Amateur girlfriend sucks my cock

Amateur girlfriend sucks my cock
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In to the night My name Cacaan. I'm 22 years old. I live in a very small town where I'm very will known. I'm 5"7, 146 pounds, jet black hair,a set of full lips, 48C tits, a firm fat ass, deep hazel eyes with a killer body but you would never get the chance to see it because of the clothes I wear. I'm in to that gothic shit, I wear black sweaters, black t-shirts and black skinny jeans 24/7. That just me. It the way I deal with my past.

When I was 8 years old, I witness my parents murder. Everybody said it was a blessing I was alive but I didn't feel that way. Everyday I wish I died with my family that day. An because of this I'm a loner, I stayed to myself my whole life. Theannuversity of my parents death, I decide to kill myself by cut my wirst and bleed out.

But it never went as planned. I went to my parents grave and said goodbye to them. I sat there with my wirst bleeding out listerning to my ipod.

As I started to bleed out, I seen someone in the shadows staring at me. The figure started to get closer, that when I first layed eyes on him. He was the most handsome man I ever seen in my life.

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He was 6"4, with dirty blond hair, crystal blue eyes that just star right into your soul, well built, and his smile made you feel warm inside.

He sit right in front of me abd just stared at me. I started to black in and out. I could feel death coming for me that when he moved and bend down to pick me up.

I'm in his arms, I look into his eyes and black out for good. When I woke up, I was hooked up to montiors and in a room I never seen in my life. I started to take the needles out on arms and the montiors off of me.

That when I noticed that my wirst was bondaged up. I looked around the room to find out where I was. I found a white t-shirt and gray sweatpants. I put them on and headed put the room. I could not find no window to look out of. The hallway was long as hell with endless doors.

I started to feel weak and tried and when I turn around there he stand looking at me with a smile on his face. "What are you doing out here?" he said. " Why?" was all I can say before passing out again.

When I woke up again, the first thing I saw was him sitting next to my bedside, reading a book. I layed there staring at him and wondering why he stopped me from killing myself. "Why?" I asked again. "Your finally up."he said.

"Who are you?" I asked. "My name is Damon. And what your name?" he said. "My name is Cacaan and why did you stop me from dying?" I asked. He just smile at me and called the nurse in to check on me. She said I was lucky to be alive but I hate that I was stay alive. I hated him for this.

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She bought me food to eat and something to drink. He sat there the whole time just staring at me.

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It was fucking crazy. The nurse gave me so pills to help me sleep and told me tomorrow I should feel better. I feel asleep starring at him reading a book. The next I woke to find him gone. The nusee came back and helped me to the bathroom to clean myself up and change into something clean. When I came out the monitor and everything medical was gone and he was there.

Just smile, it was like that all he do. "Feeling better?" he asked. I just nodded and kept it moving. "So I know you have alot of question for me, so let go to my office and I answer them for the best way I can." he said. He put his hand out for me but I hesiate for minute. "I don't bite." he said while smiling.

Which cost me to crack a smile a little bit. I took his hand which was so warm, soft and rough at the same time.

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He squeezed it so tight that my heart jumped. I felt slight tingle feeling in the pit of my stomach when he looked me right in my eyes. We traveled down the hall until we came to a gray door. We enter the office and it outstanding.

It was in my favorite color: black and gray. The walls were black with lovely painting. The couch was black with gray throw pillows. But the fireplace was beatiuful, the cover was gray and the inside was black.

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Damon sat on the couch and ask me to sit. For a couple of minutes we sit in silence. I decide to speak first. "Why did you stop me from dying?" I asked because that was the only question that kept wondering in my head. He looked at me in the eye and said "Why would you want to die?

You are so young, there so much out there to see and do." "You don't even know me, I want this." I said.

"Will I couldn't let you just die." he said. "Why? You don't even know me." I said "Because I been waiting for you my whole life." he said looking at me. I sat there speechless and caught off guard. "What? Are you crazy? What the is wrong with you?" I said as I stand up. He stand and turn to face me and said "I been looking forward to the day I fall in love with someone and here you, my love." He started to walk towards me while I kept backing up until my back hit the wall.

He had me pinned against the wall. "Don't run from me my love." he said looking me right in the eye. His breath was blowing on my faces as he looked down at me. He took his hand and touched my face. His hand felt so good on my face, my body started to tingle all over. He lower his face and said "You will be mine." He put his lips on mine and kissed me deep.

I stared at him while he kissed me. I wanted to fight back but I started to give in to him. He sense that and wrapped his arm around my waist and the middle of my back deeping the kiss. A slight moan escaped my thorat. I started to feel hot all over and a tingle in my pussy. I had to stop this. I put my hands on this chest and pushed him away. "Stop!" I said as I started to breath heavy.

He tried to kiss me again but this time I slapped him across the face and ran back to my room. I locked the door and slide down the door, trying to control my breathing. "Why did I like that so much?" I said out loud. "Cacaan open the door!" Damon yelled from the other side of the door. I started to cry but had no idea why. "Just leave me alone" I said. I need to get out of here. After a few hours, I unlocked the door and looked out.

