Latin Slut Has Her Ass Gaped Anal Cumshot Hardcore Latina

Latin Slut Has Her Ass Gaped Anal  Cumshot Hardcore Latina
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The weekend started with you picking us up at the airport. You rush out and give Rob such a huge kiss and hug before turning across to me. The airport might be quite a public place but it does not stop us sharing a pretty decent kiss. Rob can see how excited we both are, so suggest we drive in the back of the car together.

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By the time we get to your place, we are both so worked up that it is amazing we still have any clothes on. You have sucked my cock to a throbbing hard on and I have even had the chance to go down on you. Rob is as excited from hearing and catching glimpses of what is happening. Well we pull ourselves together and rush inside. OK, we had agreed that a shower was our first priority. Well, this was one of the fastest showers I ever took and I stepped out naked into your bedroom.

You are lying on your bed slipping a slim vibrator in and out your pussy. I can see this far away look in your eyes and decide it is time to play. Rob has also come back into the room and sits at the top of the bed and kisses you. I start right from the bottom, running my tongue along your toes. I take your big toe into my mouth and suck it hard, feeling your body starting to stiffen in excited anticipation. From here I start to run my tongue up the inside of your calf, stopping behind you knee before slipping it up the inside of your thigh.

Your legs open slightly, leaving space for me to go all the way. But although I do get close, I first tease and play before going there. The nectar of your juices start trickling out and glisten on the ends of your pussy hairs. The odour is so enticing and my cock is starting to throb. All this time Rob is kissing you passionately and squeezing your breasts, but you excitement is clear from how hard your nipples have become.

He leans over and plays with them, running his tongue around the excited tightness. I start getting closer to your wetness and slowly slip my tongue around the wet lips, gently touching the inside.

Your hips start to buck and it is clear you are ready for more. I take it in stages, the next being opening your cunt lips more and slipping my tongue in deeper. Every now and then I come to your clit and suck it into my mouth, chewing on it gently. It is hard and you squeal softly when I do this. As our passion builds, the speed gets faster and soon I am almost eating you whole. Your reaction is to push hard against my face and your pussy is now soaking wet.

Your legs are spread wide around my face and I have gone in as deep as I can, my face is soaking. The rolling of your hips indicates that you are reaching your peak and I slip my tongue in and out that much faster.

As your hips rise and you start to moan loudly I can feel you going over the top. This is followed by a small gush of juices and I lap it up in excitement. Now you are ready for the real thing. I slide my body up against your until I feel my cock pushing against your steaming hot pussy. As I push it slips in so easily with all the juices lubricating my cock. At first I don't push it too far in, just run it in and out a few times. Then I shove it right to the back of your pussy and you squeal.

For a short while I do it hard and fast, before slowing it to gentle rhythm, slow but deep. Then to your amazement, I roll off and Rob takes my place. I come and stick my tongue deep into your mouth while Rob is pleasing you down below. I then suck your nipples and take as much in my mouth as I can.

I can hear Rob grunting and the tempo of his ramming increases and soon his grunts become a long groan as he lets his load go. This pushes you over the top again and you reach your second orgasm.

Rob rolls off but I am far from finished. I first stroke your body to help you relax and slowly slip my cock into your soaking wet pussy. Rob's juices squash out as my cock slips in deeper and I can feel the excitement in you building up again. Soon I am at a fast speed and ramming really hard. Your senses are still at a high and in minutes we both are reaching the peak. As we get close, I slow down to allow us to savour the pleasures before pushing us over the edge.

My cock swells to its maximum and you can feel the cum pushing out. Once again you squirt your own juices out as you come for the third time. The three of us lie side by side to enjoy the pleasures we have just experienced. Your body is naked next to us and we both run our fingers along your soft skin. This is just the start of a long weekend of pleasure. After lying for about 20 minutes, you jump up as we have spent the whole afternoon enjoying our sexual pleasures. You had said you need an hour to get ready so off you go.

We hear the shower running and Rob looks at me with a smile and we head in to join you. You squeal as we get in but soon we take total control of your body. We soap, rub, squeeze and gently stroke you body and soon you are moaning all over again. Rob stands up against the back wall and you push your tits against him, offering your bum for attention.

I slip my cock in and again find your pussy soaking with warm sticky juices. Within seconds you hear the sound of flesh slapping against flesh as I ram in and out.

With each entry your breasts slap against Rob and he is holding you up, as my actions are very energetic. As I shoot my load I realise I don't have a condom on and my juices gush into your pussy. Even though I have already cum a short while earlier, loads of cum rocket out and you can actually feel them against the back wall of your pussy.

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Now it is Robs turn again. But he is slow and gentle and after a short while pulls his cock out of you and pushes you down. Here is his cock soaked with a mixture of my cum and your body juices and he wants you to lick his cock clean. Soon you head is bobbing back and forth and I am watching the expression on his face. It seems like agony as he releases his load deep down your throat. But we are forgetting I have slipped down and my fingers are wriggling in and out your pussy at the same time and as Rob shoots his load we hear a squeal from you as you cum yet again.

