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THE SIMMONDS FAMILY SEX CLUB by bumboy 1. Sarah Simmonds looked out of her bedroom window and smiled at the sight that greeted her.

Her parents, John and Moira, were once again enjoying some early morning fucking in the great outdoors as they loved to do when the weather was fine as it was on this bright sunny Saturday morning. The day was filled with the magic of summertime and the garden was filled with the sounds of hot rampant sex. The Simmonds lived in a big house in the country with no near neighbours and so could do what they liked and make as much noise without fear of being seen or heard. It was the perfect place for them to live as they wished to live without interference from busybodies and other sad-ohs who thought they had the right to dictate to people how they should exist.

Sarah watched, not for the first time, her father's firm muscular arse cheeks rising and falling with every thrust as he slammed his thick aroused prick into her mother's cunt. Prostrate beneath John's naked body, all Moira could do was lie back but she wasn't thinking of England, that was the last thing on her mind. Instead, she let forth a series of whimpering sounds that now and then rose a few decibels, mingling with the singing of the birds flitting from tree to tree, as John buried his dick up to the hilt in Moira's cunt.

Sarah's mouth gathered saliva and she slipped a hand into her panties and began to finger her already moist pussy as she watched. As Moira let out a scream of delight as her husband's prick speared Sarah's birthplace, Sarah whistled with excitement, her fingers going deeper into her cunt and increasing the speed with which she was masturbating, causing Moira to open her eyes and glance up to see her daughter framed in the upstairs window, furiously playing with herself.

The sight of her daughter wanking was something she knew John would like to see and, being the considerate partner she was, Moira looked into John's eyes and said, in that deep husky voice of hers that John found so sexy:- "Darling, we have an audience." John was happy to slow down the pace; he loved sex and wanted it to last as long as possible. When he was in the mood, which was practically every hour of every day, he could win a gold medal for his stamina.

For him, as for all the family, sex was a past-time to be savoured and enjoyed, every single fastidious moment of it. He breathed in deeply and pulled out of Moira, turning onto his side. His rigid hard-on showed no sign of abating, indeed the sight of his daughter naked and horny at her bedroom window made his dick stand on end, a veritable rod of iron. Sarah was on the brink of orgasm, so furiously had she been fingering herself, but she slowed down and decided to wait as she slipped her panties off and cast them aside, not caring where they landed.

Memories of the previous evening when John had fucked her while Moira was getting the evening meal ready were still fresh in Sarah's mind.

She loved being fucked by her father, he was far better than any of the blokes she had been with before she was initiated into the Simmonds Family Sex Club. John, with years of sexual experience behind him and, hopefully, with many more in front, was a passionate lover who knew what his dick was for and how to use it and he was also a consummate pussy licker.

The love they felt for each other had crossed the threshold of the taboo of incest and, as far as Sarah was concerned, it was up to her who she shared her body with.

"Is this a private party or can anyone join in?" she called down to her parents, as she continued watching the hot action in the early morning sunlight.

Sarah was so fucking horny as she always was when about to have sex with her parents or, indeed, at any time of the day and night for that matter. "Come right down, sweetheart," said Moira, "and join the fun. We're as horny as fuck." "Like she needs an invite," murmured John which was lost on Sarah who was already making her way, naked, as fast as she could down the stairs. Her soft footsteps hardly sounded on the well-carpeted rungs of the staircase.

At the sight of his naked adult daughter walking across the garden towards them, John's heart swelled with pride, as did Moira's.

They sure had a beautiful sexy girl except that she was no longer a girl but a young woman of twenty years old and who had been a member of the family sex club for two years now. John and Moira had strong views on incest and Sarah had not been allowed to join in until she was a consenting adult, even though, as a nudist family, none of them had felt any embarassment seeing each other naked for years.

No matter how many times he had seen Sarah in the nude since she'd attained womanhood, John just had to lie back for a moment or two and admire the beauty of his daughter's body. Sarah's legs and her tits with their delicious aureoles, not to mention her delectable pussy where Sarah had allowed her pubic hair to grow, would be a joy to behold for any man and John was as proud as punch that he was the man who, right now, was the one doing the beholding.

John marvelled at how the auburn strands of Sarah's pubes were the same colour as the hair on her head, something she had inherited from Moira.

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Even from the back, John was full of admiration for the taut sexiness of Sarah's buttocks, enjoying watching the way his daughter's naked cheeks rubbed together as she walked along with long athletic-like strides, completely confident in her nudity.

For John, as for all of them, the visual delights of sex were as important as the sex itself. Exhibitionism had always played a very large role in their frequent family sex sessions. Moira too was enjoying the view as Sarah, with an impish grin on her face, approached her parents. "Wow, daddy," she said as John stood up and she folded herself into her father's arms, John's hard-on pressing against her cunt and her tits against John's chest, "is that a banana you've got there or are you just pleased to see me?" John, who loved the way Sarah still called him daddy even though she was now a fully grown woman, laughed at the banal joke as he kissed his daughter on the lips before moving back, his cock throbbing in front of him.

