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The Chauffeur (#19) Diane and a Baby By: PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2019 CHAPTER 1 As the night progressed, the fucking and the sucking continued. There were threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes. At one point I remember seeing both CG guys fucking Jennifer and Diane side by side on one of the California King beds in my room. On my bed, Dakota and Nadia were having their way with me. In the center of the room Miguel, John, and James were having their way with the C&C twins, Allison, Paula, Belinda, and of course Tina.

John was really putting it to Allison from behind as she was licking and sucking on Paula's sweet pussy. Allison was really struggling to keep focused on Paula as John was mercilessly working on her pussy with his horse-cock. It seemed as if John took quite a long time before he announced his orgasm. Allison, on the other hand, had cum several times announcing it to the room, in general, each and every time.

Tina had decided to attack Miguel. He told her that he had never been with 'an ebony goddess' which only made her smile being called a goddess. Of course, Belinda was happy to share Miguel with Tina. The twins were happy to be fucked hard and fast by James. They each took turns letting him fuck them one at a time while the other one sat of her sister's face. The third bed in my room, I directed everyone to stay off as I wanted that to be only for my queen, Jill until she said differently.

Everyone agreed to respect my wishes. At some point in the evening, my phone buzzed. It was Jill. I walked over to it and answered, with the sounds of Jennifer and Diane reaching their orgasmic pinnacles. "WOW! It sounds like someone is having a great time," She says to me. "Well, that is both Diane and Jennifer getting their brains fucked out by our Coast Guard boys," I tell her.

"I bet that's hot. These are the nephews of Fred, right?" She asked. "Yes. Roger hired them to be part of the security force. They're young, good looking, polite, respectful&hellip.and I think that you would tie them up in knots," I say to her smiling. "How's my assistant holding up?" She asked. "OH, you mean blabbermouth? She's doing just fine. She's holding her own. Right now, Belinda and Tina are tag-teaming poor, poor Miguel&hellip.and he's smiling the whole time," I tell her.


"You do remember that I'm supposed to be leaving here on Sunday or has that been put to the back of that horndog brain of yours?" She asks me with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. "Darling, do you think that my wonderful assistant would allow me to make such a stupid mistake? We're all looking forward to seeing you come home," I tell her. Just as I said that both Belinda and Tina reached orgasm together.

Tina from being fucked by Miguel and Belinda from grinding her pussy on Tina's face. As Miguel shot his seed into Tina, Corey stopped watching her sister get hammered by James and crawled over to Tina and began licking Miguel's cum out of her pussy.

James response, "Damn, that is sexy," saying that in a low tone. "Darling, that orgasm you hear belongs to your assistant as Miguel is really fucking her," I say to her chuckling while I tell her. I tell her that I love her and will be there on Sunday to get her. We end the call. I hear Nadia ask Dakota who is Jill? Dakota explains that she is my wife and she's in the hospital.

Nadia, James, and Miguel all say "WHAT?" in unison. James asks Dakota, "Miss Dakota, are you telling me that even though David's wife is in the hospital, he's still fucking all these women. I don't get it," He says very sincerely. "There's nothing to 'get'. David and Jill have the most trusting relationship that I've ever been witness to. He trusts her to play with whomever she wants, and she trusts him to do the same. Hell, he even got me pregnant, with Jill's permission, of course," She explains.

The whole room has stopped as they are listening to Dakota. Fred's nephews are stunned. The twins and Belinda seem excited by this knowledge. Allison is laying there with her mouth open in amazement. Nadia now asks, "David, how do you know she's not having an affair on you?" "What 'affair' could someone offer her that she's not already getting?

We both make an incredible amount of money. Look around you, do you know of a house nicer, and we love having our play friends. So, I again ask you, what could someone offer her that she's not already got?" I say answering Nadia's question as a matter of fact as I could.

I could see James and Nadia trying to comprehend my answer. "James, do you trust Nadia?" I ask "Well of course I do, that's a silly question," He says to me. "Then when you leave, let her stay here with me for a while then," I say trying to prove a point. "Um, well, ah, I really don't know you that well sir," he says to me stammering a bit. "What's there to know? You've seen my home. You've seen my playgroup. You already know that I'm married. Hell, you fucked most of the ladies in my playgroup.

What more is there that you need to know? James, I'm not trying to get you nervous, but you only trust her to a point. Therein lies the difference. I trust Jill completely, without any reservations, 100%. I also know that she is wise enough to not put herself into a situation that would risk her life," I try to explain my point in the matter.

I see by the facial expression on his face, Nadia's face, and both of Fred's nephews that they are all thinking about what I'm saying. Of course, my protégé is smiling from ear to ear. Diane has moved over to him and is sitting quietly next to him even though his dick is still in Allison. There was a huge pause in our conversation.

I realized that I was starving. "Anyone hungry, other than me?" I ask the room. Not surprisingly, John replies, "Fuck yeah. I'm hungry?" The room laughs. Dakota says to him, "John, when are you not hungry?" Again, everyone laughs, even John. "Why don't we call up somewhere and order some food?" I ask the room. "David, it's 3 in the morning. Who's open?" Allison asks. Tina pipes up, "I know the answer to that one, IHOP," she says giggling. Our new guests didn't get the joke.

They don't know our history. "Like when we met you, back in the day when you and Tina were dating," Diane says. "Wait a minute. You and Miss Tina dated…before you married Jill?

And here she is part of your playgroup? What did I miss here, Who, are you Hugh Hefner?" James asked.

I just smiled. "James, there's a whole lot about me that you don't know. No, I'm no Hugh Hefner. He changed the world. I only want to make my companies better. Tina and I dated for a bit. She was smart enough to realize that we weren't going anywhere and broke up with me. Soon after that, I married Jill.

However, Tina and I met Diane and John that night at IHOP. John was&hellip. well, kind of shitfaced. Diane was the designated driver.

There were some others, including a boyfriend who she found out was a total loser cheating on her with some skank from college. Somewhere shortly afterward, John and Diane began dating and now…&hellip." I didn't finish on purpose "Holy guacamole," Said James.

Before Tina had the chance to speak up about our breakup, Diane put her hand on Tina's thigh and shook her head no. Tina got the message and stayed silent. "Let's go out to eat, IHOP sounds good to me unless someone really wants Village Inn, they are also open 24 hours," I say to the room. The two CG guys would rather have Village Inn unless someone had a real hankering for IHOP.

No one really cared. I told everyone to put their clothes on, no showers, no makeup, and no fixing hair other than using a brush. Everyone got up and headed to get their clothes. Someone asked how we were going to get there since Fred had left hours ago. "Well, both Tina and Dakota have their cars here and the twins have their SUVs in the garage," I say surprising the twins that I knew that they had SUVs. It took about 15 minutes for everyone to reassemble by the front doors.

The twins went to the garage to pull out their vehicles out. Dakota expected me to ride with her. I asked John and Diane to join us. When everyone was in a car, we all headed out to the closest Village Inn. It took about 15 minutes to get there. As we all went inside, I saw my favorite diner waitress, Ruth. The same waitress we met at IHOP that night with Tina. "Ruth! It is so nice to see you again," I yell at her.

