Babe and lesbian masseuse pussy oral action

Babe and lesbian masseuse pussy oral action
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The Brother and Sister Next Door (10-11) Brad drove around and told mom about the Maggie story he'd heard. Mom got all hot thinking about that, and said: "That sounds like something that little bitch would do…and then got a sneaky grin on her face.

She leaned over to Brad and whispered: (…"mommy has a sleep mask too, you know"&hellip.) they giggled. Brad drove around mom's old neighbor hood. She was excited and squirmed in her seat. He went down the street where his gramaw and grampaw live, turning out his headlights and quietly parking right in front of their house. This was the house where mom grew up. Mom was in shock&hellip.she whispered: (…"oh brad.oh no, we can't do it here…oh my god.what if either one of them came out, and spotted your SUV&hellip.and .oh my god.(gasp!)…what if we get caught…what would I say…I…I& the back having sex with my son…oh my god.

She held her chest just thinking about it. Brad said, (."let's get in the back and talk about it.") He put his seat forward and helped his mom step into the back. Her hand was shaking as she kicked off her spiked hi heels. Brad felt her ass as she went thru. She was so excited as it was very dark and she felt Brads strong hands lay her down on her back. He took her hand and she felt a stem with thorns…and the smell of a rose. He had placed it in her hand. He whispered:.(&hellip."for my princess"…) Mom gulped and couldn't talk.

She rubbed his back for awhile, smelling her rose. She thought…I'm the happiest mom in the world right now…ever.

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She set the rose aside and started feeling her man. Brad whispered: (…" my name is bob teen, and I've never had sex with a girl or in a car before, would you help me, I'm real nervous…")…they giggled together, and mom said…"oh bob, neither have I, I think I'm suppose to lift up my skirt, will you help me?&hellip.that's good bob, now let's take out your penis and find a place to put it…here's a nice warm place, right here&hellip.

Brad kissed his mom softly…she was really hot with excitement, and kissed him back and the kiss escalated into a fury of wet lips and tongues. Their hands were roaming over their bodies, she clambered for his belt, and zipper as he lifted her blouse and started sucking on her wonderful tits. She pulled out his dick and stroked it. "Do mommy, right here in the car, and make mommy so happy&hellip.I've waited for years for this, do me…Brad. I want you in me so bad"&hellip. She started rubbing his dick on her clit and tried to moan quiet, but soon she's loud and puts his dick in her and moans more.

Brad feels her hot legs going around him, pulling his dick in deep. She feel like a naughty teenager again, but this time she's getting hot sex like she always wanted. Her heart is booming in her chest.

She has the best dick in the world in her, and she loving every minute of it.Her tongue is feeling his and she starting to get hyper as the tension builds. Brads warm dick in her is feeling so good she feels like she's losing her mind. He's panting and driving his dick in her faster, She knows she'll have a super climax…she wants to feel it forever…she's going to heaven…right now…'s cuming brad…do mommy…yes yes.oh god yes …Brad…brad baby, mommy's going.ohhhh its cuming now…OOHHHH GODDDD BRAD&hellip.and she bucked her hips super fast and held on to brad as she tight as she could…she screams!

and squirts all over brad…brad yells OH GOD&hellip.MOM!…oooooo and shoots a mega load in her, he can't stop fucking her…eeeeee…they both squeal&hellip.oh…my god yes!!! baby…she feels his hot cum shooting in her, She feels brad's shirt rip in the back as her fingers dig in and she moans and moans&hellip.brad is locked up pushing his dick in so deep and leaving it there.

They both shake and tremble&'s a cum that won't quit&hellip.and they both wonder about their sanity as their minds whirl in joy.

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They drift off mentally…somewhere…and stay locked together. Her legs clamped around his legs. She babbling something…gasping…then…gasping again… then it's all quiet&hellip.except for them catching their breath&hellip.

They see a porch light come on at her mom and dads house.

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Her dad opens the door, opens the screen and looks all around. He goes back in the house and closes the door, and turns off the porch light. Mom about passes out as she holds her hand to her heart&hellip.then giggles with Brad smiling big.

Mom's in a daze as Brad walks her to her room. She flops on her bed. She's able to raise one hand to Brad…"Kiss your mommy goodnight, Brad." He kissed her and says: "Goodnight princess.", and turns out the light. As soon as Mom and Brad had left, Lisa, Jen and Crystal all meet in Lisa's bedroom.

