YouPorn sperm pussy masturbation orgasm

YouPorn sperm pussy masturbation orgasm
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Shelly and I have known each other for 2 months, went on two dates. Then one week ago, Shelly called suggesting we live together. Having been divorced six times, a womanizer, sex addict, and Billionaire Business Mogul. I questioned Shelly about her decision, she explained that she had never experienced primal sex and sexual satisfaction before with any man. She accepted my womanizing and committed herself to being available for my sexual demands and agreed to quit working.

I explained that my demands involved sex multiple times day or night and Shelly re-assured me, she was devoted to satisfying my sexual appetite. Shelly is nervous as she smooths the sexy black nightie over her hips.

She had been so embarrassed when she bought the nightie at a sex shop at the mall. It is 2 pm in the afternoon when I called.

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The nightie is sheer black silk with lace over her small firm breasts going down into a deep "V" past her belly button. The lace teasing her sensitive nipples making them jut out. The hem of the flouncy skirt just barely covered her irresistible rounded ass.

She wanted to pull the hem down but it bounced back up. Looking at the clock, she knew that I would be home soon. A glance around the room showed the perfect setting for her surprise. The candles are lit, the music is on, the lights are dimmed. She had rented X-rated videos for later and piled pillows, blankets, wipes and towels all around the TV.

Nervously, she sat on the couch listening to the music and waiting for me. She stood up and struck what she hopes is a sexy pose. I open the door, I look into the dimly lit room and drew in a breath when I seen Shelly standing, posing for me. She looked breathtaking for a 32 year old woman, her soft shoulder length blonde hair cascading in waves around her shoulders, her sexy body outlined by the soft blackness of her silk nightie.

She wore a garter and matching stockings with high-heel shoes. Her eyes sparkling with mischief. I feel my cock spring to life. I shut the door behind me. " This is the best surprise you have given me honey," I said. I smiled at Shelly. She still has the sexy body of a cheerleader but with a little more voluptuousness to it. Her breasts are still small but fuller, her tummy is flat and her ass is incredible.

Rounded and firm, I saw the flouncy little skirt of the nightie barely covering her gorgeous ass cheeks. My cock throbbing in my pants. Smiling, I lean down giving her a passionate kiss. I push her up against the wall pressing my hard cock against her soft body. My tongue lashing her lips, diving into her mouth, claiming her. Soft whimpers escaped Shelly as I kissed her.

She melted every time my hands held her face as my mouth devoured her. She slide her leg up mine until it is hitched around me and pressing her pussy against me. She is so hot and wet she left a wet spot on my pants where she rubbed against me. I feel the heat of my little minx and firmly grab her ass and pull her roughly against me, grinding my hard cock within my pants against her hot pussy. " Oh, baby you get me hot every time I see you," I panted. Humping her, I feel my balls swell and cock get harder.

I kiss her hard and pin her against the wall, my mouth seeking her hardened nipples. Biting them through the lace, I lick and suck on them. Shelly moans feeling my cock, covered by my pants, humping her bare pussy. She hadn't worn any panties and had shaved herself almost bare, leaving only a little bristle of hair above her clit. The material rubbing so hard on her feels abrasive.

She loves it. " Oh yes John!" She calls out when my teeth bite into her nipples. She arched her back off the wall, offering her breasts to me. " Oh yeah, baby, bite and suck my nipples!" My hand found her shaved pussy and I caressed the smooth skin there before fingering her clit. I keep sucking and fingering until her pussy is dripping and she is sagging against the wall, her legs barely able to hold her up. I love getting Shelly horny weak and needy.

" Yeah baby, I'm going to fuck you hard now and again tonight. My little hot minx." I bite her nipple again, hearing her moan and buried two fingers into her tight little cunt. " Your going to be my little slut now and tonight, honey?" I pull my fingers out slow and push them back in watching her sexy face.

Shelly whimpering and said, " Oh yes baby, your slut whenever you want me, I'll do anything you want. I growled in her ear, a low, husky voice " Your ass is mine." A shiver ran through her entire body bedding itself down in the moist warmth of her pussy. I meant exactly what I said. It excited and frightened her. She never given her ass to anyone before. The truth is that her ass belonged to me already, it had after our first date.

Memories flashed through her mind. The first time I slipped a finger into her tight virgin ass, she nearly came. When my tongue followed, she squealed and wriggled. I held her hips and ground her ass down on my slick lips.

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She couldn't contain myself. " Are you going to let me fuck you there?" My fingers gripping her cheeks, spreading them wide, one gliding down to her sweaty little hole. It slips in smoothly and she whimpers at the sensation of having two holes full of me. I see fear in her eyes and press kisses to her face, soothing I'll take it slow.

