Public agent pays and fucks Euro babe

Public agent pays and fucks Euro babe
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I awoke from what I thought was a dream, the best sex I have ever had, in my life and the man that I had the great sex with was beside me in the bed. Unfortunately it was Robby, my 19 year old son. What happened and how did I find myself in this "incestuous" mess? It began as parents weekend at the university. Robby shared a dorm room with 3 other boys, I couldn't stay with him so I booked a room at the local hotel with 2 doubles and Robby and I were going to spend parents weekend doing what parents and new students do, learning about the campus etc.

Robby, though shy agreed to share the room so I checked in gave him a key, he went off to meet some friends I went off to the room for a nap.

I awoke after about an hour and decided to shower. After the shower I put on clean panties and a bra, walked into the bed room and to my surprise I heard whistle, turning, there was Robby eyes wide staring at me in my undies. I stated back toward the bathroom, but Robby yelled, don't go, you look beautiful.

I stopped and turned saying you shouldn't be seeing your mothers in her underwear but I didn't move. Robby responded, it is no different that seeing you in your bikini, right? Though I know difference, I agreed but said I need to get dressed anyway.

Please don't Robby said, you are so beautiful and I want to look at you. "Robby, no, I am your mother you shouldn't be looking at me like that", but again I hadn't moved, I just stood there knowing it wasn't right to let my son ogle my body but I didn't move. I could see the lust in his eyes, he was mentally undressing me and I stood there, still and let him. What happened next and why it happened is still a mystery but I walked over towards the bed he was sitting on and said, "Robby, this isn't right but if you want to stare at me in my undies Ok." In my mind I was enjoying the attention.

Being 47 years old, not many men or boys looked at me much and having a 19 years stare at my body and say how beautiful it was made me feel like a new women and I was getting wet. Then, it happened and it will change my life forever. I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra, I looked Robby in the eyes and said, do you want me to take it off? His mouth feel open and he stuttered, yes please. I hesitated for a second and let go of the bra, here I was standing in front of my 19 year old son with my titties in all there sagging glory handing out for Robby to see.

For a few seconds nothing happened then Robby said, mom, they are beautiful. I said, you are just saying that, these 47 year old boobs sag too much and Robby stopped me saying no, they don't, they are gorgeous. He asked if he could touch them and said he had never seen breasts up close except in porn videos. Knowing I was going too far I stepped forward, Robby reached up his hands and began massaging both titties. I closed my eyes while he felt my tits. Then it happened, he squeezed both nipples.

I felt the shock from my tits to my pussy. I moaned slightly, it was all the encouragement Robby needed. Next thing I felt was his mouth on my nipple, licking and sucking, the shock through my body was intense, my nipples have always been my hot button.

I opened my eyes and looked down as my son felt and sucked my tits, first one the other. I could help my self, I gripped his head and held it while he sucked my nipples. I was in heaven and yes I knew it was wrong and I knew I should stop but I didn't, I just stood there letting my son ravish my boobs. After a few minutes, I felt his hands on my ass cupping my checks, I was going to yell stop but just then he bit my nipple and the shock and pleasure made me crazy.

His hands were under my panties feeling my ass checks and the crack of my ass. Before I knew it, not that I would have stopped him, he pulled down my panties. In a sexual haze, I stepped out of the panties and stepped back. Here I was totally nude in front of my son.

I let him stare at my trimmed pussy and tits, I turned 180 and let him stare as my ass. I could hear him groan. I turned around and pulled him to his feet. His hands began roaming over my naked body, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of a mans hands freely feeling the most intimate and sensitive parts of my body.

For the first time in many years I felt fingers other than my own entering my steaming cunt sending shivers though my body. At the same time I felt a finger rubbing my asshole, not entering, just gently massaging my hole.

I could take it no longer, I pulled at the buttons on his shorts, dropping them to his ankles. While he was stepping out of his shorts I put my hand into his shorts and touched, grabbed his cock. I was harder than any cock I have ever felt, the pre cum was making his cock slippery and I massaged it while he moaned into my neck. I moved my mouth to his mouth and we kissed, a long sloppy wet kiss. At this time, I had to have his cock, or any cock. I pulled off his underwear and pushed him on to the bed.

Without hesitation, I straddled his legs, grabbed his slippery hot cock and slide it into my dripping cunt.

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Robby's cock was bigger that any other I have had, it touched deep into my cunt touching places I didn't know existed. I rode my son's cock jamming it in an out of my hot cunt, I could think of nothing else but his cock reaming out my hole and the pleasure I was feeling.