No sign of him. I left the room. I travel down the hall just until I run into the nurse. "Miss what are you doing out here." she said with a worry look in her eyes.

Just as she said that two men came out a room and saw us. "Will look at we have here new meat." one of the guys said to the other. "Damn she fucking hot. I love to suck on that." the other said. "She not for you guys. She the master bride." the nurse said as she stand in front of me. They both started to laugh. "This is to be Damon bride." one of the stated, "Will let be sure about it." "She smells like a human." the other said.

"Don't you worry about her and just let us be the." the nurse said. "I think we might enjoy drinking your blood." one of them said. "My blood? What the hell is going on and what are you? And what do you mean I smell human? I am a damn human. And I'm not Damon bride." I said.

Everybody stopped and at me like I was crazy. "Will you heard her, she not his bride so she free meat." one said. They looked at me and charge toward me. One of them grab the nusre as the other grab me.

I start to scream as I seen two fangs pop out his mouth. "Now it time to taste you, Bitch." he said. Just as he bend his head, Damon threw him into the wall. "Put your fangs away in my home now." he said. "How dare you attack my bride and my help in my home? And then show your fangs." "Forgive me Damon. We were just having fun.

That all." he said. "Leave now!" Damon yelled at them. "I makes sure they leave, Master" the nusre said and turn to walk the two men out leaving me alone with Damon. Damon came over to me and pushed my head back to check my neck for blood or bite marks.

"Are you okay, my love?" he said. I looked up at him and pushed him away. I stand up and begin to walk away.

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As I turned around he was stand right in front of me. I shook my head because I tought I was going crazy. I begin to back up and say "What the fuck are you guys?" He just took my hand and lead me to another room, I never seen before.

He pushed me into the room. I guess the room was his bedroom it was in all black. No color in slight. "Come sit, my love" he said. I just looked at him like he was crazy as hell. I turned to leave.

"Stay please." Damon said. I stop walking and turn around. "What are you?" I asked again. "I'm a vampire" he said. I started to laugh out loud. He just looked at me while I laughed. "Stop fucking with me." I said while still laughing. Before I knew he was pinnibg me against the door and I looked up into his eye and seen his fangs. All the color in my face drain.

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His fangs slowly started to disappear. "Now you know what I am and what you will me become." he said. "What?


No!" I said. He just looked at me. Then he kissed me again but this time it was different. It was passionless and forced. "I'm done playing, I will make you mines. Now!" Damon said. He threw me on the bed and get on top me. He started to kiss me again forcing his touge in my mouth.

He hands was all over my body. It start to turn me. He ripped my shirt open and attacked my tits. His mouth was sucking my nipples hard and bite them hard causing me to moan.

Why is this turning me on. I could feel myself getting wet. He pulled my pants off and my shirt leaving me in my panties. He took his shirt off showing his upper body which was ripped and toned in all the right place. I got wetter looking at him shirtless. He start sucking on my tits again.

He shoved this hand down my panties rubbing over my slit. "You are very wet my love" he said in a deep sexy voice. He stick his finger deep in my pussy causing me to moan in pleasure and pain.

I started to push him off but he was to strong for. He start to finger fuck me fast and hard. I could not stop moaning. I felt this tingle in the pit of my stomach, it was strong. "Come for me my love." he said in my ear as he added another in my pussy. I couldn't take it no more and cum so hard my body was shaking all over, my eyes rolled back into my head. My first orgasm was hard. I felt light head. Damon stand up, he took my panties off leaving me butt ass nake in front of him. Then he took off his pants and underwear.

His dick was 13" long and 4" wide. I looked at him and his dick and start to back up on the bed. "Don't run away my love it only hurt for a minute but you love it." he said. He grabbed my ankle and pulled me to the edge of the bed. My legs were off the bed and on each side of him.

He placed my right leg on his should. I felt the head rub against my pussy. He put the the head in my entrance. I made a pop sound as he put it in. I layed there with an blank expression on my face. He start to push into me. That shit hurt like hell.

Then he hit my hymen. "I want you to take a deep a breath on 3." he said. "One, two, three." He push passed my hymen making my scream out in pain. Tears started to run down my faces because the pain was so much. He started to rub my face. He stopped moving inside to let me adjust to him in me. Soon the pain turn into pleasure, I start to lift my hips to meet him.

He got the picture and start to thrust deep i to me until our hips met. He was going slow and deep. It felt so good making me moan out in pleasure. "Damn you are so tight and wet around my dick." he said. He lean down on me pinning my right leg up to my head going fast and hard. I started to grab at his back dugging my nails into him.

He screaming out in pain and pleasure. He goes faster and hard. I can feel another orgasm coming on. "Come again my love for me." he said as he kiss and sucked on my neck. As I start to come and felt a pain in my neck. He was sucking my blood making moan and caused me to have muplty orgasm as once. Then he came inside of me, making me moan in pleasure. He bite into his wirst and bend down to kiss me.

When he kissed me, his mouth was fulled with his blood. I was feeling tried fron the lost of blood.


"Sleep, my love. When you woke, you been in your new form." he said as I closed my eyes. There will be a part 2 if enough people ask. Thanks for reading