The wicked glint returns to my eyes and I push the panties further in her mouth. " You're going to love this babe." I assure her. " I'll make you scream bringing the house down." Shelly slides her legs down off my hips.

I turn her to face the wall again, pulling her by the hips to position her in front of me. My thumb slides down through droplets of sweat, down from the base of her spine, through the impression between her cheeks, to her quivering anus. I rub it lovingly for a moment, and then slide my thumb inside. Oh, it feels so bad, it feels so wrong, so nasty, Shelly is so exposed and she loves it, every fucking second.

" You ready babe?" She yells 'yes' through her panties. My huge plum head bumps up against her small opening. She knows she should be frightened but she is too damn excited to care. I bend down over her to nip at her earlobe. My monster, pleasure giving cock slides down into the moisture pooled in her pussy. " I need you to push out for me a little bit, when you feel me start to push in. Can you do that for me?" The guttural tones are harsher, edgier with need.

She aches for me to start plundering her as she nods. I straighten, re-positioning myself and begin to push slowly into her tight asshole. For a brief second there's no pain as the tip of my cock head slips inside. Then at the last minute she remembers to push out for me and I breech her sphincter. Even though Shelly is relaxed and pushes for me, the pain is very intense.

A red haze forms before her eyes, she moans with pain. Her hand reaches up to drag the panties out of her mouth and to tell me to get the hell out of her ass, but I reach forward and to catch it in time, the motion causing my cock to drive in a deeper.

Shelly moans again. It hurts! But now I'm laying a gentle hand on the small of her back, beginning to rub warm circles. " Shhh, baby, shhh," I whisper. " Give it a second, it'll get better, you'll see. I promise, I'm going to make it so good for you." I hold perfectly still for her while she does her best to relax and get accustom to me. I'm probably about 3 inches inside her. Shelly wiggles experimentally and I slip in further, sighing deeply.

It doesn't feel too bad now, the pain melting into a discomfort that's starting to feel pleasurable and she begins to feel as though she can do this. She relaxes completely and with a surge, the rest of my cock pushes up into her all the way. I'm balls deep, her ass is filled for its very first time and it's starting to feel sooo good.

An odd, full, weird sensation, but good all the same and she is ready for me to start pumping. She guesses I can tell this from the sounds she is making. Sounds she can't believe she is making, pleading through her panties that she is ready, " Please, please fuck my ass." I gently begin to slide back out.

" You okay?" I whisper. Shelly nods her head, eyes closed in ecstasy, cheek pressed to the wall. I pull almost all the way out, until just the head of my thick veined cock is still inside, then pushes all the way back in.

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I repeat this, over and over, slowly building up speed until I'm slamming in and out of her, faster than she could ever imagine she could take, making her feel so nasty, so bad, so gooood. In our living room, being fucked by a older man, her ass stretched full of my monster cock. Shelly remembering that all I had given her for two months was playing with her ass every time we were together.

Making her come harder than she could imagine. I teased her with it, made her want it more and more. Then finally, after telling her all the time, all the nasty things I was going to do to her, the moment is here. My rough kisses claimed her like they never had before. She drank them up like she would delicious wine, arching herself into the heat of my embrace.

Her whole body came to life under my hands. I squeezed and kneaded with an intensity so new to her, then paused and started again with caresses so gentle their sweetness moved her. My kisses came more sweet and delicate than before as well on her mouth, her cheeks, along her chin, down her neck, then up to her ear.

Then, squeezing one of her tits I bite down. She cries out, startled and oh so turned on. But I'm gone, my tongue, my lips, my hands, my weight vanished from the bed. Shelly whimpers at my absence, but the sound of my belt sliding out of my pants give her delight she quieted, waiting.

She is surprised to feel my weight above me. " You're ready for me." My voice in her ear again soft and slow. " Your ass doesn't lie, baby." Shelly feels my cock, rock hard, as it slides between her ass cheeks, nudging her tight puckering anus. She squirms under me, writhing to meet me. Her pussy, wet and hungry took all of me as I thrust once, twice, hard and fast then once more slow and deep. Shelly cries out again, a sound more animal than human. She feels empty as I pull out of her pussy, then she feels the tip of my cock as it rubs on her ass hole, huge as I push it in.

Slowly, I slip in deeper and deeper. Shelly turns to look at me, my eyes huge as she feels me filling her ass. It hurt, but it feels good. There is a fire in her body like she had never known. It burns from her face to her tits. I keep easing myself into her, pulling back a bit then dipping back in. When my hips met her ass cheeks, she feels so full and wonderful.

