Triple Play means amateur swingers having threesome sex

Triple Play means amateur swingers having threesome sex
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Sorry for any typos. Please enjoy and comment! Chapter 6 Nergal was crouched over an empty alley, scribbling incantations on the ground in human blood that he was reading off a sheet of the flesh from a man's back. He was mumbling curses as he tried to keep count of the symbols and remember their specific order. There were thousands of different symbols, all drawn around a ring that was a hundred feet in diameter and even stretched into the third dimension on the walls of the buildings on either side of the alley.

Abaddon landed beside him, coming to check in on his progress. "Damn it, why the Hell am I doing this useless shit? I hate this spell stuff," he complained. "These symbols will save you valuable time and probably your life.

When I first summoned a Horror Obelisk to this realm, I memorized the energy equation needed to compensate for the different dimensional factor and altered it for this situation. These symbols are the equation in a written form. Using this arrangement of incantations, the spell will take a fraction of the time and energy it would normally require without experience.

You should be thanking me, I had to memorize thousands of symbols, flawlessly alter the equation, and then write it down for you newbies. Keep working and do it right, or else we're all screwed." "You know, I am ordered to try and kill you if I see you." The red-haired Archangel said, looking out over the city from the roof of an office building. Of all the Archangels in New York, she was the youngest, being just over half a century old with the body of a teenage girl.

"But never have you truly attempted it…" Baltoh mused, standing ten feet away with his arms cross. "What do you want, Baltoh? I could get in big trouble for talking to you." "That's just what I want Rosemary, to talk to you," he said, walking over to her. She finally turned to him, studying his face with her bright blue eyes. "What do you think I am, not just as a person, but as an entity?" "Are you asking because I am the only Archangel aside from Gabriel that sought a truce with you?" "It was never a truce you sought, you wanted to be with me.

Gabriel sees me as a positive force in the universe, but you wanted to do more than fight by my side, you wanted to live by my side as well." A gentle breeze blew between them, making Rosemary's long red hair flutter and Baltoh's burning halo shimmer. Baltoh then leaned against the short wall lining the roof with Rosemary, but she turned around.

"Do you remember those years we spent in Hell together?" "Yes, I do. You were just a newbie Archangel, a bright-eyed rookie with dreams of changing the world." Rosemary laughed as she thought back to it. "I wanted to help lessen the Gargoyle population, and I thought that if I went straight to the source, then I would be able to cut down their numbers. Of course it wasn't that easy and I was brought close to death more times than I could count.

I remember it so clearly, falling to the ground, beaten and battered after having been ambushed and overpowered by a group of Demons. As I listened to them talk about how they planned to rape and kill me, I tried to work a single spark of energy so that I could teleport out of Hell. Then, when all hope seemed lost, you appeared and slaughtered them all with a single swing of your sword. You healed my wounds, helped me regain my strength, and taught me about Hell.

I stayed with you for that month because you amazed me and I was thankful to you for saving my life. I could have left any time, but I wanted to be with you. Three days, that was how long I had before they would notice my disappearance in Heaven, but in Hell, it was three wonderful years.

I was desperate to find out everything I could about you, but you never told me even a single fact about yourself. But even without knowing anything about you, I had fallen in love before I knew it. Is that why you're asking me?" "I'm asking you, because in order for you to have ever felt that way about me, you had to have studied me and watched me closely. You had to have analyzed me, and because of that, you know me better than most others." He said softly.

"But I didn't know you well enough. You rejected me, remember? You said that you were incapable to sharing my feelings. I was denied even a single kiss." "I thought I was, but it turns out I've fallen in love." "With a human, I know.

I saw you two kiss in that building. Why are you coming to me now? After all, it seems like you two are just fine on your own," Rosemary asked coldly as she looked into the breeze. "She asked me for something that most men pray to receive and ask for instead. I say that because while I know little but wrath, I know that it is a women's heart and mind that must be unlocked in a relationship, while the man is always willing.

That's basically the status quo of all relationships." "So what was your original question?" "What do you think I am, as both a person and an entity?" He asked, shifting his stance and looking into the breeze the way she had done. She raised her hand and gently brushed her soft fingers against the side of his face. "That's the thing Baltoh, no one knows what you are aside from an anomaly.

Maybe Jehovah does, but we certainly don't. As for what you are as a person, well… as I said before, you rejected me, remember? I can't answer that question, because you won't let me in to see who you really are." "I'm just trying to find out how much I am going to change if I stay with her, and why I love her in the first place." Rosemary was silent for several moments. "I think you love her because of what she is.

You are both an Archangel and a Demon, a combination of the two ultimate supernatural beings, but that woman is neither, she is just a powerless human. You were brought to life through death and anger of millions of killers who slew evil in the name of justice and sought that justice through murder. She on the other hand is a vibrant and caring woman, who I imagine is full of love and energy.

She's your exact opposite in every way. I think the reason why you are with her is because you are trying to find peace and balance. Just like how you have somehow found balance between the light of Archangel powers and the darkness of Demon powers, your heart is trying to find balance between the hatred that has kept you going and fighting and the feeling of love and happiness that has shaken you to your core." Baltoh shifted his gaze, letting her words sink in.

"Time in Heaven does not pass as quickly as it does in Hell, every day here on Earth is a day in Heaven and a year in Hell. You are the oldest of us and undoubtedly the strongest. You've lived for eons with your soul filled with nothing but anger and a thirst for battle, don't you think it's time to forgive the universe and try to let some of that anger go? Don't you think it's time for you to be happy?" Baltoh looked back up at her, staring into her eyes.

"If you truly want my advice, then here it is: give this woman what she wants. If she is truly willing to be open when no other woman would, then I think she is trying to tell you to be that open as well. For once Baltoh, close your wings and open your heart." "Thank you," he replied, standing up and turning away. "Wait," Rosemary said, drawing his attention back to her. "My advice comes with a cost. "What do you want?" "What I always wanted from you, ever since we met.

Just one kiss," she said with a small smile as she walked over to him. "Rosemary, I can't. I—" She placed her finger on his lips and silenced him. "Just a single kiss, nothing more. Please, just let me know what it's like; let me know what it feels like to be her." Baltoh gave only a deep breath in reply. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Rosemary stood up on her toes and kissed him, forming an airtight seal with their lips. For several seconds, their lips joined and parted over and over again before they finally separated.

