I love you daddy xxx bring your allys daughter to work day

I love you daddy xxx bring your allys daughter to work day
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Kate & Jim By beagle9690 Chapter 2 Jim finished her spanking and surprisingly Kate didn't get up from his lap right away. He was pleased Kate took her punishment well. Kate didn't make a sound as the tears fell from her face. Jim really had to admire her for that&hellip.admire her as well as love her. He took no pleasure in spanking her but honestly felt Kate needed a strong hand to keep her in check. Just as Jim finally admitted to himself that he needed a woman to love, to truly love and share his life and thoughts with.

Everything changed when this well dressed, highly organized, refined and classy bitch, Katherine Mavis Ryan, a truly difficult woman with an acid tongue moved in to be his housekeeper. While he first considered it, Jim was amused with himself for contemplating the idea.

He was then surprised afterward by bringing it up to her, and then bemused for her agreeing to it. Jim was delighted with their verbal jousting, when Kate lashed him with her acid tongue, shaking her finger in his face and calling him a troll and ogre and more; she did without profanity and while she was doing it he was thinking, 'Katherine will be a lovely challenge to explore'.

Jim was looking forward to an interesting year to break up his routine of living alone. There was no doubt in his mind he could handle Kate and it would be interesting to see if Katherine could handle him. He knew from experience that Kate was tough in her own way. Day by day, living with her, Jim came to realize that his boys, his business; his hobby of tinkering with cars was no longer enough. It was the little things about Kate that Jim started to notice, such as how Kate's hair shone in the sun the first thing in the morning in the kitchen when she stood by the kitchen window.

Jim drank his coffee or tea from the same chipped clay mug while Kate preferred one of his mother's dainty bone china cups and saucers, choosing a different one every day. Kate stirred the milk and sugar into her tea or coffee counter clockwise. Kate held her cup in two hands when she brought it up to her lips, taking a small sip, a hint of a smile on her pretty face; the first sip of coffee in the morning was with closed eyes, a little smile followed a contented murmured sigh.

Kate would tug on her ear and frown when she was concentrating on something and especially when she was reading something. This often was followed by a smile. This was always the case when Kate figured out the ending before she finished the book, the Mystery she was reading, she would put the book on her lap and unconsciously hug herself before continuing.

Kate loved Murder Mysteries or any Mysteries for that matter which required problem solving and thinking, including the daily crossword puzzle in the paper. Jim adored the way Kate gave her head a little toss and smiled during the two games shows they watched together after the news when Kate answered the question before him; Jim loved seeing her smile, desiring to kiss Kate's full and luscious lips each and every time.

Yes, after Gina, and up until Kate, Jim had his share of women. He was honest with them about commitment; he always showed them a good time and treated them like ladies, the bedroom being the exception. The sex was always good for what it was, but there was no passion, no feelings of tenderness afterward.

It was a mutual dalliance, a good time, a non-committal tryst, their careers taking precedence. Jim never brought them home for a roll in the hay. If Jim didn't pick them up at their place, they met somewhere, a restaurant, a bar, the movies perhaps, to return to their place afterward. They often planned a week or a weekend together, traveling in the same car, flying to their destination together, or simply meeting there.

What really amazed and overwhelmed Jim were his feelings of simple tenderness he felt for Katherine, wanting to protect her from the world, just as he felt for Gina. In his mind, Jim failed Gina; he didn't protect her as he should have. It was a throbbing intense guilt that faded with time until it was a dull ache, never completely going away, and Jim resolved that his penance was to live alone and never commit again.

Jim's heart was beating forcefully like a hammer on an anvil when he heard Kate scream from inside the locked garage. He gave it no thought when he crashed through the door to get to her. And then, oh yes, and then, when he scooped Katherine up in his arms…scooped her up and realized Kate was safe&hellip.that secret place in his heart of hearts, that little door that he stubbornly kept locked burst from its hinges as his love burst forth to envelope her.

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"I'm sorry Katherine, I warned you not to hit me with the broom. I did tell you what to expect when you moved in. It's a shame all that lamb stew went to waste," Jim said, pretending to sigh while grinning from ear-to-ear.

"Jim?" "Yes, Katherine?" "I've never been spanked before." "Katherine, you need to talk these things out with me first." "Obviously," said, Kate, rubbing her bottom. "Don't be afraid to speak your mind or ask me anything." "Do you know what I think, Jim Brady?" He didn't answer.

Kate continued, kneeling on the ottoman while facing to him, "you look ridiculous." "Anything else, Kate?" "Yes, sweetheart; take a shower and a nap while I clean up the mess. I'll call you when it's time to put the steaks on." "No more tricks?" Jim asked. "At least not for today, my bum can't take………" When Kate went upstairs, she found Jim naked, sleeping on top of the covers. Kate went into the bathroom to clean and discovered he already cleaned the tub; the dirty towels and lamb stew saturated clothes were in the hamper; she was pleased with his thoughtfulness.

Kate was thinking, 'Jim can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, good, that means he's not angry with me. I'm sorry I doubted you sweetheart,' and Kate smiled, 'that spanking really stung, despite the fact you were holding back my no nonsense troll who quotes "Shakespeare", I love you Jim.' Going back, Kate gently touched his face to wake him; Jim pressed her hand against his cheek and sighed, "What a lovely sight you are to wake up to Katherine.

Will you reward me with one of your kisses? Even though I am no longer delicious now that I have washed off the lamb stew?" "Let me be the judge of that," Kate answered while lying on the bed next to him.

Jim took Kate in his strong arms for her to kiss him and she kissed his lips long and deep. "Is it time to put the steaks on? I'm starving after being so nicely marinated with lamb stew." "I'm sorry, Jim." "There is nothing to be sorry about.

It is over," he said, stroking her hair, "You took your punishment like a lady, Katherine. I admire you for it, as I admire your fiery spirit…attacking me with a broom; what were you thinking?" "I was so angry. I couldn't stand the thought of you with another woman. I love you Jim, you are mine. It wouldn't matter if you were poor. I would live again in a trailer if only to be with you." "And I never thought I would fall in love again, Katherine.

I want no other woman but you. Your hair is so soft, and you feel so good in my arms, and&hellip." "And what, Petruchio?" "You are mine, Katherine. I always hoped for someone to share this house with&hellip.to share my life with." "Do you want to make love to me now?" Kate asked.

