Anal Sex mit einem schönen Arsch

Anal Sex mit einem schönen Arsch
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Disclaimer: this work does not represent the views, opinions, or attitudes of the characters in the Harry Potter Universe, nor those of anything or anyone else to do with it. It does not have any affiliation with the author. I am not making any money from this story.

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Harry Potter lay on a makeshift camp bed, listening to his best friend Ron's soft breathing. Darkness lay on the room like a soft blanket, slivers of moonlight cast a gentle blue glow, and the Boy Who Lived could not sleep. It had been nearly three months since the death of Sirius, but it was in these nocturnal hours that the death hung on Harry the heaviest. Something about the stillness and the peace reminded Harry that somewhere there was a bed, a chair, a kitchen counter or a corridor where his Godfather should be but was not.

Still, tonight was different. A new paradigm had come into play. For the first time since being at Hogwarts last term, Harry's teenage hormones were affecting him that night time way only teenage boys can know. Harry was horny as fuck. It was not unreasonable, he supposed; a sense of normality had slowly been returning to him over the summer. Time truly does heal wounds, particularly time spent with his best friends under long, balmy summer skies. After his unprecedentedly quick return to the Weasley House after just a few weeks at the Dursleys', Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny had assumed lives not dissimilar to that of teenage muggles; firelit camps in neighbouring fields, excited experiments with alcohol, and nervous games of spin the bottle.

It was only natural, thought Harry, that this aspect of normalcy would return too. Just go to sleep, Harry urged himself. It was not like anything could be done Ron was mere feet away. Harry kneaded his pillow, rolled over, and wished for sleep. But memories of tipsy drunken games were running through his mind, twisted and added to by his imagination. Last weekend, over a slowly dying fire Harry and Hermione had snogged for a dare, and Hermione had nearly followed him back to his tent after.

Harry imagined a scenario: of Hermione slowly unzipping his tent after everyone was asleep, of her crawling into his sleeping bag, of his hand creeping past the elasticated waistband of her pajama shorts Fuck it. The Chosen One tiptoed out the door down the corridor towards the toilet for a quick wank. On the way he passed Ginny and Hermione's room.

The door was ajar. Harry couldn't resist a quick peek, even though it was mostly shrouded in darkness. All he could see was shapes. Just as he was about to move on, one of them stirred Ginny, he presumed, since it occupied the higher bed. His eyes adjusting to the dark, he noticed with a fluttering leap in his chest that her ridden up, and he could see the bottom of her pert, full boobs, agonisingly close to her nipples.

Her long, white legs were on show up to her upper thigh, and even though he knew she wore shorts to bed, he indulged himself briefly by imagining she was naked under the covers. Harry smiled ruefully, and tiptoed on to the bathroom. Once in, he sat down on the toilet seat and lowered his boxers. His hard cock sprang out, seven inches and aching for attention. Harry sighed and closed his eyes. One thing he missed about the muggle world was good porn the wizarding alternative had yet to establish a decent way to utilise that particular market.

Although of course Harry had no computer, he used to smuggle old porno magazines from Dudley's room. Instead, Harry settled for memory, of that night a few weeks ago, another game of truth or dare. Ron had dared Hermione to, once out of the room, strip fully naked and do a lap of the garden. The prudish Hermione had blushed deep red and yelped, "Ronald!" But rules were rules, and she had moped out of the room to get changed.

Harry had leaned over as subtly as he could, and had caught a wonderful five second flash of Hermione as she braced herself for the night air. Harry remembered thinking "wow, Hermione hides a lot under her robes." Slender legs led up to an exquisite ass, tapering back into a perfect waist.

Though she was turned away, Harry caught a tantalising glimpse of full side boob, and he would hazard a guess at full double Cs.


Whipping back around, Harry worried he had been caught peeking. Whilst Ron was busy fiddling with playing cards, Ginny was also staring out the room at Hermoine's curvy figure, her mouth slightly open, a slight blush to her cheeks. Harry came with pictures of Hermoine's full ass in his mind.

Wiping it up, he returned to bed. He woke the next morning with a raging hard-on. Apperently last night had been a temporary solution. Throughout the day Harry found himself turned on. Afternoon chores proved especially hard degnoming the wild garden saw Hermione and Ginny bending over to grasp the bastards, with their shapely asses almost bursting out of their tracksuit bottoms.

That night saw another trip to the toilet, and yet another stop outside the girls' room. Harry waited there longer this time, his cock making a notable dent in his trousers. Staring at Ginny, shapeless under her blankets, he prayed for her to move, and almost as though he had cast a spell, she did. Rolling on to her front, her blanket fell to the side revealing bare legs and her thong-covered ass.

Almost losing his balance, Harry let out a small grunt, and scarpered to the toilet lest it woke someone. It was like Harry had broken a seal. Night after night he returned to the toilet, and night after night he stopped outside the girls' room. The next two nights nothing happened, but on the third night Ginny once again revealed her thong. She cut a sexy figure, her ginger hair mussed, a baggy t shirt riding up and her firm ass, barely held by her thong.

