Shemle In Leder mit Mann Und Ein Mädchen)

Shemle In Leder mit Mann Und Ein Mädchen)
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A Gift for Ava 2 Ava hid in Mr Shultz's closet waiting for his return, she knew that in 15 minutes he and Mrs Monroe always had their leadership meeting at this time on a Wednesday but this time it would not be quite so dull and boring. Her friend Abbey had been with Mr Shultz discussing a fundraising idea she had which Ava had suggested.

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Neither Mr Shultz nor Abbey had any idea it was a set up. Part way through the meeting Mr Shultz was conveniently called away urgently to deal with some unwanted intruders on the school property (Ava's older brother Greg and his friends). Ava convinced Abbey to go and make sure it was not her own brother involved and when Abbey had left Ava slipped into the now abandoned principal's office and closed the door. Ava looked through the brand new hand held recorder that she had acquired as a result of her little gift into the office through a hole in the closet door that had been left when a big old lock was removed in favour of a smaller more practical lock.

But there was nothing in the closet as it was never used and Ava knew this as it was not nearly her first time in the principal's office. She figured she only needed to see Mr Shultz's desk and the surrounding chairs to get her footage which was perfect because that is exactly what she could see as she stood waiting.


"Darn that trouble maker and his friends no wonder his sister is the way she is with his example to follow" Mr Shultz snarled as he entered the room. Ava knew he was talking about her brother and her and felt like stepping into the room from the closet and bouncing her camera off his head. "Tea for Mrs Munroe and me please Stacey" Ava rolled her eyes impatiently in the closet. She was anxious to get this part of the plan over with.

The assistant soon returned with the tea and set it down on the desk. "Oh and are there any sandwiches left over from the board meeting?" "I think so" said the pretty assistant as she left. Ava tapped her foot and then stopped realising she may give herself away. Stacey soon returned with a tray of sandwiches and sweets and set that down on the desk next to the tea. "Oh please cut Mrs Monroe and myself a piece of the mud cake and then that will be all thank you Stacey" Oh do you want her to fucking eat it for you too Ava thought to herself getting really annoyed.

She waited for the door to close and then went to work. She had quite a good view of the desk and surrounding area but knew she would struggle with the task ahead of her. Mrs Munroe was not unattractive but quite plain. She was tall and solidly built but not fat as she used to be an athlete and taught basketball at the school in her first few years there.

She had long dark hair and large round breasts which were her two most redeemable features. Mr Schulz was tall and round with a bald head on top and a ring of greying black hair in a horse shoe around the back of his head.

Imagining these two pawing one another and doing the nasty quite frankly made her stomach turn but it was a necessary evil and should unsure her a spectacular grade point average until she left the school.

Stacey left closing the door behind her and immediately Ave set to work. She had Mr Shultz get up and lock the door and then approach Mrs Monroe from behind first massaging her shoulders. "Ooh Mr Shultz I didn't know we were doing a PD on stress relief" She smirked Mr Shultz's hands moved down inside her shirt and bra as h boldly started feeling her big f at tits.

She pressed her head back against him as he continued to knead her tits. "Oh Mr Shultz what is that poking me in the back of the head?" "I can tell you now that it is not a gun.

Oh but i am very pleased to see you" He replied with a sickening, shit eating grin. He moved around in front of her and she touched the growing tent in his pants as Ava now moved into the room undetected with her camera recording the sickening display taking place in front of her. "Oh my, that must hurt. Let me help you with that' She worked Mr Shultz's belt loose and undid his pants dropping them to the floor and releasing his thick penis.

She grabbed it and gobbled it up in her mouth and began slurping on it as his chest puffed out and a despicable look of satisfaction came over his smug face. Mrs Monroe unbuttoned and removed her cardigan and dropped it on the floor then removed her shirt and bra and dropped them on the pile of clothes on the floor.

She took Mr Shultz's greasy dick and began to fuck him with her tits. Mrs Monroe bent down to suck his cock as he thrust upwards between her tits and his knob poked her right in the eye.

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Ava giggled and then put her hand over her mouth. Wow she thought not only can't they see me but they can't hear me either. "Whoopsie daisies are you ok Mrs Monroe" He said helping her to her feet. "Oh Mr Shultz i think i may need a doctor" Ava rolled her eyes in the background. "Dr Shultz at your service ma'am what seems to be the problem?" "My poor little pussy is dry and aches" "Oh my goodness we can't have that now.

