing tooth.

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I continued my ritual of getting ready for this drunken bastard by getting out the lube from my bedside table and putting it all over my finger than inserting it deep into my vagina.

After swishing it around and making sure I got everywhere I put lube on three more fingers and put them inside spreading them apart trying to make sure that I am as loose as possible. My husband has a pretty thick and long cock. Back when we were dating he was aware that it could be painful to have inside of me without enough lube.

He would make love to me gently and sweetly always cautious of it causing any type of pain but now the sex was violent and you couldn't call it "making love".

I put some lube on my palm and rubbed it all along the outside of my pussy making sure that even if his aim was bad his dick would slide away and not just drive into my flesh. I rubbed my clit a little to check that everything felt the same. It did, I felt completely numb. I haven't orgasmed in over 10 years and the last time I did it wasn't even with any help from him but instead from a vibrator and porn on the computer. Since then not even a vibrator could help, I just always felt numb and couldn't begin to feel any pleasure.

I could hear him making his way to the stairs. "Fuck, there goes my chances of him passing out", I thought to myself. I heard a bottle clink against the banister and his footsteps slowly thudding on each stair.


The bottle clinked again and I could see the hall light turn on under the doorjamb. Everything went quiet. Then he yelled out, "Jane, you better be ready to drink my cum tonight!!!!!!!

Cause I am going to cum inside you so much my jizz will be pouring out your mouth!!!!!!" "Fuck. there goes the chances of him not waking the kids up." I whispered to myself. While I lay on the bed waiting for his drunken ass to make its way down the hall I continued with my prayers.

But this time not just for him to pass out downstairs, but for my family's future. I prayed for my son Luke that he could grow up into the man that I knew he could be.

That he wouldn't be this scrawny timid 17 year old that flinched when someone approached him. I prayed for him to grow up and find a loving wife and have children of his own who thought him their hero. I said a quick prayer for my 16-year-old daughter Annie.

I prayed for her to come out of her shell and talk to people, for her to be social like other teenagers. As I heard my husband's footsteps coming closer I said a final prayer for myself knowing that it was useless because God must have forsaken me years ago for this to be my life now. But tonight instead of asking for protection like I always did I asked for something different I asked for it to be over. I asked God to end it. I didn't care how even if it means my husband killing me I just wanted it to be over.

My husband slammed open the door and I silently cried.

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I didn't cry for what was about to happen to me I cried because I knew that my life had become nothing and that for the first time ever I wanted to die. Through tear filled eyes I watched him put down his bottle of whiskey on the bedside table. Then rip off his T-shirt and squirm out of his pants not even taking the time to unzip them. His cock was huge as always at least 8 inches long and too thick to ever feel good. I stared at it as he made his way over to me and could see the purple swollen head pulsating in time with the beating of his heart.

He looked me straight in the eyes and I could see all of the hate and anger inside of him he said, "Bitch, you better stop that crying and start sucking.

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And don't stop until I tell you." Not wanting to fall prey to his drunken wrath I did as he said. I took a deep breath and pushed down any emotion I was feeling and turned my brain off letting myself just do the deeds that needed to be done and not think about them or anything at all.

I got up on all four and quickly started licking the tip of his cock before taking the 5 inches I could fit in my mouth. Despite my hate for this man and everything he did I had learned how to please him. Because pleasing him meant survival and before tonight I had always wanted to survive.

I began bobbing my head up and down going all the way up to the tip and back down as afar as I could. He occasionally would let out a moan or a sigh as he enjoyed the robotic blowjob. Then he grabbed the back of my head and started pushing me down farther on his cock.

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He got an extra inch in the first time, making me feel his dick hit the back of my throat. I would normally fight back when he did this but my willpower to fight was gone. He grabbed tufts of my hair tightly pulling out a few strands and thrust my head down again.


He forced me in balls deep and as his dick started to slide down my throat he yelled out, "Yea baby now your learning how to suck a dick." I could feel myself begin to cough and gag as he kept my head buried on his cock. Just as I thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen he pulled me off and I gasped for air. He gave me just enough time for two breathes before he slammed my face right back on his crotch driving me down as far as he could. This time there was no holding back and I began to gag the second I felt his cock enter my throat.

As soon as he pulled his dick out of my mouth I leaned over the side of the bed and puked on the floor. Of course he laughed. After two quick purges I looked over at him hysterically laughing and whispered through my soar raw throat, "Please, no more." "Alright you stupid whore, I need to fuck some pussy anyway," he said.

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Like a dog having orders barked at her I lie on my back and spread my legs. Showing him my pussy. "Damn bitch, Look at how wet you are. You must get off on this gagging and puking shit," he said, mistaking the lube I had put on earlier for me actually being wet.

All I could do was turn my head to the side and look out the open bedroom door into the well lit hallway as he made his way over top of me. I could smell the whisky sweating out of his pores as he got closer and the liquor on his breath made me nauseous again as he tried to kiss me.

He shoved his thick shaft inside of my pussy in one long angry thrust. It felt like I was being ripped in half and I screamed out in pain.

He laughed and pulled his dick out and drove it in even harder this time. Despite all the lube and stretching I had done his dick still hurt with every thrust. I couldn't hold it back anymore and began to cry while his cock was ripping my insides apart.

I kept my tear filled eyes on that lighted hall and wished it were some kind of door that would take me away from all of this. Then through the sobs and the screams I saw two figures at the end of the hall looking down. It was my children, I pushed aside all of the pain and waved for them to go back to their rooms luckily my husband never noticed.

