Amateur adorable babe gets ass gang bang

Amateur adorable babe gets ass gang bang
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It was all decided, every way the plan would go haywire. We spoke on the phone about every detail like when she should come, the closest path to my love den, what dress she needs to wear and everything. I'm talking about my girlfriendwhom I've been dating for the past few years. We rarely meet and our conversations usually takes place through online messengers. We maintain a deep lust for each other and we love to watch each other strip (Mostly she would do it, and I like to boss around) and I used to relieve my edge.

We had this of meeting in a private place so that we can have a chance to express each other the stagnant intimacy. But being a part of southern India, we can't easily find such a spot. This did not remain the same, now I finally found a spot to do everything that we have been dreaming about.

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And that spot would be my office. Since everyone at my office are leaving to attend a function, I planned to stay alone there to maintain order. Just as I thought, my boss was glad about my decision. Finally the day has come, and I still have to take care of a lot of things. I usually use the train as my mode of transportation. I got down at the place and went directly to a liquor shop and bought a vodka.

Then I went straight to my office. I informed my junior staffs (2 girls) to leave the place by 2.00pm because of the reason that I have some personal thing to attend. They both agreed. I went to my cabin and emptied half the bottle of vodka. I started getting high, then to my surprise one of the ex-colleague came to the office.

But I immediately lied the same thing to him too. It was almost 2.30 pm and I asked them to pack their belongings, this colleague of mine decided to drop me off at the local bus station. I had no other choice, so I agreed.

I locked the office and went with him. He dropped me at the location and went off. I ran back to the office, opened everything and drank the rest of vodka. My heart raced like anything and I was sweating, I took measures to hide my alcoholic breath.

At last she came to my office. I took her directly to the top floor where I had everything arranged. I managed to close the curtains, arranged the chairs so that we had enough place floor space.

I asked her to sit in one of the chairs and I went down and locked the door that leads to the office.


I went to the office and sat next to her. We had a few chat and exchange quick glances. The room was kinda dark and cold. But I could feel my heart racing and the warmth of her breath. We were ready to exchange our bodily heat.

I need to break the silence, and so I leaned towards her and slowly kissed her cheek, she was blushing and took a deep breath. This was the perfect moment, I slowly reached for lips and kissed her gently at start, but to my surprise she started to take well and started getting wild. Our lips were synced and engaged in a deep and passionate kissing.

I placed my hand on her waist and caressed it while kissing, I could literally feel her breath and heartbeat. She said that the chairs were not comfortable. And so I pulled her down to the floor, and made her lie down and started kissing her neck. She hugged me and made me kiss her lips.


My hands were busy with her waist. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and exchanged our saliva. Our tongues were were wrestling inside my mouth. I slowly reached for her breast, and started caressing it feeling her nipple. We both were sweating through every pore on our bodies. I usually hold a fetish for women sweat and that instinct made me to lick her neck tasting the sweat drops that trickled down her cheek into her neck. I made her to lift her arm up exposing her sweaty armpit and put my nose onto it and took a deep breath inhaling a huge cloud of pungent smelling scent of her body.

It made me high even the booze couldn't do. I made her sit and slowly removed the zipper on her back that runs from her neck to her lower back and saw her glowing skin. Immediately I shove my tongue into her naked armpit and started licking every inch of it tasting the salty sweat. I could feel the stubble due to the recent shaving of the hair. I pulled her slips down and saw her sitting just in a black laced bra.

We hugged each other so close like we didn't wanna waste our bodily heat. Now I thought maybe I should let her to prove her erotic talents and so I laid on my back and made her lie above me so that our groins met each other forming a secure sexual lock. She took a deep breath and started biting my lips harder. I could feel my member pushing against her mound and pushed it harder further in. She started to unbutton my shirt and lifted my vest and kissed my chest. She moved further down and started to remove my belt and unbuttoned my trousers.

She was getting wild as I could understand from her rough movements of her exploring hands. She put her hand into my boxer reaching for my penis and took it out in a single move. She started stroking it up and down increasing the flow my blood into it and making it harder. She moved down and suddenly I felt a cold chill creeping through my spine and I arched my back in pleasure.