"What about your sore bottom?" "I'll be on top," and Kate was thinking, 'the ex hated that and wouldn't allow me on top.' "Yes, ma'am, anything you say." "I'm going to prime the pump first," said Kate, sliding down and licking Jim's cock with her tongue, "I want you nice and hard when I ride you." Jim lay back and closed his eyes, while Kate licked and sucked only to open his eyes again as Kate squeezed his balls hard enough to hurt, causing him to exclaim, "Katherine, you said no tricks." "Yes, Sir, I did say that and this isn't a trick.

I'll concede I had that spanking coming. I also could have squeezed harder. Obviously I don't stand a chance against you and I would be foolish to do it again. I just want to remind you that I'm my own woman even though we are lovers now.

You will be allowed to tame my tight little ass only because I let you, because I love you. You did say we must talk things out, remember? I'm not going to hold anything back from you and I expect the same." "Yes, of course," Jim said grinning, even more pleased with her moxie, "like the song says, Katherine, love hurts" Jim was thinking, 'partially tamed but not broken; that's my girl.' "I'm not afraid of you, Jim." "Yes you are." "Well&hellip.maybe just a little," she admitted, holding her thumb and forefinger to show him.

"Now you are being sensible, Kate." "Anything else, you want to say to me, Petruchio?" "Yes, are the steaks ready?" "Anything else, Jim?" "You are beautiful and sexy and I love you, Katherine.

Come here please." Jim rolled over on his side and Kate did the same while sliding down to get comfortable to suck on his cock. Kate started licking the tip of Jim's hard cock, teasingly while Jim stroked her face and hair.

Jim's huge cock was so big and he tasted wonderful. Kate was stroking her pussy with a free hand as she licked and sucked on his hard pulsating cock… teasing him, probing and testing with her tongue and lips.

Kate almost brought Jim to orgasm several times, but backed off playing with her dripping wet pussy.


She stopped sucking and licking his cock to lick and suck on his balls making Jim smile and growl in his throat. Jim's hands were buried in Kate's hair as she took his cock deeper in her mouth, licking and sucking ravenously all wet and sloppy savoring every inch of it. Kate imagined what his cock would feel like in her cunt when she rode him like the well hung stallion he was; Kate wanted Jim's cock buried in her pussy and soon, but she would be patient and pleasure him first.

Jim's orgasm was onslaught testosterone laden energy as his hard member assaulted Kate's mouth and tongue. The ensuing orgasm was soon followed by a torrential onslaught of his thick rich semen flooding her mouth for Kate to swallow greedily. "Was that good lover?" Kate asked licking the tip of his cock, teasingly. "It was heaven on earth, my little red haired vixen." "Good, because I'm going to suck on your cock to get you hard again." Jim rolled over onto his back and soon was hard as she know he would be.

'This is incredible!', Kate though as she slowly climbed on top of Jim, lowering herself in place, engulfing his entire cock into her swollen and dripping vagina, 'I never dreamed it could be like this… it feels so good&hellip.mm, I'm going to fuck myself silly.' Kate looked down to see Jim smiling at her and she tossed her head and smiled back.

Kate's beautiful red hair spilled over her shoulders and then her back as she arched it, stretching like a cat in heat. She put her finger tips on Jim's chest and slowly raked down his chest, not her nails, just her finger tips, Kate knew better. Kate's hips were slowly gyrating while she was pumping up and down on Jim's big fat cock. It felt incredible and better than that.

Kate gradually increased her speed and gyrations and in her exuberance and sexual passion nearly lost her balance. Jim took hold of Kate with his hands to hold her in place as she pumped him, up and down, increasing her cadence as Jim thrust upward. "That's my girl Katherine," Jim encouraged her; "You are in charge now, my love and my life.

Don't hold back, my beautiful Katherine, my sexy little redhead." Kate was wild and out of control as her orgasm burned through her&hellip.Kate's eyes were closed, her head was thrown back and she was holding Jim's hands as she came, moaning, and panting and squealing with delight, not holding back, and Kate would never hold back again, never with Jim.

Kate opened her eyes to see Jim smiling at her through her passion and what she considered reckless abandon in pleasing herself. Jim was actually pleased by it. It was marvelous sexual rapture and so long in coming; something that she always wanted to do, to be herself with a man she couldn't intimidate in any way shape or form, or he be intimidated or turned off by her healthy sexual needs.

Satisfied, Kate lay down of top of Jim while he stroked her hair and held her close in his powerful and protective arms. The special intimacy they now shared and intuitively understood was an unspoken and deep ineffable feeling of loving solitude as if they were one.

As he held her, Kate realized she loved Jim with a deep, tangible passion that she didn't think she was capable of loving any man, she merely settled with her husband.

Kate had summarily dismissed such silly notions as soul mate years ago as girlish fantasies, fairytales and nonsense. Kate could feel Jim's heart beating and it was beating only for her and the thought was wonderfully silly, unfailingly girlish but spectacularly true. "I suppose you must be starving by now, sweetheart," Kate sighed contentedly, kissing his chest. "Katherine, how can you think of food at a time like this?" and she lightly pinched him.

"There is German Potato Salad and coleslaw to go along with the steaks. I took out a big one for you and a small one for me. Why don't you cook them while I shower, get dressed, and pin up my hair." "Yes, ma'am, medium rare for the lady…wait.

Why are you dressing for dinner?" "It's a surprise, sweetheart. Do you realize I can hear your heart beating?" "Call me sweetheart again," Jim said kissing her lips, "I adore hearing you calling me that, my heart is beating only for you, Katherine, my love." "Sweetheart, sweetheart and sweetheart, my sweetheart," Kate coed, kissing Jim back and playfully poking his ribs with her finger, the discovery bringing a satisfying smile to her face.

"Ah hah, my big, tough man is not invulnerable after all," and she tickled Jim, making him squirm, while he laughed and tried to catch her hands while not hurting her. "Now, Katherine, I'm warning you." "About what, sweetheart," she said innocently while getting up, "I'll be good for the rest of the day&hellip.maybe," Kate teased as she poked him and darted away as Jim tried to grab her.

Jim chased Kate into the bathroom, caught her, picked her up, swung her around, put her down gently, and kissed her lips long and deep, "I love you, Katherine." "I love you more," Kate replied, rubbing his bristly head, "We're going dancing after a cozy candlelight dinner at homeour first candlelight dinner together, Petruchio, and then for ice cream at that little stand with the picnic tables outside, surprise&hellip." It was to a starlit sky overhead when Katherine walked outside to where Jim was grilling the steaks to model her look for the evening.