She moans and purrs rolling her ass against my hips. I lay on top her not moving while she accustoms herself to the girth of my full cock, reaching around I rub her tits and pinch her nipples. Shelly screams with joy. Pulling out my huge cock then slam it back in, in one hard thrust.

Her eyes watering, she screams and begs for more. It keeps coming, harder and faster, over and over again. She came so hard, it ran down her legs.

Every part of her pulsing and throbbing with pleasure as I pummel her ass with my cock. With both hands on her ass I squeeze hard spreading her ass cheeks apart. Then, pulling out and plunging deeper as I let out a low groan.

More pulsing flesh, as I shoot my load into her ass deep and hard. She rocks against me feeling another tremor of joy as I pull my still hard cock out and give her ass a playful smack. We get up going to the bathroom to clean up, then return to the bed.

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I look at her, looking into her eyes, her smiling lips, her waiting relaxed body, her legs move and open wide. My finger slips inside the entrance of her pussy, slowly moving in and out, intruding and probing. Feeling her slick vaginal canal as juice flows. The liquid of love making her wet and lubricated. Her body is preparing for monster. Preparing to be penetrated, stretched, and ripped again; to be fully impaled by my long thick shaft.

Shelly decided to have essure a permanent, non-surgical trans-cervical sterilization procedure. She decided she could not be devoted to satisfying my sexual appetite worrying about becoming pregnant. " How do you feel?" I asked. " Exhausted." Shelly answered. " Not ready for more?" I asked. Despite being exhausted, she is prepared to enjoy all the carnal pleasures as many times as I want. She looks radiant, her beautiful naked body, endowed with beautiful breasts, with hard nipples, showing her excitement, her sexual desires to have rough primal sex again and to understand this will happen multiple times day or night.

No matter how exhausted and sore she is, her devotion to satisfying my sexual appetite is priority. To be available any time I'm horny and need to fuck my lover.

I stared at her beautiful body, devouring her beauty, her readiness for what will happen again soon. My hard on is painful and craving for her pussy. I decide it had to wait. I wanted to enjoy her beauty, concentrating on her readiness and calmness although I knew that inside, she didn't want another session. My finger is still feeling inside the entrance of her vagina, the flow of her juice is evidence of sexual energy rippling throughout her body; she moans as my finger moves around, then I pull it out of her, moving it along her lubricated valley towards her clit.

I press the little engorged button, hard against the little canopy until I enjoy her pulsating heart, beating strongly and faster as her blood is flowing through her. " How do you feel?' I ask again. " Exhausted and sore, I must say." Shelly answered. " Not ready for more?" I asked. Shelly moans and wiggled on the mattress, pulling her legs backwards, spread eagle as she opens them as wide as she can.

I move on top of her straddling her; my raging cock standing straight out between my legs to her eyes delight as my mouth kisses the little bud as my finger moves.

She moans and cries out as my mouth starts sucking hard on her clit. My wet finger crawling down again thrusting between Shelly's swollen lips, collecting as much vaginal juice as it can until it slides over her perineum on to her rose bud. " John.I'mmm cumming. cumming. cumming.John. aahhhhh. Yessss.aahhhh.fuck me John.fuckkk meee.Fuckkk meee.pleeassse.fuck me." She cries, her body shaking as it erupts into a massive orgasm.

Shelly's body trembling, as her sexual energy erupted, She pressed my mouth harder against her clitoris which I'm still sucking and teasing with my lips, sometime the use of my tongue lapping at it. Sometimes I pull it harder between my teeth while giving it a few squeezes. As her climaxes continue growing stronger, I push my wet finger into her anus with a hard thrust. She cries out, first with shock, then with pain and then with the pleasure that follows, following the insertion of my finger in her ass.

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Shelly's body is now on fire; my cock hanging over her mouth is being intensively massaged with one of her hands. Her body has not stopped gyrating on the bed while pleas for fucking her has not stopped. I'm thrusting my finger in and out of her ass while her hands grab my head and jam it against her pussy while her legs close from the sides holding my head tight, while her body is going through another massive climax.

I wanted my head out from there but I'm locked, imprisoned with my mouth licking and sucking between her swollen lips. The more she cries out and moves, the more her sexual energy becomes electrified.

I wanted to stop what I'm doing as I knew, she may pass out. I tried to push my body forward, my mouth away from her vaginal area, so she could start to relax.

I give a strong push forward, then backwards and out of there. Immediately I move my finger out of her ass.