She is stunned. Clearly, she didn't remember me. "Do I know you, sir?" "You are the Ruth that used to work at IHOP aren't you?" I asked. "Yes, sir. I worked there for 11 years," She replied.

"Well, four of us remember you. John and Diane were at your restaurant with a few of their friends. Diane here was the designated driver for the group. They had a shortage on their bill. I came to the register and covered their bill. You, my dear, were delightful. I even tipped the cook that night," I say to her. "Oh yeah, Marco. The only tip he ever got from a customer in the 15 years he worked the overnight shift.

Hold on, let me get him for you. He came here when I left IHOP," Ruth says to me heading back to the to summon Marco.

In just a couple of minutes, she comes back to the front with Marco. He came straight over to me and gave me a big hug, again not the 'man-hug' that John always gives me. We chat for a moment as Ruth pulls some tables together for the gang. The two CG guys went over and helped Ruth.

She smiled at their assistance and thanked them when everything was set up . I reach into my pocket and pull out a $100, trying to give it to Marco. He tries to decline. I fold it up and put it in his tee shirt pocket and walk away. He just says, "Thank You". I sit down in the empty chair in the middle of the group of tables. Across from me are John and Diane. "David, why didn't you tell Ruth what a horrible bitch she was to us that night?

She was mean, hateful, and threatened to call the cops on us," Diane asks with some venom in her voice. "Diane, please listen to me. Ruth works the absolute worst shift in the restaurant business, midnight until 5am.

Usually, there are only two employees. They must put up with drunks and with people trying to dine-n-dash. The two employees must be waitress, hostess, manager, cook, janitor, food prep, busboy, and dishwasher. For usually just above minimum wage. Plus, as I remember that night you guys were short on your bill by about $25.

She was just doing her job. I bet if you ask her, she probably got any walkouts deducted from her paycheck," I tell her and the rest of the table. Ruth stops by the table and takes everyone's food order.

Dakota pipes up and orders pineapple juice for all the guys at the table. John laughed. The CG guys and James didn't understand the joke. The ladies closest to them quietly explained. We went back to our discussion about overnight workers. The CG guys start shaking their heads saying, "That's not right," in a serious tone.

"No, no it's not right, but that's the way it is in the restaurant world. Heck, anywhere that there are minimum wage jobs you'll find people working hard, crappy jobs to make ends meet," I say. "So, the answer is to raise the minimum wage then," John says. "I don't know. Let's think about that for a moment.

Let's say that the California legislature raises the minimum wage by $3.00 effective next July. What do you think that accomplishes? Those making more than minimum wage won't get a raise, only the people who are below what will be the new minimum. In addition, companies who usually have 7 employees on duty during the high-volume times will not replace employees as they leave forcing the staff that stays to work short-handed. Instead of having the 7 employees on the clock, they will most likely have only 5.

Who here wants to do the work of two extra people for no additional money?" I ask the table. "Then what's the answer?" Allison asks. "I don't really know. I do understand that those under minimum wage will benefit immediately. However, small business and those employees get hit hard financially.

Therefore, I always want our brands to hire substantially above what is the normal wage for any job we offer. Here's a good example. What do you guys think the going wage is for an armed security guard. Someone who had to get drug tested, pass a deep background check, take and pass a firearm test and pass a physical? Anyone. Anyone have a guess," I ask. "$25.00," Diane says "No way, that's too low.

I say $40.00," Belinda says. "Um, maybe $30.00," James says. "How about $50.00," Amy offers. "Nope, none of you are right," I say. I point to the CG guys. "Care to answer, I know you gentlemen know," I say. "About $11-12.00 per hour," JP says. "No fucking way," John says. "Then why do they do it, David?" Allison asks. "Everyone is different. Some have children and can't afford daycare. Some have a family member that needs 24-hour medical care. Some don't have the schooling nor employment background to qualify for a better position.

Some have been forced into bankruptcy which is being used more and more to sidestep hiring people. The list of reasons goes on and on," I tell everyone. I point to the two CG guys and ask, "What's the starting pay for entering the Coast Guard?" "I think they just raised it to $20,000 annually," Derrick says. "Just raised it?

What the fuck?" John asked completely floored. "Well, they do have the on-ship living, but that doesn't help if you have a spouse and/or child. Someone take their cell phone out and go to their calculator," I direct. Dakota has her phone ready. "Put in 20,000 and divide it by 52. What do you get?" I ask. "$384.62," she says. "Now take that number and divide it by 40, the number of hours in a civilian work week," I direct. "$9.62," She says.

The whole table is stunned. "Derrick, does the Coast Guard have 40-hour work weeks?" I ask. "No, not usually. It's closer to 50-60 hours. More if you're in a high alert area, say off the coast of Somalia," He says to the table. "Dakota, go back to that $384.62 and let's divide it by 50 hours a week," I say. "$7.69," Dakota says in a low voice. There was a stunned silence. No one knew quite what to say. "Look, everyone, I didn't mean for this to turn into a downer.

I just wanted to demonstrate that you don't know what other people are living. Your smile, your extra couple dollar tip, your assistance, hell even just saying Thank You will mean something very special to someone. It might just change their day. You never ever know," I tell everyone. Just as I say that Ruth begins to deliver the food. For the first few minutes of everyone eating, the table was silent. At some point, the table begins to sound more like it should. Various small conversations all around me.

I just smile thinking to myself 'thank goodness' as everyone got past my downer conversation. I put my arm around Dakota telling her how sexy she looks.

"You must be delirious. I'm a wreck," She says to me smiling. I just lean in and kiss her. I ask the table if they have enjoyed the concert and the after-party so far. Everyone agrees that they are enjoying the events. I assure them that no one must go home, and the party will continue when we return to the Commune. I see everyone smiling. As Ruth came over to the table to start collecting empty dishes, everyone and I do mean everyone said in unison," THANK YOU RUTH!" She smiled a big smile.

Picking up the bill, I handed it to John. "Here, use your new card and pay the bill. Leave Ruth a $100 tip," I tell him. He smiles taking the bill from me and walks over to the cash register to pay. I knew he needed permission to use the card the first time. I looked at Jennifer who was smiling from ear to ear. When he returned, he handed me the receipt.

I just folded it up and put it in my pocket thanking him for taking care of that for me. We all got up. Jennifer, Amy, and Belinda began stacking the dishes and assembling the glassware to make it easier for Ruth to clean the table after we leave.

This made me proud of our group. My downer chat had an immediate effect. I herded us back out to the cars. CHAPTER 2 When we arrived back at the Commune, I noticed the clock on the dash telling me it was 4:54am. I thought to myself, where did the time go? I saw clothes coming back off before we even got inside.

Heck, Dakota was nearly naked before she even unlocked the door. Diane came over to me asking for some play time with me&hellip. just me. I took her by the hand and walked her to my bedroom. Once inside, she hugged me tightly. I reached around her and hugged back.

Our lips met in an erotic kiss. I picked her up and laid her on the bed. She began undressing quickly as did I standing at the edge of the bed. When I was completely naked, I climbed into bed with her putting my arms around her, pulling her tight, kissing her.