Rosemary stepped back with a smile on her face. "It's as beautiful as I imagined it would be. I envy her, I truly do. Thank you, Baltoh, that meant a lot to me," She said gratefully. Baltoh slowly gained one of his rare smiles and nodded before taking off, feeling much better than he had before. Molly was sitting at Selene's island table with her mouth hanging open and her eyes rolled back. Baltoh had his glowing hand wrapped around her head, using his powers to restore the memories that he had originally erased.

Molly had no idea what was going on; Selene had just invited her to her apartment for an evening of movies. She never even saw Baltoh or felt him place his fingers on her scalp; he just moved towards her invisibly and took her like a kidnapper with a chloroform rag. It had taken a while for Selene and Baltoh to work up the courage to invite her and attempt to retrieve her memories for a threesome, but after Selene ended the call, she could feel her libido beginning to shimmer as memories came rushing back like the juices of an orgasm and mixing with the arising fantasies.

She truly wanted this, and as she became more and more excited, she began recounting the story of her first fling with Molly to Baltoh. At first he was skeptical and withdrawn at the idea of intimacy with this stranger, intimacy itself still a quagmire to him, but as Selene described that night on the office floor with particularly vivid detail, he could feel his own sex drive growing in strength and desire. Standing beside this woman, restoring her memories, Baltoh let his gaze wander up and down her curved frame.

He liked what he saw, and was beginning to look forward to this. "Tell me, Selene, what is the real reason why you want this?" Baltoh asked, eyeing Molly's bountiful bosom. "What do you mean?" Baltoh smiled and gave a small laugh. "We haven't known each other long, but I can see right through you." Selene gave a lazy smile and let her eyes drift up Molly's figure, the figure that she was intimately familiar with.

"Some friendly vengeance I guess. Alcohol doesn't give people different personalities; it shows a small part of who they really are. Molly and I were both drunk off our asses and our true colors were played out and it seems some part of me enjoys being with women and some part of Molly wants to dominate me.

Curled up with our faces between each other's legs was one of the most pleasurable times of my life, but regardless, Molly did take advantage of me.

I want to punish her, but I hold no grudge against her and feel nothing but the care of our friendship, so I want to punish her in a way we can all enjoy. Now I have you, my Hell-stallion. I want to see her get fucked, fucked hard. I want to be the one to use her this time, I want to be the one in control, I want her to obey my orders and take it as hard as I want her to.

But she is my friend and I love her, so I want us all to be happy. Now I have the man I love who is very "well equipped" to do that, the man who has changed my life and shown me a world that I never knew existed." Baltoh smiled, feeling happy at the sight and sound of her happiness.

'It's just as Rosemary said: she is being this open so that I will be as well. She wants me included in her life, in her fantasies, in her plans of the future. She wants me to be a part of every deep dark secret she has, because that's how much she loves me,' Baltoh thought to himself, feeling a joyous warmth fill his heart as he gazed into Selene's adoring eyes.

"It's done," Baltoh said, releasing Molly and stepping back while becoming invisible. Without even seeing Baltoh behind her, Molly bolted to her feet and looked around wildly, more disoriented than the night she discovered peach schnapps.

She looked at Selene, gripping the sides of the table as if an earthquake was shaking the building. The memory of Baltoh crashing through the office building and Selene revealing his identity was flashing in her mind like a strobe light. Selene's bright green eyes kept flickering up and down, holding Molly's pretty blues and then breaking the gaze. "Selene&hellip. I… who was…" she stammered, trying to remember every detail of the winged man, standing behind her without her even aware.

With each second that passed by, Molly became more wild and confused, eventually coming to the point that Selene feared that she was going to have a complete mental breakdown.

Looking past Molly at the invisible Baltoh, Selene nodded with a stony expression. Molly suddenly yelped as Baltoh wrapped his long tail around her like a boa constrictor to restrain her, taking the initial pleasure of feeling her body.

He became visible and stepped forward, standing right behind Molly and gently breathing on her neck. The beautiful blonde was completely terrified and looked straight ahead at Selene. "Shhh, relax," he whispered in her ear, making Molly shiver.

"Molly, you remember that guy I told you about? This is Baltoh, a Demon-Archangel hybrid." On cue, Baltoh brought his vast wings into her peripheral vision as if they were closing in on her from all sides and placed his hands on her bare arms, gently dragging his claws against her silky flesh and giving her goose bumps.

He leaned his head past her shoulder and she nervously turned, looking upon his face and the calm/curious expression he was wearing. She noted the grayish skin, the silvery eyes, the burning halo above his head, and the overall handsomeness of his appearance, something which strangely calmed her. "Don't worry, you're safe." She shivered at his words, but not out of fear. From there, Selene summarized most of what Baltoh had told her and about what was happening.

She recounted who he was, that he was from Hell, how he was born as a Demon and gained Archangel powers, his war with the forces of darkness and his bloody feud with the forces of Heaven, what he was doing on Earth, and how they met. Essentially, she told Molly just enough to keep her from asking further questions. As she spoke, Baltoh's breath was gently blowing on Molly's neck and bare shoulders as he sampled her sweet perfume and the smell of her soft flesh. He was starting to like this girl; he could feel his sexual desire for her growing in power.

It was not as focused and emotionally complex as his desire for Selene; it was purely instinctual. As the minutes passed, Molly became less fearful and more anxious. The feeling of Baltoh's ropey but powerful tail squeezing and rubbing against her body was replacing her original terror with sexual excitement. "Molly, do you remember what I said when we were at the office? What I described?" Selene said, walking around the island table and leaning against it.

Molly bit her lip and nodded. "Before I helped you up, you asked me if we could have a threesome, do you remember?" Selene asked, stepping towards her.

Molly nodded again. "Do you still want one?" Selene softly ask, her face inches from Molly's. The aroused blonde nodded a third time, now with a coy smile. In reply, Selene leaned forward and kissed Molly, letting their lips join and separate over and over again.


Watching them intently, Baltoh could feel his erection reaching its full size and pressed it against Molly's rear, making her squirm in desire and lust as she felt the size. Selene finally ended the kiss with Molly and turned to Baltoh. She leaned forward with her hand on his cheek and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues danced around each other while their lips met like crashing waves, all while Molly hungrily watched them.