Kate was wearing a colorful maxi dress with a large floral pattern of various shades of red, orange and green. It had spaghetti straps and a fitted elastic bodice that hugged her trim figure at the waist. The loose and flattering jagged edged of the skirt moved with Kate as she turned or walked. It came down to her ankles to meet the straps of the open toe red leather sandals on her small and dainty feet. Kate's hair was pinned up loosely on top of her head with long tendrils escaping to soften the look, and her makeup was artfully applied and correct for a candlelight dinner in a darkened room and perfect where they were going dancing.

The effect on Jim was more than she could have hoped for or imagined. Kate revisited her stardust dreams and her ardent romantic ideals as a teenage girl. She would secretly bask in the poetry of love read in private, ideals she once held dear, close to her heart&hellip.and now to embrace again and be sprinkled in words of stardust for that moment and henceforth. Jim took Katherine's hands and kissed them, the words flowing from his lips as inspired by his heart, "She walks in beauty, like the night.

Of cloudless climes and starry skies, and all that's best of dark and bright, meets in her aspect and her eyes; thus mellowed to that tender light, which Heaven to gaudy day denies." "Oh, Jim, Lord Byron, I haven't read or heard poetry like that since my mother died and I…" Seeing that Kate was about to cry Jim kissed her lips, tenderly assuring her of his love and devotion," Lord Byron said it best, Katherine, and you inspire Lord Byron's words from the past my lady with your woman's heart.

The steaks are almost ready, Katherine. The table you set for us is a picture of elegance. Please light the candles for our dinner," and Kate did, wiping a tear from her face in the dining room and then hugging herself, admiring their soft glow. After a quiet dinner they went to a country-western bar that Kate knew about featuring a live band on Thursday and Saturday nights. Jim tipped the band well so that every other dance was a slow one for him to hold his Katherine close.

Katherine pressed close against Jim, for everyone to see, as they danced oblivious to everyone but themselves. She was listening to the beat of his heart. "Jim." "Yes, Katherine." "I could dance with you like this forever. Will we dance for forever, Jim?" "Yes, Katherine." And so they danced lost in themselves and the moment until, "Jim." "Yes, Katherine." "The music has stopped&hellip." They had the place to themselves when they stopped for ice cream cones, arriving 10 minutes before closing time, and remaining after the lights shut off, and the employees left, closed for the night.

They shared, sitting close together on their picnic tables and taking licks from each other's cones, kissing in between, 'stardust sprinkled cones of chocolate and vanilla' in Katherine's imagination, until they were gone. On the way home, Jim held her hand, "Jim." "Yes, Kate." "My grandmother has been a lot on my mind lately and I haven't seen her since my divorce. Grandma is going to be 96 next month. Grandma Mavis is the only blood relative I have left." "You want me to talk to Bobby, don't you?" "Do you think he will let us go to Florida and visit her?" "I think it can be arranged and Kate squeezed his hand, leaning over to kiss his cheek.

"Can we take our time and drive down along the coast?" kissing Jim's cheek. "I don't see why not." "Jim." "Yes, Katherine." "Grandma doesn't know about my divorce or the fire." "I see." "I want you to meet her and have her blessings." "I'll be happy to meet her, Katherine." "Grandma can be difficult.

She hates my ex-husband." "Difficult like you." "Worse, unless Grandma Mavis likes you&hellip." True to his word, Jim made arrangements for Kate to visit with her grandmother in the nursing home in Florida. They decided to drive down taking two weeks up and back and stopping on the way to see the sights. For Kate, this meant shopping for new clothes and planning their itinerary.

Kate assumed they would be driving down in Jim's nearly restored 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner with the slightly dented hood. Jim decided against taking it to a body shop and pounded most of it out. It was an amateur but adequate attempt that left a slight dimple to serve to remind Jim of how much Katherine meant to him and not to keep secrets or locked doors between them.

He let Kate assume they would be taking the Road Runner to Florida. Jim planned to surprise her with something special. Jim came home for lunch as usual to a different kind of surprise. Kate was waiting in the kitchen to show off some new clothes complete with a new hat. "Katherine, what in the world?" "Do you like?" Kate asked, turning slowly to model her form fitting blue coveralls, "I want to help you get the Roadrunner ready. You can teach me about fixing cars." "Well, you certainly look the part," said Jim, pulling Kate close to him as she knew he would making her smile, "What a sexy little apprentice mechanic you will make my love," He tugged lightly on Kate's ponytail sticking out of the back of her hat, "With your help we most assuredly will have it done on time." "Jim," said Kate, rubbing Jim's bristly head.

"Yes, beautiful." "I have another surprise." "And that is?" "I don't have anything on underneath," Kate kissed Jim's lips long and deep, "I'm horny and so are you. I can feel your cock poking me through your pants." "Then we will have to do something about it." And he did, Jim picked Kate up and slung her over his shoulder.

"Jim, where are you taking me?" Kate asked as they exited the door off the kitchen to go outside, "No wait! Put me down, you brute!" Kate exclaimed in feigned indignation, struggling and lightly punching Jim's back. Jim was silent until he put her down.

He stepped back to look at Katherine and she was thinking, 'My sexy troll is giving me that same demanding uncompromising look like when he surprised me getting out of the shower.

I can feel my skin tingling and he hasn't even touched me yet. It is like a wave of hot masculine energy is washing over me.' Determined to be her own woman no matter what, Kate knew that Jim could have his way with her whenever he chose, and the thought thrilled her as well as frightened her, 'Jim makes me feel so vulnerable in so many ways, just as he makes me feel so safe when I am with him.

I'm not afraid of anything or anybody when I'm with Jim Brady…God, he makes me so horny when he looks at me like this and he knows it.' Kate could barely meet Jim's eyes as she looked down to find that she unconsciously had covered her breasts with her arms.

She looked up to see Jim looking kindly at her as he gently took her arms down and kissed her hands. This simple gesture always made her heart melt; there was nothing but love in his eyes now. Jim kissed his index finger and touched her nose, he turned Kate's cap backwards so the brim was in the back, "The better to kiss your lips my precious little mechanic's helper," and Jim kissed Kate's desperately seeking lips, long and deep, savoring every millisecond of the kiss.