My eyes were closed I could hear Robby's moaning and I knew both of us were going to cum very soon, I felt Robby's cock get bigger and I knew he was going to fill my cunt with his hot cum and the thought of my son filling me with cum put me over the edge and a powerful organism wrenched through my body. I screamed out, "Robby, fuck me, fuck your mommys hot cunt, fill me with your cream","ohh, it feels so good, fuck, I am coming on my sons cock and he is coming in his mothers hot pussy.

I groaned, lost my breath and collapsed onto my sons chest. I could still feel his cum shooting into my cunt and filling me with his seed. It took me several minutes to catch my breath and my head to clear.

I opened my eyes to see Robby's face inches from mine and I felt his cock go soft and flop out of my cunt. At that point I realized what I had done, I fucked my son, I had sex with my son I enjoyed every minute of it.

I rolled off Robby and turned my back to him, wondering why I didn't feel remorse, anger or hate myself for fucking my son. Robby rolled over to me, put his arm around me and said into my ear, mom, I love you and I loved making love to you, please don't feel bad, please, we love each other, it can't be wrong, can it? Hearing Robby's words and the concern in his voice I grabbed his hand that was around my shoulder and placed on the tit and squeezed his hand onto my tit and nipple. Robby kissed my neck and shoulder and continued to play with my nipple.

I could feel his dick getting hard again and poking into my ass checks. I reached my hand back and touched his cock and began moving my hand up and down his long slippery cock.

He then said something that shocked me, "mom, will you suck my cock?" "Please".

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Without hesitation, I rolled over facing Robby, he rolled to his back and a crawled down to his cock. I held it, looked into his eyes and shoved his cock in my mouth and began sucking my sons cock.

I sucked, licked his cock, I took each of his balls into my mouth and liked his balls while he moaned pleaded with me not to stop. I rolled onto my side Robby followed to his side. I took his cock in my hand and said to Robby, would you like to fuck your mothers mouth and fill her mouth and throat with you hot cum?

He just groaned. I told him to hold my head and fuck my mouth. He didn't hesitate, he grabbed my hair and pulled my head into his cock, then began to rhythmically fuck my mouth, sometimes making me gag but he didn't stop, he just kept fucking my mouth. After about 5 minutes of his cock abusing my mouth and throat, his cock grew and I knew I was in for a huge load of my son's hot cum and I was right.

He lunged forward and his cock went down my throat he held my head while his cum shot straight down my throat. He came for what seemed like 5 minutes and I was forced to swallow what seemed like a quart of my son's hot cum. I continued to gag, he continued to cum. After a time, he let go of my head and began slowly and gently fuck my mouth, I cleaned his cock with my tongue. When his cock slipped out of my mouth I licked his cock and balls clean as he laid there like a contented kitten.

Like the slut I was feeling I crawled up looked in the eye and said "did you like your blow job" Robby just smiled, pulled me up to his face and gave me a deep wet kiss, I know he could taste his cock and cum in my mouth but he didn't seem to mind.

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We laid there for a few minutes breathing softly, enjoying the content feeling brought on by great sex. I was still in shock that I fucked my son and enjoyed every minute of it. I could still feel his cock in my cunt and mouth. I could feel his cum leaking out of my cunt and taste it in my mouth and I wasn't bothered by the fact that I committed incest. Robby said "I have to pee", jokingly I said, "do you need mommy to hold it for you"? He, said, that would be cool.

So, off the bed we got and I followed him to the bath room where I proceeded to raised the seat, stand behind my son, grabbed his cock and he let go a stream of hot pee into the bowl.

When he stopped, I have it a couple of shakes, laughed and let go of his cock. I told him he had to leave as now I had to pee, he looked at me funny and said why? I didn't know what to answer so I said, you want to watch your mommy pee?

He just smiled but instead of sitting on the bowl, I opened the shower, stood in the corner, raised one leg on to the side of the tub, reached down and pulled open my pussy lips and said, you ready.

He smiled, stepped into the shower, got on his knees in front of me and said, "fire away". I said, wait, you want me to pee on you? Yes, I do. I should have been repulsed by the idea but I wasn't, I looked a Robby and said, Ok, here it comes.

With my pussy lips spread, I let go a stream of hot piss onto my son's chest, stomach and cock. It felt like a dream watching the piss drip off my son and down the drain. I was also sexually arousing, it felt like each drop was tickling my pussy. After a few minutes my piss slowed to a dribble, Robby again did something shocking, he leaned forward, put his mouth against my cunt and I peed in his mouth.