Lisa and Crystal have on robes and talk with Jen. They tell her their plan to make her squirt. They turn out all but one light and slowly take Jen's clothes off, feeling her up as they go. Jen is excited and pants a little in her breathing.

She feels Lisa's titties as she has always liked them. Crystal and Jen have had sex with each other before and liked it. Lisa wants some too. They lay her on Lisa's bed and start in fondling her all over. Lisa takes off her robe and spreads Jen's legs wide.

She starts licking Jen. Jen moans as Lisa feels what she wants most, Jen's big clit. Lisa is panting with excitement.

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Lisa puts her lips on Jen's big clit and sucks and sucks on it like a little dick. Lisa gets super hot doing this and begins to shake and has an orgasm right then and there. She shivers and keeps sucking as Jen squeals loud.

Crystal crawls up and put her pussy over Jen's face, and joins Lisa in licking Jen. Lisa runs 4 fingers in Jen's wet pussy and moves them in and out. Jen is now squirming good, twisting her body in pleasure having two girl on her making her hot and Crystal's pussy to eat.

Lisa adds her thumb in Jen's pussy and keeps going a little faster. Jen is moaning loud now as she licks Crystal's pussy. Jen adds her fingers to Crystal's pussy and feels her inside.

She find Crystals G spot, and massages it good. Crystal feels a squirt building as Jen suck her clit fast.

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Lisa sticks her whole hand in Jen's pussy and starts pumping her fist in and out fast. Crystal and Lisa both attack her big clit and lick it as fast as they can. Jen yells.Ohhhhhhh&hellip.Gezzzzz…AHHHHH!, and squirts big one all over Lisa and the bed as the moans and shakes back and forth, yelling OH Yessssss…ahhhhhh…and another squirt comes out.

Jen is shaking and shaking as she squirts another little one. Jen's body is twitching and jumping at she moans&hellip. Crystal gets so hyper .she orgasms and squirts, just watching…Lisa's pussy is twitching and dripping from the scene.

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She can't take it and starts fingering her pussy with one hand, and her clit with the other lying on the floor raising her head up to watch, she raises her hips as high as she can, and yells&hellip.she squirts way up in the air two times…Jen reaches down and rubs Lisa's pussy over and over.

Mom had the day off, and sleeps in. She wakes up and just lays there with a smile on her face thinking&hellip. Wow…did that really just happen…yes it did.

She is still in the same clothes she wore last night. Her pussy feels so good, and satisfied, for now. She remembers she squirted at the peak of sex. She got a tingle just thinking about it.

Brad sat up in bed smiling he was hot for his mom again this morning. He thought about Maggie and her sleep mask, and how he would love to have fucked her too.

He got an idea. Later mom was up and fixing breakfast. Her shower felt wonderful as she had an inner glow about Brad. "Brad"…"Lisa"…"Breakfast", mom yelled. Brad leaped down the stairs, all showered and felt so good today. He wanted to get mom alone and get to planning their next sex. Lisa came in, in a daze with a calm smile. "What did you do last night Lisa?" mom asked.

Brad just waited for her answer and smiled. Lisa's mind was a million miles away…"Lisa?"."Oh…sorry mom, a&hellip.we just played computer games." Brad leaned over to her and asked…"What games did you play Lisa?" She just smiled at him, and indicated to him, out of mom's sight&hellip.she took her arms and started humping the air.

"Oh, I don't remember them all BRAD" she said. After breakfast, Brad got mom alone, made sure Lisa wasn't looking and kissed her softly. Mom gasp and rubbed his dick. He whispered: (…" you're the best date I've ever had mom, you knocked me out last night"…) (…"I'm so happy today brad, I just want so hold you all day and night"…)( …I've got an idea for some fun for us tonight mom."…) She felt a hot flash crawl up her face.

She so wanted to make him happy and was eager to find out what is was. She had her teenage dream fulfilled last night, now it was his turn, and she wanted to do anything to make him happy. (."can you tell me what it is?"&hellip.) (…"after Lisa goes to bed, I'll sneak into your room and show you something, and you'll know what it is"…) Brad checked again for Lisa and pulled his mom in the wash room and started kissing her and feeling her up.

'' Mom, started shaking and her knees got weak as she felt him and squeezed his dick firm. She took a big breath and kissed him more, and said "Oh god, I hope I can wait that long, I want you so bad all the time." She swatted him on the butt, and whispered: (…"you naughty boy, feeling your mom's titties, and vagina, I'll have to lock you in my room, bad boy."&hellip.) Brad smiled &hellip."tonight mom, tonight" She tried to grab his dick, but he ran away, up the stairs.