The fourth night saw Harry once again return, and to his delight both Ginny and Hermione's asses were on display. Although Hermione's was in short shorts rather than a thong, one leg was up as though she were cuddling her blanket, and the fabric clung to her tight behind. As Harry turned to leave, his ankle twisted and he bashed against the wall, making a loud bump. Terrified, Harry ran to the toilet without even turning to check.

The fifth night was fruitless, and upon leaving the floor let out a loud creak. Harry toyed with the idea of letting a few nights pass just in case, but knew that his willpower would not allow it. The next night he was glad of his decision. Upon returning to the girls' room he saw Ginny's top half was out of the blanket, and she was not wearing a top! It was too dark to make out details, but he could see the swell of her breasts, and the small outline of her rosy nipples.

Harry ran to the toilet, grabbed some paper and ran back. He came right there in the doorway, staring at Ginny's full breasts. The next day Harry was slightly disgusted with himself. He ate breakfast in a state of distraction. "You alright mate?" Asked Ron. "Yeah fine, just couldn't get to sleep is all." Ron opened his mouth to say something, maybe to ask if it was Sirius, but decided better of it.

"Never mind, quidditch game this afternoon." Said Ron cheerfully. "Me, you and Ginny versus Fred, George, Bill and Hermione." Harry brightened somewhat, and the events of the night lost their gravity.

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In the warm sunshine, playing quidditch in the garden, surely it did not matter what happened in that blue otherworld at night? And Harry felt no guilt as, a few hours later, he eased open the door to Ron's room and crept down the corridor.

That night Harry hit the jackpot: not only was Ginny's topless upper half revealed once again, but the curtains were left open just enough that a sliver of light lay across her pale, silvery form. Her breasts rose and fell with her breathing, and Harry's mouth went dry upon seeing her boobs properly for the first time. At just a bit smaller than Hermione's, they were pert and topped by small, rosy nipples and pink areolas. Harry came again in the doorway.


The next morning, Harry once again felt a spasm of guilt, particularly when running into Ginny in the kitchen. Was there something coy in her voice upon saying "morning Harry, sleep alright?" He hoped not; he could hardly bear to imagine what would happen if she knew, or, worse, if she told Mrs Weasley. But Harry's willpower was not strong enough, and Harry once again made his night time walk.

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That night saw Ginny's boobs and her thong covered ass, and Harry thought to himself how convenient it was for her always to be without her covers. His suspicions grew over the next week, each night of which saw Ginny naked but for a thong, on display in the crack of her curtains.

He was almost sad when Mrs Weasley announced a family camping trip that weekend, and although the days passed quickly, filled as they were with games of quidditch, long walks in the countryside and mini-parties in the evenings, he missed his night time escapades.

Monday night saw Harry once again creeping towards the girls' room, this time via the toilet. He now came every night in that doorway. That night, he was certain some planning had taken place, not that he cared. Ginny lay on her bed, her covers thrown off, completely naked.

Her slim body lay in the moonlight on it's side.

Her ass looked exquisite in the silvery light and her legs were just bent enough that he could see the V going down to her groin, but no detail. The realisation that Ginny was completely naked in the same room as Hermione meant he made short work of himself, and he swore he saw Ginny's head move just a tiny bit in his direction. The next day he was in a daze, and, it may have been wishful thinking, but it seemed as though there was a level of intimacy between him and Ginny.

Whenever they bumped into each other in the kitchen, he felt a rush of adrenaline and they looked at each other with strange, searching gazes. It felt strange, as though two different worlds were bleeding into each other; there was the wholesome, outdoor daytime world of chores, games with Ron and lovely dinners with the Weasleys, and his night time one of perversion, cum and naked Ginny.

That evening, Harry, Ron, Ginny and Hermione sat in Ron's living room, empty bottles littering the floor. The Weasleys had thrown a small party with regulars, some from the Order, others from neighbouring villages, but now only the four of them were left, feeling slightly drunk.

They sat for a long time talking about nothing in particular until Mrs Weasley came downstairs and told them to get to bed. Groaning, they gathered up their various things, and began to troop out. Ron and Hermione, ribbing each other and bickering, left first, and Harry and Ginny paused and looked at each, alone in the living room. Ginny had a small smile on her lips.

"Ron tells me you haven't been sleeping well Harry." Harry couldn't help himself, he blushed, and stammered, "well you know…the floor and all.

It, err, can be uncomfortable." Ginny smiled again and stepped towards Harry. They were close, now. "Well, I'm sure there is a bed available somewhere, if you look…" Harry gave a nervous laugh, which tailed off as he stared at Ginny. Almost as one, they came together, and any coolness on Ginny's part deserted her as their lips met. They kissed passionately, tongues swirling against one another.