The family treated each sexual encounter like it was their first time together but, even so, Sarah didn't hesitate even for a fraction of a second as she dropped to her knees and quickly took her father's swollen member into her all-enveloping mouth, sliding it across her tongue until John's knobhead was at the back of his daughter's hot wet throat, his bigger-than-average balls slapping against Sarah's chin.

"Oh yes, sweetheart," said Moira, who was now busy fingering her own cunt, "suck your daddy's dick." "Oh yes indeed, my darling," said John, resting his hands on Sarah's head and running his hands through her freshly washed hair, he could still smell the scent of the shampoo Sarah used, "that feels so good." John's eyes rolled in his head as Sarah began the sucking motion with an intensity that defied the fact she had only, so far, had twenty years on the planet.

She was as experienced a cocksucker as Moira and any woman more than twice her age and her technique, learned from Moira, was so scintillating that John had to summon all his willpower not to shoot his load there and then directly into Sarah's mouth. Sarah's cock sucking was reminiscent of the blow jobs John's parents had bestowed on him when he too had become a consenting adult, more than twenty years earlier, and which his mother and father still did - among other things - whenever they paid a visit.

One day, John hoped that his parents would come and live with him and his own family, he still wondered why they hadn't when they loved sex so much and here could indulge themselves all day, every day, to their hearts' content. But he, liked the rest of his family, lived in hope. Moira, having moved round to get a better view of the incestuous blowjob, now maneuvered herself further until she was on her knees next to Sarah.

As Sarah continued to suck like a mad woman possessed, Moira cupped John's balls in her hands, enjoying their luxurious feel for a few moments before moving in, mouth wide open and tongue out, to lick around the now cum-bubbling nut-sac.

With his prick in his daughter's mouth and his balls in his wife's, John felt as if he had died and gone to heaven. "You two are sensational," said John, "I love you both so very much." "We love you too, John," said Moira as she and Sarah exchanged places, Sarah now going down on John's balls while Moira sucked his dick. Sarah, without breaking the licking, ran her hand between John's legs and began to fondle her father's arse, running the palm of her hand over his bare cheeks and every now and then letting a finger explore his bum crack.

2. The mum, dad and daughter threesome went on in this vein for several minutes, John rocking back and forth on his sturdy muscular legs, the legs that had carried him around many a football pitch in his younger days. At forty-three years old, two years older than Moira, he still had the proud sportsman physique and good looks that had had the girls - and quite a few men - lusting after him when he had been in his teens and early twenties.

Now, in early middle age, he was a man of some substance, both physically and metaphorically. Moira's cooking was excellent and John's tall frame was now as well fleshed as the rare steaks to which he was so partial.

Moira, even now, never stopped thinking how lucky she had been to have snared him and all by luck rather than judgment. Bored out of her scull one day with nothing to do, she had gone to the shops with nothing particular in mind to buy. At the newsagents, a naturist magazine on the top shelf had caught her eye - would she be able to pay for it without feeling embarrassed? Luckily, it was a shop she had never used before so didn't know the shopkeeper.

Oh well, sod 'em, she had thought, its my money and the magazine is there for the buying but she still hid it underneath a newspaper as she went up to the counter. The shopkeeper hadn't batted an eyelid as he took Moira's money even though Moira had felt herself reddening as she paid him.

Looking back now, she thought how silly she had been but she was still only 19 at the time. Then came another problem, smuggling the magazine back into the home she shared with her parents - who she detested. They were always telling her what to do and think and coming out with grand-sounding but half-baked ideas for how their daughter should live her life.

Sometimes, in her more positive moods, Moira thought it would serve them right if they did discover a magazine packed with pictures of naked people but for the sake of the peace, she slid the magazine into her bag and when she got home, secreted it in her bedroom. Moira had had no intention of becoming a naturist herself, at least not right then, the purchase was merely for some mild titillation during her solo masturbation sessions when her parents were out of the house.

But as she checked out the photos, soft porn all of them - Moira came to an advert for a nudist beach that was only some twenty miles from where she lived. Telling her parents - who she had never got on with - an outright lie that she was meeting up with some friends, Moira had got in her car and drove to the beach. Most of the occupants were men, some who, Moira considered, should have been advised to keep their clothes on but, nevertheless, there were still a few good looking young adult men letting it all hang out and no doubt looking for a woman to shag, though it never occurred to Moira at the time that some of the men might be gay.

The few women seemed to be all in the middle-aged group while the younger ones had boyfriends or husbands in tow. Still not certain she was doing the right thing, she wandered onto the beach fully dressed, rounded a curve of the cove - and came face to face with the stunning apparition of the sexiest hunkiest and full frontal nude man she had ever seen.

Their eyes had met and Moira, who had had a string of boyfriends, recognized the mutual attraction. It was the first meeting of the man who was to become her partner and who encouraged her, within minutes, to take her clothes off for the first time in public. Moira, feeling deliciously wicked as she stuck two fingers up to her parents, saw no point refusing and nor was there any point taking a bit of clothing off at a time.