We step out to leave you time to get ready. When we leave an hour later, you are wearing a cotton skirt, but the fine touch is you are not wearing knickers. You have also put a top on that will tease all the guys with your beaut breasts on full display.

Tonight is still young with lots of sex still on the menu. On the way we decide to explore what is ahead before we get there. You are in the passenger seat and Rob takes full attention of your pussy while I lean over the seats and pop your breasts out and suck your nipples. We are in a quite part of the road but are so distracted by what we are doing that we fail to see a group of people walking past.

You open you eyes for a minute and realize we have an audience of two guys wanking while watching our antics. As soon as they realise we have seen them, they rush off but not before you have orgasmed again. The thought of being caught has pushed you over the top again.

Well we eventually get to the show and join your group of friends. I am introduced to everyone as a friend from SA and you jokingly tell them you have brought yourself a gigolo for the weekend. Everyone laughs but your one friend looks you in the eye and smiles knowingly. Her remark was you should share with your friends in that case. You laugh and say that 5 days is not enough. After getting drinks we all go sit down. Rob is on one side of you and I am on the other.

The evening is great fun and we all joke and laugh. You are doing your usual trick and teasing with all the guys. In fact I am quite surprised at the intensity of the flirting but you tell me that this happens all the time. But of course on our side the sexual intensity is real and our systems are rebelling as we have not had sex for almost three hours by now. Rob looks at me and smiles. I realise he has his hand on your leg and you are wriggling slightly. So I slip my hand on your other leg and tickle my fingers up your thigh, only to find Rob's fingers deep in your pussy.

Juices are flowing freely and running down your thigh. I rub my fingers in the juices and lift my hand away. While looking you in the eye I slip my fingers in my mouth and suck them clean. The taste is divine and my cock is immediately hard. You slip your hand across and give it a squeeze. It is rock hard and throbbing. You whisper in my ear and shortly I stand up and excuse myself to go pee. You also jump up saying you need to go as well and will show me where it is.

As we get around the corner, away from anyone seeing, you grab me and I feel your tongue deep flashing in and out my mouth. We kiss passionately and I am groping like crazy. You tell me that Rob has suggested a bit of real fun and you check the ladies is clear before dragging me in. We waste no time and you sit on the toilette seat and pull out my cock.

Soon I feel it going deep down your throat. You are wild with sex and are clasping my shaft with your teeth.

I ask you to stop as I am about to cum. You stand up and lift your skirt. We hear a group of girls coming in with giggles but this does not distract us. Soon I am at full speed with my cock slipping in and out your steaming hot pussy.

This is something I have never done before and the excitement is too much.


You soon feel my cock swelling and balls tighten as I go over the cliff again. I shoot my load and you can't help but give a squeal. The giggles of the girls in the restroom momentarily stop but soon they are laughing again and leave. We dress and have a few minutes of being worried while we slip out, but no-one catches us. When we get back to the table, Rob winks at you and your friend who asked you to share me comments that you were rather long but you retort that you actually were rather quick.

She smiles knowingly but soon the show distracts attention and we carry on enjoying the evening.

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Later you find out your friend overheard the group of girls that were in the loo, while we were passionately otherwise occupied, come back and comment that there was some action taking place back there. She later tells you that you have driven her crazy and it is not fair that you are having all the fun. We drive off with you giving me a big hug and kiss.

That night all three of us collapse into your double bed. We are finished and all we are capable of is some kissing and gentle touching. While Rob and yourself are sharing some seriously tender kissing I slip my tongue down and go right past your belly button, were I momentarily stop, before circling your pussy and gently parting your lips. I lap your clit and feel the excitement building but tell you to relax and just spend the next 20 minutes gently pleasing you.

Later I cum up and kiss you good night before slipping off to my bed, leaving Rob and yourself to dream about our experiences together. After the first night I wake up as if in dream land. Could this possibly be true. Have I just had 14 hours of pure pleasure? Been with a couple that have taught me a new level in sex.

I cannot believe how much fun we had having public sex and exploring the sex pleasure zone. Tes was great! In fact she was the best woman I have ever been down on. As I licked up from her toes, all the way to her steamy hot pussy, she was wriggling in anticipation of what was going to happen. Well I had left her with Rob for the rest of the evening but that was the last time for that weekend.

From now on she would have to be crushed between the two of us for the whole evening. All this was going through my mind as I wondered down naked to her room. Little did I care if I would bump into anyone while totally naked, all that I had on my mind was sex. Tes's pussy would be soaking with spunk and my cock would glide in and the cum would drip out, all over her legs.

When I got in the room, Tes was naked on her stomach, her bum waiting for attention. I crawled over to her and rubbed up against her legs while squeezing her bum with my hands. The curtains were open and I almost hoped that we would be seen while in the middle of some wild sex.

