Young Desi Indian Girls Showing Her Hot Pussy on Webcam

Young Desi Indian Girls Showing Her Hot Pussy on Webcam
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Im lying in bed, barely awake. Something woke me, I know it. A noise, a movement, a.a hand slams over my mouth.

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My first reaction causes me to bite it, but the hand slaps my cheek hard. A gruff voice commands me to shut up. As the covers are pulled away, your hands yank my shirt up over my head.

My 36D tits are huge for my seventeen year old body. But I'm skinny, with an athletic body, only weighing one hundred and fifteen pounds at five feet two inches tall. But you already knew all that. It's why you've come for me. Next my panties are ripped off and your fingers are pushing into my most secret place.

I push my thighs together, but you shove them apart and only laugh as I struggle against you. Even though I should hate feeling your fingers force themselves inside me, I moan quietly. Once again a natural reaction. "yeah you like that, don't you slut?" you whisper against my ear. When I don't reply, your palm slams against my nipple. The cry that escapes my lips is nothing but pain. At least that's what I tell myself.

"Alright honey, time for a ride," you order as you lift me gruffly from the bed. I'm so afraid that I hardly fight you at all. You fling me out the window and I land hard on my left side on the grass outside my bedroom. So that's how you got in. I lie naked on the grass, so stunned I can't even stand. I am naked on my front lawn, and there is a light shining directly on me.

Someone has to see. When you join me on the lawn, I am hauled up and thrown over your shoulder. In my driveway there is an unfamiliar white van. We reach the door and someone inside flings it open.


You readily fling my naked body into his eager hands. There are two men in the back besides the one groping me. It is now that I decide to fight back. "Get off me!!" I scream, scratching at his hands and face. He doesn't even flinch.


As I flail around, desperately pushing the eager hands away, one of the guys grabs my legs as the other one gets a tight hold on my arms. On the back door of the van is some kind of metal bar.

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There are identical ones on both sides of the van. The only seat is the drivers seat where you now sit, steering the car away from my house. My hands are pulled up to the bar on the door, and lashed tightly to it. Each ankle is tied to opposite sides of the van. My legs are spread wide, the first guy is pressing his fingers against my cunt, and I'm screaming and thrashing around.

I want them to stop, they can't touch me this way without my permission. Then why does it feel so good? I stop screaming as someone slams a dick in between my lips.

Pressing hard into the back of my throat, the man growls, "shut the hell up bitch!" I can't scream anymore. As I try to pull away, he grabs my head and holds me in place as his cock Is rammed against my throat. Beyond gagging, I moan and make humiliating gargling noises, praying that he'll stop. Suddenly I feel someone pulling my body up. A man slides beneath me until his cock is at my asshole.

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Fingers, I dont even know whose, spread my juices all over my asshole and cheeks. Slipping a finger inside me, he slides the homemade lubricant all around the inside of my ass.

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Then the one underneath me positions his seven inch dick at the opening in my ass and forces himself inside of me. Despite the cock in my mouth, I manage a pained scream. My asshole stretches around his dick, shooting constant sensations through my body. I hate this, I hate this, I hate.but fuck it feels so good.

Then the third man is inside my cunt. By this time I am moaning and screaming uncontrollably. The mans dick is shoved harder in my mouth in an effort to quiet me, but I am so overwhelmed by pleasure that I have succumbed. This is wrong, I know but I love the way being filled up in every hole feels. The dick is pulled from my mouth.


For a few seconds, I lift my head and search for it with my tongue. But its gone. Warm, sticky fluid is running all over my face. Moaning at this humiliation, I mutter, "please put your dick back in my mouth." Everyone in the van laughs.

I notice now that you have stopped driving and joined us in the back of the truck. Your dick replaces the one before it and I suck you eagerly. My tongue wraps around your cock, caressing every inch of you that I force down my throat. You moan, pleased by my submission. Very soon, the cocks are pulled from my holes and I feel more delicious cum flowing over my chest and stomach.

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You are next in line to fuck my hungry cunt. As you pound your hard, throbbing cock against my cervix, you're burying your fingers in my ass. My body bucks and thrusts towards you, begging for more abuse. "come on you dirty little cumslut, make me cum you whore!" you growl at me through clenched teeth. The others watch now, amused by my torture. But i am so far gone I don't even care when they reach down and start to spread the cum all over me.

Every inch of me is covered in their cum. And finally you yank your huge dick out of me and let your wonderful cum spurt all over my thighs.

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After rubbing down my legs in your cum, you smile at me, wipe your hands on a cloth and pull your pants back on. Sometime in all my amazing pleasure, the other three men put their own pants on. After they untie me, you open the door and coax me out of the van. There is a statue of a horse in the middle of a huge plaza. We are in the middle of a large public area. As you lead me toward the statue, I notice the duffel bag in your hands.

You push me down to sit with my back against the horse's leg and use cuffs from your bag to trap my hands around the statue. Then you pull out rope and tie my stomach to the horses leg. You pull out ankle cuffs, snap them onto me, and place a spreader bar between my legs. Then a buttplug is rammed up my ass and a huge dildo shoved into my cunt. I moan and beg you to fuck me again.

But you only laugh maniacally, knowing I'm so out of it I don't comprehend what you're doing. A ball gag is shoved into my mouth, and fastened at the back of my head. With a permanent black marker, you write the words "cumslut", "whore", and "dirty skank" all over my fAce and tits.

And take the bag and walk away. After you climb behind the wheel, the van drives away quickly. Something id bugging me but u don't know what. Suddenly I'm too exhausted to keep my eyes open. They fall shut and I sleep deeply. I awaken groggily, and try to stretch my arms. They will nor move from my sides. I am confused for a moment and then everything comes rushing back.

I open my eyes to find a huge crowd of people staring at my naked body. It us broad daylight, I am covered in four different men's semen and all of my holes are stuffed and bared for the world to see.

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I close my eyes and try to block them out. But I can't. People murmur as they stare. Unable to move, I sit helplessly as more than one hundred people examine my naked, exposed, used body.

And I am so turned on.