It was now or never and she shucked off her clothes and stuffed them in her bag. The warm sand on her feet felt soft and Moira was amazed at the freedom she felt once she was shorn of her clothes.

What a stroke of luck it had been to combat her embarrassment and buy that naturist magazine, that day at the newsagent, though she hadn't realised it at the time, really did change her life. With so much naked flesh parading around on the beach, Moira had started to feel self conscious being dressed amongst all the nudists. The man whose name was John chatted openly about his love of fresh air, of football, of music and Moira was only too happy to spend a heavenly day sunbathing naked by the sea and sand with the world's sexiest man.

She felt no embarrassment in her full frontal nudity and even though she was aware that some people on the beach were sneaking crafty sideways looks at her tits, cunt and arse and, she had hoped, her face, Moira found it all a huge turn-on. John and Moira met a few times after that and then, one afternoon, John had led her into a hollow in the sand dunes and made love to her. It was sex with a passion and in the great outdoors too, in full view of any passers-by and Moira's love had flowed as fast as her pussy juice, happy that John was such a considerate man and had not tried to have his way with her on their first meeting.

It was the best sex Moira had ever had - and it was also the day that Sarah was conceived. She and John decided there and then that their offspring and any others would be brought up in the nudist way of life and as for her parents, with whom she had never been close, she moved out as soon as she could to set up home with John and his parents - and that too was her first introduction to the joys of family sex.

Bill, Eileen and John had done many threesomes since John, an only child as was Moria, had turned 18 and became a consenting adult and Bill and Eileen were delighted when John had presented them with such an attractive sexy partner and a new and very welcome addition to the family. Moira had been slightly nonplussed when she realised the kind of life John and his family led.

Anyone else would probably have run out the door as fast as they could but not Moira. She had no idea incest existed before she met John and as she became used to the idea, she found it very erotic and very appealing and another way of casting off the life she had led up to then to become the free spirit she had maintained to the presenr day.

John had suggested his parents join them in a tentative way, fearing rejection and losing the woman he now loved more than his mother but it soon dawned on him that Moira was going to agree, her restricted upbringing making her a first class candidate for casting off her previous life and becoming more adventurous, far away from the sickening boredom of living with her nauseating parents.

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The first time Moira joined John and his parents in the bedroom, she had watched fascinated as Eileen, John's mother, sucked his cock before her son fucked her with the same fervent passion he had fucked the forthcoming mother of his child. Bill, John's father, was an older but just as hot version of his son and it was obvious where John got his genes from, Bill was just as passionate a lover.

One evening, John and Bill had fucked Moira together while Eileen filmed the proceedings, a scenario they had performed many times since with Eileen being double fucked by her husband and son too.


Moira had never thought sex could be so incredible with a cock in her arse and another up close to her clit, her partner's knobhead meeting that of his father through the thin membrane of her cunt. With two cocks inside her and Eileen sucking her tits, Moira's excitement had reached fever pitch.

This is what she had wanted for many years, perhaps not quite realising that sex was to be her forte, and now that she had begun, she was past the point of no return. Moira had giggled at the thought of what her own parents would say. But she didn't care, she loved John and she loved his mum and dad too while the open lifestyle that John and his parents lived played right into Moira's psyche and her new free-spirited outlook on life.

They were consenting adults, after all. Moira never saw her parents again and today had no idea whether they were dead or alive. Right now, however, Moira's thoughts were rooted firmly in the present, it was a shame her mum and dad had demonstrated such an outdated attitude but that was their hard luck.

It might have hurt more had she had a better relationship with them from the outset but they had firm plans for her which Moira had no intention of going along with. Not for her the studying to become a lawyer and spend her life stuck in some gloomy law firm which, Moira, considered would be like a boring old farts' convention. She wanted excitement in her life and John was her passport to that world and everything it had offer so it was, she contended, her parents' own fault that they had never met their grandchildren and had lost their daughter too.

"Any more of this and I'm gonna cum," said John, his breath coming in short sharp staccato gasps and interrupting Moira's thoughts. "Not yet you're not, daddy," said Sarah, "you haven't done what I want yet." "Go on, John," Moira urged, "you know what she wants." Quick as a flash, Sarah was on her knees with her arse on show to her parents.

She quickly parted her cheeks, exposing her feminine rosebud to her mother and father as John, now almost beside himself with glee, dropped to his knees and began to kiss Sarah's firm yet soft white bum. Sarah glanced over her shoulder and smiled up at her mother, her grin turning even more impish by the second. "Tell him what I really want, mum," she said though John did, indeed, know full well what he was about to do.

"Tell him!" Sarah went on, raising her voice a few decibels to indicate that she did not want to wait much longer. "Lick our girl's arsehole, sweetheart," said Moira to John encouragingly, not that John needed any encouragement whatsoever. He got on his knees behind Sarah, slipped out his tongue from the confines of his mouth and, without wasting a second, drove it deep into Sarah's puckered red hole, giving his daugher the long hard incestuous rimming that she craved.

