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It was the night of my 18th birthday. My dad had dropped by for a surprise visit and as always he never gets a hotel and likes to sleep in the bed with me. This wasn't the first time my father and I shared a bed together, but it never went pass sleeping.until now. My dad was laying beside me, snuggled close to me under the covers. He wasn't wearing anything except his boxers. His fingers gently comb through my hair, massaging my scalp to lull me to sleep.

Nearly dozing off now, I hadn't realized my tank-top strap had slid down, exposing my right breast to my father. I shiver suddenly, feeling a tingle at my chest.

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I open my eyes to look and to my surprise, my dad was touching me, circling his thumb around my nipple until it harden. "Wh-what are you doing?" My voice was shaky but I didn't sound frightened. My dad smiled, "You're so beautiful, sweetheart. I just want my girl to feel good." He whispered to me, but then suddenly pauses, cautious. "Do you want me to stop?" I don't hesitate to answer, "No, it feels nice." He chuckled, "I knew you would like it." My heart was racing now as I watch my dad cup my breast.

He gave me a slow squeeze and I immediately sigh in response. Oh, it felt so wrong.but so right. Was I dreaming?

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This couldn't actually be happening, I thought. Oh, but it was. Our eyes met in the darkness as my father still continued to stimulate my nipple.

I knew he wanted more, and truth be told, so did I. "You can kiss my nipple, if you want to, daddy," I almost couldn't believe what I just said. But no sooner than I said that, my dad leans his face in close. I freeze, holding my breath in, then lets out a shivery sigh as my father's lips tenderly kisses my nipple. And before I knew it, my nipple was in his mouth and he starts to suck on me hard.

"Daddy," I moan.too loudly. Suddenly the bedroom door opens and there stood my mom; her mouth open in shock to see my father steadily sucking on me. "Michael, what the hell are you doing?!" My mother almost yelled and I thought my dad was gonna jump out of his skin. "This.this isn't what it looks like!

I." But my mom cut him off and what she said next made my heart jump. "I can't let you have all the fun. Let me join!" I couldn't believe it, and from the look on his face, neither could my dad. My mom strips naked in front of us, then climbs in bed. My mom was laying on the right side of me, my father on the left, both of them staring at my exposed tit.

My mom lifts up my tank top, slipping it off me. I shiver as she runs her hand across my chest. She looks at my dad, who smiles and nods. She nods back and before I knew it they both lean in, taking my nipples into their mouths. "Ohh my god," I moan, watching my parents suck and drool on my tits at the same time.

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"Ahh," I whimper out as my dad nibbles my nipple, biting a little hard but I didn't care. I thought it was so hot. "Mmm, bite me," I find myself moaning out, and feels a sharp tingle at both my breasts as my mom and dad bite down gently on my nipple at the same time.


My dad surprises me by tugging my nipple gently between his teeth. My parents pause only a moment to kiss each other; a hot, passionate kiss, before they focus on me again. My mom swirls her tongue all around my nipple, while my dad sucks on the other. It felt so amazing.

I wanted more. I kiss my mother's forehead as she sucks on me, then gives her a long, slow lick to her hairline. She pauses, looking at me curiously.

I was afraid I messed up; maybe she didn't like it. But she leans in, her face up close to mine, she sticks out her tongue and gives a slow lick up my cheek. I look over at my dad and I notice he was touching himself while watching us. "Wow, that's hot. Lick her again," my father urges. I still couldn't believe this was happening. I close my eyes this time as my mom slowly licks up the side of my face again, feeling her warm tongue over my eye, licking me all the way to my forehead.

"Mmm, you taste so good, baby. Michael, get a taste." My father tilts lower, starting a lick between my cleavage, up my chest.my throat; licking all the way up the center of my face. I could tell he was getting into it as he drooled on me, not stopping until he licked my entire face; I thought he was never going to quit. This made my mom jealous; before I could open my eyes I felt her tongue on my cheek. Holding me there, she licked me like I was candy; all over my face.

My face was covered in their saliva; it felt so erotic. Still holding my head, my mother pushes me against her large breast, burying me in her cleavage.

I immediately start to drool, licking all over my mother's tits. I take her nipple into my mouth and suck on her. It was my dad who decided what I was to lick next, as he told my mom to lay down and spread her legs.

My heart skips a beat, as dad holds a fistful of my hair and pushes my face to my mom's pussy.

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I close my eyes as my dad rubs my face all over her wet cunt. "ohh, yeah," my mom moans, "Lick my pussy. Lick mama's pussy." I eagerly do as she says, giving my mom long, slow licks up her pussy slit. The same pussy I was once born out of. "This is so hot," I whisper as I kiss her clit. "I love you, mama.

I love you, daddy." I shove my tongue in and out of her cunt, until my mom couldn't hold back any longer and cums. My dad pushes my face down on her pussy right as she orgasms; so much that it squirts in my face. My dad lets me sit back up, as both he and my mom lick the cum off my face at the same time.


"I wanna suck on daddy now," I say, and my dad gets his cock in my face. I lick up my father's shaft, swirling my tongue around the tip. "mmm, fuck," he moans as I take him into my mouth, all the way. As I sucked on him, my mom gets between my legs and starts licking my pussy.

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This was all so hot. My father groaned, and without warning, releases his load into my mouth. I try to swallow most of it, but there was so much; he was still cumming after he pulled out of my mouth.

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His cum got all over my tits and my neck. I didn't want this to stop yet.

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"I want your piss on me," I couldn't believe I said that out loud. My mom stops what she was doing to look up at me, as if to see if she heard me correctly. "What?" My dad asked., but to my surprise, he didn't sound too shocked I blush deeply. "It could be hot." My mother pulls me in for a kiss; a deep, passionate kiss.like lovers.

"It is hot, sweetie," her voice soothes me. "It's your birthday. We'll do whatever you want." She lays me back and they both stand over me. My mom at my head, my dad at my pussy. After a moment, my dad starts first; pissing on my stomach, then lower; aiming his stream at my womanhood, some of his piss getting inside me.


All of a sudden a stream of my mom's piss flows right on my face. She carefully moves to piss on my neck, my tits. My parent's warm piss covered my naked body. Just as I thought they had finished, they switch positions, so my dad got to piss on my face and tits and my mom peed right on my pussy. I open my mouth, tasting my father's piss.

This turned him on all over again and now he was ontop of me, ready to fuck my pussy. I gasp as he thrusts into me. My mom watches in awe, and urges on: "Yeah, fuck her pussy hard." My dad started off slow but now he was ramming into me, faster and faster He buries his face in my tits, sucking and licking the piss and cum off me as he makes passionate love to his daughter.

"Ohh, daddy!" I moan loudly, arching my back. My mom gets close and starts to lick all over my face again, neither one of them stopping until I was shaking all over, cumming hard. On the last thrust, my father cums inside of me, panting heavily afterwards. He kisses me passionately, then kisses my mom. Then she kisses me. My parents slept with me the rest of the night, pleasuring me all over with their tongues until we all fell asleep.