Miss lil pussy gets her asshole blowed out

Miss lil pussy gets her asshole blowed out
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It was the end of the day on the last day of term. Everyone was heading off for school holidays. Everyone, that is, except for Michael and Kayla. They each had to wait for their parents to finish work before going home.

Michael and Kayla had been friends for a few years. They first met in grade 1, when their parents started teaching. For the last five years they had kept themselves amused whilst waiting. They would run around the empty school playing hide and seek, play on the computers or play.


They had become close friends. But today, they would become more than just friends. It started whilst they were playing hide and seek.

Whilst Kayla was hiding, she came across an open bottle of wine. Being 10, she knew she was too young to drink it. But she decided to be daring and took a swig. After deciding that it didn't taste that bad, and decided to drink some more. Half the bottle later and she started feeling tipsy. Deciding that this was fun, she then went looking for Michael. Since he was looking for her, it didn't take long for them to find each other.

Kayla then dragged Michael back to the room with the wine. She then watched him drink the other half of the bottle. By this time they were both very tipsy and decided to have a game of tag with a twist. The twist was that every time they tagged each other they had to take off a piece of clothing.

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Kay;a ran away and Michael counted to 10 then followed. They chased each other in and out of several classes before Michael finally tagged Kayla. She stopped and exclaimed "I'm feeling hot", and without another word kicked off her sandals, unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor, then whipped off her undies and stood there stark naked.

She then said "My turn", waited for a count of ten, then still naked, started to chase Michael.

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As Michael ran around he started to take off his clothes. First his sandals, then his shirt, then his shirt and finally his underpants.

Now both totally naked, they kept the chase going for three or four more classes before Kayla finally tagged Michael. He stopped, turned to her and embraced her in a passionate hug. He had seen a few of his older brothers sex video's and started to kiss up and down her body.

He took each of her flat breasts in his hands and squeezed as he kissed her. His mouth wandered down to her breasts, cupped them and he licked and sucked them red. At the same time, he let his hand stray down to her hairless vagina and he caressed it gently at first. He started to trace the outline of it with the index finger of his hand.

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His other hand reached out and guided her hand onto his cock. He guided her hand up and down his small hairless shaft, and soon she got into the rhythm and started to pump his cock. With his index finger, he found her entrance and softly guided his way slowly in. Part of the way in, he came across her hymen, still intact. He did not know what it was, and studied it gently with his finger. After a while, he pulled away and crouched down in front of her.

His mouth cupped her vagina and he started to lick her clitoris. She involuntary lay down and whilst his licks became harder and more regular, she had her first orgasm.

Michael felt the shudder, stopped, loked up and asked "Are you ok?". Breathless with ecstasy, Kalya just nodded.


He continued to lick for a while, then decided to take the next step. He grabbed his erect penis and touched it to the entrance of her Vagina. Slowly and as gently as possible, he guided it in as far as her hymen, thinking that this was as far as it would go.

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He then started to gently pump it in and out. After the third or fourth thrust, he got carried away and burst through her hymen. This caused her to scream. He stopped with his penis now buried all the way inside her body and asked if she was ok.

She nodded and he kept on pumping. After a few minutes, he felt his balls start to join in, and for the first time in his life, they started to produce sperm. With a sudden eruption, his penis started to pump sperm into Kayla's body.

It didn't take long for Michaels sperm to fill her body and leak out of her vagina. It was at that moment that Kayla's dad surreptitiously entered the room and saw the entire scene. He waited until Michael had withdrawn from Kayla before speaking.

They both got into trouble and Kayla's dad told Michaels parents what had happened. Which was just as well. Three months later, Kayla got sick.

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They took her to the doctor to discover she was pregnant. Later on, Michael admitted that after this event, they continued to have sex. The baby, however, was conceived on their first encounter. It was born naturally and raised as Kayla's Brother. Years later, Michael and Kayla got married and went on to have three more children.

But they never forgot their first romance.