Moira moved round in front of Sarah and lay down before her, spreading her legs wide and opening up her cunt for Sarah's tongue. As John continued to lick Sarah's tight hole, his daughter's tongue made contact with his wife's cunt and, once again, the three family members found themselves joined as one in an incestuous threesome of love and lust.

"Such a sweet hole," John said as he came up for air. "Turn round, sweetheart, and let me lick your pussy." Sarah was in the required position before both John and Moira could blink. Moira squatted her arse down over her daughter's face and as John started to go to work on Sarah's pussy, Sarah stuck out her tongue and began to caress her mother's bum with her tongue.

The older woman shuddered with the thrill of being rimmed while watching the cunnilingus action right in front of her. John ran his tongue along the walls of Sarah's cunt before finding her engorged clit that was slick with the younger lady's juices.

John now no longer thought he had died and gone to heaven, he loved licking his daughter's cunt and was now in paradise.

So too were Sarah and Moira as the action started to hot up, very soon it would be not so much hot as positively boiling. 3. They were still in this arse licking/cunt licking combination when, some fifteen minutes later, they heard the click of the garden gate. Moira, looking round as Sarah continued licking, smiled as Daniel came into the garden, returning from an early morning run in the woods.

The sight of her nineteen years old son, Sarah's younger brother, in his running kit seemed to intensify the pleasure Sarah was giving her. Even dressed in running kit, a white vest and the tightest skimpiest pair of white shorts imaginable, Daniel still packed an enormously powerful sexual punch as Moira didn't fail to notice.

Her maternal eyes swept over her son from head to toe and then back up again, resting on his midriff as she took in the enormity of the outline of Daniel's hard-on bulging inside his shorts. Daniel was the spitting image of his father or as his father had been when Moira had first met John on the nudist beach more than twenty years earlier. His short neat hair, black where his father's now had a few shades of grey, framed a handsome face that had never been subjected to spots, the Simmonds family were all glad to have been blessed with blemish-free complexions.

Moira, though she never let on, had always found her feelings for Daniel slightly stronger than those for Sarah though that was from a purely sexual perspective, mentally she loved both of them to pieces in equal measure. Daniel possessed the fine athletic physique of a young man who was really taking care of himself. Regular visits to the gym, going for long runs, sometimes alone and sometimes with his father, and playing every Sunday for a local football team which entailed hours of training on weekday evenings, had ensured that his tall frame didn't have an ounce of unwanted flesh on it.

In that respect, he had taken after John who had also been sports mad as a young man and still was although, these days, he was more content to sit in his armchair and watch sport on t.v. He and Moira and Sarah still went every Sunday to watch Daniel play football, one of the few times they got to see him with any clothes on!

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At home, however, the continuation of John and Moira's nudist lifestyle once they had Sarah and Daniel had ensured that both their offspring had no hang-ups about their bodies or of their nakedness being seen.

The family only wore clothes when absolutely necessary, like if the bank manager was calling or they went to the shops. At all other times nudity was the rule in the Simmonds family household. Sometimes, all four of them would go to the beach where John and Moira met and strip off and sometimes Bill and Eileen would join them there too. But the times the family enjoyed most were when they were at home, away from prying eyes, and could enjoy lots of hot sex along with the freedom of being naked together unobserved.

4. Daniel's first session as a member of the Simmonds Family Sex Club had also coincided with his 18th birthday. His parents had thrown a lavish party for him and his friends but after they had all left, a more intimate party had been arranged in the privacy of John and Moira's bedroom. Daniel had been told to go to the bedroom ahead of the others and strip down to his underpants; the young man couldn't wait to do so and took the stairs in two's and three's.


When he was down to his pants, he lay on his parents' four-poster bed and waited with eager anticipation for his initiation into the club to begin. Sarah had entered the room first, she was completely naked. Daniel had seen his sister in the nude before having been brought up as naturists by John and Moira but this time he was seeing Sarah in a completely new light.

Strange, he thought to himself, that he had never noticed before how voluptuous her tits were, nor the delightful patch of pubic hair around her pussy. The folds of skin in Sarah's womanhood looked good enough to eat which, as Daniel soon found out, was exactly the case. "Fucking hell, sis," he gasped, "your tits are huge." "So's that bulge in your briefs," said Sarah.

"And your pussy is gorgeous," said Daniel, his eyes sweeping over Sarah's naked body as she stood in front of him without a trace of shame, embarrassment or self-consciousness.

"Thank you, Daniel," replied Sarah. "This is going to be a really fun club meeting, the best yet now you're old enough to join us." "I like being a consenting adult," said Daniel and, as if to prove the point, the bulge in his pants grew appreciatively bigger.

"Mum and dad said I was to get things started and then they'd come in and join us," said Sarah as she admired the tent in Daniel's pants. She approached the bed and gently inserted her thumbs into the waste-band of Daniel's underpants. Daniel lifted his bottom, the easier for Sarah to remove the pants and then he lay naked on the bed in front of his sister. Sarah whistled at the size of Daniel's prick which was fully erect; she too was seeing her brother in a new light too.

