Neg atilde_o Exibindo o Pau Depois da Gozada

Neg atilde_o Exibindo o Pau Depois da Gozada
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The women were divided into two groups. The younger girls were lined up for inspection in the center of the ship's deck dressed in the soaked dresses they had been captured in.

The older women were struggling against their bindings, trying to pry their wrists lose from the ships railing, cursing at the pirates for their daughters' treatment. Of those seven young women lined up, this is Rachel's story. Rachel refused to be intimidated by the ruthless pirates. But despite the brave face she put on for the other girls, Rachel knew what the pirates wanted. And even worse, she knew what she looked like. She had always been taller than most girls and her overly ripe body, previously thought to be an asset, would be her downfall now.

The wet dress clung to her hourglass figure like a second skin and the cold air caused her nipples to press against the fabric. She shivered despite herself as she looked around the ship's deck at their captors. The pirates leaned their impressive frames against the opposite rail of the ship. Arms crossed over their chests, they leered at the captured ladies and whispered smugly to each other.

Occasionally one of the men would point his finger at one of the girls or make a crude gesture with his hands. But she couldn't help but notice that none of the men had made any moves toward them since restraining them.

Before Rachel could even complete that thought, the cabin's door swung violently open and man strode into the sunlight. He was shockingly handsome in a rugged way but his fierce expression immediately dispelled any thoughts Rachel might have had about mercy. "Well well well. What do we have here? Any worth keeping this time?" The man spoke to the group of men lounging against the rail, who immediately snapped to attention.

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"Aye Captain, quite a few lookers in this bunch. Except that one on the end" The man Rachel had bit earlier gestured at her in disgust. "She's vicious. We're better off just throwing that bitch overboard." He cradled his hand protectively to his chest and glared daggers at her. The captain walked towards her and began to slowly circle her, looking her up and down.

"Ah but the challenging ones are the most passionate." His breath whispered along her neck and she felt his hand trail down her bare arm and grasp her wrist. "All they need is a little taming.

Soon, they'll be giving you the best ride of your life." He bit her neck gently and his men laughed as she jerked herself out of his embrace. Turning around to face him, Rachel swung her hand up to slap him.

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He caught her wrist and wrenched it painfully behind her back. Flush against as she was, it was impossible not to feel the bulge that pressed against her stomach or miss the hot flash of lust in his eyes. Rachel reared her head back and spat in his face. The wetness landed on his chin and the lust in his eyes quickly blazed into anger. His other hand shot out like a whip and wrapped around her throat, cutting off her air supply.

"Do not mistake me for a kind man. I will take what I want from you despite your pathetic show of resistance. Now I suggest you take that pretty little mouth of yours and clean up the mess you made. And if you ever raise a hand to me again, I swear I will spank that sweet little ass of yours in front of your friends and mother.

Then they'll have to watch as I fuck every hole in your body. Is that clear?" Releasing the strength of his grip by degrees, the captain glared expectantly into Rachel's eyes.

Seeing no other option, Rachel stood on her tip toes and licked her saliva from the captain's chin. But as she was about to draw away, he lowered his head and her tongue plunged straight into his mouth. She gasped in shock and tried to pull her head back.

His hand gripped the back of her head as his mouth and tongue wreaked havoc on senses. She had never experienced anything like this before.

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She was completely consumed with the smell, taste, and feel of his mouth and hands. His hands wandered possessively over her body, leaving fire and heat in their wake. His hand grazed her breast and cupped the weight in his palm.

The whistles and cheers from his men broke Rachel's daze and she pushed at his chest and began to struggle. His laughter at her attempts infuriated her and without thinking she bit his lip and tasted blood.

Her bite momentarily shocked him into releasing her and she took every advantage and turned and ran for her life. She got maybe three steps when with a tremendous roar the captain grabbed her hair and yanked her to the floor.

Catching herself on her hands and knees, Rachel looked up at the terrifying figure the Captain presented. Clad in snug leather breeches, she could see his hard shaft outlined from groin to hip. She smirked with satisfaction that there was blood on his bottom lip and mouth.