After only half a minute, Baltoh pulled away from her and turned to Molly. His long forked tongue slowly reached out like a charmed snake, making Molly's eyes widen. He flitted his tongue between her rosy lips and slid it in, tasting the inside of her mouth and relishing her succulent flavor. Their lips touched and they began making out with Molly deep-throating Baltoh's tongue.

Suddenly, Molly jerked and emitted a moan of pleasure. Selene had just reached into her skirt, under her moist thong, and was rubbing her vanilla slit, all while squeezing her own breasts. "Let's move this to the bedroom," Selene purred, feeling the unique sexual urges from the night of the Christmas party returning. Molly suddenly yelped as Baltoh picked her up off her feet and carried her with only his tail. Retracting his wings into his back, he followed Selene into the bedroom and lowered Molly onto the bed, who was filled with both terror at the Demon-Archangel hybrid and sexual excitement as the host of the ménage à trois stripped down, standing completely naked and licking her lips.

Baltoh took a step back as Selene climbed up onto the bed, slithering behind Molly like a serpent. Molly looked up and locked lips with Selene, the two of them kissing gently while the latter helped the former undress, taking off all her clothes so that the two naked woman were pressed against each other. Without clothes in the way, Selene slid her hand down Molly's flat belly and began working her fingers between her legs, getting the soft pale lips as wet as possible while she fondled and massaged Molly's breasts.

Watching Selene and Molly's tongues rub against each other in an oiled dance between their lips, Baltoh could no longer contain his throbbing sex drive. He pulled off his own clothes, instantly catching a hungry look from Molly as she laid eyes on his muscular erection. His tail swishing and jumping behind him in excitement, Baltoh moved up onto the bed and crouched down before Molly. She spread her legs wide to invite him and Selene moved her hand, granting him access to the blonde beauty's gate of paradise.

Baltoh looked up at Selene, seeking confirmation one last time that she wanted this. Selene ended her kiss and nodded to him, causing Molly to look down and gaze in astonishment as Baltoh extended his long forked tongue and tickled the very exterior of her vagina.

Molly's breathing became fast and heavy and she bit her lip as the two tips of his tongue gently touched her soft flesh, taking an initial taste of her juices. Baltoh licked her a second time, poking and prodding the labia and making her hum and shiver in the teasing euphoria of the jiggling appendage touching her so intimately. Baltoh finally inserted his tongue into her, making give a shrill whine of pleasure as he orally entered her.

He began swishing his tongue around and side to side in her velvet sleeve while he worked his lips against the entrance, stimulating her clitoris in ways that she had never before experienced. Molly moaned in ecstasy, unable to comprehend the pleasure that he was giving her. At her moans, Selene got up on her knees with Molly's head resting on her stomach and hefted her firm breasts in her face.

Molly hungrily took them with her lips, sucking on her left nipple and swirling her tongue around the areola as if her life depended on it. Feeling her friend excite the nerve endings with such dedication, Selene hummed softly and rolled her head back, letting the warm jubilation roll over while she flexed her fingers in her cunt, taking them out after every other minute to lick off the succulent fluid. "Oh god, I think I'm going to cum!

Oh please don't stop!" Molly begged, releasing Selene's wet nipple. With his face buried between Molly's legs, Baltoh looked up at Selene through his burning halo. Selene winked at him and he winked in return, retracting his tongue and pulling away from her, regrettably so, as her juices were addictively delicious. "Why did you stop? That would have been the best orgasm of my life!" Molly exclaimed, already glistening with sweat from the energetic euphoria that she had been about to experience.

"You don't get to cum until I say you can," Selene whispered with her lips pressed against Molly's lips. Baltoh sat up on his legs and lifted his cock, pointing it right at Molly's face.

"Go on, suck it," Selene aggressively purred. Molly licked her lips and got on her hands and knees with her neck bent. She tentatively wrapped her hand around his phallus, unable to even touch her fingers to her thumb. She moved her hand back and forth, stroking out any flaccidity with the head just inches from her face. She slowly took the head in her mouth, trying to fit as much as she could. Baltoh groaned as he felt her tongue tickling and feeling every centimeter of the hot skin, flitting and wiggling it in the slit at the top and working it under the ridge above the beginning of the shaft.

Molly began bobbing her head back and forth, trying to see how much of Baltoh's cock she could take with the tip prodding the back of her throat and almost making her gag. A sudden convulsion came out of shock from Selene's actions. With most of the bed taken by Baltoh and Molly, Selene was forced to lay sideways across her pillow. She had a coy smile on her face, having just inserted her finger into Molly's asshole. She was wiggling it around in the tight orifice, taking great pleasure in watching Molly squirm.

She then removed her finger and wrapped her lips around it, sucking it clean. Taking the initiative, she spread Molly's ass cheeks and pressed her lips against her anus while inserting her tongue.

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Molly groaned and hummed as she blew Baltoh, loving the feeling of Selene's tongue stirring her asshole and the wetness of her mouth mixing with the wetness of her tight anus. While she gorged herself on Molly's asshole, Selene worked her fingers in her cunt, often stopping to work the pussy juice into Molly's anus. When she did this, she would remove her lips and work her fingers into the ring, mixing the two fluids together. Then she would spread her anus with her fingers and make Molly shiver as she spat into the orifice, leaving a white glob of saliva nestled right the sensitive folds of her rectum before continuing to eat her out.

On the other end, Molly would often take Baltoh's cock out of her mouth, just so that she could spit on the head and then rub her saliva across the shaft.

She would smear his cock across her face, coating herself in her spit and Baltoh's pre-cum like makeup, and put it back in her mouth, where her head would bob back and forth as she would take as much as she could without throwing up. After a few minutes, Selene got up and lied beside Molly, who relinquished Baltoh's cock. Selene hungrily took it, licking the shaft and head slurping off Molly's saliva as if it were the most delicious Popsicle on Earth. With a warm smile, Baltoh reached down and brushed her hair, making her look at him with love and happiness in her eyes.

She took his cock out of her mouth and gave it back to Molly, who took great joy in licking off Selene's spit. Selene then turned around and lied on her back with her legs spread. Molly reluctantly moved aside and Baltoh crouched over her, giving her a long and passionate kiss to show that his feelings for her were in no way affected by Molly's presence, and Selene returned the kiss to answer the message.