She responded in kind. "I told James that I wrote you a letter. He didn't say a word. I'm worried that he's mad at me," She says as we lay there in an embrace. "Did he ask for the ring back? Did he show signs of anger? Did he make you feel as if you were no longer THE most important person in his life? If the answers are NO to all of these, then you're overthinking it.

Fuck right in the pussy

Stop tormenting yourself. John has no filter from his brain to his mouth. One of the things that I really like about his is that you always know where you stand with him," I tell her in a heartfelt manner. "Oh, Daddy, how did I ever get so lucky to have you in my life?

You are so easy to talk to," She tells me. I kiss her passionately. I pull her tightly to my body. As we part the kiss, I begin to kiss her neck which elicits a soft moan from her. "Daddy make love to me&hellip.

please," She pleads. I begin kissing down from her neck to her small but pert chest. I lick the boobs. I suck the nipples. I even playfully bite them. She squealed a bit when I bit the nipples.

In the distance, I faintly hear the twins arguing about whose turn it is to get fucked by John. I just smile and keep my attention to my lover in my bed. I work my way down her flat stomach to her delicious womanhood.

I gently push myself between her legs and position my face over her beautifully shaved pussy. I lean in and take a deep inhale of her wonderful musky scent before I begin my oral assault on her. My tongue first begins to lick on her clit. This generates a low guttural moan from her. I lick her lips, parting them with my tongue. I lick from the top of the slit all the way down to her taint.

Almost immediately, she begins producing copious amounts of woman juice, which I suck into my mouth readily. She begins moaning louder as I continue my oral assault.

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I begin to piston my tongue in and out of her woman folds. She is now writhing trying desperately to thrust her hips into my face so my tongue may find its way deeper into her. I begin to suck on her clit which had the desired effect causing her to reach her first large and very loud orgasm, "OH FUCK DADDY&hellip. YOU'RE MAKING &hellip.


MEEEEEEE CUUUUUUMMMMMMM," she says in an orgasmic manner. She adds on, "Daddy, I am fucking in love with you," in a bit lower voice. I get up on my knees and move my pelvis towards her. I place my hard cock at the entrance to her sex. I reach down and gently guide myself into her. Taking long deep strokes, I push in and out of her. I could feel her womanhood grasp me and try to milk me for everything I might have. I let myself fall forward continuing to slowly move my manhood in and out of her.

She reaches a second orgasm, "OH FUCK ME, DADDY. YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME FEEL SO DAMN GOOD. I FUCKING LOVE YOU, DADDY," she says in her orgasmic state of mind. I whisper in her ear, "I fucking love you to my darling," in a low heartfelt tone. She kisses me hard. Our bodies stay intertwined with me continually thrusting myself in and out of her, long and slow. After several minutes, she announces another orgasm, "Daddy, how do you keep making me cum so hard?" "It's because we love each other," I whisper in her ear.

She smiles before she kisses me hard again. I know that my own orgasm isn't too far away. Diane reaches her third orgasm.

This time she just mumbles some incoherent words at me. As I feel that all to familiar twinge in my balls, I begin to thrust into her and hold it deep into her for seconds at a time. She moans one long moan as I hold myself in deep. I thrust into her one last time as I feel my balls tighten up and I begin to orgasm. "Diane, darling, Daddy loves you so, so much," I say to her looking her directly in her eyes. I shoot rope after rope into her.

She responds with yet another orgasm, "I love you so much Daddy," she says through several gasps of breath. Although my orgasm was probably only seconds in real time, it felt as if it was longer than normal.

As I shot my final deposit into her, I laid my head down on her kissing her long and passionately. I could still feel her body spasming on my cock. After a few minutes, I began to withdraw my deflating cock from her. I get back up on my knees to see my man juice leaking out from her womanly folds.

I roll off her to her side, putting my arms around her pulling her tightly to me. She drapes a leg over my hip. I feel her soft foot brush my ass. "Daddy, do you think John and I will be good parents? I worry about that," She says quietly to me. "Darling, I think that both of you will be wonderful parents. He really loves you and I'm pretty sure you love him," I say to her.

"Yeah, I do love him," She says. "I'm going to ask a favor of you. If the baby turns out to be mine, don't ever…and I mean EVER tell John. It would break his heart. I need you to promise me that," I say to her in a serious tone. "Of course, Daddy. I promise," she replies.

"Put his name on the birth certificate. I'll be happy to take the role as 'Grandpa' favorite uncle, whatever you want to call me, but ALWAYS say that John is the Father. Of course, if it turns out that John is the actual Father, then this is a moot point.

I will always love you my darling, but I don't want to hurt John. He's become like a son to me&hellip. but don't tell him that. I think only Jennifer knows how I really feel about him," I say to her. She laughs out loud, "Daddy, are you kidding me? EVERYONE knows you love John like he's your own son. Everyone sees it. Hell, all of us have discussed it numerous times. Hell, even Dakota and Tina say the same thing," She says to me giggling.

I'm completely shocked at this revelation. All along I thought I was disguising my feelings toward John, but alas, the ladies can read me fairly well. I roll her on top of me. She impales herself on my hard cock. She begins to rock back and forth. I love the feel of her cum-filled pussy around my erect manhood.

She just keeps rocking until after several minutes, she begins to orgasm once again, "OH DADDY. YOU FEEL SO WONDERFUL SO DEEP IN ME," She says loudly. I thrust my hips upwards to her trying to put my cock as deep into her orgasming body as I can get. I feel cum dripping onto my pelvis. She tilts her head back.

I see her eyes are rolling back in their sockets as her orgasm is taking a bit longer than the others. I gently grasp her midsection to steady her. As I feel her body begin to lean backward, I pull her towards me.

She falls forward and collapses on my chest. In a moment of panic, "Darling, darling, are you alright?" She looks up at me and smiles saying, "Oh Daddy, I'm better than alright. That might have been the best orgasm I have ever had," she says in almost a whisper.

I smile knowing that she's fine. I put my arms around her whispering in her ear, "Darling never forget Daddy loves you," as I look into her glazed over eyes. It doesn't take but a couple of moments before I hear her heavy breathing.

She has fallen asleep on my chest. My bedroom door opens quietly. Jennifer comes in and climbs into bed with Diane and me. She kisses me, seeing my beautiful sleeping lover. Jennifer whispers into my ear, "I guess you took everything out of her," She says in a heartfelt manner. I respond, "And if you reach between her legs, you'll feel that I put a lot into her as well," I say smiling in a very low tone.

Jennifer giggles before she leans into me kissing me passionately. I roll on my side, gently putting my sleeping lover on the bed next to me. I roll back over to face Jennifer saying, "You had some ideas on what to do with my body didn't you," I say to her smiling. Jennifer quickly flipped over. She draped a leg over my face and rolled on top of me. She put her lips around my hard cock as I put my willing tongue into her woman folds.

We begin our oral assault on each other. We work on each other for quite a while. Neither of us reaches orgasm quickly, we took our time allowing our bodies to enjoy each other. After quite a while, Jennifer finally reached her orgasm first.

I only heard her deep guttural sounds of, "FUCK ME," not loudly though. I felt and tasted her woman cum. I licked and slurped everything I could get into my willing mouth. When her orgasm finally subsided, she went back to work on my cock.