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Her smirk seemed to enrage him further. "I warned you about what would happen." He wiped the blood from his lip and began to untie the belt to his pants. "But you just had to push me." The older women gasped and began to plead with him to spare her. "Shut those old hags up." The captain undid the last tie of his pants and withdrew his massive cock. " Gag them if you have to, it's time for me to teach this wench a lesson." Rachel couldn't breath as she took in the sight of the captain's dick.

She had only seen a man's penis depicted on marble statues. But those didn't hold a candle to the one in front of her. As big as two of her hands length wise it jutted up proudly from between his legs. She doubted she could even close her fingers around his massive girth.

As the captain approached her holding his dick, Rachel cringed back in fear. "Oh don't get shy now.


You had no problems up until this point trying to rebel so now you have to accept your punishment. I think I'm going to start with that mouth of yours first." Rachel clenched her teeth and sealed her mouth shut. She had no idea what he intended to do; surely he didn't mean to put that thing in her mouth.

She tried to crawl away as he approached. He chuckled darkly and merely stepped on her dress to subdue her. Held immobile, he wrapped his fist in her hair and brought her mouth up to his dick.


With his other hand holding the base of his dick, he began to rub the head against her closed lips. "Lick it, baby." Rachel shivered at his rough tone but still refused to open her mouth. He pressed harder and her lips parted so she could feel him pressing against her teeth. Her lips rested on the head of his cock and it felt surprisingly hard. "I said lick it!" Rachel darted her tongue out to lick the tip of his cock.

He tasted salty and not as bad as she was expecting. "There now, that wasn't so bad was it? Now open your mouth." Fearing what he might do if she didn't comply, Rachel opened her mouth. He immediately pushed his length into the wet heat of her mouth.

She gagged a little as his dick filled her mouth and touched the back of her throat. She brought her hand up to grasp the base of his dick to control the depth of his thrusts.

Confused about what she had to do Rachel shut her eyes and just let her mouth go slack.

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"None of that. I want you to suck my dick like it's your favorite candy." He stilled the movements of his dick until he was just lying in her mouth. "And make it good, or else your mother is going to see her daughter get fucked by every man on this deck." With widened eyes, Rachel began to tentatively suck on his cock.

She circled the tip with her tongue and heard him grunt in approval. The hands in her hair loosened and began to caress her scalp as he murmured encouragement. A strange sense of warmth built low in her stomach and her nipples hardened to little points.

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Her position of her kneeling with her legs spread causes the sea air to caress her inner thighs and womanhood. Her spit began to lubricate his dick and it slid further into her mouth on accident. Rachel heard his gasp of pleasure and felt a strange surge of satisfaction that she could elicit such a sound from a man like him.

She slid another inch into her mouth and was rewarded with a loud groan. She felt powerful and flushed with heat. The audience and background faded away until it was just her and her Captain. When had she begun to think of him as her captain she wondered? But she couldn't even lie to herself anymore. She loved the feel of his thick cock pressing against the back of her throat. She moaned at the salty taste of liquid that slowly leaked out of the tip. Captain heard her moan and began to thrust into her mouth.

His sexy little wench was a natural at this. Her hot little mouth increased the suction on his dick and he stiffened his knees to keep from coming.

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But it was too late; this little virginal vixen was just too much. Hot spurts of liquid hit the back of her throat and Rachel swallowed automatically. The spurts became too much so she jerked back to gasp air. Jets of hot thick cum hit her chin and lips. She opened her eyes to find the Captain staring down at her in amazement. He reached down and swiped up his cum on his finger and held it to her mouth.

Keeping her eyes locked on his, Rachel silently opened her mouth and sucked the remaining cum off his finger and swallowed. His eyes flared with renewed lust as he lifted her off the ground and into his arms. For her ears only he whisper, "My name is Andrew. I want you to know it since you'll be screaming it later." For the others he said louder, "I've made my choice, I suggest the rest of you do the same.

It's going to be a long six months at sea." With those parting words, he slammed the cabin's door with his prize in his arms. to be continued.