With a smile, he sat on his heels and put it cock right where it belonged. Selene cried out in a mix of euphoric pleasure and pain as the muscular phallus penetrated her like a fist, making her arch her back and grip the side of the bed to keep from being forced against the headboard.

With his cock lodged all the way in her, Baltoh held her by the hips and began driving deep into her with long powerful thrusts, very slowly bringing up his speed as he stretched her pussy to the required point. Beside them, Molly was fingering herself and pulling on her nipples, staring at Selene with envy and impatience as the desire to be fucked by Baltoh overcame her. Deciding to get involved in the action, she swung her leg over Selene's head and began straddling her face in the same way Selene had rode hers during the Christmas party.

Selene grabbed Molly's glorious ass and gorged herself on her pussy, making the blonde have to lean over on all fours from the paralyzing waves of joy Selene was sending through her body. Reaching his full speed, Baltoh began hammering Selene's cunt like a machine, making the bed creak like a room full of rocking chairs and Selene's tits bounce and roll like two water balloons.

He leaned forward over Selene and she wrapped her legs around him while he sucked on her breasts, all the while fucking her with powerful swings of his pelvis. His knife-like barbed tail was jerking and whipping the floor from his excitement. Baltoh raised his head, looking at Molly's round ass less than half a foot from his face. He leaned forward and inserted his tongue into her anus the way Selene had done and pressed his lips against the ring, anally pleasuring her with his mouth.

From the incredible stimulation in her cunt and asshole, Molly was moaning in delight, gyrating her hips while Selene feasted on her delicious pussy and Baltoh licked every corner of her asshole with the cheeks rubbing against his face, loving the void taste. "Oh god!" Molly cried out, having an orgasm that shook her to the point that she thought that she would fall apart like a house of cards.

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Selene and Baltoh orally hung onto her, refusing to stop licking as she experienced an anatomical earthquake of sensual gratification. As the orgasm came to an end, Molly dismounted Selene as if her face was a bicycle and she had just ridden in the Tour De France. She rolled on her back against the headboard, rubbing the lips of her pussy. Selene sat up, her face and hair wet with Molly's juices, and kissed Baltoh, the two of them exchanging the flavors that filled their mouths.

"Oh please fuck me! I want to be fucked!" Molly begged. Without looking at Molly, Selene smiled and pressed her cheek against Baltoh's. "Give it to her, hard," she purred. Baltoh nodded with an aroused smile and lied back on the bed, his cock pulsing slightly with each beat of his heart.

Reaching out with his tail, he picked up Molly as if she were as light as air and lowered her onto his lap facing him. Shaky with excitement, Molly grasped his cock and guided it to her pussy, fearful at having never taken one so large and wondering how it would even fit. She had to lift herself up off her knees just to get on top of it. Molly pressed the head against her lips and tried to guide it in, wincing at the already uncomfortable size.

Gripping her by the hips, Baltoh slowly pulled her down, driving up into her and making her scream as if she had just been stabbed. Molly was completely paralyzed as she tried to process the huge shape inside her; it felt like a python was trying to turn her into its den. Moving like a stalking lioness on the hunt, Selene crawled over to Baltoh while looking at Molly with a coy look her face, finally getting back at her for the party.

Selene bent down and gave Baltoh a tender kiss, then proceeded to swing her leg over him and settle down on his face. She immediately began to coo and hum as Baltoh went to work, probing her cunt with his tongue and working his lips against the entrance.

With her whole body shaking, Molly began shifting back and forth to the sides, whimpering from the uncomfortable size on the cock inside her but slowly gaining some satisfaction out of it. Selene leaned forward, comforting her friend with a long and gentle kiss.

Their tongues passed their lips and began to swirl and wrap around each other, forming glistening threads of wetness between their mouths.

Together they formed a pyramid of pleasure, and the longer they were in this position, the more energetic Molly was while being fucked by Baltoh. Soon she was straddling him with more enthusiasm and even managing to tolerate a few inches of bouncing. Seeing that Molly was now getting used to it, Selene wanted to take it to the next level. She got off Baltoh and crouched down, licking her juices off his face.

"Make her scream," she whispered in his ear before kissing him. Baltoh nodded and turned Molly around on his cock so that her back was to him, making her cringe at the unexpected movement. Baltoh lifted her up as if she were weightless and slammed her down, making her scream in pain like the first time. He lifted her up with ease, surprised by the fact that there was no blood, and pulled Molly back down onto his cock. She screamed again, this time with some pleasure in her voice. He lifted her up a third time and slammed her back down, her scream now a high-pitched moan.

With a smile, he began moving her like a giant fleshlight, bouncing her on his cock with little effort. It took her a while, but in time, she began to take immeasurable pleasure in the penetration. With Baltoh holding her body and lifting her up and down, Molly was rubbing her pussy in bliss, which was stretched to its absolute maximum.

"Oh yes, fuck me! Oh FUCK!" she cried out while Selene crawled over to her and began licking the sweat off her naked body. Holding her stationary, Baltoh began moving his own body, jabbing up into her like a piston so quickly that his ball sack was an indistinguishable blur. Molly's screams and moans were silenced and replaced with a deep gagging sound. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her body became limp as she tried to process the intense sensations blasting through her veins.

Baltoh's cock was being driven so far into her so quickly, she could barely breath and her legs were completely numb. This was worlds beyond any fucking she had ever received with a human, and her body could barely cope with the dynamic pounding that Baltoh's bulging manhood was inflicting on her.

The rough slamming of her cunt brought about orgasm after orgasm until Baltoh finally had to stop to catch his breath. He lowered Molly down and laid her on her stomach, knocked out.

Concerned, Selene crawled over to her. "Molly, are you ok?" "Don't worry, she's fine. I kept a close eye on her physical and mental state to make sure I didn't endanger her or inflict any actual harm.

Her brain has just been completely overwhelmed by the sensations she felt while I fucked her and all the orgasms she experienced. It's basically a sexually induced seizure.