I watched my piss dribble out of his mouth and I kept squirting dribbles into his mouth until I was dry. I grabbed Robby's head, pulled onto my cunt and said "suck it baby, lick mommy's cunt". I knew my pussy was still dripping Robby's hot cum, but I made him suck me anyway. I ground my pussy into his face, I could feel his tongue on my clit and I knew I would cum very soon.

As I continued to fuck Robby's mouth I felt his hands on my ass checks, he spread my checks and begin massaging my asshole. As I fucked his mouth, I felt his finger go into my asshole up to the second knuckle and begin moving it around inside my ass. I could take no more, my orgasms exploding into my sons mouth, my hot juice, mixed with Robby's cum and my piss. I held his head and continued to fuck his mouth for at least 1 minute before I collapsed to the floor of the tub.

Exhausted and out of breath my eyes closed I sat enjoying the ebbing of my orgasm. Once I opened my eyes, Robby's face was in front of mine, I grabbed him and kissed him deeply, tasting my cum, my pee and his cum mixed on his tongue.

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I have never felt more sluttish or depraved in my life but still, no regrets. Robby pulled me to my feet, I was covered in sweat, cum and pee, so was he.


We turned on the shower and slowly and gently washed each other. I was in front facing him, washing his back while he washed my back. I felt his soapy hands caress my ass and rub my asshole. I did the same for him. He continued to soap my ass, but he looked my in the eye and said, mom, can I fuck your beautiful ass some day. Looking into my loving son's eyes I could say only yes, you can do my asshole some day. Robby just smiled a knowing smile understanding he would be butt fucking his mother very soon.

After the shower is dressed and decided to get something to eat. In the hotel dinning room I watch Robby for any sign of distress over what we had just done. He seemed content and at ease with himself and me. I asked him, Robby, are you troubled by what we did today, after all, it is considered incest and outside of the social norm, even illegal in most states. Robby replied, I am not at all troubled, we love each and now we have loved each other.

And with a smile he said, my only concern is when can we do it again. We both laughed and I said, soon baby soon. We finished dinner and walked around the campus. It is a beautiful campus and I will in a beautiful mood. It was dark when we stopped by the lake, sat on one of the benches and watched late flying birds and lights begin coming on across the campus. Robby put his arm around my shoulder, I leaned into towards him and his hand dropped down from my shoulder and onto my tit.

We sat there enjoying the view while Robby massaged my titty. I took hold of his free hand and put if on my other titty letting him massage both. I reached out and began massaging his cock through his pants, his cock was rock hard and 10 inches of muscle, I was getting wet thinking about his cock. It dark and we were very isolated in the park.

I unzipped Robby's pants and pulled out his 10 inch cock. I stood up, took off my panties, moved onto his laps and in 1 stroke put his entire length into my pussy. He was shocked and as I looked into his eyes I began slowly rocking back and forth on his cock. He continued to caress my tits while I rocked on his cock. In this position, his meat we deep into my pussy, touching those very places that sent me over the edge earlier in the day.

I just smiled into son's eye and fucked his big cock I felt complete contentment and a sexuality I never had before. Robby's eyes were closed and as we continued to fuck on the bench I started to talk dirty to him. "I loved your big cock in my cunt, do you like fucking your mothers pussy?" He didn't answer, I stopped rocking, he looked at me and knew what to do, "yes mommy, I love fucking your tight pussy I like feeling your cunt hugging my cock" I kept it up, rocking and talking.

"would my baby like to stick his big cock up my ass, would he like to butt fuck his slut mother" A groan escaped his lips and I felt his cock get bigger and I knew he was close to cumming. I stopped rocking, Robby looked at me in pain, and I said, you can't cum yet, not until mommy is ready.

I started rocking again his cock felt so good, I leaned over and bit Robby's ear, he yelped, but I got him thinking about something else while I continued to fuck him, building the heat in my pussy and moving quickly toward a big orgasm.

I don't know if it just fucking, just fucking my son or doing it outside in public that had me so excited. Within a few minutes I was close, I start moving faster and riding his cock hard, I whispered in his ear that I was ready to come and said out loud "fuck me baby fuck your mommy's pussy hard make me cum baby I want to feel your hot cum spurting into me, please baby fuck me, fuck me baby Oh god, I'm cumming, baby fuck mommy or shit it feels so fucking good" I exploded, all the talk caused Robby to explode, his cock grew even bigger and felt like it was going through my cervix his cock was touching me in those places I didn't know I had.

Then, the lights went out, my cum was so hard that I passed out. I came to my senses after about a minute, Robby was still pumping into me filling me with his cum, spurt after spurt he just continued to pump and spurt filling me with more I cum than I thought his balls could hold.

After a minute he calmed down and we sat there, me on this lap and his cock shrinking inside me. I didn't want to move it felt so good.