"Oh boy, you ain't my little brother any more, that's for sure," said Sarah as she lowered her head and kissed Daniel's knob which was rosy red, having been released from the confines of his foreskin. "I'll go and get mum and dad." When Sarah returned with John and Moira in tow, they were all naked. Moira went over to her son and gazed lovingly down at him. "Welcome to the club, sweetheart," she said. "Your dad and I know you masturbate but now you never have to do so behind closed doors again.

Remember, from now on, you are allowed to live the same free lifestyle that Sarah has been enjoying with us." "Thanks, mum," said Daniel, "I'm pleased to be part of the club at last." "We're thrilled you're now in the club too, son," said John who was now fully erect as was Daniel. "Remember, this is a fun club, nobody is forced into doing anything they don't want to. The best sex of all is when its consensual." "I'll remember, dad," said Daniel.

"He's already said how pleased he is to be a consenting adult at last," said Sarah, standing naked between her naked parents.

"But why aren't gran and pop here?" "They'll be along in the morning," said John, "and then we'll all be here together. Just a pity they couldn't make it tonight, they only got back from holiday this morning.

They'll be much better able to perform when they've had a good sleep." Secretly, however, John was disappointed that his parents were not there to share the momentous occasion of not only Daniel's 18th birthday but also Daniel's introduction to the club.

Still, knowing how horny they all were, John knew that the celebrations would be extended well into the following day and night and his cock quivered at the thought of all that hot sex he and his family would be enjoying. "That's OK, dad," said Daniel, "gran and pop sent me a lovely card - as did the rest of you," he added hastily.

"And now the moment you've been waiting for," said Sarah. "Mum is going to suck that BIG cock of yours." "No time like the present," murmured Moira who, now that the preliminaries were out the way, was impatient to get on with things. Daniel's first blowjob from his mother was, he told his father later, certainly worth waiting for. He stood up as Moira went to her knees while John moved into position next to his son. Sarah then knelt down next to her mother and the two women were now face to face with the two huge cocks of their menfolk.

As the ladies went to town on the thick rods being presented so proudly to them, John stroked Daniel's bare bum and leaned over and kissed his son on the lips.

"Show Daniel your pussy, mum," said Sarah as her father and brother broke the kiss. "I want to see how good a cunt licker he is." Moira lay on her back on the bed and spread her legs wide.

Like her daughter, her pubic hair was the same colour as that on her head. She smiled becomingly to Daniel. "Come and lick mummy's pussy, sweetheart, you know you want to." With no experience, Daniel wasn't sure what he had to do to his mother's cunt. He began by kissing every inch of it as Moira pulled her lips apart as wide as she could with her fingers.

"Use your tongue, son," his father said, "lick it hard." Daniel ran his tongue up and down the folds of his mother's cunt, Moira's squeals and screams telling everyone in the room that Daniel was a very quick learner.

As her son found her swollen clit, her lips tightened around Daniel's tongue in a vice-like grip. He inhaled the scent of Moira's pussy, breathing in the delicate aroma as he continued licking with newly discovered enthusiasm and delighted to hear his mother's screams and whimpers, indicating just how much she was enjoying their first ever act of incestuous cunnilingus together, the excitement heightened a million times over by having an audience in John and Sarah, "That's the way son," said John, "later you can have a go at sucking cock too." "You want me to suck your cock, dad?" "Only if you want to," replied John.

"Remember what I said earlier, nobody is forced into doing anything they don't want to. Our club is based on love, not coercion." "I'd like to suck your cock, dad," and John was aware of the enthusiasm in Daniel's voice.

"Would you like to suck mine?" "Let's not get ahead of ourselves," replied John who was actually itching to take his son's aroused prick into his mouth, so beautiful was Daniel's elongated shaft. "There's plenty of time for that. Your mother has first refusal and, knowing her, she ain't going to relinquish such an opportunity." "Fucking well won't, mum's a real cock sucking slut," said Sarah who had been listening to the conversation intently while masturbating.

Sarah liked to bring herself to the brink of orgasm and then slow down, that way when she did finally cum, she had a much better sensation, a trick her mother had taught her when they were enjoying some lesbianism one evening while John and Daniel were out playing snooker. "Oooh!" said Moira, "I love being called a slut. What a fantastic compliment!" "Yeah," said John, "we're all sluts here and proud to be so.

Other people can think what they damn well like, we ain't asking them to join us. We live by our rules, not theirs." "Well said, darling," said Moira as she and Sarah nodded in agreement.

Daniel, somewhat bemused since this was his first time, nodded too. "And when the loving mother has finished sucking Daniel, its your turn, Sarah, to treat Daniel to a nice hot sisterly blowjob." "You bet I will!" exclaimed Sarah, "but in the meantime, how about a nice daughterly blowjob?" Sarah didn't give John time to even think about it as she got on her knees and swallowed her father's hard-on in one full gulp.

John was immediately transported onto a higher level of horniness, almost as if he had landed on another planet, stimulated by the sound of Daniel and Moira going at it like dogs on the bed.