I heard her gag a couple of times as it reached the back of her mouth. I kept up my own oral assault on her. I used my tongue like a piston in an out of her before I moved to her clit, licking and nibbling on it. She came again, this time not saying a word nor warning me, but I didn't care.

I happily lapped up every drop I could get from her delicious sweet folds. Finally, Jennifer stopped trying to suck me to fruition. She moved back around to face me.

"David, I don't know how you do it, but you have the most amazing stamina of any man that I have ever been with," She says looking into my eyes.

I just shrug my shoulders and say, "Do you know just how beautiful you are?" I knew in my head that I was avoiding her question, but all my life my body has been that way.

I hear my little sleeping beauty begin to stir. Jennifer and I both turn to look at Diane. "Good Morning, sleepyhead," Jennifer says. Diane smiles and kisses Jennifer, then me before getting out of bed and heading out, presumably to find John.

At that point, I notice that there doesn't seem to be much orgasm noise. In my head, I was thinking that people had settled down and fallen asleep with whomever their current partner or lover might be now. Jennifer looked at me saying, "Just lie there while I fuck your brains out," She says smiling. I put my hands behind my head, smiling and allow Jennifer to have her way with me.

I watch as her gorgeous body begins to work on my manhood. I truly enjoy watching her. She is beautiful. My head begins to try to figure out if I know of someone who would be a good match for her. But, alas, since she is riding me so well, my attention span is more interested in her than my Rolodex of single/divorced guys that I know. As her tempo increases, I keep smiling at her. After several minutes, she is really working hard thrusting herself onto my rigid manhood. There was no way that I was going to tell her that I had just had a huge orgasm with Diane before she entered the room.

I was enjoying her work immensely. After quite a long while, I saw beads of sweat begin to form on her forehead. At this point, I decided that I needed to participate more to help her achieve her intended mission before she passes out from sheer exhaustion. I put my hands on her hips and begin to thrust back into her. I see her smile, almost thanking me for now participating. I say to her, "When we reach our peak, let's take a shower afterward," in a serious tone. "OK my love, you know I'll do whatever you want me to do," She says in an out of breath manner.

"Use your feet and not your knees to help you bounce," I suggest to her. She moves her feet up next to my hips and makes them the catalyst for her pogo-like actions. She reaches an orgasm in just a few thrusts. "OH, FUCK DAVID, HOW DO YOU DO THAT? I'M CUMMING SO DAMN HARD," she says to me virtually out of breath. As I feel her wetness on my pelvis, I know that I'm not all that far off from my own orgasm, which I assume will finally please my lover.

Thrusting into her as hard as I can, I feel her body responding by clamping her velvety pussy around my cock tightly. That wonderful twinge strikes me as I begin my descent into another orgasm. Jennifer hits another peak with her body shaking and quivering only moaning loudly, unable to speak.

I thrust up into her as hard as I can, feeling my balls tighten up and my seed making its journey through my shaft into her delightful pussy. Again, I shoot an incredible load into her. Her eyes are looking towards me, however, they seemed glazed over. I'm not sure she is seeing me even though her face is only inches from my own. As the last squirts of my seed get deposited into Jennifer, I whisper in her ear, "I hope you know how much I love you," looking directly into her eyes. I get no verbal response just a low guttural moan.

My orgasm ends, yet I keep my still hard cock inside of her until it begins to deflate. It finally falls out of her with a pop. I wrap my arms around her and hug her tightly kissing her passionately.

She responds to my kissing by matching the intensity. We lay together for several minutes sated as lovers. My eyes feel heavy and I drift off to sleep. When I woke, Jennifer had not moved one bit. She had also drifted off to sleep as well. I listened, but I did not hear any more orgasmic peaks. Gently rolling Jennifer off me, I got up and headed to the bathroom. While I was in there, I decided to step into the shower. I really love this new home and not having to wait for hot water, it comes out as soon as I turn the handle on.

I wash my hair, my body, even my ass to make sure that I am clean from stem to stern. As I get out of the shower, I dry myself off feeling refreshed.

I decided to skip putting shorts on and leave the bedroom to walk around and peek into other rooms and see how things were. The first door I opened was Dakota's room. I was puzzled. She was laying in her bed alone. No one else in her room, or in her bed. I closed the door quietly. The next bedroom door I pushed open had the twins and the CG boys all snuggled up together, with the twins holding hands.

I just smiled and pulled the door closed. The next room I peered into had Amy and Tina all snuggled together. In my head, this is the second time that I have found them sleeping together. I just smile and pull their door closed. The next two rooms that I opened had no one in them. I trudged on looking for more bodies. I found myself in front of the black door which was slightly open a couple of inches.

I quietly pushed it open. I saw Allison laying on the ground next to the pool table with a pool cue laying between her legs, not inserted, just laying there. I worried a bit, so I entered and went over to her.

I gently caressed her face. She opened her eyes and smiled a dreamy smile at me. I kissed her. She responded by kissing me back and reaching her arm around behind my neck pulling me further into the kiss. When we broke from the kiss, I asked, "Are you alright?" She nodded her head saying, "Never been better.

Can I live here? You throw the most amazing party that I have ever been to in my life," telling me in almost a whisper. My head thinks for a moment before I answer, "Yes, you may move in here. You'll practically be living here with all the work you'll need to do at your new studio out back," I tell her in a serious tone. "What will that cost me?" She asks. "Um, we'll work something out. I'm sure you are good for it," I say smiling. She kisses me again. I get up and hold my hand out to help Allison up.

She puts her arm around me, and we walk toward the door. I decide to just leave the pool cue where it is and ask her about it later. When we leave the black door room, we walk further down the hallway opening doors but finding no one. We keep opening doors and yet find no one. Finally, we end up back at the living room.

There we find a note taped to the front door. Allison pulled it down and handed it to me. The first thing that I noticed was the beautiful handwriting. The note was from Nadia and James. It read: _ David, Thank you for the wonderful gift you gave us for our wedding anniversary! Nowhere in our wildest dreams could we have ever imagined an anniversary as good as your group gave us.

We are indebted to you forever. Your comments about trust caused us to talk about what you said. Don't be alarmed, it is a good discussion as we both felt like we could only 'trust' one another to a certain extent. We are going to try and be more open with each other regarding feelings and fears to make our marriage even stronger.

James wants to thank you for the twins. He has always fantasized about being with twins but had really given up hope calling it an urban myth. You really made a mark knocking off a long-time fantasy. I, too, want to thank you for the sensual gentle lovemaking.

You are a kind gentle soul that I hope to encounter again someday. We gave your assistant Miss Dakota our contact information as you requested. Once again, we want to thank you for the best anniversary that we could have ever had. With love, Nadia and James P.S.

We are available if you ever throw another swing party. _ Allison read the note as I did. She said that she knew that I was a decent guy by the way Belinda went on and on about me. Which prompted me to wonder where the heck Belinda had gotten off to or Donna for that matter.

I thought a bit more, heck John, Diane, Paula, and Miguel are missing as well. Allison taps me on the shoulder and points.

