Girl showing off her assets

Girl showing off her assets
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This is my first try at writing a story. Please comment and let me knowed what if am doin wrong and if you even like it a little. This is a true story when I was 12 and I stayed at my cousin's house for the summer. Jodymy cousin, was 13.

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Neither of us were virgins after last summer (but that is another story). Our mommies are sisters and look very young. In fact they both are frequently mistaken for 11 to 13 years old girls. If they put on the right clothes nobody would ever think they were anything but young girls. Both sisters got pregnant when they were 12 and had there babies (me and Jody) when they was 13.

Jody's mommy, Tina, is 26 and mine, Susie, is 25. Each has been pregnant 2 more times (Tina has 3 daughters - Jody - 13, Carrie - 10 & Maria - 9 and Susie has 3 daughters Jasmine - 12, Janey - 11, & Kristen - 9). Our mommies do NOT take birth control and they do NOT allow there daughters to take it either.

It is either get the boy to pull out or wear a condom and neither happens very often. None of us are very smart, except for Kristen. All of us dummies and have failed at least one grade and a couple of us twice.


Our mommies only went to the 8th grade before quitting school so they is no help with our school work. For this reason my cousins, sisters, auntie & mommy tried to get the writing of this right Enough background information! I taked the bus to there house and when I getted there Jody was in summer school.

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Tina suggested that we go over to the mall and hangout/shop. I said that sound great to me and Tina said she would be ready in a few minutes but she had to change clothes first All of us except Jody are on the small side in height and weight. Jody has reasonably big titties and the rest of us are very small (A or AA cups and not bigger that 32).

Janey and me can wear girls size 6 or 6x (almost a toddler).But it means that skirts or dresses are very short. Panties are tight but they fit even though they often create a visible panty line. She came back from the bedroom and I assumed that she was wearing Carrie's clothes because she looked like an 11 year old girl. She asked me how I felt about the clothes she was wearing. I told her that she looked great and that I bet the boys loves how she looks (she was wearing a yellow tank top, a yellow mini-skirt and gown up heels, about 4".

Her tank top did NOT do a very good job covering her black bra and you could see her black bikini panties thru the skirt (not to mention all you could see when she sat down). They only lived about 4 blocks from the mall so we left to walk there.

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When we got to the mall, we went into the food court, got a soda and sat down. We sat in the food court for about half hour, when a bunch of black boys came and started talking to us. After a while two boys sat down on either side of me and Tina. We sat and talked to the boys for a while when one of the boys sitting next to me put his arm around me and started to kiss me.

At first it was very gentle but then he rammed his tongue into my mouth. I got really excited and was really getting into the kissing.

I looked over at Tina. Not only was one of the boys was kissing her but he had is hand under her skirt while another boy was rubbing Tina's titties.

It looked like the boy was trying to get his hand inside of her panties and I could see her moving her butt to make it easier for the boy to get his hand in her panties. She was moaning and moaning. I thought the boys not only had his hand in her panties but it looked like he was finger fucking her pussy. And she kept moaning and moaning. I guess that I should have been paying attention to the boy I was kissing, because he had is hand under my skirt and was trying to get his hand into my panties.

I moved my butt so he could get his hand inside my panties, and then I felt him slide a finger into my pussy. After finger fucking me. for what seemed like hours but was really only a couple of minutes, I felt him slide a second finger into my pussy and then a third finger. I must have been moaning to because all I could think about was getting my panties off and the boy sticking his cock in my pussy.

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I looked at Tina as she and the boy were walking out of the food court. The boy I was with asked me if I wanted to go for a walk with him. I told him sure. (I knew that he wanted to walk me over to an abandoned house next to the mall that is boarded up, but somebody had gotten in and there were now mattresses in most of the rooms and lots of booze and drug stuff laying around). I knowed that when we got to the house the boy intended to take my panties off and fuck me. I didn't have any problem with what was about to happen, after all it was NOT the first time I had been to that house.

What worried me the most was all the friends that the boy had with him at the food court. Tina had already gotten to the house and when we went inside Tina was on her back, no panties on and her skirt pulled up around her waist with the biggest cock I had ever seen inside her pussy.

The boy was fucking her like there was no tomorrow and she was moaning and meeting every thrust the boy made with her own thrust.


The boy I was with pulled my skirt up around my waist and pulled my panties down. He told me to lay down next to my girlfriend and to spread my legs.

I did as I was told and the boy was on top of me before I was completely laying down. I felt his monster cock rubbing at the entry to my soaking wet pussy and then I felt him start to push it into my pussy.

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It felt so wonderful and filling and then I realized that he was all the way inside me. I could tell by her voice that Tina was having a wild orgasm and I could see the boy's body tense up and I knowed that he was pumping her full of his baby seed. He got up off of Tina and another boy got on top of her. Then I knowed then that me and Tina was gonna be gangbanged.

I started to have an orgasm that made my body shake from head to toe and I could tell the boy was about ready to pump his baby seed into me.

I asked him to please don't cum inside my pussy because I did NOT want to get pregnant. He started laughing and told me that to avoid getting pregnant was my problem NOT his. About that then I felt him tense up and I could feel his baby seed as he pumped it into my pussy.

I realized that there had been about nine boys at the mall. I started to wonder how many times Tina and I were gonna get fucked. It turned out that each of us got fucked by each boys (nine times not counting if a boy fuck us more than once). Afterwards we both had gigantic amounts of the boys baby seed in our pussies.

When the last boys finished Tina put her legs up the wall with her butt against the wall. She telled me that I should do the same thing.

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She telled me that it would keeps us from getting pregnant. But, it seemed kind of strange being in that position because it kept the cum from running out of our pussies and was instead making sure that it stayed in us. It sure worked because three weeks later we both did pregnancy tests.

The tests showed that both Tina and I were pregnant. I asked her if she got pregnant during the gangbang and she said that was when it happened. I asked her if she realized the boys was like 10 to 12 years old. She said no she didn't realize that but it no matter because even boys that age could fire the real thing inside of us.

PS We have a lot of trouble trying to shop at rhe mall, because almost every store tells us to leave and come back with a parent