It's completely harmless, her brain is just rebooting itself," Baltoh said, panting like a dog. Relieved by the explanation, Selene licked her lips and crawled over to Baltoh, where she licked her friend's essence off his cock. After slurping up every drop of pussy juice, she climbed onto his lap and penetrated herself, bouncing on and riding his manhood as if it were a coin-operated ride.

She moaned softly as his cock stirred her pussy like a whisk and leaned forward, kissing Baltoh tenderly while he squeezed her shapely rear. After ten minutes, Molly began to stir, waking back up.

Hearing her hums of exhaustion, Selene dismounted Baltoh's dick and lied down on top of Molly, rubbing her breasts against her friend's back. Getting behind them, Baltoh fully revived Molly as he re-entered her, making her whimper in pleasure and her eyes bolt open.

As Baltoh moved back and forth inside Molly, Selene kissed her neck and rubbed their naked bodies together like two mating snakes. "Oh yes, fuck my pussy. Oh my god, it's so big," Molly moaned as Baltoh brought her to orgasm. He pulled out her pussy didn't pull away. Instead he used the lubrication of her juices to slide his cock between her firm ass cheeks like a hotdog in a bun, biting his lip at the kinky feeling of her soft flesh as he diverted the head back into Selene's pussy.

Still lying on top of Molly, Selene purred as her cunt was stretched like a rubber band and her oily juices dripped into Molly's spread ass. Baltoh began moving back and forth, fucking Selene shallowly so that he could keep grinding his cock in between Molly's smooth ass cheeks. Before long, he proceeded to the main event and fully-entered Selene, forcing his entire cock into her hungry pussy.

As she was mounted like a dog and fucked with fast powerful strokes, Selene couldn't stop herself from moaning in ecstasy. With Selene moaning right in her ear and her taut naked body rubbing and jiggling against hers, Molly was nearly brought to orgasm without any vaginal stimulation. "That's right baby, fuck me!" Selene groaned as her horniness made her bold and excited. After a few minutes of fucking her, Baltoh moved back down to Molly, pushing his glistening cock into her deliciously soft pussy, using the wetness from Selene as lubricant.

"Oh god, that feels so good!" Molly whined as he began thumping her, slowly moving up to full speed while Selene kissed her neck. For half an hour, Baltoh switched back and forth between the spooning women, fucking one for several minutes before moving to the other.

As they took turns being fucked, Selene and Molly were running their hands and touching themselves, though with Molly having her back to Selene, she had to mostly satisfy herself with rubbing her own pussy or fingering her lover's asshole. "Please, let me suck it. I really want to suck it," Molly pleaded as Baltoh brought Selene to her umpteenth orgasm. Wet and glistening, Baltoh pulled his cock out of Selene as she got off her friend. Desperate as a crack whore, Molly turned and tried to lick Baltoh's shaft, but Selene stopped her.

"Please, I want to taste it," Molly whined. Selene smiled and pressed her lips against the tip, leaving a large glob of spit. Molly desperately began sucking Baltoh off, slurping up her friend's spit and vaginal fluids as if her life depended on it.

While Molly blew Baltoh, Selene was on all fours by the headboard, spitting onto her hand and them wiping it on her asshole. "Baltoh, baby, I want you all the way inside of me. You're the only man I love and trust enough to let do this," She gasped, pointing her ass at Baltoh. The hybrid bit his lip in nervousness as the meaning hit him like a slap from a wet hand, unsure of if it was even anatomically possible to fit his cock in her.

But while he was filled with uncertainty and the last thing he wanted to do was cause the woman he loved any physical discomfort, her words did give him an easing warmth. He had said before that he could see right through her, and what she had told him held no lies, neither to him or herself.

She truly did trust him and love him.

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Molly sat back, a look of astonishment on her face as she realized that now was her time to provide the two lovers with some space. With Selene on all fours, Baltoh leaned over and left a line of kisses up her back and along her shoulder and neck, making her purr at his touch. "Are you sure you want this? There is no way I can do it without it hurting," he whispered in her ear. "It is the ultimate challenge, and you know how much I love challenges.

Any pain I will feel will be my trial in showing you my love." He replied with a kiss to the back of the ear and then sat up. "Wait, let me help," Molly said softly, kissing Baltoh on the shoulder and moving over to Selene.

Molly gently spread Selene's ebony ass cheeks and stretched her asshole with her middle fingers. Convulsing her cheeks, Molly dribbled a mouthful of saliva straight into Selene's anus, filling it up and making it overflow so that a small stream flowed down in between the moist lips of her pussy. Taking a deep breath, Baltoh pressed the head of his cock against her oiled asshole and slowly tried to push it in.

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Immediately, he grunted from the tightness of her asshole. He couldn't even fit the head in; it was like trying to fuck a rubber band for a lobster claw. He continued to push, slowly stretching her anus and making Selene whimper and cringe.

Beside her, Molly was spitting every glob of saliva she could gather onto the head of Baltoh's penis, lubricating him. Baltoh gnashed his teeth and carved a long crack in the floor with his tail as he finally managed to pop the head of his cock into her anus like pulling on a shirt that was far to small. Selene had her face rested against the headboard and was chewing on her pillow like a teething dog, whimpering in pain but not complaining and not signaling him to stop or slow down.

Now that he had worked the head in, the hardest part was over. Grateful for all the spit that Selene and Molly had used to lubricate her anus, Baltoh began to slowly push forward, millimeter by millimeter, biting his lip as he tried to withstand the tightness while Molly supportably spread Selene's ass cheeks. She also tried to comfort Selene, stroking her hair, kissing her naked flesh, and even working her fingers between Selene's legs.

Time passed, the minutes on the Selene's bedside alarm rolling with each inch, but eventually, Baltoh had worked his penis halfway into Selene, who was breathing heavily and trying not to move.

It was obvious that it was the limit that he could penetrate her. "Are you alright?" he asked, brushing his hand against her cheek as if checking for a fever. "I'm fine, just be gentle," she whispered, as if suffering from a bad sore throat.

Baltoh nodded and kissed her lower back, giving Selene a minute to get accustomed to the great mass stretching her anus. With her giving the OK, he slowly began to pull out of her, moving again millimeter by millimeter, and making her tremble and wince.

Keeping his head inside, he came to a stop and began pushing it back in. Selene brought her head up and gripped the sides of the headboard, panting heavily as her rectum was repacked. Continuing to move slowly, Baltoh could finally take note of how good her anus felt.