Kate returned his kisses, hugging Jim close, feeling the wet arousal between her legs as Jim's hard cock pressed up against her.

Letting go of her, "Katherine," Jim said, in a quiet, yet commanding tone, "strip," and Jim took his finger, touching the zipper at the base of Kate's throat.

Kate put her head down to watch it with her green eyes as Jim slowly ran his finger down the entire length of the zipper ending at her navel. Jim took his right hand cupping Kate's chin between his thumb and index finger to raise her head in order for her marvelous green eyes to meet his, "You drive me wild, Katherine. I can smell the moist musky scent of your womanhood.

I will have you now you sexy little bitch&hellip.any objections?" "No, Sir," Kate said almost breathlessly, looking into those kind but demanding eyes, her body begging to feel his cock inside of her. Kate reached up to her throat and slowly pulled the zipper down to her navel for Jim to pull the coveralls down over her shoulders to help Kate pull her arms out and to slide it down to her ankles to finish taking it off.

A lovely sight to caress his eyes, Katherine stood there naked on the garage floor, thinking of her spanking, 'And craves no other tribute at thy hands. But love, fair looks, and true obedience, Katherine Mavis Ryan, and to think you have come to this, naked and obedient and totally loving it.' "Leave the hat on," Jim warned as Kate reached up to remove it but dropping her arms while Jim cupped her breasts in his big callused hands, squeezing and rubbing her nipples in a circular motion with his thumbs.

"You drive me crazy and you know it, Katherine," Jim continued caressing her breast and nipples, "You have magnificent breasts, Katherine, simply magnificent. Does this feel good my little redheaded vixen?" Kate was in her own world, a world of unadulterated pleasure, as she moaned; eyes closed nodding her head for yes. Jim continued caressing and started licking them. Katherine's eyes were closed as she rubbed his head and face.

"Do you want to come, Katherine? Do you want me to fuck your pussy?" Jim asked while pushing his scuffed oil stained engineers' boots off with his feet, continuing to squeeze and lick as he took off his work pants. Jim spun her around so she was facing the trunk of the blood red custom paint job of the Roadrunner before he removed his work pants. He bent Kate over the trunk, placing her hands flat palms down and holding her in place by her wrists. He spread her legs apart with his foot.

Jim straddled Kate's dripping and welcoming pussy with his cock. He leaned forward until his face was close to hers and kissed Kate's cheek, "You are mine, Katherine," Jim said as he entered her, pushing slowly, making her gasp and moan while stretching her tight pussy until Kate could feel his balls caressing her ass cheeks. Jim's huge cock filled her entire uterus and Kate started immediately to moan and squirm from side-to-side, her breasts pressed up against the smooth, cool, metal body of the powerful machine.

In and out, in and out, Jim slowly assaulted her pussy with his cock, as he held Kate in place by her wrists, while the powerful cold steel body of the muscle car stroked Kate's breasts like a second lover, a contrast to the strong warm ropey muscles of Jim's body. One's passion was fueled by volatile gasoline and sustained by the thick oil pumped through it vitals while Jim's passion was fueled by Katherine; his hot, red blood pumping through his heart; a heart beating only for her.

Jim brought Kate to the brink of orgasm several times before she was allowed her first orgasm. Just as it peaked, his thrusting becoming more forceful and his cock seemed even bigger and harder as his balls spanked her ass while Kate's breasts were pummeled against the smooth cool surface of the trunk Amazed, and astounded, Kate's massive orgasm consumed her, followed by another, as she squirmed, and panted, and moaned and said most unladylike, "fuck me harder", unable to control herself or muffle her sounds by covering her mouth with either hand.

The sharp intake of Jim's breathing and the deep low feral growl in his throat was the only noise Jim made as he fucked her. Perhaps he was a little rough with her; however, Katherine was not intimidated at all&hellip.

quite the contrary and this pleased him greatly. Jim let go of her hands and Kate turned to face him, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him, "You did it to me again!

You changed tactics on me again, you big wonderful sweetheart troll, you!" "Did what to you, my love?" "Never mind," she said, kissing his lips and rubbing his head, you need a haircut, I'll take care of that later, Mr." "Yes ma'am." "You drive me crazy. I love you but you drive me wonderfully and utterly crazy. To make love in the garage? Who ever heard of doing it on a car…in a car, maybe, but on a car?" "That's my job, Kate," she pinched his ear lightly.

"I want to help you finish rebuilding the engine. But for now let's get dressed. Your lunch is ready and I want to show you our itinerary for the trip." "OK, now that our car the RED VIXON is properly christened for it's soon to be maiden voyage.

What's for lunch now that I've had you for dessert?" "Our car, Jim?" "Yes, our car, Kate. We just christened it together, much better than any champagne bottle hitting it and making a mess. The RED VIXEN doesn't need any more dents in it. I decided to name our car after you, you little red head vixen." "You can be so sweet, do you know that, sweetheart," Kate replied putting her head on his chest and just hugging him for all she was worth, "I made you Liverwurst and onion on rye with tomato basil soup; did you eat the chicken salad sandwiches I sent with you this morning?" "Yes, they were delicious." "You say that about everything I make for you." "I only speak the truth, Katherine; you spoil me." "You deserve to be spoiled.

I telephoned Grandma this morning. She is looking forward to my visit. " "Did you tell Grandma Mavis about me?" "Not yet&hellip." Every night after work for a week, including all day Saturday and Sunday, Kate helped Jim rebuild the engine.

Jim was patient with her, explaining everything step-by-step. Kate was lost in all the technical terms, theories and such that only motorheads cared about or understood.

All she cared about was she was with Jim, and they were doing it together and she loved him for happily ever after. They didn't make love again in the garage, so intent were they on completing the job, but Jim being Jim saw to it that Kate received more than her share of hugs and kisses. Kate torque down the final bolt on the engine while Jim with much playful fanfare mimicked the sound of a trumpet salute with the help of his hands.

As a reward, Kate received a playful slap on the ass, a crushing hug and a passionate kiss&hellip.several passionate kisses, actually. They went out for dinner in their coveralls and now matching traditional dark blue New York Yankee ball caps that Jim bought for them. Initially Kate protested, about wearing the coveralls insisting that she change into a nice dress.