"You nearly made me cum then, son," said Moira, several minutes later after Daniel had resumed his oral administrations, "but I like to cum with a cock in my pussy." Again, Daniel couldn't recall how he found himself on his back, only his mother lowering her cunt and impaling her pussy onto his thick rod.

As she began to bounce up and down on Daniel's pole, across the room John was now fucking his daughter. The noise of sex grew louder and louder, filling the room until it rose to a crescendo as, with gasps and shudders, grunts and groans, the two men came their loads in the respective ladies' cunts. 5. The family sex party continued until tiredness got the better of them. Daniel sucked John which he enjoyed very much but better still was when his father had fucked him and which had surprised the younger man, first because he had not been expecting it and, secondly, delighted to find how enjoyable it was once John was through his pain barrier.

Daniel was bent over the bed while John stood behind him as Moira and Sarah lay together on the bed and performed a lesbian act, fondling each other's tits, every now and then French kissing and stopping to watch Daniel taking it up the arse for the very first time.

A change of position after ten minutes or so resulted in Daniel lying on his back with his legs over John's shoulders as John resumed fucking, giving Sarah the chance to climb across her brother and deliver him the promised blowjob.

Daniel quickly discovered what 69-ing was all about as his tongue found Sarah's cunt while she continued to suck her brother as John continued to pound his arsehole.

John then gave Daniel a long blowjob, making a note at the back of his mind that gay sex with his son was sure to be one his favourite activities from now on, especially with the ladies watching. That realisation was expanded later in the evening when Daniel fucked his father. John was delighted to find that his son was a complete natural and his excitement was heightened by the knowledge that it wasn't anyone's dick up his arse but that of his own loving son and the fact that Moira and Sarah were egging Daniel on to go faster and faster.

Both men had to summon all their willpower not to blow their loads too soon. "Don't cum yet, son," said Moira, "we have a special treat in store for that." John's only regret was that his parents were not there to witness this premiere incestuous fucking of their son by their grandson but comforted himself in the knowledge that Bill and Eileen would be there in less than 24 hours when the fun would begin all over again at the first meeting of the full SImmonds Family Sex Club now that Daniel had made himself such a welcome addition.

Earlier in the day, John had promised Sarah a good long fuck and as she got into the doggy position, John moved in quickly, his dick entering Sarah like an express train plunging into a tunnel, leaning forward to suck and lick Moira's tits simultaneously. John's arsehole was still sore from the right royal fucking it had had from his son but this didn't stop John from giving Sarah everything he had, putting all his usual energy into the pleasures of the flesh while lifting his head to continue munching on Moira's tits, exploring them as if doing so for the very first time.

Daniel stood watching and masturbating as his family fucked around him, his hard cock throbbing in his hand, feeling slightly left out, until John drew himself out of Sarah and signaled for Daniel to take over. Daniel smiled as he proceeded to fuck Sarah while their parents watched from the comfort of their bed, every now and then Moira's head descending to treat her partner to one of her special blow jobs which he loved so much.

Sarah was bouncing up and down on her brother's rigid fuck pole, spreading her legs wide giving John and Moira an unobstructed view of the penetration. Every few seconds, Daniel's massive hard-on would disappear completely as it became swallowed up into the deep all-conquering confines of Sarah's cunt.

Each time that happened, Daniel's balls, now fit to bursting, did a little dance; the fact that Sarah was taking Daniel's cock right up to the hilt was proof to John and Sarah just how accomplished a sexaholic their daughter had become thanks to being a fully-fledged member of the sex club and there was every reason for them to expect the same of Daniel, once he had a few sessions under his belt - and literally too.

All sense of time had been completely forgotten as the family foursome proceeded at rapid pace. Daniel seemed, in his mind, to be experiencing new acts and positions every few seconds and wondered if this was just because it was his initiation ceremony or whether every family sex club meeting from now on would be like this.

As he found out, and very soon afterwards too, the latter was the case. The Simmonds had an insatiable appetite for sex, the harder and kinkier the better. As Daniel also found out as time went on, none of them were into "wham bam, thank you ma'am" quickies where it was all over and done with in three minutes, the family liked to party and party hard and many were, and still are, the times when they would begin in the morning and still be going strong, with the occasional break, at midnight.

"Sis', I'm gonna cum," said Daniel during his initiation party as he felt his balls contract and he got close to exploding. John and Moira were off the bed faster than lightning to help haul Sarah off Daniel's dick. "I said we had a special treat for your first orgasm with us, sweetheart," said Moira, "and we want to make this very special indeed.

We all like a good cumbath and tonight, Daniel Simmonds, you are to be honoured with unleashing your first load in the club over all of us. Stand up!" As Daniel obeyed his mother, John, Moira and Sarah knelt down simultaneously and lifted their heads to Daniel who was rocking back and forth on his strong athletic legs, his bare arse cheeks quivering, as he approached the onslaught of his cumshot.

"Actually," said John, "its his second cumshot." "Yes," said Moira, "but that was in my pussy. This will be his first cumshot in full view of the rest of us." Daniel wasn't too bothered what number it was, all he knew was that he wanted to cum and was not going to wait much longer. He stood before his family, furiously pumping his swollen dick, his pink knobhead glistening with beads of sweat and as his sperm traveled up from his balls with lightning speed, he threw back his head and cried out in ecstacy.