While her pussy had not nearly been as tight and devoid of lubrication, the slit-shape had been a strange fit around his cock. Now, her perfectly round asshole was squeezing it from all sides equally, and while it was clenching with incredible force, it was a much more natural fit.

Burying it almost up to the hilt, Baltoh gave Selene a minute before retracting his penis, this time pulling it back in a single stroke. Selene did not wince or whimper, instead, she bit her lip in pleasure and softly hummed. Molly once again spat on Baltoh's cock, lubing him up before he pushed all the way into her and pulled out. "Oh yes, that feels so good.

Just like that baby, just like that," she purred, laying her head down on the pillow with her ass sticking up into the air. Baltoh replied with a soft kiss on her back and stood up, unable to fuck her on his knees due to the angle of her ass. He reinserted his cock and proceeded to take up a slow and steady rhythm, moving up and down and letting her anus become accustomed to the bulk of his manhood.

Standing up over her, he was almost jumping as he plunged down into her like a yoyo. He moved in long slow strokes, turning her hums into moans of bliss that were slowly growing in volume as he grew in speed. While he rocked her world, Molly was behind her with her face buried in Selene's exposed cunt, taking the opportunity to begin going down on her. Before long, Baltoh was moving at a fast pace and the apartment was filled with the sounds of Selene's ass slapping against his thighs and her glorious moans of pleasure, both from the anal penetration and her best friend gorging herself on her hot, wet snatch.

The bed was creaking like an old house as it struggled to handle the downward slams of Baltoh plunging into Selene's asshole. Eventually, Baltoh reached his top speed and was slamming her asshole with such speed and power that it would forever be as loose as a pair of sweatpants. Selene was giving a ceaseless scream of mind-numbing euphoria, having lost all feeling from the waist down except the sensation of incredible pleasure. "Oh god, I'm cumming!" she hollered, her body convulsing as endless sensations shot through every fiber of her being.

After ten seconds, she became as limp as rag and collapsed on her side, panting heavily and trying not to pass out. Slowly, Baltoh removed his cock from her anus, which was gaping open and refused to return to its original size.

He pointed it downwards and Molly hungrily took it in her mouth, deep throating it and humming in joy as she sucked off the flavoring of Selene's ass. She eventually spat it out, leaving it with a thick coating of saliva.

"Ok, now it's my turn. I want you to fuck my ass just like you fucked hers," Molly said. "Selene?" Baltoh asked. "Go ahead, I just need a minute to rest.

She deserves to feel as good as I did." Molly moved to the foot of the bed and got on all fours, spitting into her hand and smearing her saliva in her anus. She even spread her ass cheeks and pulled the ring open so that Baltoh could spit into it, due that he couldn't do it because of his claws.

"Don't worry, it won't be as hard as with Selene. I've taken it up the ass before, and it's my favorite," She said with a sexy wink. Baltoh gave a tired smile and got back on his knees, moving over to her and pressing the head of his dick against her asshole. Gritting his teeth against the tightness, he slowly began working himself in with Molly hollering in ecstasy. While she was still incredibly tight, she had been right when she said that she was easier than Selene, as it was obvious that she had experience in anal sex.

However, Baltoh's size was completely new to her, as her hollers were mixed with screams of pain. Baltoh was able to get all the way inside her in just two minutes, much faster than with Selene.

Gripping Molly's hips, he began slowly pumping her, forcing her voice to increase in volume while his speed slowly rose. Before long, her ass was smacking against his thighs with the same glorious clapping sound as he fucked her like a dog, making her scream at the top of her lungs in pleasure and pain. Just he was about to kick it up to his maximum speed. Selene appeared beside Baltoh. He looked at her and was at awe by her beauty, the sweet smile on her face, and the unparalleled love in her eyes.

She leaned forward and began kissing him, both passionately and tenderly. Without ending the kiss, Baltoh went up to his top speed, fucking Molly's asshole so hard and so fast that the sound she was making almost sounded inhuman and the shaft of his cock could barely be discerned in the rapid movements, all while Selene gently ran her hand across his bare chest.

Before long, Molly gave out a particularly loud cry as Baltoh gave her a thunderous orgasm. Baltoh slowed down and came to a halt, finally pulling out of her and leaving her anus as a deep gaping crater.

Molly collapsed, gasping for air, and Baltoh sat against the wall with Selene beside him. "I can't hold out much longer.

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My stamina has run out and I'm close to reaching my climax," he panted. "Funny, you've been fighting nonstop for thousands of years, but a couple women from Earth can leave you completely drained," Selene mused, kissing Baltoh on the cheek. She then looked at her friend. "Molly, how about we finish him the same way we finish each other?" Tired but more than willing, Molly sat up with a smile.

"I'd love to." With Molly to his right and Selene to his left, Baltoh sat against the wall while the two women moved closer to each other, interlocking their legs and getting into the scissoring position with Baltoh's cock between their pussies.

Gyrating their hips, the two women began grinding the lips of their cunts against the shaft, and Baltoh's breathing became heavy as the soft skin rubbed against his dick in a way similar to a hand job. Just the mental feeling and the image were as good as the physical experience, both for him and his lover and sexual acquaintance. Selene and Molly were groaning softly in pleasure as they grinded his cock against their swollen pussies, loving the feeling the hot member against the lips, their smooth thighs rubbing against each other, and the act of reaching out and squeezing each other's breasts.

Finally, Baltoh grunted as several thick streams of semen shot out and up from the head, far more than any regular human amount. The white fountain covered Selene and Molly's laps, basically glazing their pussies in sperm. Staying pressed together, Selene and Molly slowly scraped the semen off his cock and resettled on his legs, scissoring to the point of orgasm as they both savored the feeling of Baltoh's seed sliding between their smooth wet pussies and the softness of each other's lips.

Having climaxed, the two women separated and got into the 69-position, feasting on the sperm that covered and filled their pussies as if it were chocolate syrup. After every glob was licked up, they both settled against Baltoh, curled up at his sides like affectionate cats. "That truly was most enjoyable," he sighed with his eyes closed and his erection finally deflating.