I slipped up and my cock glided in without any effort. Tes woke up enough to stick her bum out more and soon I was ramming in and out again. Rob had also woken up and was watching what I was doing. I was so horny that it was not long before I felt my cock swelling and Tes began to moan as she started to cum. I gushed tons of cum in her again. Now she was soaking with both of us having discharged a good few gallons of cum in her. I looked up and Tes had a naughty smile on her face.

"Rob" she said, "I think you should lick Alan's cock clean" Rob took no persuasion and he went down on me and deep throated my cock.

It was so sensitive that I almost squealed but the horny look on Tes's face put paid to that. Soon enough the three of us were fucking again, no foreplay just plain hard sex. But now came the challenge. Rob and I agreed that Tes was not allowed to clean up.

We were going out for breakfast and she had to allow the cum to run down her legs. It would be so sexy to be sitting next to her with sticky juices dribbling down her legs and anyone seeing this knowing what she had been up to. To add a cherry to the top, she was not allowed to wear knickers and must try flash her pussy at any guy showing interest.

This led to a really teasing morning with sex heavy in the air. After breakfast we took a break and went to visit the botanical gardens.

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Here we had all the intentions of having very public sex with a huge chance of being caught. We found a secluded area with heavy bush and a waterfall creating the closest to privacy in the park. We all stripped off totally naked as was agreed after laying out a blanket in a natural nook formed by the bushes.

All we had to save our modesty if anyone came along was another blanket to pull over ourselves and hope they went away. Today it was feeling all cosy and none of us wanted to rush. This was gentle loving sex with the warm sun beating down on our backs. Tes lay on her stomach and Rob and I gently stroked her back and touched all the intimate spots, leading to her jumping in excitement. The juices were starting to flow again and started leaking out her pubic area.

The aroma was so tempting and Rob and I had to fight our instincts to keep control. But soon enough we took turns in making soft gentle love and pleasing her in a really romantic sort of way.

Rob was first and I kept an eye to watch out for visitors. Then it was my turn and Rob kept watch.


I had just cum and we had collapsed when Rob jumped over and said we must watch out, someone was coming. We pulled the blanket over ourselves and made like we were snoozing. Two oldish ladies walked past and we heard them remark that the view was remarkable from up there.

We assumed they meant the scenery until a closing remark made us jump. The one said she had never had such a close up view of young people making love before.

Who got the biggest fright when the one asked if they could see which guy was bigger is still unknown but hey, they had already seen it all so we pulled the blanket off.

Tes shocked us all by actually going down and sucking each of us. With that they moved off and said that they were glad some people still enjoyed living. Wow we had not only pushed the edge of risk but actually got caught, much to the pleasures of the innocent parties.

We laughed and went back home. We were all exhausted and when we crashed naked on the bed together, all contact we had was gentle touching and kissing. We had a hard night ahead and needed some rest. That night Tes had invited a group of close friends over for a braai.

She had a wrap around skirt on with no underwear underneath. Rob and I had agreed and wore shorts with no jocks on either. I was convinced we would be dangling before the night was over.

The unfortunate thing was Tes's one friend was quite sexy and I had difficulty with nothing to keep my cock from rising to the occasion. As usual the banter was quite sexual and remarks were close to being age restricted.

But it was the way the crowd chatted and I was already used to it after the night before. But I still got a shock when Tes asked me if I wanted to go inside for a quickie.

There was lots of laughter and Tes grabbed me by the hand and said "come help me". As soon as we got inside she grabbed me and wrapped her leg around me. I could feel her wet thigh against me and soon she pulled my shorts back revealing my throbbing cock. We had no space or time so Tes turned around and I slipped it in from behind.

We had positioned ourselves so we would see anyone coming in and soon one of Tes's female friends did start heading in. We pulled apart and straightened our clothes just in time. I was sure that the room still smelt of sex and Tes's friend did look at us curiously and smiled as we carried a table past her.

That was close but maybe it would be fun getting caught again. A long night of teasing still laid ahead and Rob's smile told it all as we got back outside.

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He put his arm around Tes's waist and he slipped his hand carefully to pick up the damp patch from Tes leaking. After her friend got back out the conversation seemed to become even more sexual and I was wondering where it might lead. Lot's of drink was flowing and I wondered how long before someone else slipped in for a quickie. The tension was in the air and before long Tes went inside with the same friend, who had a huge smile on her face when she came back.

Later that evening I needed to go in for a pee.

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When I came out the loo, Tes's friend was standing waiting. She actually pushed me back in and said that Tes had said she could share. But all she wanted was a kiss and snoggle and it was so exciting with all the others outside. My cock was throbbing and she snuggled against it and remarked that I was paying her quite a compliment with my reaction.

She went down on her knees and had a quick suck before ducking out again. It was not that easy going out with Tes giving me the eye and smiling. Sooner than reality the evening was over and I was amazed how Tes's friend actually squeezed my cock on her way out when she hugged me goodbye.

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Later that night Tes told me she had been told that I had a cock worth gold and had I been there much longer, I was sure to have been hunted and eaten.