Jim insisted they were fine for the occasion and she could dress to the nines for their next dinner, hinting he might purchase a suit for her, as big of a concession she was making for him. "You look beautiful, Katherine, my lady fair," said Jim, taking off his old grease stained ball cap. He bowed to her at the waist with a flourish, "Your cute ponytail is perfect.

The most elegant and costly ball gown couldn't do you justice to how you look in the honest coveralls you are now wearing." Jim won Katherine over with more hugs and kisses on her grease smudged face. Kate conceded to herself that at one time this was something she would never dream of doing; going out in public unless immaculately dressed and coiffed, until now, until Jim, her charming troll who stole her heart for happily ever after.

Kate insisted she should drive the RED VIXEN to get a full tank of gas and then to the semi-refined establishment of pretty good dining, "Mama Nancy's". They negotiated, Kate poked and tickled Jim, darting away just out of his reach until he relented.

It was loving, playful, totally silly and just plain fun. It brought back memories for Jim of something he lost years ago and something Kate never was able to do after her mother died. For Katherine, it was the fulfillment of romantic ideals and tangible stardust to hug and kiss. A start of new memories for things Kate always wished for but until now never had. In keeping with the spirit of things, and perfect for their attire Mama Nancy's is a plain but down to earth truck stop renowned for its good simple food and plenty of it.

It is also a hangout for motor heads, racing enthusiasts; the unofficial meeting place of a local classic car club, as well as an old established dinner for discriminating hungry truckers. The original Mama Nancy passed away years ago and the business was now run by her daughter and granddaughter.

When they arrived, Kate parked the Roadrunner and went on ahead of Jim to use the Ladies Room located on the outside of the building. Something was not quite right with the sound of the engine and Jim wanted to tinker with the carburetor, "I'll only be ten minutes, fifteen at the most beautiful," he explained, kissing her, "I did tell to you we would have to drive it and listen to make the final adjustments." 'Well, the place is not much to look at on the outside, but at least the bathrooms are clean and tidy,' Kate thought wiping her hands on a paper towel.

Kate pushed the curtains aside on the bathroom window and noticed that the glass was clean and the windowsill dust free with no dead bugs or spider webs in sight. It was a very good sign of what she would find about the cleanliness inside and she felt better about the place already.

When she went inside, Kate noticed the truck stop restaurant was one big room with a green painted concrete floor crammed with mismatched tables and chairs. As she passed them, Kate observed that the tables were all clean with placemats advertising local business and the silverware neatly wrapped in over size napkins with a paper ring. In place of a traditional napkin dispensers containing small cheap napkins were paper towels on vertical dowels attached to a block of woods, simple and practical.

Kate chose a corner booth away from everybody to have a cozy dinner with Jim. Kate's waitress, Doris, immediately brought a menu with the daily specials neatly hand written on plain white paper and a glass of ice water. Doris told her to take her time and wave when Kate was ready to order. While she waited for Jim, Kate sat and sipped her water looking around and taking in everything.

There was a lunch counter the entire length of one wall with old fashion backless stools. They were the type of stools that bolted to the floor with round seats originally upholstered in red vinyl.

Many of them were recovered in different colors of vinyl or temporarily repaired with silver duct tape. Behind the lunch counter was a pass through window to the kitchen.

Kate watched as the orders were passed through to the waitress' and then served to the customers. Kate also noticed that the patrons, most of them working class men, or men with their wives and girlfriend tended to sit in groups at tables next to each other, like little countries, and everybody seemed to know everybody else. Some of the tables with three or more men had their own coffee pot to save the waitress' from running back and forth to fill their cups.

Kate assumed they were the regulars or as Jim called them, "the hangers out." They watched Kate walk to sit in the far corner booth away from all of them. Most of them went back to mind their own business and conversations except for one table with six men middle aged or older men and one very handsome man in particular. He was studying Kate most intently, while making comments to his buddies and they seemed to be encouraging him.

Smiling, he walked over to Kate's booth. Amused, Kate watched him walk over to where she was sitting. There was a certain cockiness and confidence in his step and he struck her as a man who could handle himself in a fight. Kate estimated him to be in his late thirties to early forties. The man reminded Kate of "Elvis" but taller with a muscular build including the full head of thick black hair slicked back away from his face. Kate could see the man's nose had been broken at one time which gave his face character.

Kate took him all in with her green eyes; a black silk shirt open at the throat but no heavy gold chains, and in her mind this was a point in his favor. He was wearing a sterling silver ring with a large turquoise stone of Navajo design on his right hand, the only jewelry she could see, and Kate approved, thinking, 'very masculine.' Actually, Kate approved with almost everything about him, including that he was dressed all in black.

The man was very handsome in a rugged kind of way that some women like. As he sat down across from her, uninvited, and introduced himself, 'There is one thing wrong with him; he is not Jim Brady,' Kate was thinking, but curious what he might have to say. "Good evening, little lady. Welcome to Mama Nancy's. I see that you are alone. May I be so bold to ask what brings you here?" "You may, do you eat here often?" Kate asked, "This is my first time here." "Yes, you might say I'm a regular, but my manners, Tom Butler," he said holding out his large, but not as large as Jim's hand for her to shake, and Kate took it, "Katherine Ryan," Kate replied shaking it, while thinking, 'Warm, and callused, but no tingle or star dust like when Jim touches me.

I wonder if he knows Jim.' "Well this is a good, sign Katherine. You haven't asked me to leave. Do you mind if I sit with you and talk while you have dinner. I am curious by the way you are dressed." "Well, Tom, that depends on how you answer my next question." "Ask, away, Katherine." "Do you know Jim Brady?" "Yes, I have dealt with him in the past," Tom answered cautiously.

As Jim came through the door smiling, Kate watched him stop to greet a few of the people at the various tables finishing with the hangers-out from Tom's table.

'He looks so happy,' Kate thought, mentally hugging herself 'stardust and moonlight, sweetheart.

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I love you Jim.' Although Tom's back was to Jim, Kate could see Jim pointing in her direction and smiling. Each of the men got up to shake Jim's hand in congratulations, slapping him on the back. They then walked quickly towards Kate as if to congratulate her too.

By the time Jim shook the last hand, four of Tom's friends were standing around her booth with worried looks on their faces. One of them whispered in Tom's ear, "Tom, for god's sake, you are making time with Jim's fiancé." Kate could see the angry look on Jim's face when he realized who was sitting with her.

