Hardcore gaging compilation xxx gina valentina gets her wish

Hardcore gaging compilation xxx gina valentina gets her wish
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I couldn't even tell you how it started, except to say that we'd all been drinking. Somehow it was completely normal to me that she was there in the bedroom, kissing me and caressing my breasts. I was dressed in a simple black dress. Her in a purple dress. You both undressed me; her from the front, you from behind. My dress lifted over my head. I had on white lingerie with garter belt which had to be unlaced, it felt good to be able to breathe more freely as I was now breathing much harder than usual.

My undergarments fell to the ground. I found myself feeling completely vulnerable, and all I could think about was is this happening? This is happening! I'm so turned on.is this real? What if I don't do something right? This is."ohhhhhh.ahhhhh" I moaned as . You both attacked at once, sandwiching me between your two bodies. Her lips met mine and our tongues danced. I felt your breath on my neck as you nibbled at my skin.

A hand found it's way into my panties, I couldn't tell you whose it was. I felt fingers slip between my outer lips to play with my clit, at the same time she bent down and took my bare nipple in her mouth. It was already pointing out but it became harder with her attention.

I turned to kiss you over my shoulder, I could feel your rock hard cock pressed up against my ass, grinding me through your pants.

The finger moved faster across my clit as she alternated sucking between my nipples, pinching and tugging the one not in her mouth with her perfectly manicured fingers. I came quickly, surprising even myself with how suddenly it happened. She stood up smiling, and kissed me. I felt the hand removed from my now soaking panties and I turned around to face you. Dropping to my knees I started to unfasten your pants.

My mouth watered at the idea of sucking on that rock hard rod.


Looking to my left I saw your hand buried between her legs. I worked your pants down so that your cock sprang up in front of my face, I swallowed it eagerly, teasing the head with my tongue momentarily before pushing my face toward your waist. You fell back slowly, hand on the back of my head to keep me in place, sitting on the bed while simultaneously removing your other hand from her pussy and pushing her down next to me.

We took turns sucking your cock, alternating back and forth. I would kiss and suck your balls(yep that's right.no ball phobia) while she swallowed him down her throat, only to swap positions to mirror her behavior while she mirrored mine. Sometimes we would lick up and down either side of your shaft, allowing our tongues to meet at the head leading to kisses.

At the same time she reached over to tease and twist my nipples. She commented on how much she loved to see them respond. My nipples have always been very sensitive, something she took full advantage of. After quite a while you told us to stop and climb up into the bed.

We stood, and she was breathtaking. I dove at her left breast, sucking the nipple through the lace until it poked out at me. You sat idly on the bed, slowly rubbing your dick as you watched us make out with each other.


She was playing with and teasing my breasts and caressing my clit ever so softly. I still remember clearly the first time she shoved a finger inside me.that's when I knew it wasn't her before.

Her hands were softer, fingers slimmer. She entered me with no hesitation or warning. Not that I needed either, I was dripping down my leg having fully soaked the minuscule lace triangle that passed for underwear. She put a second finger in beside the first and began moving them together quickly in and out.

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At one point she crossed them, like you do when you tell a lie.it was amazing how that filled me in a whole new way. I'd never done anything like that with another woman before, I felt so uncertain as to what I should do.

So I started just copying her actions, placing two of my own fingers into her pussy.

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She was so warm and wet, and so very soft. Like hot silk. I mimicked her actions, crossing my fingers and moving them in and out of her at a steady pace. I gained more confidence as she moaned into my mouth, and started doing to her what I knew I loved having done to me. Then changing to doing the things to her that she responded to most.

She liked pain.I could tell.

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I bit down on her nipple and she screamed. I started to pull back, but her hand on the back of my head told me my instincts were right. I sucked and kissed the nipple softly then bit down again.

She nearly threw me down onto the bed and fell on top of me, ravishing my mouth with hers. I felt kisses on the side of my neck and your hand joined hers between my legs.

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You teased my clit while she fingered my pussy, your dick rubbing slowly and hotly against my ass. I came again hard, and she laughed a little saying she loved how easily I did.

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There was more kissing after that, just gentle light kisses as my body calmed down. I felt numb at alive at the same time. You pulled her up so thatyou both were kneeling on either side of me. You were sucking on her right nipple and she was jacking off your dick.

I lay there in my stupor watching your precum gathering on the fat purple head. I scooted down a bit and flicked out my tongue.

I couldn't quite suck your cock, but I could lick the precum off every time her hand moved back down your shaft. I lay there watching her right hand working your rod while her left rubbed desperately at her perfect pussy. I heard you whisper something to her, but couldn't make out what, and all at once she stopped what she was doing. She looked down at me and grinned a cheshire grin before dropping back off the bed and walking to the end.

I felt her crawl back up the bed between my legs, and soon her tongue teasing my clit.

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Her hand slid up my leg until they found my soaking wet tunnel and her her fingers began moving in and out of me at a deliberately slow pace. At the same time, you had laid down next to me, your head down by my legs so that your dick was almost laying on my cheek. I sucked you in greedily, relishing in the flavor of you.

You pulled back, setting the pace for us. I lay there, caressing you with my tongue as you fucked my mouth. I imagined this must almost be what it's like to be with two men.almost. I couldn't believe how intense it was to be filled and fucked so gently from both ends.


I knew I'd be coming again soon.it was so intense for me. You shifted a little, pulling her legs toward him; putting us all in an sort of triangle. You were eating her out while she devoured me and I consumed you.

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I adjusted a little so I was slightly more on my side in order to make it easier for her and also so that I could start sucking you faster. Surprisingly, she came first, her screams vibrating through my sex. Though I followed soon after, she was relentless and held her lips fast to my clit through my entire orgasm. We sat up to finish you off together. Just as we started we were once again alternating who was sucking, or both licking. My left hand played with your balls while I held tight to your ass with my right to steady myself.

You came hard and fast, splitting it between us; coating my tongue first then hers. She and I shared a messy salty kiss, before both swallowing the prize he'd awarded us. And like a good girl.I didn't spill a drop.