She sighed and took a big breath and continued smiling all the time now. Brad went and talked to Lisa. She told him how it went with Jen and Crystal&hellip.and that she was 'in love' with Jen's big clit. Brad told her how it went with mom and his 'date' with her…Lisa got hot listening about it, and started rubbing her pussy.

Brad noticed and shut her door and started feeling her up. Lisa said she missed his dick, and wanted to feel his cum in her mouth some more. "How about a quick blow job." Lisa said. …and locked her door.

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She sat Brad on her bed, pulled his dick out and got on her knees an started jacking fast, while sucking him hard. Brad felt her sweet tits and soon shot cum in her mouth…she swallow it all. They stood up and he said: "…now you." He sat her on the bed, pulled her shorts down and started licking her clit real fast…she held his head and gasp…and orgasmed, with a little squirt on his face. "Wow, little sister, your so hot when you do that.I'm gonna want more of that!…that is so hot!" She said: "I've been practicing, because I knew you would like it." Mom had been listening at her door, and silently giggled and tip toed away.

She knew something was up when she found Lisa panties under Brad' pillow. Now she knew for sure. She liked the idea that her young daughter was getting good sex from Brad also.

That night Lisa said she was going over to Jen's. ( so she could get some more of Jen's clit to suck on,) she told Brad. He laughed and said .go for it, but save me some. She said, no way she was keeping Jen's clit all for herself. He grabbed her tits and pussy and started humping her making her laugh out loud. She broke away and said."Pervert!" and ran down the stairs with Brad right behind her.

He caught her, drug her into the den, with his hands on her tits and pussy. He turned her around&hellip.and Mom was stand right there looking at Brad's hands. Lisa got behind mom, making faces at Brad. Mom smiled and said: "Go ahead, don't let me get in the way.".and giggled. That night, Lisa went to Jen's. Mom dressed real sexy and walked around the house in a red see thru night gown, no bra, no panties. Perpously walking by Brad, parading herself, twirling her night gown and making it fly open teasing him with her hot body.

Brad sat on the couch enjoying the show.


He had not seen his mom this happy…ever. She was like a high school girl again, acting silly and flirting with him. He love it as he watched her so happy, knowing he could fuck his sexy mom instead of wishing it, like he use to.

He loved to see her flirt with him. She would walk slowly by him, and flip her night gown up in back, showing he sweet butt. She flashed him, with her big boobs as she would walk by. She bent over in front of him as her saw her pussy.

She put her leg on the couch seat and rubbed her leg, showing her bush.


She walked by him playing with her own nipples. She stopped and felt his boner in his pants and then just walked away. He just let her play and play, having herself a ball. Finally he stood up with his huge boner which he pushed to stick out more, and watched her.

She danced around the living room in her night gown not tied, showing herself half naked, free as a bird. She stopped and looked at his big boner and put her hands together like a ferrie god mother and said: "Ohhhh, it that for me???…little boys shouldn't be getting erections for their mommy's.naughty naughty!," and she danced at the foot of the stairs shaking her butt and feeling her own tits.

Brad took off chasing her up the stairs as mom screeched, and ran laughing. She locked her door and said: "No, no little boy, it's not nice to want to have sex with your mommy. Tell mommy you won't try to touch your mommy's nice big titties and try and kiss mommy's wet vagina. Ok? "Ok", Brad said: " Little Brad's gonna try real hard not to try and have sex with you mommy.

I would never try and touch your big soft titties, feel your body, lick your vagina, or try and put little Brad's pee pee in your vagina. Ok?…now unlock mommy's door and Brad will just give you a teenie peck on the cheek goodnight. He heard the door unlock and open a crack. He heard mom's voice say: "Ok Brad, come in and don't try anything or mommy will make you do those awful push ups on top of her, that I know you just hate." She ran and went in her bathroom, and stood ready to lock the door.

Brad strolled in, slowly pulls a sleep mask out of his shirt, and dangles it in front of her. "Mom, do you mind wearing this?…I have a surprise for you." Mom looked at the mask, and thought about Maggie having sex with her son, and his buddys while wearing a sleep mask. For some reason it made her hot thinking about it.

She wondered what Maggie felt when her son and friends had sex with her while she saw nothing, but could only feel them in her. It had to be exciting to her. Could she tell when it wasn't her sons penis in her?, big, small, long, short…that damn Maggie had been enjoying that all this time, while Lynn got nothing from her husband. "Oh Brad,&hellip. you bought mommy a present!…oooo…let me try it on." She came out and slowly took off her red night gown.