He walked over pushing two of his friends out of the way. "I didn't know, Katherine," Tom said, quietly, "Jim and I were good friends once. I'm sorry, I didn't know." and sighing, Tom stood up to face Jim. "Jim," Tom said, in a terse greeting, taking off his ring and putting it on in his pocket, "Do you and I have a problem?" "You're damn right we have a problem. You broke the truce. Are you ready to go outside to finally settle this? Sally is not here to save you, may her soul rest in peace.

She is not here to break us up so that I can finish kicking your sorry ass." "You're out of your mind, I was winning," Tom replied, easily pushing the two men in front of him out of the way to get to Jim, "Sally didn't want to see either of us getting hurt. You want to go outside, fine with me." "Jim." "Not now Kate, stay in the booth.

This is my business." "But Jim." "Shush, Kate I'll handle this." "Like hell I will, Jim Brady," Kate said angrily, not to be ignored.

She slid out of the booth and stood between them with her arms extended, holding Jim by his coveralls and Tom by his shirt to keep them apart.

"Don't you dare not now Kate or shush Kate, me. I'll speak my mind when the time comes for it." Tom couldn't believe what he was seeing and was thinking, 'this little lady has a temper as red hot as her hair. Katherine Ryan is blasting him in front of the whole place and Jim was just taking it. The son-of-a -bitch has a right hook like a sledgehammer and Jim is just taking it from her.wow!

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Jim must have fallen for this interesting woman in a big way. It's like a hummingbird attacking a grizzly bear.' "What are you looking at?" Kate said, turning her wrath to the men from Tom's table, "If you no account impotent gaggle of timid jackasses who are trying to live your lives vicariously through someone else had the good sense to mind their own damn business and not encouraged Mr. Butler there wouldn't be a problem now. Furthermore, since there isn't a single one of you chicken shits who is man enough to keep them from fighting you might as well go sit down and plan another potential disaster while I get to the bottom of this.

You should be ashamed of yourselves for letting a lady break up this fight. "And you," Kate said, turning her attention to Tom, "Was Sally your wife?" "Yes, ma'am," Tom said, trying not to grin because Jim's grin was infectious, just like in the old days. Nevertheless, Tom knew Jim was still angry. "How long were you and Sally married?" "Sally Ann and I were happily married for twenty-three years," Tom replied, putting his hand in his pocket to feel his ring, a 23 rd.

wedding anniversary gift from her, the love of his life; Sally Ann passed away shortly after. "Did you love her, Tom?" "Sally Ann was the love of my life." "Good, I pegged you right away for a decent man, although I have my doubts about these so called men who will allow a woman to break up a fight." Jim had quietly directed them back to their seats with intimidating looks and motions with his hand, a fist and then a thumb pointing to their table while Kate's attention was on Tom.

Tom caught the gesture's playing along. They hadn't talked in years but they knew each other well and old signals and understandings remained.

"Tom; did you and your wife talk things out before things got out of hand?" "Yes Ma'am." "Do you hear that Jim?" Kate said, looking at Jim, it was Tom's turn to grin, "They talked things out. If that goes for me, it goes for you.

Will you be reasonable and talk things out with him? Otherwise don't you think the word hypocrite comes to mind?" "Maybe; does the word latitude come to mind, Katherine? You are close, one toe over the line, but for you my love, and in Sally's memory, I will hear what he has to say," the grin hiding on his face.

"Fine then, we'll discuss the issue of latitude later and settle now what is at hand." At that point the Kate proclaimed jackasses at Tom's table and everyone in the restaurant watched things unfold. Kate turned her attention to Tom's now somber face. "And you Tom, will you be reasonable?" "Yes Ma'am, I know a brave lady when I see one and I respect that.

For your sake I will be just as reasonable as Jim, and I'll start. Jim, we agreed this is neutral ground and to avoid each other when we are here. I didn't break our agreement despite what you think. Yes, I was attempting to make time with her. I saw a beautiful woman sitting alone. I sat down to talk to her. I didn't know Katherine was your lady or that you were in the parking lot. How was I to know? Before we fell out you were an avowed bachelor.

You never brought a lady here in all the years I have known you." "Fair enough, Tom." Jim replied his anger cooling. He realized fighting Tom wouldn't be a cakewalk. They were evenly matched and ended up bloody and battered the last time they fought, neither one holding back or giving ground. Tom's punches were like mule kicks and he could hit equally hard with both hands. They would have seriously hurt each other if it weren't for Sally.

"It has been a long time since we spoke, Tom. You wouldn't have known. I guess we will never know who is top dog." "Yeah, I guess we won't, what a shame." "I agree. I suppose there is no more to say." "Just one thing, Jim, congratulations, I wish you both well. That being said, you're not good enough for Katherine." "Yeah, thanks. But it seems to me I always told you that in regard to Sally. I'll be seeing you around and ignoring you." "Yeah, me too." "Is that the best you both can do?" Kate asked, letting go of their clothes.

"Yes," they said in unison. "You both are bullheaded and obtuse." "Yes, ma'am, "They said together, grinning. "Well, it will have to do for now." "A pleasure to meet you, Katherine," Tom said, walking back to his table. Momma Nancy's was well known for their corned beef hash and Jim had three plates of it along with six eggs over easy, just as many pieces of toast, and several cups of coffee to wash it down.

Kate had a single order and had to admit the corned beef hash was as good as she could make, making it a point to have their waitress tell the owner, who in turn stopped at the table to talk with them, trading recipes while Jim was working on his second plate.

While they were eating, "Jim, what happened between you and Tom? I didn't talk with him long but he was a gentleman with me." "We were both at fault, me more than him." "Are you going to tell me what happened?" "Someday." and Jim raised his hand to get the waitress's attention for his third plate of corned beef hash, eggs and toast." "Tom said you were good friends once." "We were." "Are you angry with me or just avoiding the subject?" "I'm not angry Kate," as his third plate arrived and the waitress topped off their coffee cups, "Please pass the hot sauce, beautiful." "Then you are avoiding the subject?" "Maybe." "You are impossible." "I'm impossibly in love with you, Katherine." "I know, don't change the subject.

Are you two ever going to swallow your pride and shake hands to make up?" "Weren't you paying attention, Katherine?" "You call that making up?