I could feel her wet lips grasping around my penis. She started sucking my penis working on it with her tongue. She was pumping it with one hand and sucked it further deep into her mouth.

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Now it's time for me. I pulled her up and kissed her lips. I clenched my teeth around her bra's strap and pulled it down. I removed the other strap too despite her struggle to resist. For the first time I'm looking at her naked breasts. I couldn't just resist the sight and dived into her breasts and started sucking her nipple. It was cold and wet because of all the sweat and the skin was so smooth. I swapped the nipples from time to time sucking them harder.

I bit her nipple harder sending in pain signals to her brain which further increased her lust and she moaned a little. I licked her cleavage feeling the baby hairs that were wet with her sweat. I started moving down, and removed the knot that held her pant.

I slipped it down exposing her cream white thong. I went down and put my face against her mound and started to smell and kiss it. She started spread her legs apart inviting more from me.

She threw her legs around my neck on my shoulders and pushed my face harder against her groin. Her panty was already wet with all the musky smelling liquids. It was driving my level of lust higher. I started licking all the area I could. I smell of her vagina and the texture of the smooth and soft cotton thong made a perfect pair in turning me on. I grabbed her thong and pulled it down to her knees exposing her newly shaven pussy.

I slowly placed my finger on it and started caressing it. Her natural lube was making it easy for my finger to reach every nook of her vagina. My fingers slipped into the small curves of her pussy lips. I could feel wet, sloppy flaps of her vagina. I put my fingers covered with her love juice into my mouth and tasted it.

I added extra lube from my mouth and slowly inserted it into her hole. It was still tight enough and there was just enough room for one finger. I started stroking her clitoris while I was inserting my finger in. She moaned in pleasure lifting her arms up and grabbing her breasts tightly.

I dived with my face straight into her vagina and started to lick her clitoris still keeping my finger in.

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I flipped her pussy lips with my tongue and started licking all the interior pink walls. The juices started flowing and was tripping on the floor mixed with my saliva.

I savoured every inch I could and all the liquids that flowed from her. I took my finger out and inserted my tongue into her slowly. I grabbed her ass, lifted it high, her back arched and pushed her further onto my face and sucked her love hole. She grabbed my hair with both her hands and even that pain was arousing both of us.

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I know that she was about to have an orgasm and made it still a better one. I slowly reached for ass crack and started caressing it. I found her ass hole and tried inserting a finger.

She was trembling, her hands shivering and pulled my hair reaching an orgasm She stopped me. I lifted my head up and saw her. She was still closing her eyes waiting for the next move. I came to her face and kissed her lips. She started to suck harder.


I slowly tried inserting my penis into her and she took it in her hand and caressed it against her vagina. I slowly reached the entrance and pushed it in, but she stopped me. I know it was a lot to do in the first time. So I made her get up and lay upon me and got onto the 69 position.

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I made her bend down to reach my penis. Her mouth started the magic, she started to suck my penis. I slowly worked my way into removing her panty and made her sit on my face.

Now all of her juices pouring down on my face. I started to suck her pussy, now getting better access to all the parts.

She was stroking my penis into her mouth and I grabbed her ass firmly leaving my finger nail marks on her smooth ass. After a few minutes I made her lie beside me and kissed her lips. We were getting satisfied since we did everything we dreamt of.

I started stroking my penis to reach my climax. She tried to help me but I didn't want her to embarrassed about my ejaculation and so I started masturbating and she aided me by kissing. I took her hand and put it on my balls. She carefully caressed it, kissing my lips harder. Finally I reached my orgasm, shooting out thick loads of cum. She tried my penis and was confused about all the wet streaming sperm. She wiped her hand on my stomach and I was about to black out from terrific orgasm.

I took deep breaths and kissed her on her lips. We both were now fully satisfied and I wore my distorted clothes and helped her with wearing hers.

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We adjusted everything and left no trace. It was already late and she has to leave.

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So we bid bye to each other and she left my office. I stood there in the dark, humid room staring at the blank walls. I opened all the closed curtains letting fresh air in. I went to the same room the next day with my colleague and stood at that exact position and found everything clean but only I could feel the strong smell of lust that we left there and I know that it won't leave my office ever again This is my first share in this web site and so please do pardon me for my mistakes.

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