The two women just hummed in tired agreement with their faces buried his chest. With a smile, Baltoh sat up for a moment to let his wings extend from his body, them wrapped them around the women's naked bodies and sealed them in a cocoon of warmth. "I'm so glad we did this. We have got to do it more often," Selene purred, barely able to keep her eyes open.

"Invite me over whenever you want, I'm always ready and hungry for cock," Molly replied, giving a small stretch and rubbing her nipples against Baltoh's bare chest. "Oh, we'll definitely invite you," Baltoh said as Selene wrapped her fingers around his flaccid cock and gently stroked it, unable to tear herself away from it.

"Actually, don't invite me too often," Molly then said. Selene opened her eyes and looked at Molly. "What's wrong?" "Nothing. I would love to get fucked by you two every day. But I know you two are in love, and I don't want to get in the way. You two should be together most of the time, and this isn't a relationship for three. Consider me a once-a-week special." Selene smiled and leaned forward, kissing the blonde beauty and licking Baltoh's semen out of every corner of her mouth.

"I know you're mostly saying that because your entire lower body is completely numb and you don't think you could survive getting fucked that hard every day of the week, but I also know that you truly mean that, and I thank you," said Selene after she pulled away her lips, wet with Molly's saliva.

Baltoh leaned down with a smile, kissing Molly on the forehead and then Selene on the lips. Kept warm by his body heat from their naked bodies pressed together and the blanket-like wings, Selene and Molly slowly drifted to sleep with their legs wrapped around his thighs and faces buried in his chest.

With a smile on his face, Baltoh rested his cheek against the top of Selene's head and drifted to sleep. As planned, Baltoh woke up a few hours later in the middle of the night, fully rejuvenated. Selene and Molly were still pressed against him in the same position, their naked bodies feeling incredible against his.

He smiled, wondering how he would get up without waking them. As it turned out, his fears were not needed, as they were so deeply asleep that they didn't stir in the slightest when he got out from under them. Once on his feet, he picked them both up and set them straight in the bed with the blanket over them.

Their arms were wrapped around each other's naked bodies, their nipples were touching, and their foreheads were pressed together. Baltoh stood up and got dressed, smiling from the endorphins still rushing through his body.

He turned around and looked back at the sleeping women. They both looked so peaceful, so beautiful, and so sexy. He desperately wished he could climb under the covers with them and fall asleep with their naked bodies pressed against his, but after the first night he spent with Selene, he could not risk it; he could not risk isolating himself from New York City when there were now six Demons that could strike at any time.

Even with the Archangels around, the death toll would still be massive. Baltoh sat down on the bed and gently brushed the hair out of their faces, smiling as he admired their beauty. Then he leaned forward and gently kissed them each on the temple, as if they were not his sex partners, but his own daughters. "I will be back," he whispered with his face pressed against both of theirs.

A month had passed since Baltoh and Selene first made love, and to Baltoh, it was the greatest month of his life, as well as the most enlightening. Every day, often multiple times, he and Selene would get together and reenact that sweet passionate bond. Baltoh could not get enough of Selene's flawless body, he we practically idolized and worshipped her for her divine beauty, and loved her for her sweet soul and tender heart. Selene was very similar in that regard, in that nothing could ever appease her desire to ride and suck Baltoh's muscular cock.

Sure, she had always enjoyed sex, but never before had she desired it so powerfully and for so long. Being intimate with Baltoh was turning her into a wild vixen, as if her proximity to the half-Demon was turning her into a Demon in the sack. She just couldn't function without either walking bowlegged after being ridden like a wild mare or was about to be. Every minute that they were apart, they each day-dreamed about joining their bodies together in that loving physical bond, though that wasn't all they did when they were together.

They spent as much time as they could talking, with Baltoh asking everything he could about Selene's past and trying to learn as much as he could about the woman he loved, and Selene probing his subconscious to learn as much as she could about the way his mind worked. Since he didn't have much of a past to speak of, she instead asked him about things like philosophy, history, psychology, and everything else that would let her see how the gears in his mind turned.

She also asked him questions about the universe and Hell, not specifically what Hell itself was like as she had before, but instead about the people he had met, the battles he had fought, the adventures he had experienced, and his memories from life in the inferno.

There were also questions about his activity on Earth, as when Selene discovered just how much collected time he had spent in the world of the living since his birth, she found that they had a lot more to talk about than she thought. He also got to spend time with Molly, who treated him the same way she treated Selene. His relationship with her was the first of its kind, caring but platonic. With Selene, he had learned to be a lover.

With Rosemary, he had learned to be a teacher, and with Molly, she had learned to be a friend. He enjoyed talking to her, coming to understand what it meant to socialize. Then of course there was the sex. Molly often joined the two lovers for threesomes, her hunger for Baltoh's cock and Selene's pussy bringing her to the apartment a few times a week. Baltoh certainly didn't mind, as he enjoyed fucking her like a machine, and Selene showed absolutely no displeasure or protectiveness.

If anything, she seemed happiest when she had both Baltoh and Molly with her, as if her world was complete. The six Demons all stood around a small campfire of human bones from their last meal, deep below the city. All eyes were on Abaddon, the Demon first appointed to be in charge of this project.

Only he could make the decision for the next step to be made, and once it was implemented, there would be no going back and nowhere safe to run. They would succeed or they would all die. "Alright, let's do it." Baltoh raced across the city, returning from a Gargoyle disturbance out on the outskirts.


He had slain the lone beast while it fed on a drug addict passed out in an alley, only to have his attention drawn back to Selene's apartment through the feather he had given her. Through the link between he and Selene, he could sense great fear and pain, and knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was being attacked. Just hours ago, he had been in another threesome with her and Molly, and now both women were in danger. He was flying through the city faster than an armor-piercing bullet, creating a pulsing shockwave that pushed aside the air as he flew and then created a vacuum behind him, stronger than the void of space.

Behind him, the air was being pushed and pulled with so much power that every window in the buildings lining the streets was reduced to powder and all the cars were yanked into the air like fallen leaves, essentially turning the space behind him into a blizzard of glass and rubble. Baltoh's face was contorted into a furious scowl as he honed in on Selene's apartment, his sword in hand and his teeth and claws sharpening in his rage. Whoever it was that dared attack Selene, he would make them suffer the tortures of Hell a thousand times over.