"What did you want me to do, kiss him?" "No of course not, but you could have at least shaken his hand." "I'd rather kiss you." "It would be a magnanimous gesture to shake his hand in front of the regulars." "Maybe." "Will you be the bigger man and shake Tom's hand before we leave?" "Slide over and kiss me first," and Kate did, putting her arms around Jim's neck and kissed his cheek, "Please?" "Maybe.

ouch, OK, OK, I'll shake his hand," Jim said rubbing his ear where Kate pinched it. Jim's arm was around Kate's waist as they walked over to Tom's table. "Tom, Katherine is making me shake your hand," Jim extended his hand and Tom took it. "I understand, Jim, wives and fiancés can be like that," Tom said, solemnly, "but I draw the line at kissing." "I agree, Tom. There is not enough Irish whiskey in O'Brien's to drink you pretty." "How would you know?

My grandmother can drink you under the table." "Bring your Grandmother to O'Brien's. I'll buy the first bottle of Jameson's and will match you both, drink per drink." "When?" "Right now. We will meet you there." "Jim, I can't go looking like this." "Grandma can't make it.

I'll do you better and buy a bottle of Jameson 12-year-old Special Reserve." "You were always a showoff, but without your Grandma you don't stand a chance." "Maybe, but you don't stand a chance on the billiard table." "Nobody stands a chance against you in a game of pool." "Jim, I have to change first." "Tom, we will meet you there in ninety minutes, Katherine wants to make herself more beautiful, if that is even possible." While pulling into their driveway, "Jim?" "Yes, Kate." "Is Tom a good pool player?" "He is very good and known locally." "Then he is a better player than you." "Much better." "Do you mind if I play him?" "You play billiards, Kate?" "I can hold my own." "Well after your performance this evening, I have no doubt that you can.

You prevented us from doing something stupid, my brave lady, and things couldn't have worked out better. We have a billiard table in the attic. Why haven't we played yet?" "That was part of the master plan, to do things together but we got caught up in other things. I planned on letting you win to keep you interested." "I wouldn't like that Kate. If you are a better player great, that moves you up a notch in my eyes. Did you think it would bother me losing to you?" "That was before and this is now.

I know you better now." "What master plan?" "It doesn't matter and is not important. What matters is friends and family, Jim. I can't tell you how much I miss Grandma Mavis." "Give it time Kate. Eventually the neighbors will come around when we prove your innocence, assuming you want anything to do with them.

Besides, in three days we will be on our way to sunny Florida." As they were walking through the door Kate caught Jim off guard, tickling him and making him jump in surprise. "Kate!" Jim exclaimed twisting around to grab her but Kate was too quick and darted around him and ran upstairs.

Jim shook his head, smiling, and slowly walked up the stairs to his bedroom to change. Having exchanged his coveralls for faded blue jeans, a green flannel shirt and his well broken-in comfortable moccasins, Jim walked into the bathroom to find Kate putting the final touches on her makeup.

Kate had pinned her hair up in a french twist exposing her long neck. The blouse Kate chose was rather exotic with an oriental flavor made of red silk brocade embroidered with plum blossoms in gold colored thread and golden piping. The blouse had a Mandarin collar, bracelet sleeves and the traditional frog button side fasteners.

Kate was wearing this on top of snug fitting dark indigo jeans and she chose white running shoes to give her a solid platform to stand on while she shot pool. Jim put his arms around Kate's trim waist and nuzzled her neck before kissing her ears; "I love it when you put your hair up so I can get at your neck.

I have not seen that blouse before, but you look exotic and lovely.

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Are you almost ready?" "Almost, sweetheart," Kate said squeezing his hands, "do you want me to drive home? I'm not planning on drinking at all this evening." "That's a good idea. I'm planning on tipping a few." "In that case I absolutely will drive." "Katherine." "Yes, Jim." "I love you." The usual crowd was at O'Brien's when Kate and Jim arrived to find Tom sitting at the bar talking to Patrick.

Tom got off his stool to greet them, "My goodness, Katherine, I mean wow, that's quite a change from earlier. If I remember correctly, red is the color of good luck in China, while the plum blossoms represent brave and noble." "Thank you, Tom," Kate said, shaking his hand. "I'm not that brave, but I am a lucky woman." "Do I still have to shake Jim's hand, Katherine?" "Of course you do." While they were shaking hands Patrick came out from the bar to greet Kate, hugging her lightly, "Thank you Katherine.

You did in one day what I couldn't do in five years" He then cuffed the two men in the back of the head and not gently. "Jim, you obtuse horse's ass, our mutual friend, Tom, the other obtuse horse's ass told me what happened.

It's about time you kissed and made up." "Did you hear what Patrick said Tom? He wants us to kiss, Yuk. Those are fighting words." "Yea, Jim you're right, let me at him. After five years of no fighting celibacy we have to fight somebody. Do you want to kick his ass first, or shall I?

We will have to clear some tables out of the way to make some room though." "Good idea, we'll toss him for it. I'll grab Patrick's arms and you grab his legs. Katherine will call him in mid-air; how about the best five out of seven?" "You will do no such thing," Kate said laughing, happy to be back at O'Brien's.


She felt very at home here, "You three charming scallywags will be gentlemen." "Yes Ma'am," they all said in unison, followed by Patrick saying, "I'm taking the rest of the night off, brave and noble lady. I will do you dubious gentlemen one better; a bottle of Jameson 18 year-old Gold Reserve to celebrate." "I understand you are quite the billiard Master, Tom?" Kate inquired as Patrick went into his office to get the bottle.

"I can hold my own, Katherine. Do you play?" "How about the best two out of three? After that, Jim and Patrick can play the winner if they like." The boys tossed down a couple of shots, insulting each other while Katherine sipped club soda and brushed down the surface of the billiard table.

Kate reminisced about her Grandpa Jack as she selected her cue, wishing that her Grandpa's custom cue hadn't burned up in the fire. Kate wiped a tear from her eye and sighed. Wishing that if there were only one thing she could have saved from the fire, including the house and its entire contents, it had been Grandpa's cue. Kate walked over to where the boys were standing and tapped Jim on the shoulder, he turned and Kate put her arms around Jim's neck and kissed his lips long and deep.

"I don't need Grandpa's pool cue, or anything else, Jim, I have you." "What is this all about, Katherine, my love?" Jim asked hugging her "Is that like the blond wig thing?" "Perhaps, sweetheart," Kate said, rubbing his head. "Ladies, choice, Katherine," Tom offered "name your poison." "Nine ball is fine with me," and this peaked Tom's interest even though he didn't start taking Kate seriously until they were halfway through the first game, which Kate won.