We walk over to one of the couches to find Paula and Donna all intertwined. Clearly, they fell asleep and never untangled from their play. I went to the kitchen and put on the coffee pot much to Allison's liking. She even noted that she was happy with the brand that I buy as it was her favorite. I let her know that I don't drink coffee that choice was made by Tina. I see my phone laying on the kitchen table where I had left it when we came back from Village Inn.

I picked it up noting that I had missed two calls and a text message. I read the text first. It was from Miguel. He was thanking me profusely for the wonderful night. He said he went home since he still had to work on Friday and that if he stayed, he just knew he would have blown off the job.

I texted back that he need not worry about the safe installs, come Monday or Tuesday to take care of them. I was quite impressed with his dedication to his work. Being the owner of the company, he could indeed have blown off the job, but instead, he went home to catch a couple hours of shut-eye before taking care of a scheduled job.

Which left three. Belinda, John, and Diane. I dialed my voicemail. The first one was from John. He wanted to thank me for such a great night, but he was taking Diane over to his house to spend some time with her alone.

The voicemail was from Diane. She told me that she will never speak of our conversation about the baby to anyone ever again. She loves John and wants to make a life with him. She also declared her love for me before hanging up. That only left Belinda. I picked up my keys and headed over to the pool house with Allison in tow. I knocked on the door. We waited a few minutes, but no one answered. I unlocked the door and Allison went inside.

She came back out and shook her head no. I walked around the end of the house towards the other pool, where I found Belinda laying on a lounger shaking. I rushed over to her, she was ice cold. I called for Allison. I scooped her up off the lounger and carried her towards the door that we came out of to check on the pool house.

Allison came running. She saw the panic on my face. I carried her inside over to a couch. I directed her to a nearby closet to get some blankets, which she did. She came back over to me with about 4 or 5 folded blankets. We unfolded them putting the blankets over a shivering Belinda. Paula was the first to wake. She shook Donna who was very groggy and a bit annoyed that she had been woke, but that all changed when she focused on Belinda shivering. Donna took my phone and dialed 911. She explained to the emergency operator that we had a woman in her early 20's who fell asleep outside after apparently swimming alone in the pool.

She explained that she was unconscious and that we had carried her inside and have covered her entire body with 4 blankets to get her warmer. The dispatcher told Donna that she was dispatching paramedics and an ambulance. Donna needed the address.

I gave it to her. She repeated the address to the operator. She also said to try and wake her if possible. Allison was saying Belinda's name trying to wake her. I was rubbing her limbs trying to get the blood circulating. Off in the distance, I could hear sirens.

Hopefully, they are coming to us. Just as the paramedics were pulling into the courtyard, Belinda opened one eye. Thankfully, Paula had gone to my bedroom and grabbed a pair of short and three bathrobes for us all to put on before the paramedics came inside. The four of us put the clothes on before Paula opened the front door. They came in. We stepped away letting them do their job.

One of them asked about what happened. I explained that we found her on a lounge chair by one of the pools shivering. We suspected that she went outside at some point to swim and fell asleep in the lounger. The paramedics said her core temperature was a bit low, but nothing to be alarmed about that we did the right thing bringing her inside and putting lots of blankets on her. They said that hot tea, coffee, or soup would help her raise the core temperature.

They didn't feel there was a need to take her to the hospital. They both got up and started gathering their stuff. I thanked them for helping and arriving so quickly. They told me to keep a close eye on her for the next 24 hours. After they left, I quipped, "Guess I know who's going to be sleeping in my bed tonight," in a half-joking manner. I got a joking punch in the arm from Donna.

I picked up Belinda and carried her honeymoon style to my bedroom. Jennifer had vacated my bed where I put Belinda down and climbed in next to her pulling her tight to me. Paula climbed in on the other side to make a Belinda sandwich. As my adrenaline wore down, I felt Paula's hand reach across Belinda to begin stroking my hair and ear. This made me feel suddenly very tired. I fell asleep shortly to her caressing my hair. When I awoke, I was unsure how long I had been asleep.

Sunlight was blazing into the room. Belinda was still underneath the blankets, Paula was still on the other side of Belinda. I saw Donna and Jennifer on the other bed sleeping peacefully.

I heard a gentle knock and saw Dakota poke her beautiful face in. She walked over and came up to me on my side of the bed. "How is she doing?" She inquired. "I don't know. We've had her under these blankets for a bit now," I say as I reach under the blankets to touch a warm Belinda, who is still naked.

When I touched Belinda and her naked body, my cock began to stir. I chastised myself about being such a pervert that a woman in medical need was getting me aroused. Dakota climbed in the bed behind me, kissing me on the back of the neck and pushing her lithe body against mine.

Now I was getting aroused. Dakota once again has that power over me. I hear a moan from Belinda. "MMM, is that for me?" Belinda asks. I breathe a sigh of relief. Paula quips from the other side of Belinda, "Guess your magic wand worked its Daddy-magic once again," She says giggling. Dakota was giggling in my ear as her hand snaked its way down to my hard cock. I lift the covers and move myself to be on top of Belinda. I look at Dakota who has put on her pouty face, but I know that it is just in jest.

Paula decides she doesn't need to see me fucking anyone and heads out to the coffee pot. I put my pelvis between her legs. Before I put my cock into her, I do tell her how beautiful she is with Dakota readily agreeing.

This made Belinda smile from ear to ear. I slowly and gently push myself into her. She moans in acceptance. Dakota whispers in my ear, "Damn Daddy, you look so beautiful doing that," licking my ear as she finishes telling me this.

I gently thrust in and out of Belinda who is moaning loudly. Belinda uses her left arm to push all the covers off the bed. I slowly begin to pick up my pace of thrusting. I reach down and lift her legs up over my shoulders to get better depth into her. This causes her to begin to orgasm, "FUCK ME DAVID. GAWD DAMN THAT FEELS SO GOOD. GAWD, YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO FULL. PLEASE CUM FOR ME," She says between moaning and sporadic breaths.

I increase my thrusting trying to accommodate her request. It doesn't take very long before I feel that twinge of orgasm. "Darling, I'm going to cum in you right noooooooowwwwwww," I tell her as I shoot into her. I thrust into her and hold it as I shoot rope after rope of my seed into her accepting pussy. I feel her pussy milking me as spasm after spasm rolls through her body in a continued orgasmic plateau.

She certainly has risen her body temperature, starting with her pussy. The heat emanating from her was amazing for someone who just a short time ago was chattering. I hear a knock before the door opens. John and Diane are standing in the doorway. John taking Diane's hand leads her into the room.

They had returned. They both sit on the edge of the bed that I'm on. Dakota leans onto my back, gently caressing my shoulders and neck. Before they even had a chance to speak, Allison walked in. "Daddy, is it true? Allison is moving in her with you. Um, I thought you had said that they were staying in the pool home," Diane says to me. "Darling, not to worry.

Allison and I made a deal. Since she's going to use the other pool home to be Tulip Production studios, she'll be here all the time. It makes no sense for her to continue to pay for an apartment and never be home to use it. Besides, you're moving in here as well aren't you?" I ask, "No, don't you remember?