I think i have something right here for that" He said bending her over his desk and lining his cock up with her cunt. Ava pretended to gag into the camera and then pointed it back at the awkward pair as they tried to line up his cock. He poked her in one ass cheek and then swayed to far the other way and poked her in the other then finally thrust forward into her suddenly making her squeal an obscenity at the top of her lungs.

There came a knock at the door "Is everything ok sir?" Stacey enquired. "Yes it is, there was a mouse but it's all ok. Now, i asked not to be disturbed" Disturbed, he doesn't know the half of it. He should see the show from my seat Ava thought to herself.

"Oh, ride em cowboy!" Mrs Monroe said. Mr Shultz started pumping his cock in and out of her frantically and tried unsuccessfully to lean over and grab her flailing tits twice before finally cupping her fat tits in his hands and squeezing them. He removed hiss tie and swung it above his head "Yippee Ki yay" He yelled. Ava couldn't have asked for better footage. He slapped her hard on the lily white ass and started pumping into her in a frenzy.

Their orgasms were imminent, given away by their gasps and grunts of pleasure. When Mr Shultz came he pulled his cock out and painted Mrs Monroe's ass cheeks with his jizz and then sat back in his recliner to recover from the excitement. "Oh Mr Shultz that was a fantastic session on stress relief, we should make them a weekly calendar item i think" Oh shit Ava thought, how do i get out of here now?

Using her Gift she had them get dressed and had Mrs Monroe leave and as she exited Ava slipped out behind her and tucked the camera in her bag and walked away. "Oh Ava, what are you doing out of class Mrs Monroe said grabbing the door handle to head into her meeting with Mr Shultz.

"I needed to go to the toilet" "With your bag dear?" "That time of the month Mrs!" She said hoping that was the end of the questioning. "Ok then dear, back to class now" Ava disappeared up the stairs to the girl's toilets upstairs to check over her footage. It was awesome; it was just what she needed to secure her brilliant GPA. She turned and marched straight back to the principal's office and knocked on the door.

There was no response so she banged on the door again but harder this time.A very angry Mr Schultz opened the door. "You had better have a very good reason for interrupting our meeting young lady" He growled. Ava barged past him and sat in his chair with her feet up on the desk.


"I just came to see if you could give Tina and me A's in every subject from now on" "Are you kidding? Get out of here before i kick you out of school for good" Ava got up and shut the door and turned to face him "Shut the fuck up and sit your fat ass down, i have something to show you" "I BEG YOU'RE.

"Be quiet i said" She hit play on the recorder and stuck it in his face. He watched and Mrs Monroe came around and stood behind him and saw Mr Shultz fucking her brains out. "Oh my gosh is did can't be me" She said with tears forming in her eyes. "Oh yeah baby that is you alright and this is not the only copy of this so don't get any funny ideas. So what do you say? Can you see me as a straight A student Mr Shultz?" "I ummm think some arrangements can be made" He said turning white as a ghost.

"Well alright then, but if it's all the same to you i might just hang on to this home movie. You never know when you might want to watch some 'good times' with some friends eh" Ava went back to class to tell Tina the good news.That night Tina came over to gloat with Ava "How did you do it?

I mean how did you know? i had no idea" Ava explained her gift eagerly to Tina, she had wanted to since she suspected something was different with her. "Eeeeeew yuck, so you made him eat my pussy too? You are sick girl" Tina was relieved and kind of amused which made Ava a lot more comfortable as she thought Tina would be angry. "Hey, you have never made me eat you out or anything have you?" Tina half joked as the idea of her friend's gift and all its possibilities flooded her mind.

"No, i can't use it for my own benefit.

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And it doesn't appear to work when there is anyone other physical presence in the vicinity" "Well that kind of sucks, i was kind of hoping you could make Greg fuck someone so i could see his big cock" Ava kept silent about her incestuous romp but started having an idea. Right on cue she heard her brother come through the front door and head upstairs.

There was a knock at the door "Come in if you're gorgeous" Ava called out "It's only me but can I come in anyway?" Greg said with a grin, poking his head around the corner of the door. "Oh as if you don't know how hot you are" Tina said immediately turning red and wishing she had kept her comment to herself. Ava used it as a cue for the introduction of her gift into the scenario.

Speaking of gorgeous look at you Tina he said falling under Ava's enchantment. "Oh Greg, I didn't know you knew I existed. I have wanted you to notice me for so long" "Are you kidding Tina? Just about every guy at school wants to be with you.