"The best two out of three?" Tom asked which turned into three out of five. When they were tied two and two, Kate offered, "This is your night boys. Have yourselves a good time." And they did, they partnered off, Jim with Kate, Tom with Patrick and played eight ball until closing time.

It was raining when they said their final goodbyes, but a cold wind soon picked up until the rain was coming down in wind driven buckets. Tom was happy for his friend, but a little sad and melancholy as he drove home. The first woman he tried to make time with since his wife died, and Kate was spoken for.

Tom came over the top of the hill on his road and then down the rise. He saw a green Chevrolet Cobalt Sedan at the bottom parked along the side of the road on the mud covered gravel median with no emergency flashers on. He slowed down and saw the figure of a woman trying to change a tire and doing it unsafely; you never try to loosen the lug nuts with the tire jacked up off the ground.

Twenty-seven years with his father in the tire business, Tom knew how to safely change a tire. He turned around and drove his Jeep Wrangler 4 X 4 behind the car to shine his headlights on it, turning on his off road spotlights for more illumination and then his emergency flashers before he got out.

"Pardon me Ma'am, do you need any help?" Tom could see her clothes were wet. It was dark on this deserted country road, with only two houses on it and the woman was soaked to the skin and cold. She could smell alcohol on Tom's breath. "I'm fine, but thank you for stopping, Sir. I'm almost done," she lied. "I have," Tom started to say but instead grabbed her just in the nick of time as the jack, the wrong type for this model car slipped from underneath.

They ended up in the grass with her on top of him. Tom let go of her and she scrambled to her feet. He got up more slowly after taking the brunt of the fall, the woman backing away from him, cautiously. The hood on the woman's light cotton jacket had fallen back because of the fall and Tom could see that she had red hair just like Kate.was this an omen? "I was going to tell you it is the wrong jack for your car.

Even if it were the right one you should have a board underneath it being it is raining and the ground soaked." "Have you been drinking?" "I live just up the road, and yes I was celebrating." "The battery on my cell phone is dead.

May I use yours to call my Auto Club?" "You are welcome." "Excuse me?" "I said you are welcome from keeping you from being hurt." Tom held out his hand, "Tom Butler. It is good you are cautious, but I'm not that kind of man." "Thank you, Mr. Butler." "Do you have a name?" Tom asked. "My name is Dorothy," the woman replied, lying. "Well, Dorothy, no last name," Tom, said, crouching down to look at the damage, "You are starting to shiver and I suggest you get out of the rain," and reaching down and feeling the oily puddle beneath the car, "It looks like the jack snapped your break line.

You won't be driving it anywhere soon. I have a 6-ton floor jack and the proper tools in the back of the Jeep. If you want, I will change the tire to save time for the tow truck driver. "Dorothy Smith." "OK then.

Don't tell me your real name," Tom said getting the wool blanket he kept in the rear seat, "wrap this around yourself. My cell phone is in the cup holder. The engine is running so why don't you sit on the driver side and turn up the heat.

Lock the doors until the tow truck driver gets here in case I'm some kind of crazed predator. Assuming I am, you can always run me over when you make your quick getaway." "Sally McCarthy," she said wrapping the blanket around her and sticking her hand out for Tom to shake. Jim had a lot on his mind when they got home and was unable to go to sleep right away, first and foremost because Jim reconnected with a friend; he lamented those five wasted years while looking forward to the future.

He went into the kitchen and made himself a pot of Earl Gray tea to go with some shortbread cookies to mull everything over Months ago, Jim hired a private investigator to look into Katherine's case. He hired the man for results, and Jim didn't care how the investigator went about getting them. As it turned out, heads would roll when the truth got out, which would be soon, perhaps shortly after they returned from Florida. The private investigator, a retired CIA agent recommended by his uncle, met with Jim earlier in the week and advised him everything pointed to several factors.

Fact one, a deliberately sloppy police investigation. Fact two, Kate's lawyer was incompetent at best. Fact three, something Jim already knew, the prosecutor was politically ambitious, going for expediency instead of justice, and was now running for County Judge. Fact four, the senior police investigator looking into Kate's case was up to his ears in debt and is related to Kate's Insurance broker, the broker's brother-in-law.

To compound the problem, there were financial ties between Kate's ex-husband and the insurance broker. Encouraged with this new information, Jim's oldest brother was going to take the case when he received the word. He hadn't told Kate yet and wouldn't until most of the pieces were together and everything was set in motion.

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Jim was deep in thought when Kate walked up to him unnoticed. "May I join you?" Kate asked, putting her bone china cup and saucer on the table and sitting across from him. Not answering, Jim poured Kate a cup and pushed the cookie plate closer to her.

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"Do you want to talk about it?" Kate asked reaching across the table to squeeze Jim's hand. Kate was wearing nothing more than Jim's New York Yankee Baseball Jersey on top of her panties. It was like a loose nightgown for Kate and she started wearing it months ago, laying her claim on him.

"When the time comes, my love," he replied squeezing back. They sat quietly together sipping their tea until Kate broke the silence, "Even if we get everything over turned, I don't care what the neighbors think. If they come around, fine, if not." letting the implication being the hell with them.

"Things are falling into place, Katherine. That's all you need to know for now. Please trust me on this. There is no obtuse, bullheaded guy thing about it." "Yes, sweetheart." "Until it is settled, I need your full cooperation without question. Will you please do that for me no matter what I ask?" "Yes, Jim." "Thank you my love," Jim said getting up from his chair, offering Kate his hand and helping her to her feet.

Kate put her arms around his neck; Jim put his arms around her waist pulling her close, "Really Kate, a gaggle of Jackasses living their lives vicariously?" Kate put her head on Jim's chest to listen to his heartbeat, "Well they should have done something." "Thank goodness my little bitch saved the day." "Thank you; I was in rare form, wasn't I?" Kate asked smiling.

"You were, Katherine." "And the latitude part?" Kate asked. "There is no need to discuss it," Jim gave her tight little ass a slap just hard enough to sting, making her yelp, and then, "Brute," she said, kissing his lips, "are you going to ravish me now?" "Maybe." "I'd pinch your ear, but I might get another slap on the ass." "You know me so well, Katherine." End of Chapter 2.