Haciendolo en el sillon mientras sus padres no estan

Haciendolo en el sillon mientras sus padres no estan
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In 1849, at the beginning of the gold rush in California, I was to be married at the age of 16 to a young man with enough money to give to my parents as a dowry and move us out to California. At 16, I was considered a little old to be married.

Most of the girls here in Massachusetts were married off at 13 or 14 years old. I was behind them in age, because there were not too many single men in my town, whom were not yet financially set, or didn't have their own land. So, I guess I got lucky when Mr. Nathaniel Winterbourne rode into our town. I saw his fancy buggy, not a plain white cloth wagon. He had 3 of them. And so many people with him as well, a cook, a maid, a lawyer, and a doctor.

Everyone in town was so in awe with this sight before us.

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He stepped out and had the fanciest clothes they ever saw. He was so well groomed and very handsome to the eye. And with his eyes he took a fancy to me. My parents loved him right away, as well as I. We had a small and quaint wedding in front of the town's people and family.

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We had a big feast; Nathaniel had brought in all types of meat, vegetables, and a lot of alcohol to drink. The food I knew would last for some of the families in the winter, since it was getting so close to it.

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That's why we married fast and got on the trial to California before the first snow fall. We were to travel across the country; it was going to take us more than a year to reach our destination. Our travel on the road had many up and downs and sickness, and bugs due to lack of cleanliness. When the winter hit, myself and our maid Daisy were freezing cold, even with all the blankets that we had, we were still shivering, so we actually started to hug each other to keep warm, but it wasn't enough.

My hubby having been in these types of weather told us to strip down to nothing and hug each other to generate heat for the both of us. We did as he said; we got naked and cuddled each other to keep warm. I took notice of her body and all of her curves. She was beautiful with rather larger round breast that were firm, and so big. Her nipples and areolas were huge. Her nipples were big and rock hard that stuck out at least 2 inches from her areolas, I didn't know women had different size and color breasts and nipples.

My breasts were still small and firm and barely had any nipples, but they did get hard while I was staring at hers. We got so cold that we were intertwining our legs and arms, and our breasts were teasing each other and our lower halves were starting to thrusts towards each other's.

She was staring in my eyes as I was lost in her pretty amber colored eyes. I had just had to reach out and touch her body and her beautiful breasts; she smiled and touched me all over my body. We started kissing and grinding on each other.

We enjoyed ourselves all day; we just could not stop touching each other. She started to put her hands in my private spot and she touched something and I peed everywhere and was so embarrassed by it, she giggles and told me that I had just orgasm and not peed. I was confused and we started again. She went in between my thighs and licked up all of my wetness and then started to suck on my private area. She made me feel so good. I asked if this is what it would be with a man.

Once again, she giggled and said that men are just horny and want to satisfy themselves, and leaves the woman to have to pleasure herself when alone. She also said that women know exactly where to touch on a woman but also said that sometimes not very often, that the man would please a woman.

I got all confused, and just shrugged and started sucking and licking her yummy huge long hard nipples, they were so big, I fell in love with her breasts and especially her nipples.

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She was moaning every time I would lick, suck, and caress them. I wanted to go down on her like she had done for me. When I went down there, she had such a huge patch of black hair that totally covered her private part, it was kind of sticky and had the most foul smell, she must have known I was having trouble trying to find it, so she opened her lips apart with her fingers and pushed back the nasty hair and smell, I tried to lick it, but I could not, I even tried to put my fingers in her too, but I didn't like the way it felt inside, I guess I am not a sexual person when it comes to women.

Then we came to a stop, and we were in a town with actual rooms and baths.


I was really excited, Daisy and I went in one bathroom and cleaned up ourselves all the grime and dirt and smoke from the nightly fires lit at night to help keep us warm and to prepare food for us. I got into the bathtub and it was hot and refreshing, I told the maid to come in as well. We started to clean each other with soap and a rag, again we got all aroused and we started to touch each other.

But I got an idea and told her to sit on the edge of the tub. I wanted to be able to at least try to go down on her. So I got a razor and shaving cream and started to slowly get rid of her massive amount of hair, so much, it was like shaving a sheep, there was no end to it. It did seem like forever but it was only mere minutes of it. After I, was done shaving her, I told her to sit in the tub and wash all her hair off of her.

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Then she came out and wow, her private area was beautiful, it looked like a fresh flower just beginning to bloom. I dove in to her and went to town, it didn't smell and there was not sticky stinky matted hair covering her. She saw how I was going at it so much that she was getting off as well.

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She was grinding her hips into my mouth, I almost choked on it, but I didn't stop, she grabbed my head and pushed it deep in her. We had a great time and didn't want to stop; it was time to give up the tub to the next paying customer. Afterwards we all had dinner at the restaurant and it was one of the best meals that we have had since being on the road for 6 months now.

We actually got rooms to stay in. I was going to share with Daisy, but remembered I was married now and would have to lay with my husband, we still haven't consummated the marriage, since we left right after the wedding and have been on the road since then.

Needless to say I was scared, nervous, excited and worried. I just wanted this to go right and good like it had with Daisy. I got naked and got in the bed waiting for him to bed me. I was in bed breathing heavy, I was scared.


I looked at him with fear in my eyes. He looked at me and smiled and shrugged with a smile laughing. I didn't know what was so funny. Was it me?


Did he find me unattractive? Was my hair a mess? Food stuck in my teeth? I was almost in tears now. But he just smiled and came over to the bed and sat by my side, he was so handsome, I felt security, warmth and kindness in him, and I knew I was going to be loved by my new husband for many years to come, through our love we will bare many kids and grandkids.

I could not wait until then.