Jennifer is moving in here. I'm supposed to move in with John," She says a bit annoyed. "You don't want to move in with me now?" John exclaims. I hear Dakota giggling over my shoulder. CHAPTER 3 "David, did I cause something?" Belinda asks. "OK, Everyone, just stop! Belinda, you did not cause anything. Yes, Allison is moving in here with me. I made the deal because it made sense. Diane, I'm sorry that I didn't remember where you were moving to, but if you feel left out, you are also welcome to move in here as well.

John, if she chooses to move in here, you are also welcome to move in here," I say with a bit of frustration in my voice. "What about Tina," Dakota asks just to be an ass. "She moved in with Roger," I said before I thought about it. "Really? Roger?" John says. "Look, everyone, I have 20 bedrooms and 31 bathrooms. I believe that I can accommodate everyone. Which I find funny since the one I really want here is still in the damn hospital," I say even more frustrated. Everyone sat quietly.

Stunned in fact. Allison was the first, "David, I'm sorry that I've disrupted your group," I don't mean to create any drama. If that's what I'm going to cause, then I'll just make the commute," she says. I just shake my head. How did this unravel so fast? "Allison, I won't hear of it. All of you ladies, all four of you, including the one I'm laying on top of, are welcome here.

I made a deal with you and I want us to keep it, you are not causing drama," I say to her in a serious manner. "Diane don't over think this. Move in with John or move in here. I thought you might enjoy moving in with John, especially after he proposed last night and you said yes," I direct towards her. "Does anyone know where the twins and the CG boys are? If they do, will someone please go get the four of them and bring them in here.

I have kind of a kinky idea in my head to have some fun and blow off some steam," I say to the room. Dakota hops off the bed and hurries out into the hallway. I lean down and kiss Belinda. She, in turn, reaches down and begins to stroke me. Allison also begins playing with my ass. In just a couple of minutes, I fully erect again. John and Diane just stand there watching intently. Just about the time I'm ready to succumb to Belinda and Allison's ways Dakota returns with the twins and the CG boys.

"Daddy, what is your kinky idea? I'm sure it will be fun," Dakota says to me. "Ok, I need all the ladies to stand in the middle of the room.

Next, I want John to sit on the bed next to me and the CG guys to sit next to each other on that bed over there," I direct. Everyone does as I suggest. "Someone grab a couple of coins over there by my wallet and hand one to John and one to one of the CG guys," I direct. Allison picks up two coins next to my wallet, handing one to John and one to JP. "This game is called 'flip for your slut'. It's a simple game. Each guy with a coin will flip the coin and the second guy will call either heads or tails.

If he is right, then he wins, if he's wrong, he loses. If both guys win then they will flip and the winner of that will then get to choose the woman or slut if you prefer to play with for ONE HOUR. Four women, four guys. Everyone understand? Good, guys with the coins flip them high in the air," I direct. JP flips and his buddy Derrick calls heads. The coin lands, its tails. Derrick loses.

John flips our coin. I call tails. The coin lands, its tails. I win. So, the order of choice is Me, JP, Derrick, then John. No one is arguing. I ponder whom I want to play with for an hour. In my head, I know that everyone is expecting me to say, Dakota. However, I wanted to do something different. I chose Allison, whose mouth fell open when I said her name. JP selected Belinda. Derrick selected Diane. And John was left with Dakota. I reminded both John and Derrick that the women they were playing with are both pregnant, so please be cautious.

They both agreed that they would be gentlemen. I was less worried about Dakota as she and John have coupled before. However, Diane playing with Derrick had the potential to cause issues with John.

Allison sheepishly walked over to me. John asked if it was required to stay in this room, or could they go to another bedroom. "Go wherever you want," I answered. John got up and gently taking Dakota's hand he led her out of the bedroom. JP came over to my bed and held his hand out for Belinda. He then turned and led her out the bedroom as well. In my head, I was glad that John left the room.

That eliminated the possibility of John getting a bit jealous. I stood up wrapping my arms around Allison's waist. "Are you OK with this?" I asked. She just nodded her head yes and put her lips on mine. I pulled her into me tightly. I lifted her off the floor and put her into the bed. I rolled my body next to hers and kept my lips on her lips. Our tongues embraced. I felt her hands roaming over my body. I began kissing her neck, then moving down to her chest.

I licked and suck each breast biting lightly on her nipples. They quickly became firm like little pencil erasers. While my mouth was busy on her chest, my hand slid down her flat stomach until I found her hairless kitty cat. I slowly and methodically began rubbing little circles around her clit.

I felt the nub emerge from its hood as my fingers tormented it. As my thumb was busy, I inserted two fingers inside of my new lover. I whispered in her ear, "Darling, you are so beautiful. I want to make you cum for me using just my hand. I would like you to remain as motionless as possible," I direct knowing that I have never tried before to make a woman cum just using my hand.

I glance over to Diane, who was on her knees with Derricks cock between her lips. Her head was bobbing up and down and Derrick's eyes were glazed over.

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I went back to focusing on Allison. I stopped sucking on her chest and went back to just kissing her. My hand had my thumb making little circles my two fingers that I inserted into her I was making them curl upwards lightly scraping her G-spot. I whispered in her ear, "Am I making you horny? Do you want to cum for me?

If you ask me nicely, I might just let you cum&hellip. or I could just take you to the edge and back off as you prepare for an orgasm. Which would my slut prefer, to cum or for me to torment your little sweet pussy, just tell your Daddy," I say as erotically as I can.

"Oh, please Daddy, let your slut cum for you. You control me, I am your little willing slut," She says in a very heartfelt manner. I pick up my pace on rubbing her G-spot. Then to be a real bugger I stopped rubbing her clit. "Oh Daddy, please don't stop. I'm so horny. I need your release," She says with a bit of urgency in her voice.

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"Tell me what you're willing to do for Daddy to let you orgasm," I say in her ear. "Oh Daddy, Take me, I'm your slut. Fuck me. Make me suck you. Take my ass.

I'm completely yours. Just tell me what you want me to do, I'm yours, Daddy," She says with real urgency. I resumed rubbing her clit, but now with much more pressure. I also insert another finger into her. I begin to thrust my fingers in and out of her all the while curling the up and down on her G-spot. I can feel her pussy spasming on my hand. The wetness becoming more and more with each second. "Are you close?" I ask. "Uh huh. Daddy, please let me cum for you.

I promise I will cum so hard that you will be proud of your little girl," She says in a really desperate voice. I insert a fourth finger into her. I increase the curling of my fingers. "Oh Daddy, I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum for you so harrrrrrrrddddddd," her voice trails off as she hits the first huge orgasmic peak. I move my hand in her faster and faster, laying my fingers completely straight and firm. My thumb is pushing her clit like a button, no longer making circles.

I feel her spasming on my hand. My hand and forearm are getting drenched. "Daddy&hellip. I'm cuuuuuuummmmmiiiingggg SOOO haaaarrrddd," She says with her eyes now rolled up into the back of her eyelids. I keep up the hard thrusting of my four fingers in and out of her. She just keeps cumming. "Daddy, I'm cumming for you.