She got in the middle of the bed and just laid there, arm and legs down. Brad came over and helped her put on the sleep mask, adjusting it so she saw absolutely nothing. All she could do was hear and feel now, and it already was making her pussy wet.

And Now the Fun Began&hellip. Brad crawled in beside his mom and said: "Mommy, I had a bad dream, can I sleep with you tonight?" "Why of course you can little Brad, you just snuggle up to mommy and get warm." Her mind was racing with tingles all over her body.

She pictured what Maggie must have felt as Brad slowly put his arm over her, just touching one of her goose bump filled tits. She labored for air, as she gasp. Brad talked like he was thinking out loud. … 'mommy sure has nice titties, I would just love to touch just one of them, but I would get on so much trouble and mommy would get so mad at me, I just know it.

Maybe if I just eased my little hand closer to her beautiful tit, she wouldn't notice.' She took a big breath and shivered. She was having major tingles in her pussy and could feel her juices starting to run out of her pussy and between her legs.

She felt Brad's hand creep up onto her tit&hellip.pause&hellip.then further…pause…then slowly slid over to her other tit. She moaned quietly, as Brad watched goose bumps dance across her ribs. He slowly let his hand slide down, inch by inch towards her pussy.

She jumped and squirmed a little. Her pussy quivered all by it self. 'I hope mommy doesn't wake up and stop me, I like this and it's exciting…she sure has a soft bush, I bet it tastes hot.' She felt him slide his finger up and down her slit.

He put his finger on her clit real easy, and rubbed it around. This was hard to take, the anticipation was killing her. She parted her legs inviting him in to lick her. She bet Maggie went thru this too, waiting for young boys to touch her, afraid she might wake up. She squirmed waiting…then she felt his warm breath on her pussy&hellip.ahhhh… his hands slipped under her legs, and now his tongue, so wet, so warm entering her and feeling itself all around her wet pussy.

He knew just how to please her, licking just right around her clit, and drawing it in between his lips. Oooooo …gasp…(&hellip."ohhhhh &hellip.yes&hellip. little brad…lick mommy good&hellip.mommy wont tell anyone…it's ok to lick mommy,&hellip. that's a good boy&hellip.oh god&hellip.lick mommy's clittie&hellip.she likes that little brad…keep that up…oohhhh&hellip.

yessss&hellip.) She had never been so excited this way, and only being able to feel and hear was making her crazy horny. She want to beg him to put his dick in her…scream it out…just fuck me…brad…do it now&hellip. She couldn't take it any more and reached down and pulled his head to her and kissed him with all the passion she could give and reached down and rammed his dick in her and started fucking and crying out…god damn!.fuck me, fuck me baby!…NOW…FUCK ME BRAD BABY…Brad hung on tight and started fucking her with all his might.She clawed his back and drove her fingers in him, and fucked faster than she had ever fucked in her life&hellip.she hear the loud slapping noise their body's made and then…&hellip.

eeeeeee oh baby.ah…ah…YESSSSS BABY…FUCK MOMMY…eeeeeee &hellip.Oh my God.ohmygodohmygod…oh…oh …brad baby.yessss. Brad came so hard his balls hurt, blast after blast of his cum going in his mom and some flowing out her beautiful pussy…he felt like crying it felt so good&hellip.

They both trembled and felt the pulses pumping in her&hellip.her pussy trembled now…she had squirted and didn't even realized it…she felt a big spazam and squirted again… They stay locked together and drifted very slowly,& to sleep. Brad woke up to Lisa shaking him…she motioned for him to come with her. Mom was still wearing her sleep mask, sleeping with a smile on her face.

Lisa just stared at her mom wearing a sleep mask and giggled. She and Brad tip toed out and closed her door. It was 7am. Brad said, "What's up sweet tits.?" The kissed a hot kiss good morning.

Lisa said: "A sleep mask on mom?, why Brad you naughty little boy, and giggled." Listen to this! Lisa said, Jen had met a guy named Mark, and he offered his mom to her to lick her pussy if she wanted!." Jen said "What!" He said she wore a sleep mask, and he and his buddies could fuck her and every thing while she had that mask on, but no girl had eaten her pussy yet, or stuck their pussy up for her to lick. He wondered if she would eat a girls pussy while she had that mask on." Brad laughed and said, is Jen going to do it?

