Creaming all over the wet pussy of a sexy bitch

Creaming all over the wet pussy of a sexy bitch
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I am anxious. Tonight will be the night I get to fulfill my wildest fantasies. When you show up I greet you with a warm kiss. You question the third place setting at the table. I inform you that Sam is joining us tonight. Your eyes light up because you realize what tonight is about. I go into the room and finish getting ready. I put on my sexiest black dress and you nod approvingly. The doorbell rings, Sam has arrived. I open the door to see a stunningly full figured woman with dark sexy eyes and ample breasts to match her womanly hips.

She gives me a hug and I introduce the two of you. We sit down for our nice romantic dinner. I am thrilled to see the two of you getting along so well. After the meal is finished I suggest that we head to the living room for a glass of wine and some more chatting.

I clear the table and head over to the living room. There I find you sitting in a chair and Sam sitting on the couch. I take my seat next to Sam and cross my legs. That glass of wine seemed to make all the blood rush to my clit. I can feel it pulsing as I try to carry on a conversation with the two of you. Sam and I flirt, lightly touching each other's arm or thigh as we talk. I get more and more turned on as the time passes.

Making a bold move, I slide close to Sam and comment on how beautiful she looks. I lean in and kiss her passionately. She kisses back with much enthusiasm. The talking stops there. She glides her hand up my thigh under my dress. Her hand grazes my pantyhose covered mound. My hands unbutton her shirt and remove it along with her bra. She sits in front of me with a now naked torso.

I look over and notice you rubbing the bulge of your pants. Seeing you do that turns me on more.

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I ask Sam to undress me. She slides my dress over my head. Then she removes my bra. I lay back on the couch as she takes off my pantyhose.

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I sit there in nothing but my black thong. Then I command her to finish undressing herself for me. Seductively she undresses and throws her wet panties at me. As she undresses I notice that you have also begun disrobing. It's as though you read my mind. I pull Sam over to me and I tell her to eat my pussy. She obediently lowers her head and begins to nibble on my pussy lips and my clit making me moan.

As she is going down on me, I look over to you and we lock eyes. Watching you pleasure yourself turns me on and I feel as though you deserve some of her attention. Once I get nice and wet I ask her to stop then go over and suck your dick. Finally getting some attention your cock becomes very hard. I diddle myself watching her engulf all of your manhood and hearing your sexy moans.

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We both near orgasm, then I tell her to stop. I ask you to come over to the couch and fuck my pussy. You and Sam switch places. As you fuck me Sam watches us and begins to finger herself. We switch position to do it doggy style and I ask Sam to come over and lick your asshole as you fuck me.


After a short time of this I feel you shoot your load into me and you collapse on the couch. I too orgasm, but I am not completely spent. I go to the bedroom and return with the strap on dildo I bought. I figured it is time for Sam to get some.


As I strap it to my body, I tell her to bend over the arm of the chair with her toes on the ground. I walk up behind her, leaving you with a perfect view of every move we make.

I reach between her legs to find her pussy hot and dripping wet. With no warning, I grab her by the hips and shove the dick into her to the hilt. She screams as a reaction to that lovely surprise.

I fuck her pussy hard as I grab her by the hair and pull her back up against my body. My nipples are hard against her back.

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I reach down and finger her clit. I begin to fuck her in shorter, quicker strokes as I rub her clit. I must hit her g-spot because I can feel her body stiffen, I hear her breath grow short and she begins to quake. After I pull out of her and leave her panting on the couch, I walk over to you and ask you to suck her juices off the fake cock between my legs. You obediently lick it clean. Then I decide to move the show to the bedroom.

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I tell you to lie on the bed and then I tie your wrists to the headboard. I grab some lube of the nightstand and lube up your asshole and my cock.

I hold your ankles in the air and enter into your tight asshole. You really seem to like this as I can hear you moan. I let my hands wander your thighs, hips, and ass while I fuck you. My hand wanders up and pinches your nipple from time to time but I don't touch your prick, not yet. I look into your eyes; I can see that you want desperately to come. I pull out of you and take the strap on dildo off. I throw it to Sam and order her to put it on.

I untie your wrists and position myself on the bed and tell you to enter my pussy from behind. As you do that I motion for Sam to fuck your ass. I can feel Sam's thrusts which make you thrust deeper into me. I finger my clit as you hit just the right spot in my pussy. I know neither of us can last long. Shortly you come hard and deep into me and I come with my pussy tightly gripping your spasming cock.

I ask you to lick the come from my pussy and swallow it and then lick the cock clean while Sam wears it.

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Satisfied, you and I fall asleep in bed while Sam cleans herself up and leaves. This dinner party was fantastic, don't you agree?