Am I making you proud of your little girl?" She asks submissively. I give her no verbal response. I just keep up the relentless work on her sweet pussy. I lean down and begin to blow on her pussy. This causes a yelp from her. Her pussy is making copious amounts of woman juice. So much so that it is literally dripping from her pussy onto the bed. I slow down my thrusting.

I twist my hand around and put my thumb at the entrance to her anus. Before she even realized it was there, I filled her ass with my thumb knuckle deep in her ass. "OH DADDY, THAT HURTS SO MUCH&hellip. I'M CUUUUUMMMMMINNNNG SO HARD, SO GAWD DAMN HARD, JUST FOR YOU DADDY," She says loudly. I look over at Diane and see Derrick fucking her ass gently. Diane is moaning and Derrick is breathing hard as if he's trying to keep from cumming again.

Suddenly, I hear a dinging. Derrick announces his orgasmic release into Diane's ass.

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Allison announces once again her orgasm, "DADDY, I'M YOUR WILLING SLUT. YOU MAKE ME CUM SO HARD&hellip.SO DAMN HARD," She says out of breath to me. The dinging gets closer.

Dakota enters the room with John holding her phone. The timer had gone off. "Time to stop," Dakota announces. Derrick was already lying beside Diane. I withdrew my hand from Allison, who was just looking at me with a pair of lost eyes as if she was still in her orgasmic state. John sat on the bed next to Allison and I. He was smiling but didn't say anything.

Belinda came walking back in. "Where's JP?" I ask. "Still trying to recover. He'll be here in a couple of minutes," She says giggling. That prompted Dakota to also giggle.

Allison was still kind of out of it. After a couple more minutes passed, JP finally walked into the room. I look at the invisible watch on my wrist.

"Nice of you to join us," I say with a laugh, that prompted everyone else to laugh or giggle. "Ok, fair is fair, ladies turn. Two ladies need to take a coin and pair up with someone," I tell the room. Dakota picks up the two coins holding her hand open to see if anyone will take a coin. Belinda takes one coin, Diane takes the other one.

Belinda pairs up with Allison, who is still trying to recover in my bed. That leaves Dakota and Diane. Diane flips the coin. Dakota calls heads. The coin is heads, Dakota wins. Belinda checks with Allison and flips the coin. Allison calls heads as well. The coin is heads, Allison wins.

Now there had to be a flip off. Dakota flips the coin. Allison calls tails this time. The coin is tails, Allison wins. The choice order is Allison, Dakota, Diane, and finally Belinda. Allison chose Derrick. Dakota chose JP. Diane chose me. Leaving Belinda with John. John takes Belinda's hand and leads her out of the bedroom.

Dakota also leads JP out of the bedroom. Diane comes over to me and gets on my bed. Allison goes and gets on the bed that Derrick occupies. Diane says to me, "Your job is to do to me what you just did to Allison," quietly smiling. "Are you sure you want that?" I ask. "Oh yes, Daddy. I heard her begging and then it sounded like she came no less than three times, all in an hour.

You are a special person, Daddy," she says to me. CHAPTER 4 I lay Diane back on the bed. I explain to her that she is not to move, at all.

"May I cum, Daddy?" she asks. "We'll see," I tell her. I see the excitement in her eyes. I begin just as I did with Allison. I kiss her. I work my lips from hers down to her pert little chest. I lick and suck her breasts.

I nibble on the little pink nubs. While I'm sucking her chest, I slide my hand down her flat stomach to her bald pussy. I used my thumb to begin circling her clit. Already, I hear her breathing change. I insert two fingers into her already wet pussy. I curl them up and keep curling them up and down making sure that they are rubbing on her G-spot. She begins to moan. When she moves her hips, I completely stop and withdraw my hand.

"What's the matter, Daddy?" she pleads. "I told you not to move," I tell her in a stern manner. "Yes, Daddy," She says in a defeated tone. I put my fingers back into her and put my thumb back on her clit. As I'm curling my fingers up rubbing her G-spot. I feel her getting wetter by the second. I insert a third finger. I increase the curling of my fingers. Her pussy is much smaller than Allison's and thus I'm not sure that all four of my fingers will fit in her.

At this point, she is really struggling to remain still. I see her balling up her fists and her breathing is getting shallower. I feel her tight little sweet pussy spasming on my fingers. She is expelling wetness even more than Allison.

I try gently to insert the fourth finger. At first, it won't fit, so I close my fingers to make them overlap one another to be able to insert that all so important fourth finger . Diane is really moaning loudly now. She has grasped a handful of the sheet in each hand to prevent her from moving. "OH DADDY, PLEASE LET ME CUM FOR YOU. I'M BEGGING YOU.

I'LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, PLEASE, PLEASE LET ME CUM," she begs of me. I begin to thrust my fingers in and out of her with some force. I use my thumb on her clit poking it as if it were a button. Her breathing is quite shallow. She's moaning and a curse word escapes her lips which surprised me.

I had not heard her swear before during sex. I began to really thrust my hand in and out of her. "DADDY, PLEASE LET ME CUM. OH FUCK, LET ME CUM. I'M YOURS. PLEASE, PLEASE LET ME&hellip. OH GAWD…OH GAWD……FUCK MEEEEEE," She says begging. I see tears beginning to flow from her eyes. I lean in and whisper in her ear, "Cum for Daddy NOW," looking into her tear-filled eyes. "OH, FUCK DADDY&hellip. I'M CUMMMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG SOOOOOOOO DAMMMMMNNNNN HAAARRRRDDD.

I'M YOUR LITTLE SLUT…&hellip. I LOVE YOU, DADDY………GAWD I'M CUMMING LIKE NEVER BEFORE," She says as her eyes roll to the back of her head. I look over at Derrick and Allison, who have stopped and are just watching Diane and me.

Allison is smiling, clearly, she remembers being exactly where Diane is now. Derrick is watching with great intent. I'm not sure he's even blinking. I keep my assault on her sweet pussy. She is expelling so much lady cum that there is a huge wet spot on my sheets. The wet spot is clearly larger in diameter than a large pizza. She begins to orgasm again, "OH FUCK ME, DADDY WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOUR LITTLE GIRL? OOOOHHHH FFFFUUUUCCCKKK&hellip.

I'M CUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMIIIINNNNNGGGG," She yells as her pussy is squirting more and more lady cum. I lean in and begin kissing her. She gobbles my lips up biting on my bottom lip. Clearly, she's completely unaware her strength now as she bites my bottom lip hard enough to draw blood. Another orgasm hits her again, "OH DADDY, OH DADDY, WHAT&hellip.," and she passes out cold. My eyes grow large. I see Derrick beginning to freak out.

I withdraw my hand. Using my dry hand, I slap her cheek. She takes a huge gobble of air. I say her name. Her eyes open, but I'm not sure that she can even focus at this point. "Daddy, what happened?" She asked rather sheepishly. "Don't worry, Daddy has you. You're safe," I say to her. Allison and Derrick haven't moved.

Allison asks, "Did she just pass out?" "Yes, she did," I tell her. "Oh, holy gawd, that was sexy as fuck," Allison says. Derrick is clearly not sure what to think. I hear the ding, ding of Dakota's cell phone timer. At this point, I have blood inside my mouth and some dribbling down to my chin.