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"Oh yeah!" he almost screamed, "here it comes, guys!" With that, Daniel's balls began to drain themselves of their entire contents.

How he had managed to last so long since cumming earlier in his mother Moira's mouth, Daniel couldn't imagine, and it took only a few more seconds for him to be tipped over the edge for the second time that evening. John and Moira were beside themselves with parental pride as they watched the thick ribbons of hot incestuous spunk gushing from their son's fuck pole.


Sarah let out a whoop of delight as a long gob of her brother's cream landed on her nose while more came raining down on the faces of Daniel's parents, a Niagara Falls of thick creamy cum. By the time he finished, all the faces of his loving relatives were a complete mess. Daniel's face was covered with sweat as he came down from the intensity of his orgasm, probably one of the best he would ever have if he lived to be 90.

"I have to cum again too," said John, "would you like me to cum over you, Daniel?" "Yes please, dad," the horny young man replied, "over my chest and tits. I'm not quite ready for a facial cumshot yet." "That's fine, sweetheart," said Moira whose own face was still covered in Daniel's outpourings, she adored a good facial, "we told you earlier you only get what you want in this club." Daniel went to his knees as John stood in front of him.

He only needed to give his prick a little tweek to set his latest colossal cumshot in motion. The ladies watched intensely, their eyes unwavering as the first spurt hit Daniel on the neck and the next at the top of his chest, the third in his navel.

By the time John was finished, Daniel's body from the neck down was covered in a thick wad of incestuous sperm that broke into several little tributaries as it made its way south. "Oh dad, that feels great!" said Daniel with heartfelt sincerity, smiling down at his chest which was now blanched with the paternal cream. John ruffled his son's hair. "Plenty more where that came from." "I'm sure I can cum some more, dad." "Later, my son, later. There's no rush." Moira was speaking again through the huge load of Daniel's spunk.

"Oh fuck!" she cried, gazing up at Daniel and smiling through the deposits, her face barely recognizable, "so much cum." "Yeah" said John, "you really excelled yourself there." "You both excelled yourselves," said Sarah.

"Those were cumshots to make even Peter North green with envy." "Thanks, everyone," said Daniel who was as proud and as pleased as punch to have so handsomely satisfied his relatives.

"But who's Peter North?" John, Moira and Sarah exchanged bemused glances at each other or as bemused as possible seeing their faces were a whitewash of cum. "A top porn star renowned for his cumshots," said John, "but yours is every bit as fantastic, way up there in the higher echelons of porn." "Thanks, dad," said Daniel again, "I'm so pleased, I want you and mum and sis' to be proud of me." "We couldn't be more proud of you if we tried," said Moira before leaning in and sticking out her tongue to lick John's cream from Daniel's chest.

"You have lived up to all our expectations and when your gran and pop get here tomorrow, I just know they will agree with me." "Sure will," said John who knew exactly what his parents liked. Eileen, John's mother, would, John knew, be especially excited to be on the receiving end of a cumshot from her grandson. Eileen was a true cumslut, moreso than Moira and Sarah and, fuck knows, they were slutty enough.

"We'll make a porn star of you yet," said Sarah as she took up position next to Moira and began licking John's sperm too. Even though he had just cum himself, Daniel could feel his cock stirring again as his mother and sister cleaned him up. "I think he already is," said John who, with his face still smeared, walked over to where, unbeknownst to Daniel, a hidden camera had been filming the action.

"This is for you, son," said John, handing it to Daniel, "an extra present, your 18th birthday and initiation ceremony captured for posterity." "I said we wanted to make tonight, special, didn't I?" said Moira.

"You'll be able to remember tonight for the rest of your life," said Sarah. "And tomorrow, when gran and pop are here, we'll show you the one mum and dad made for my initiation ceremony two years ago." "Gee, thanks mum and dad, thanks sis'," said Daniel, "its a great extra birthday present.

My very first porn film." "And there'll be many more, of that I'm sure," said John. As Daniel got his breath back, both delighted and proud to have fucked every member of his family (apart from Bill and Eileen) at his very first sex club gathering, Moira licked the head of his dick, savouring for the first time the delicious taste of her son's cum.

She would have liked to have sucked it all into her mouth before swallowing every drop but that was not the way the Simmonds Family Sex Club did things, there were John and Sarah to consider who all wanted a taste too.

By the time they had all finished licking Daniel clean, the young man was exhausted but happier than he ever thought it was possible to be. They went to the bathroom and showered together, in such a large house the shower unit, which included a sauna and jacuzzi, was big enough for all four family members to wash beneath the jets. Then, cleaned and refreshed and content, the family snuggled into the four-poster bed - which was also large enough for all of them - and, exhausted by the evening's carnal activities, soon drifted effortlessly into sleep.