Harry moved his hands down behind Ginny and pulled her ass so they were closer together. Ginny let out a little moan and Harry, encouraged, dipped his hands into her trousers and groped her soft ass. Just as Ginny's hands began to move to Harry's crotch, Ron burst in. "You too had better get moving, mom's " He began, before coming to an abrupt stop. He gulped for a moment, then recovered and gave a shy grin.

"Lightweights. Harry, come on up, mom's on the warpath." Harry grudgingly parted from Ginny, and as he left, he turned quickly. She gave him a little wink.

Harry grinned to himself as he climbed the stairs after Ron. He knew where he'd be seeing her next. He brushed his teeth, changed down to his boxers, got into bed, and waited. The minutes ticked by.

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After an hour, when Ron's breathing had slowed, Harry got up, pulled the door open slowly, and tiptoed along the corridor. He took in a deep breath, and exhaled, then stepped in front of the door. Ginny was lying under the covers, and for a heartbeat, Harry feared she was asleep, but upon his shadow passing in front of the door, she sat up. Moving slowly, she came to the door, dressed once again in a baggy top and short shorts.

Harry could feel his heartbeat thudding against his chest. Ginny grinned nervously, her confidence from early showing cracks. Harry smiled her fear seemed to lend him strength somehow. He kissed her, and she took his hand and pulled towards her bed. "What about Hermione?" He whispered. "Don't worry about her, she's a deep sleeper." They crawled into bed, kissing as they did so. Ginny threw the covers over them, and Harry lay on top of her. Hardly believing it was happening, he passionately kissed her and she pulled him to her.

Her hands impatiently slid inside his boxers against his ass. Emboldened, he put his hand up her top and, realising she wasn't wearing a bra, groped her boob, feeling her nipples harden. She gasped and sat up. Harry worried he had ruined it by moving too fast, but she simply took off her top and peeled off her bottoms, leaving her brazenly naked. Harry followed suit. They fell on each other, her hand grasping his cock and Harry sliding a finger into her.

Ginny let out a soft moan, and swung around so she was on top of Harry.


Sliding down his chest, she grasped his cock and rubbed it before lowering herself so her face was inches away. Harry peered down at her, as she stared at his cock and licked her lips before taking the head in her mouth. She slowly lowered her head until the majority of his cock was inside her mouth and began to move up and down.

Harry gasped at the sensation of this sexy ginger's warm mouth moving up and down. After a couple of minutes, he looked down and realised she was fingering herself whilst she sucked him off. A few blissful minutes passed like this, until Harry felt a tightening in his balls. "Ginny" he hissed. She looked up at him, grinned a minx-like grin, and kept going.

She pulled off him until just his head was inside her mouth, and ran her hand up and down his shaft whilst her talented tongue swirled around his head. Harry gasped again as he came, flooding Ginny's mouth with his cum.

He lay there as he released spurt after spurt it seemed. Once it had subsided, he looked down at Ginny, who looked up at him. She slowly opened her mouth to reveal a mouth full of his cum, and let a stream dribble down her chin. Then, she closed her mouth and swallowed his whole load. Harry nearly fainted.

He had no idea Ginny had such an inner slut. Despite blowing his load, he felt dirtier than ever. He swung Ginny round and kissed her breasts, sucking her nipples into his mouth. She writhed under him. He lowered himself so his face was in line with her pink pussy. He moved in close, so his mouth was inches from her clit. She sucked in breath and whispered, "do it." Harry moved down and began licking her out the best way he knew how.

Her back arched and her hands involuntarily came up to squeeze her own breasts and twist her nipples. After a few minutes, her body was coated in sweat and she twitched as she came. Harry collapsed onto the bed next to her, her heaving breasts only keeping him turned on. She looked at him and smiled. "I've been wanting to do that for a long time." She whispered. The two lay there, recovering. After a while, Ginny seemed to regain herself, although her fiery hair lay frazzled on the bed and her nipples, Harry noted, remained rock hard.

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Before he could do anything, she twisted and lay the other way, so that her pussy was in Harry's face and his cock against her mouth. For around an hour the two lay side by side, exploring each other's bodies. Ginny rubbed Harry's cock on her face, and kissed it. Occasionally she would take it into her mouth. Harry caressed her ass and kissed her lightly on her pussy, occasionally inserting a finger.

Slowly, more sensuously this time, the two came, and Ginny took her second ever load in her mouth, pausing to scoop up any missed cum and lick it off her finger.

She then reversed herself and sat up, taking a sip of water from her nightstand. She then lay next to Harry, who came to consider himself the luckiest man on earth. Ginny grinned ruefully. "I hate to say it, but you'd better get going." She whispered.

Harry nodded. Kissing her once last time, he promised he would come again tomorrow. He glanced down at Hermione, who remained fast asleep under her blankets, and stole out of the room.