I was too shy and I thought it would be awkward, you being Ava's friend and all" Ava had become invisible to them and sat watching two of her favourite people dance to her magical tune, they were puppets in her sexual fantasy but she knew that the two of them had liked each other for the longest time. She was just helping them get their act together. Greg leaned down and kissed Tina gently on the lips and then looking into her eyes reached for the bottom of her shirt. She raised her arms so that he could slip her shirt off over her head revealing her firm small breasts in a cute pink bra.

He kissed her again harder this time pulling her to himself and running his hands over her soft white skin as she moaned in delight. He reached behind and undid her bra and let it fall to the ground with no protest from Tina at all. Her beautiful firm tits sprang free with the little pink nipples already hardening. First staring at her in awe Greg next leaned further down and sucked on her tit like an infant being fed and then he sucked on the other nipple while he massaged the first tit in the palm of his hand.

Greg eagerly removed his shirt, kicked of his shoes and removed his shorts and underwear together and stepped out of them as Tina removed her shoes and jeans the whole time watching each other in wonder. Greg's eyes now scanned up and down Tina's firm young body as if trying to decide which part was most spectacular, while Tina's eyes did not move, they just remained locked on his 7 inch and still growing schlong. She dropped to her knees and placing a hand on each hip leaned in and kissed the bulbous tip of his glorious cock.

Next she curled her tongue around under the tip and licked the precum out of his slit and rolled it around in her mouth. Deciding she liked the bittersweet flavour she sunk her mouth down around his cock and started bobbing back and forward.

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Ava yearned to be Tina. She loved her brother so much. Even when they had made love she was not as good as she was able to make others under the power of her amazing gift. This power was obvious as these two relatively inexperienced teenagers boldly and confidently pleasured each other before her.

Tina ran her tongue along the underside of Greg's slippery shaft and licked and sucked his balls playful before slithering her way back up to the top of his cock and gulping down his member greedily. Tina moved her head faster and faster and then Greg grunted very loudly as he blew his load all over her pretty tits and flat stomach.

She cleared the res from his dripping prick and swallowed it in delight as her fingertips massaged the rest of his cream into her firm body. He pulled her up from her knees and kissed her tasting his own flavour and then guided her back toward the bed. She lay on her back and slid across the bed giving him room to climb between her legs.

He hovered over her kissing and sucking her nipples and nibbling on her neck and face before gliding down her stomach to the tiny tuft of hair on her pubic mound. She gasped as he blew warm air on to her aching clit and then screamed and exploded in orgasm as he closed his lips tightly around it and sucked gently. He eagerly lapped up as much of her juice as he could and continued to suck on her lips and nibble her clit while Ava slipped a hand into her panties and rubbed her own.

She bent her knees placing her feet up on the bed and pushed her pussy into his face as he began to fuck her with his tongue. He sucked large mouthfuls of her mound and lips into his hungry mouth and worked his tongue from side to side. Tina's face contorted as Greg held her right on the edge of orgasm skilfully without tipping her over. She begged him to make her cum again and in one quick motion he sucked her clit into his mouth flickering at it with the tip of his tongue at the same time he thrust two fingers up inside her.

She threw a pillow over her face and screamed into it and bucked her hips up and down as she rode out another delicious orgasm. Greg dragged her to the edge of the bed flinging her legs up over his shoulders and lined his bloated cock head up with her slit.

He carefully entered her and very slowly sunk most of the way in. Slowly he began thrusting in and out of her as she bit her finger "Oh god, it feels amazing" Greg just stayed focussed and leaned forward over her letting her legs fall and wrap around him as she bobbed up and down the bed in time with his thrusts. By now Ava had two fingers sliding in and out of her soggy hole and was on the verge of climax herself. Tina's tits bounced beautifully drawing his attention so he bent down to feed on them once again.

Greg being keen to make her cum again started pounding into her ferociously achieving his aim almost immediately. He did not wait for her to recover before turning her over and pulling her up on all fours and then sinking hard into her sopping wet pussy again. He held onto her above the hips and stared slamming into her relentlessly.

His balls slapped hard against her and she gasped little 'ooh' and 'aah' noises as he fucked her almost senseless.

Ava reached out losing concentration cupping Tina's tit in one hand and Greg's ball sack in the other. Excruciating pain swept through her body but curiosity made her hang on until she dropped to the floor spent of energy. In that brief second a memory flashed thought Ava's mind of her as a little girl reaching out for someone. Greg began slamming into Tina brutally now and she came and reached back to stop his unyielding assault on her pussy. "I am not finished slut" He growled harshly.