Seeing my children had reminded me of who I am now and the fact that this kind of thing was a part of their life made me even more depressed. I lay there withstanding a few more minutes of this agonizing fucking before I had enough. I clenched my fists and looked straight at him.

I gritted my teeth and screamed, "Enough, I have had enough already. Just fucking kill me. Fucking kill me" as I flailed my fists wildly at him hoping to land a few punches. I knew this was a bad idea from the beginning, I knew that punching my drunk husband was a death sentence but that was exactly what I wanted. He pulled his dick out of my pussy not being phased by a single punch. He leaned over me putting his face just inches from mine and screamed, "You worthless whore!!!

You're a failure as a wife, a failure as a mother and now you're a failure at fucking!!!!!!!" He reeled back with his right arm and punched me in the face just above my left eye. The world began to spin and I screamed. "Shut the fuck up!" he yelled back at me at me as he pulled his fist back again and punched me in the nose. When this punch landed I could hear the sound of my nose breaking and could feel blood pouring out of it and down the back of my throat.

One more punch landed on my left ear and another in my stomach. I lay there naked without the will to live or move. He screamed at me some more about getting up and fucking him. But everything sounded muffled and looked blurry.

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I couldn't move my body. I watched this blur of my husband put his dick in me once more and try to fuck a little bit. He seemed to get frustrated at my lack of movement and got up from the bed. He walked over to the bedside table and grabbed his bottle of whiskey taking another gulp. He began making his way to the door when he turned around and looked at the bloody mess I was. He walked over to the edge of the bed and gazed down upon me and said, "Do you really want to die?" I shook my head yes and saw him raise the bottle above his head.

It came down towards my face in what seemed like slow motion and all I could think was thank you God for finally hearing my prayer then I heard a loud CLINK and everything went black. I woke still in a daze and looked at the clock, it glowed its dull green and said 3:22. About an hour. I have been passed out for about an hour. Where did that son of a bitch go? I closed my eyes and listened.

Nothing. Pure silence ringed throughout the house. This left me dumbfounded because if there is one thing that my husband is not it's quiet. Even when he sleeps he snores like you would never believe. Something was very wrong in this house very very wrong. I got up to see what was happening but my head spun from the blows it had taken and I fell to the ground.

A little bit of blood dripped from my nose onto the carpet. I tried to get up again but as my head started to spin I knew it was not a choice and instead opted for crawling. I crawled out into the hallway and I could feel the cold air hit my still naked body my nipples turned hard and chills ran down my back. I kept going. As I rounded the corner in the hallway I saw my daughter and sons bedroom doors open and my heart sank to the pit of my stomach.

I wished once again that I was dead and that the bottle had done its job and killed me for I was a failure as a mother. I peered into my son's room as I crawled by. There was no one. Then I crawled up to my daughter's room I took one brief look inside and fell from my crawling position to the ground from the shock of what lay before me.

In the far corner sat my daughter scrunched up into a fetal position naked on the floor crying. Pieces of a ripped shirt and pajama pants littered the ground around her.

Her mouth had a small trail of blood coming from the corner and swelling had already begun under her left eye. On the other side of the room sat her brother leaning against the dresser blood covered his hands and splattered his shirt and face. In the middle was my husband still naked lying face down with a pool of blood around his head. In-between my husband and my son was a baseball bat.

Upon my falling on the floor my son got up and made his way over to me. He picked me up and took off his T-shirt and tried to cover my naked chest the best he could without touching me. He then looked me in my glazed over eyes and stuttered out, "Mmmom, I-iiii had to, he waas going to raaahape her.

I'm soooorry Mom, I dddidnn't mean to kkkill him." I lay in my son's arms and look at him. I could see in his eyes that he wasn't sorry one bit for killing his father but was only sorry for killing my husband. I could feel my body begin to shiver and shake as the shock of what happened took hold of me. My son held me closer resting my head on his bony chest. He kissed me on the top of my head and held me tight. I closed my eyes soaking in the comfort he was giving me.

Then out of nowhere came this sensation like some sort of water rinsing over my body and I felt clean for the first time in many years. My mind felt cleansed, my heart felt cleansed and my body felt cleansed. I could think straight again and I couldn't feel any pain. I no longer had any self loathing or desire to die all I wanted to do was take this moment and bring these children that I had pushed away for so long back into my life. I sat up and I wrapped my arms around my son and I hugged him tightly.

I whispered in his ear "Luke, Tonight when your father came home I prayed for God to end this for me. I meant for God to have me die but I see now that God had a different plan on how this would end.

Son you are my hero. You have saved what is left of this family." I pulled my hands on both sides of his face and kissed him on the lips. Luke was at first taken aback by my new demeanor and then my affection but he warmed up and kissed me back and at that moment there was more love between us than I had felt from anyone in years. I broke our kiss and we looked each other in the eyes and smiled. We got up at the same time holding hands and made our way over to Annie.

She looked so small all huddled up in that corner rocking back and forth crying. Luke and I sat on both sides of her and wrapped our arms around her and held her close. Eventually she calmed down and stopped crying. I pulled this timid little girl onto my lap and wiped the blood from her lip. I held her close while Luke went and got us a blanket. He wrapped us up in it and looked me in the eyes again.

Knowing exactly what he was thinking I nodded my head yes and he left the room and called the police. I sat on the floor holding my daughter like she was a little girl again rocking her back and forth and feeling more love in my life than I have ever felt before, while not paying any mind to my dead husband 5 feet away. As my son came back from making the phone call he sat down and wrapped his arms around us, and even though I lost my husband today I had gained two of the most loving and caring children a woman could ask for.

For the first time we were not just people that lived together but a family.

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