The other four participants return to the room. I put my arms around my lover, telling her how much I love her.

She looks at me and gasps. "Did I do that Daddy?" I just nod my head yes. I think to myself that maybe Allison would be a suitable candidate to join Sindee and Anabelle one evening. Dakota comes over to me. She wipes the trickle of blood from my chin. Oddly though, she puts her finger that has my blood on it in her mouth and licks it clean.

I am completely stunned by this move. JP asks, "Can we take a break, my ass is worn out," he says to no one in particular. I agree and decide that the game is over for tonight. I hold Diane tightly. She doesn't really appear to have regained her senses. John comes over and sits on the edge of the bed and strokes her hair. I sit her up and she puts her arms around him and hugs him telling John how much she loves him.

I smile. I begin to get off the bed and head towards my bathroom. Dakota follows me into the bathroom. She takes a bit of toilet paper and wipes my chin again. She steps up on her tippy-toes to kiss me. I wince a bit as she puts her tongue into my mouth. "So, did you enjoy yourself?" I ask Dakota. "Um, it was OK. John was really distracted worrying about Diane. JP, well he only seems to know one move, fuck hard and fast.

He doesn't take the time to see if I've cum yet, he's nice, he just needs some instruction," She says to me. She continues by adding, "By the way, we could hear you and Diane 4 doors down the hall," giggling as she said that. I look at the bathroom clock and think to myself, where the hell did the time go? The bathroom clock read 6:22pm.

Saturday has been spent cumming over and over again. Tomorrow we get Jill home from the hospital! After I pee. I brush my teeth and wash my face, rinsing my mouth with Scope which I spit out immediately as it burned the open wound in my lip.

I kissed Dakota and we headed back out of to the bedroom. I put my shorts back on. Dakota puts on one of the bathroom robes, which drags on the floor as it is longer than she is tall. John is still sitting with his arms around Diane. He's whispering in her ear. I couldn't hear what he was saying, but it looked serious. Dakota took my hand and led me out of the bedroom. We headed for the kitchen.

When we got there, Tina and Amy had cooked up some pork chops in the frying pan, made some white gravy, sliced up and fried some potatoes with Vidalia onions, and microwaved some peas. I stood there looking at this food, but realizing that we had no plates or silverware. That is where the twins came in handy. They had gone to the store while I was busy playing and bought a 500 count of quality paper plates.

They also got two boxes of plasticware and a long package of 250 red Solo cups. I went over to each twin and kissed them passionately. Belinda piped up and asked, "Hey can I get some of that?" I turned around after kissing the second twin and put my lips on Belinda, who is quite the kisser. I wrap my arms around her as we kiss in front of everyone. There was much hooting and cheering us on as we kept the kiss for a bit.

Tina announces that we need to fill our cups with whatever we want to drink. I ask where are the rest of our play guests. Tina shrugged her shoulders as did Amy. I asked the twins to please go and find Jennifer, Paula, and Donna.

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I told them that John and Diane are in my bedroom if they could tell them dinner is ready and to make their way down to the kitchen. They agree to do so and head off. Amy begins putting pork chops on the plates, topping them with white gravy.

She hands the plate to Tina who scoops some fried potatoes and onions onto the plate and adds some peas and hands the plate to the person closest to her. Amy and Tina begin this conveyor assembly line with the paper plates. As people get a plate full of food, they head outside to eat by the pool. I pour myself a cup of Coke with ice, put a plastic knife and fork in my shorts pocket. I finally get a plate and head outside. I think to myself that this may be the first and only time I have beaten John to the food line.

The missing ladies appear, but no John, no Diane. I worry to myself. I realize just how hungry I was, thinking that the last time everyone has eaten was about 4am&hellip.15 hours ago. I hear lots of chatter around the pool. Everyone reminiscing about how much fun the past two days have been.

Finally, I see John and Diane getting plates of food. I exhale. They come out and sit down next to me. "Are you two alright?" I ask. "We are absolutely fine," Diane says to me. "John?" I ask, "Sir, we are fine. I just explained to her that I could hear her all the way down the hall, and it worried me," He says in a serious tone. "Did you realize that she was with me and that I wouldn't allow nor would I cause harm to her," I tell him.

"I know sir. But, I've had to take care of Mom for so long, that I probably worry too much," He tells me in a heartfelt manner. "I understand. It's a good thing to want to protect your women, be it Mom, your fiancé, or your sister, your aunt, or whomever," I tell him.

"That's all we had to talk about, how worried I was about her safety. It really didn't occur to me that she was playing with you. For some reason I had it in my head that it was one of the Coast Guard guys," He explains. "John, you're a good man," I say to him seeing him smile. I announce to everyone that Jill is scheduled to come home tomorrow.

I get a small round of clapping and a couple of hoots. I ask Dakota if she called to get an estimated time for her release, she says late morning. In my head, I think that means 10 am. As everyone is finishing their food, a couple of them decide that it's time to head home. Tina and Dakota offer to drive anyone that needs a ride. I know that Amy, Jennifer, Allison are staying here.

Donna will drive herself home. Tina says she will drive John and Diane home. The two CG guys came together and will drive themselves home. Paula asks if it's OK for her to spend the night, which I tell her that it is perfectly fine. Everyone is hugging and kissing goodbye.

John shakes my hand, Diane kisses me hard and passionately whispering in my ear, "Daddy, you own me forever. I've never cum so hard in all my life and it's all because of you," she says in a very heartfelt manner. The twins get up and head over to their pool home. The Coast Guard guys come over to me and thank me and shake my hand. They ask that I remember them the next time I decide to throw a shindig.

Allison asks what room she should stay in. I tell her to just pick any random empty one for tonight and tomorrow she can walk the house and pick a different room if she would like. I see Allison and Belinda walk inside the house presumably to pick a room for Allison.

I tell Jennifer the same thing to just pick a room for tonight. She comes over and kisses me and whispers in my ear, "One of these times, I'm going to get you all to myself," She says with a sparkle of hope in her eyes.

Dakota now sits down next to me. "Daddy, you really hit your peak with Allison and Diane. I thought that you were going to make them explode with all the hard orgasms that you got out of them," She says with a bit of giggling. "Hey, I just remembered you didn't see the best part with Diane.

She passed out cold, just like getting fucked unconscious. I had to slap her cheek to get her to revive," I tell her seeing her eyes grow big with excitement. "NO WAY!" she says.

"WAY," I reply. She tells me that she would have loved to see that first hand. I told her to ask Allison tomorrow about it, her and Derrick both saw it happen. She kisses me and says that she had a wonderful time and thanks me for the financial protection for her and the baby. I explain that I didn't think the stock went over that well. She reasoned that no one understood it just yet, but they will once they think about it&hellip.

well, except for the twins who thought that I misspelled their names to 'bearer'. Dakota laughed out loud, a really big belly laugh. As I sit there with my darling Dakota completely spent from a wonderful couple of days, I am thankful that my life changed for the better when I took the job as a Chauffeur. If you enjoyed this chapter, please leave me a note. I am thankful for all my faithful readers………Paul, aka PABLO DIABLO.