I turn around and lie there next to her, looking at her trembling body. I wonder when she will return from the peal of escasty. It took her fifteen minutes to relax and open her eyes. " What happened, John?' Shelly asked. " You should tell me yourself; to which mountain you climbed?" I asked.

" I have no idea, all I know it was fantastic, I couldn't believe how great it was, I have never experienced orgasms like that. I have never been with a man that gives me carnal pleasures so intense then takes me mind blowing escasty like you do." Shelly answered. " So, you remember?" I asked.

" This experience I will never forget, this was magnificent. It was more than wonderland.' Shelly explained. " How do you feel?' I asked. " Exhausted and sore, I must say." Shelly answered. " Not ready for more?" I asked. " You know I am John." Shelly answered with a sweet smile as she slightly parted her lips.

I move closer to her, as I start licking her lips slowly, while holding her in my hands like a baby. One hand is under her neck while the other is massaging her chest below her breasts. Nipples are still hard and her heart hasn't yet slowed down, the beating can still be felt and heard. It is still pumping above normal. Our lips met and we kiss. My tongue snakes between her lips into her mouth were it met its' counterpart. She is slowly relaxing, her eyes are wide open, shinning with the pleasures and climaxes she has enjoyed.

Her heart beats got slower and softer. " John, make love to me, put your cock in my pussy, fill me." she ordered as soon as our lips parted. " Are you still, in a hurry?" I asked. " I have waited thirty two years to find you and experience carnal bliss, John. Now I need to be filled, to feel your monster cock inside me again.

I want to be stretched and ripped by your long thick cock again as you make me a complete woman. I want us to experience rough primal sex John together, real rough animal sex, savagely ravashing me. I want to have majestic orgasms like I haven't yet achieved. Break me John. Put your hard monster cock at the door of my vagina and slam it inside my pussy." She pleaded. I kiss her again and took one of her nipples between my fingers, then squeezed it hard, hard enough to feel her body enjoying some pain.

" There will be pain, then pleasure and you may bleed after each session." I said. " I know I felt it too.I accept the pain.knowing there will be pleasure.I know the bleeding will happen as my narrow vaginal canal is stretched and scraped by your cock." She cried into my mouth as we are locked together. My hard cock is raging, waiting to enter tight vagina.

Knowing how lucky I was; I had found Shelly and she has accepted my womanizing and devoted herself to pleasuring and satisfying me, when, where, and as many times as I want and need is fantastic.

Shelly is always on my mind now, giving me the biggest hard on. When we broke the kiss I crawl backwards on my knees. I lick her nipples one by one and then knead them with my teeth and mold them between my teeth making her hotter and hotter with a mixture of pain and pleasure as I squeeze them between my teeth. " Ohhh John! That's wonderful, aaahhh it hurts.yes it hurts John. My pussy is burning, I'm so hot John, sooo hottt.

I'm cummiinngg again.again. Make love to me John. Pleasssee." Shelly continues pleading. I move further back, still on all fours until I lick her clit.

Her legs are wide open, her swollen pussy lips are separated and juice is flowing between her legs, wetting the insides of her thighs and down towards her asshole. I wet my finger while my lips and teeth are still working her engorged clit. My finger found her anus and I slowly push it all the way in while she cries out in pain. The more pain the more her body starts to shake.

I pull my finger out of her ass and took my hard cock in my hand and move it towards her pussy. I slide it up and down the valley of Venus, sometimes pressing it against her clit. At other times I push just the tip through the door of the cave of love and fire. Yes she is on fire.


She's becoming wild as her body is building again to another breathtaking eruption. " Hi Shelly; are you still here?" I asked. " Yes." Shelly answered. Shelly has never been with a man that knows how to bring a woman to carnal ecasty but I know how to make a young woman get breathless as I thrust hard and rapidly into her with unexpected speed that catches Shelly unprepared for the sudden savage ramming.

She can only think how it must be for the eighteen year old women who are virgins and totally unprepared being impaled by a freight train. They must feel like they are being split in half. I'm warming her up until now and the really rough primal ravashing will begin now, my hands slide under her knees to lift her legs to 90-degree angle bend at the knees, her body jerking back and forth, breasts heaving, hair bouncing about as I savagely pummel her relentlessly. My eyes never leave her face, reading every emotion written in her expressions, her eyes shutting tight, biting her lip, mouth closed then open and closing as she swings from one high to another, shouting, screaming "fuck me" over and over in fast rising passion.

As I impale her over and over. I know, she will peak any minute after ten minutes of savage thrusting. She is stretching her whole body and trying to thrust back into me, her head pushed back, chin facing the ceiling, her arms arched backwards so her hands are flat on the bed as if she is trying push ups from an upside down position elbows pointing up in unison.