He finally reached the apartment, slowing down and becoming intangible before passing through the wall. Everyone in the apartment building had been brutally murdered and Selene's unit was in ruins, with all the furniture smashed to pieces and the walls shredded with claw marks. Selene was gone and in the middle of the apartment lay Molly, the life torn from her tortured body. The island table had been ripped free of the kitchen floor and moved into the center of the den, with the slain beauty sprawled out on it as if it were a medieval torture rack, her wrists and ankles nailed to the corners.

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Baltoh slowly walked over to Molly's lifeless corpse, his eyes wide and his breathing shallow. He had witnessed and experienced the worst tortures of Hell, but seeing her, the woman he considered his dear friend and had been physically intimate with, lying there on that table was more than he could stomach.

Her entire pelvic region had been completely destroyed, having been raped anally and vaginally to the point where her pelvis was crushed into splinters and her legs were barely clinging to her body.

Her thighs as ass cheeks were riddled with bite marks and had chunks ripped out of them from when the Demons decided to sample her soft flesh. Her breasts had been reduced to thick bloody strips, having been carved and cut up in pointless torture to make her suffer. Her fingers were broken and her arms were covered in lacerations, as if they had been whipped with barbed wire.

Her head was barely connected to her body, her throat having been nearly melted off from being forced to swallow Demon sperm. Her cheeks had been ripped open, most likely by accident when the Demons took turns raping her mouth.

Her eyelids had been cut off so that she could not blink and the eyes themselves had been carved out. Her ears had been ripped off and she teeth marks along her throat.

Last but certainly not least, her face was badly burned and disfigured, having been chemically melted by Demon sperm being ejaculated straight onto her face. His hands shaking, Baltoh removed the nails and lifted Molly's lifeless body, holding it tightly.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen to you. I never wanted you to be harmed. I will avenge you, sweet soul," he murmured with his cheek pressed against his forehead. In his heart, the feelings he had developed for her were now like poison in his veins as he mourned her passing. However they did it, the Demons had tortured Molly far longer than the signal of Selene's danger had been felt.

Most likely, they had taken Molly and did this to her while Selene was still asleep, probably kept from waking up through a Demon spell. Everyone in the apartment building had been killed so that the police wouldn't be called when she started screaming. They wouldn't have been able to stop the Demons, but they would have been an annoyance and an interruption. After all the eons he had spent being tortured in Hell as a legion of human souls, he could well imagine the pain she had experienced and the agony in her screams.

Baltoh's attention was suddenly pulled from Molly by a ringing sound. Situated on one of the stools form the island table, Selene's phone sat two meters away, ringing as if nothing had happened.

Baltoh already knew who it was; he could sense the cruelty through the line without even holding the phone. Trying to keep his temper in check, he walked over and picked it up. "What a marvelous piece of technology that these humans have invented.

The ability to talk to anyone anywhere at any time…" Abaddon's voice remarked on the other end. "You've already signed your death warrant. For dragging Selene into this, I will make you suffer more agony than all the prisoners of Hell across all of history. I will inflict more pain on you than your worst nightmares for what you have done to her.

And that's not even counting what I'll do to you for the pain that Molly went through. I will show no mercy for what you did to her," he said, his voice icier than a Siberian winter. "Oh, don't worry, we haven't touched Selene.

That blonde girl was just a bit of fun and entertainment, not to mention she served as a good example. But damn, she sure could take a cock and she screamed so beautifully as I carved her breasts open like rotten melons. Hmmm, delicious. But the best part was how she screamed your name." "Every word you speak will be another million thoughts that race through your mind in which you pray for death." "I would watch the threats if I were you. We haven't touched Selene yet, but if you push us, we will.

I have her here with me, I'm keeping her tied up with my tail so that I can feel that body of hers, and boy, it sure is beautiful. I'm looking forward to mounting her and licking the tears off her face as I rip her ass into bleeding shreds." Baltoh took a deep breath. "What do you want?" "Your help. Once the sun comes up in a few hours, we shall make our move. Not only will you stay out of our way, but you will also keep us safe from the forces of Heaven.

While we are working, you will keep every Angel and Archangel out of our affairs. If any of us sees so much as a single feather while we are working, I assure you that my associates and I will spend every second of our lives tormenting this little bitch in ways learned straight from the Masters of Torture themselves.

She will suffer more than any human, living or dead, has ever endured, and it will all be because of you. You had better keep the Angels busy, because if you fail, Selene will consider being gang-raped to be a massage compared to what we have in store for her." The sun slowly rose with a bright rosy red shade, giving Abaddon a maniacal grin as he thought about the blood soon to be spilled. He was standing in the geographical center of New York City, invisible to everyone wandering the streets.

Hidden in a nearby alley, Selene was tied up with the tail of Abaddon's last remaining Gargoyle, shivering as the breeze kissed her naked flesh the same way Baltoh had as well as Molly, who's dead body she had stumbled across in her destroyed apartment.

Her face was streaked with tears at the horrible sight of Molly's bloody butchered carcass and the feeling of fearful helplessness that flowed through her veins like ice water. She had woken up, her bed empty, and Molly's clothes still on the floor. She got up to look for her friend, wanting to go back to sleep clutching Molly's warn naked form against hers, lusting for the feeling of her soft skin against her own.

She walked into the kitchen, hoping to find Molly and maybe eat little late-night snack off her breasts, and instead found her best friend and lesbian lover nailed to her island table, getting her entrails ripped out and eaten by four Demons while the fifth raped her mouth. Selene rushed back into her bedroom, reaching for her purse on her bedside table and just managing to touch the feather and alert Baltoh before Abaddon appeared behind her and grabbed her by the throat.

"There you are, my sexy little jezebel," he said, lifting her off her feet and drinking in the fear in her eyes. Now she was here, dangling naked with a Gargoyle keeping her tied up with its tail, silently crying over the death of her friend and praying for the man she loved to come save her. She wanted to scream, to call out for someone to help her, but Abaddon had warned her that if she made so much as a sound, he would cut off her tits, eat one, and then force-feed her the other.

Out in the street, Abaddon took a deep breath and stretched. The time had finally come. Dredging up his power, he crouched down and slammed his hand on the ground, casting a spell and sending out an energy signal his comrades to do the same. "Demon Art: Horror Obelisk Summoning!"