At this point Ava was no longer in control but was helplessly drained of energy and unable to do anything to stop her brother. Greg pulled his swollen member out of her battered pussy and poked the end cruelly into Tina's ass. He drove it deep and hard as she again buried her face in the pillow and screamed. She cried but to not avail, Greg continued to pulverise her virgin ass. "It hurts, pull it out, pull it out" She wailed. Just then Greg roared as he came pushing his cock as deep and hard into her is he could.

When he was done he dressed angrily and stormed from the room slamming the door behind him. Tina lay shattered on the bed as Ava lay slumped on the floor weary and confused as to what had happened. When Ava could move she pulled herself up onto the bed and lay next to her sobbing friend hugging her and trying to console her. "Why did he do that?" She sobbed. "I don't know, I'm so sorry. I&hellip.i think I made him do it?" "You made him hurt me" "No, no I would never do that.

Not deliberately. It was so beautiful, you were both so beautiful.

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I just wanted to be part of it" Ava blurted out as she too began crying. Tina pulled herself together a little seeing her friend's distressed state. "What do you mean?" "I touched you just like I touched my mum and dad once, and don't ask. Instead of letting go like I did then I held on to see what happened.

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That was when Greg became all mean and horrible" "So he's not like that normally?" "Hell no. Well not that I know from experience but he's liked you for a long time and he would never let anyone hurt you, let alone hurt you himself" Suddenly Ava realised that Tina remembered what had happened when it was not usually the case.

"What do you remember Tina?" "Well I remember Greg sticking his head in the door to say hi and then the next thing I can think of was him raping me" "Oh god no, he didn't rape you.

It was beautiful you were beautiful together. You have to believe me Tina, in fact it was you that came onto him" "You know I believe you, I just can't remember that's all. If all of what you are saying is true then we had better find Greg and make sure he is ok" Tina said trying to get off the bed. "My ass hurts so bad" Tina whined as she started to pull her jeans back on.

The pair were just about to head downstairs when they heard music coming from Greg's room. Tina stood behind Ava as she knocked on the door. Greg answered quickly and to their surprise rather cheerfully. "Hey guys, Ava have you seen my wallet and keys? I must have put them down somewhere when I got home but I can't remember where" "Um maybe you left them in my room when.

when you popped in to say hi" "I did? Oh yeah that's right I did" He went to exit the room and Tina jumped away from him.

"Hey a little jumpy today Tina? I was just going to Ava's room to see if my keys were there" "Tina's ok. She just had a bit of a scare recently" "That's no good. You need me to take care of anyone for you?" He offered gallantly. "Umm no Greg. It's.umm.its ok. I have to get going guys" She said nervously. "I'll walk you home baby.

See you later Greg" "Ok and take care Tina. I hope that cute little butt gets better soon" Tina went white as a ghost and quickly moved down the stairs despite her soreness. Ava and Tina stopped at the park on the way home to talk. "Why would he say that? He must remember something" "Let me talk to him before we panic" Ava said.

Tina agreed and she walked home with Ava in silence and Ava hugged her and promised she would sort it all out. When Ava got home she went looking for Greg upstairs but couldn't find him.

She headed into the kitchen, his favourite room in the house, but he wasn't there either. She went t o ask her mum if he had gone out. As she got closer to her mum's room she heard groaning. She crept up to the door which she found ajar and curiously peered in. She had a clear view of her father's muscular body pumping back and forth as he hovered over her gorgeous mother pounding her into next week.

Ava stood mesmerised as her father and mother had not been physical in such a long time and it is not like they were under her spell. She walked away from the erotic scene feeling dazed and confused.

On one hand her gift had contributed to a brutal and ugly outburst from her brother that he may or may not remember and on the other it could have had some sort of healing effect on her parent's relationship. Greg didn't come home until late that night and when he did he stuck his head in Ava's door and said "Hey squirt did Tina get home ok?" "Yes she did and Greg?" "yeah?" "Why did you think she had a sore butt?" "Hell didn't you notice her limping all the way home, some friend you are!" He laughed.

"I guess I didn't. I have had o lot on my mind lately" "Oh I guess you have" He said coming in and lying next to her on her bed with his arms around her. "So tell me how things went at school squirt, are you a straight A student now?" Ava couldn't believe all that had happened in one day and was too tired from it all to talk now. "Yeah, yeah I am. Greg, could you hold me until I go to sleep?" She said burying her head in his chest. "Sure squirt, of course I will" Stay tuned for part 3.