Lisa said, "You know Jen, horny little Jen, you know she will! She'd eat a pussy or suck a dick anytime, anywhere." Brad thought a minute…' That's Maggie, the busy body that gives mom a hard time at her work! She's all 'goodie two shoes' at work and the office gossip bitch. Remember I told you the mask story, and you and I didn't believe it, well,…it's true!

I just met her when I took mom to dinner, she had her son Mark with her!… Brad, are you shitting me? No!! it's true, Mark fucks his mom and let's his buddies fuck her too, as long as she has that mask on, you can do anything to her! Lisa smiled and thought. Brad smiled and thought&hellip.

' digital video camera'. Mom went in to work for a few hours, then home again. Brad mind was filled with his mom. He wanted her 24/7. She started dressing a lot sexier now, shorter skirts, more cleavage showing. Her long hair now curled down her back to her waist. She was looking the hottest she'd ever looked. She was driving Brad crazy. He just loved to look at her. She, to him was the hottest woman on the planet. She was always happy now, she glowed with her new sex partner, she liked it.

She thought about him all the time too. At work, at home, driving he was always getting herself hot, by thinking of his hot body. She pleased him anyway she could, and he pleased her. One look from him, and she got a twinge in her pussy.

Brad too, he would always have a ½ a boner on all the time he thought of her. He wanted to fuck her in every room in the house. She wanted to give him a boner to keep him happy. He would take her in his suv at night and stop, and they would get in the back and fuck themselves crazy. Behind a gas station, a bank parking lot, on a busy street they didn't care much where, when they wanted to fuck, they did. The riskier, the better. Brad ask her one night in her bed, "Mom, have you ever been with a woman?"&hellip.she paused&hellip.then begin to smile.

She leaned her head back on the pillows and began. "Your the only one I have ever told this to, because you will understand. When I was 16, I found myself attracted to one of my girlfriends.

Her name was Lisa Conway. She had all the things a girl could want. Good looks, sexy body and her folks were rich. I didn't even know what a bi sexual was. We spent the night together once, and we got to talking about sex. I was totally inexperienced about sex. She lay beside me and ask me if I masturbated. Brad, I didn't even know what that was.

I said: "huh? What's that." She said I'll show you. We both had on long nighties and she pulled mine up past my vagina and then hers, and we pulled down our panties and took them off. She whispered …do what I do…She started in fingering her vagina. I did too. It felt good.

Then she pulled her vagina open and found her little clit, and rubbed it, so did I and wham&hellip.that tingled real good to me. She kept rubbing it more and started moaning, as did I. It felt wonderful.

She licked her finger and stuck it inside her vagina, and licked her other hands fingers and rubbed around her clit. I did the same, this was feeling so exciting for me, I wanted more of this. She started moving her fingers fast inside her vagina, in and out, and rubbed her clit faster. I did it too and I felt a rising good feeling inside me, so we did it steady and I felt a build up of good feeling coming and we went faster until we both moaned with my first orgasm.


She orgasmed too. Brad,… it took my breath away it felt so good. A week later she stayed over at my house and I said, let's do 'that' again, ok.

We waited till late and my folks had gone to bed, and took our panties off and started in. This time she turned and said it excited her to watch me rub my vagina and clit. She lay with her vagina right in my face and rubbed it. I was exciting to watch her run her fingers in and out of her vagina, all wet and slick, and our licked wet finger on our clits.

I felt a much bigger feeling building up in me as I watched her masturbate her wet vagina. I felt her lift my leg up as she lifted her leg up and she scooted close to my vagina. I could feel her breath on my vagina as I masturbated my vagina a little faster, letting the good feeling build up to a new peak. I began to moan as quiet as I could, but it was building up higher this time. Next thing I know, I feel something extra on my clit. It was her tongue licking it and when she sucked it in her lips, I moaned loud and had the best orgasm I ever had.

She was still masturbating so I put my tongue on her clit and did the same. She moaned, squirmed and her vagina got real wet on my tongue, as I started licking her vagina up and down as she did mine. We listened, &hellip.afraid someone had heard us. Week after week we did this and got good at it, orgasming several times a night, licking our vaginas and clits. I'll never forget her… ever." During the telling of this story, she had slowly started rubbing her vagina, her hand under her skirt.

Brad loved watching her do it. "The girl moved away right after that." "Now,&hellip.(pause)&hellip. there is only one young girl that makes me so hot,&hellip.I would just love to lick her into a screaming orgasm!" "WOW&hellip.Who's that mom???" She smiled and whispered: (".she lives in our house"&hellip.).