6. Since that unforgettable night, just over a year ago, Daniel, John and Moira had done many threesomes while Sarah was at college, similarly the Simmonds and their daughter had enjoyed many threesomes too when Daniel was out with his friends. But they all agreed that the best sessions of the family sex club were when they were ALL together - and that included Bill and Eileen too who, true to their word, had visited the day after Daniel's birthday and joined in the fun.

A belated present for Daniel who, feeling very proud of himself, excelled himself by fucking all three of his female relatives while his father and grandfather watched and gave him their seal of approval. Now, some eighteen months later, it was a hot summer day and Daniel had just come back from his morning run.

It didn't surprise him in the slightest to see John, Moira and Sarah already in the throes of another sex session, he'd have been disappointed if he had got home and not walked into an atmosphere of hot unbridled sex. He'd stood at the gate for awhile before making his presence felt waiting for the bulge in his shorts to get bigger, it wouldn't do for Daniel to make his grand entrance without a grand bulge on show. "Hope I'm not too late," said Daniel as he advanced into the garden, his tight arse cheeks rubbing together inside his shorts as he walked along, "can't leave you three alone for five minutes." With his back momentarily to Moira, her excitement increased tenfold at the sight of Daniel's bum accentuated by the tightness of his shorts, his cheeks packed like globes inside the material with the seam corresponding with the long narrow slit of Daniel's arse crack.

Daniel always wore his shorts like that, particularly tight, as he knew his family got a kick out of seeing him in them, just as they did when they watched him play football. No doubt about it, Moira mused as she continued to focus her eyes on her son's bottom, she and John had raised two perfect children who had both grown into beautiful confident self-assured adults.

John was thinking the same thing as he too, having withdrawn his tongue from Sarah's arse, now focused his attention on his handsome sexy son. "You ain't late, son," he said, "is he, ladies?" Moira and Sarah chorused their agreement in unison. Daniel, being a year younger than Sarah, had only been a member of the Simmonds Family Sex Club for a little over a year but he had learned very quickly the joys and pleasures being part of the club brought and he was now valued and appreciated by his parents and sister and also his grandparents, Bill and Eileen, whenever they paid a visit.

Indeed, John had often suggested that his parents come and live with them, after all it was a large house with plenty of room, and he was still hoping they would, then the family sex club would really be complete. John reached out a hand and began fondling Daniel's arse through his shorts. "You've got a fabulous arse, son," John said, as if saying it for the very first time while his eyes took in the view as Moira's had done earlier. "Those tight shorts really show it off well." "Thanks, dad," Daniel replied, the grin on his face even more impish than his sister's, "I like it when you and mum tell me you enjoy looking at my arse." "Me too," said Sarah, "don't forget me." "Of course not, sis'" said Daniel whose eyes were bulging like his dick at the sight of his sister and mother in the nude and, like him and John, as horny as fuck.

"Reminds me of your hot arse, John, in those tight shorts you used to wear when you played football," said Moira. "I just couldn't take my eyes off your bum." "Yeah," said John, "that's because my mum used to wash and iron them so nicely. Mum likes my bum too." "Quite right too, dad," said Daniel, "a nice arse is good to see." "All our family have nice bums," said Moira, as if musing to herself. "Yeah, mum," said Daniel, "and nice tits, pussies and dicks too.

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Wasn't I lucky to be born into my favourite family!" They all laughed loudly at that. "Oh sweetheart," said Moira, stifling another giggle, "you say the sweetest things." "I mean every word, mum," said Daniel.

"I know you do, sweetheart," replied Moira, "you hot sexy handsome man." "Thanks mum." "I think you've got a nice arse too, Daniel," said Sarah.

"We ought to call you bumboy, seeing as you love us seeing yours so much." "Just one of the joys of exhibitionism," said John. "And a bit of voyeurism never hurt anyone neither," he added as an afterthought.

"Too fucking right," replied Sarah, "but better do something about that hard-on of yours, bro'" she went on while still viewing Daniel from the front. "That bulge of yours is so big and growing bigger by the second." "Big being the operative word," muttered John who was still touching up Daniel's arse. "Yeah," said Moira, nodding in agreement with Sarah,"best get naked, Daniel, otherwise your hard-on is going to split a perfectly good pair of shorts - and you know I'm no good at mending," she finished, this time giving full rein to a throaty chuckle.

"I ain't gonna split them, mom," said Daniel as his mother and sister continued ogling his tight shorts-clad bum.

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He reached inside and took out his aroused prick. Moira and Sarah whistled with excitement as they always did when appreciating the size of Daniel's stiff pole and felt their pussies tingling as the young man, with no trace of shame, peeled back his foreskin to reveal the pink head of his knob, already glistening with pre-cum.

John, who had been kneading his son's arse through his shorts, suddenly yanked them down with one swift move. As Daniel's firm curvaceous bare arse cheeks and the long narrow slit of his bum crack came into view, he lifted his vest off over his head, shrugged off his running shoes - he wore no socks - and stepped out of his shorts to join his family in the nude.

Then Daniel stood naked in front of his equally naked parents and sister with his cock so hard it pointed directly towards the sky.