I suddenly slam into her faster than anything she's ever felt before and she tries to lift her shoulders off the bed to look at me with a shocked look on her face but only gets a split second glance at me before throwing herself backwards screaming " I'm going to cum!

I'm going to cum again!" I keep fucking her relentlessly in a machine-like piston ramming in and out as I take her through massive shock waves of her orgasm, making it fierce as she throws her head from side to side in carnal ecstasy. Shelly's sounds are music to my ears, I now have a full orchestra. When I sense her sexual earthquake loosing intensity and she goes through the next stage of riding out the afterglow of total fulfillment.

I slow the savage massages in her vagina with my rod in ever- slowing strokes to help calm her, but my cock stays hard inside her. Just as Shelly thinks I will stop so she can recover I grab her around the shoulders and pull her into me in a sitting position, her face almost touching me, with her legs dangling loosely behind me, both feet bouncing about as I start another fast thrusting session that catches her by surprise.

The exhilaration of the first orgasm is still rampant inside her and the hot thickness of my plunging cock is keeping the internal eruptions going. Her head sways loosely about on her shoulders and I see she is in another world and know she has cum again, so I change her position, lifting both legs up high and swing her on her side without removing my hardness from inside her.

She is pushed onto her left hip and she soon finds out why she should try this angle more often. This time I use much shorter penetrating strokes, but extremely fast, angling towards her cervix. Only half of my long shaft is needed but the effect is fantastic. Her moans are louder as I throw one leg across my shoulder to support it with thighs of her other leg flat on the corner of the bed, her feet doing a dance of love in mid air.

My face is a study of concentration on her expressions as if I'm a rally driver reading every bump, twist and turn on a narrow gravel country road at breakneck speed.

I steer her closer and closer to the brink and my mouth tightens as I see it in her face. Reaching under her cervix at such speed requires directional control and I may as well be a rally driver sliding the back end out and straightening up for the finish line. " I'm gonna cum again, I'm gonna cum, she shrieks." As she does, it's the sweet sound of success.

He lets her ride this orgasm out and to get her breath back then orders her to get on top as I switch positions so she can mount me. There is no let-up for Shelly as she squats over my trunk-like organ and impales her pussy on it until she feels it deep inside again.

She faces me and leans over with her hands spread out wide just behind my shoulders on the bed. She is completely oblivious to the world. Once she feels the huge cock inside again nothing else is important. Our long foreplay session and the way I took her from mountain peak to another in different positions without let-up is a new experience. She hardly subsides from one orgasm to another and they seem to just roll on through her in varying intensities.

Yet I continue like a well oiled drilling machine. This time though the young filly is the workhorse, riding my cock in a sitting up squatting position, her movements are slow as she is almost wrecked from riding the emotional roller coaster so I pull her down towards my face so her breasts are just touching my chest and I commence to pummel her with rapid thrusts.

It's a position many women find gratifying and soon she is making all the sounds of urgency and erotic exclamations on her way to another orgasm in 15 minutes. She has hardly recovered and seems too bewildered to speak as I order her to stand up and put her head down to the mattress, spread her legs for balance and get her ass up in the air. I enter her from behind, holding her around the hips as she grabs her ankles for support and her head jerks back and forth by the force of my hard thrusts.

Then a huge thrust, all the way into the depths of her burning crater and with a loud cry of satisfied pleasure, I send the first salvo of cum into the depths of her steaming vagina, straight against the walls of her womb.

I groaned as the second shot came out with more friction as her body continues to enjoy the everlasting release of further carnal satisfaction. It took me sometime before my cock started to soften. Shelly's body starts to relax although she is still shaking. I stay on top of her body, my cock still deep inside her vagina. I look into her eyes as they open.

They are beautiful, wet with tears. Our bodies are still connected, the energy is still flowing, but lighter. She is panting, her heart still beating wildly. I lowered my lips and kiss her lightly. " Thanks John.I'm exhausted; I'm exhausted for the first time in my life from sex." Shelly cried. " Are you happy; satisfied?" I asked. " More than satisfied, John. Now I'm a complete woman, I know what it feels like being two bodies in one body.

The carnal pleasures were so intense I thought I was in heaven. She is looking at me, her eyes focused on my eyes as she tightens her vaginal muscles gripping my wilted cock. " Your still inside me John?" Shelly asked. " Yes it is still in there, but tired and wilted." I answered. I let her relax. When she turned on her back, she opened her eyes and she gave me a big smile of relief. Then I knew she was fully satisfied. I invited her to join me in the shower where we massaged each other's bodies with liquid soap.