We heard noise behind us, I turned to see someone turn back around the corner, I am not sure how long he was watching, but I bet he got and earful.

We quickly moved and stood up, my skirt dropped down and Robby put his soft cock into his pants, laughing we moved quickly away and back to the hotel. When we got to the room I realized that I hadn't put my panties back on since we were in a hurry.

In the room, I pulled up my skirt and showed Robby all of the cum dripping down my legs. Both legs were dripping cum and it looked like a street whore at the end of the day. I stripped and went into the shower, this time I closed and locked the door. When I finished my shower and dried off I went back to the bed room, Robby was laying on the bed, naked playing with his cock.

I told him to get cleaned up and I was going to sleep and I did. I woke up the next morning knowing that it wasn't a dream, I had sex multiple times with my son.

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I not only fucked him, I sucked his cock, peed on him and he sucked my cunt. Now looking at Robby still sleeping I wondered what was next when he awoke. I dressed quickly as I had to get out of the room before he wakes up. I went to the dinning room and had coffee, my stomach was turning wondering what was next. A moment later I saw Robby walk into the dinning room. He was so handsome and I loved him so much but not sure what was next.

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Robby found my table sat down and said with a smile, he was famished and needed protein, At that time I knew that we were good. We spent the rest of the day doing parent things, classrooms, professors, guidance etc. Lunch with the schools president and deans, etc. It was a full day and by the time dinner time came, I was exhausted. I told Robby I needed a nap and went back to the hotel while he hung out with some friends.

After about a 2 hour nap I was aroused by hands roaming over my body. I opened my eyes and saw my son, naked with a huge erection, hands all over my body. I told him to stop that I was tired, he just smiled and continued to fondle me. I could feel my juices starting to flow. But I told him to stop again. He put his finger in my cunt, felt the wetness, looked me in the eye and said you words say stop, but you pussy says go and he laughed. He continued to finger me, massaging my clit and my insides.

He took his hands off of my tits, looked me in the eye and "go ahead mom, play with your nipples".

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I in a trance I pulled and pinched my nipple while my son watched and finger fucked me. Robby then said, "go ahead mom, suck your nipples" and like the slut I have become, I sucked my nipples, biting and sucking while my son watched while fingering my cunt. I was rotating my hips to get his fingers deeper when he stopped. He looked me in the eye and said, "do you want me to keep going, I shock my head yes.

Robby said, "ask for it, tell me how much you want it". Feeling humiliate, I begged my son to keep finger fucking me while I sucked my titties. After what seemed like and hour I felt the cum building and I exploded all over his hand and arm. Screaming for him to keep fucking me and how much I loved it. When he stopped and I came down I felt used and humiliated by my son, making me beg him for sexual relief.


He cuddled me and said that it wasn't his intent to humiliated but to enhance my pleasure. Maybe he was right. I saw that his cock was rock hard and asked him if wanted me to blow him again. He said, "no, it's time for your ass to be fucked" Just like that, time to get butt fucked by my son. He pulled me to my knees, opened a jar of Vaseline and spread it onto and into my asshole. Then, he spread more on his hard cock. I asked Robby, please be gentle since my ass was virgin, saying he would he pushed my head down to bed told be to reach back and spread my ass checks.

I did, then he said "tell me to butt fuck you, tell me you want my 10 inch cock up your ass." I turned by head and whimpered, please Robby, fuck mommy's asshole, shove that big dick up my ass and fuck me" With that I felt his cock at the entrance of my rectum and he began pushing. It hurt and I yelled out "fuck, it hurts, your cock is too big, pull it out, stop!

Robby just grabbed my hips and continued to push fearing the pain a leaned forward trying to avoid the huge cock invading my rectum but it caused both to fall flat on the bed and the huge cock drove even further up my tight butt and causing me to scream out in pain. Being held down my son continued to plow into my ass, it felt like a baseball bat in my ass and I had to take a big dump.

The lube was finally starting to coat my ass channel reducing the pain but not the discomfort. Meanwhile Robby continued pound my poor asshole, it felt like his cock was going to come out of my throat.

Robby's balls were bouncing off of my cunt lips as he continued to grunt and pound me. After what seemed like an eternity, I felt Robby's cock grow and felt spurt after spurt of hot come filing my asshole. Robby grunted and he continued pounding my ass for another couple of minutes. Finally spent, I felt Robby's cock begin to soften and he slowly pulled his limp dick out of my ass follow by what seemed like a gallon of his cum.

He spread my ass checks and looked at how large my gaping asshole looked. I clenched and my muscles began contracting and tightening up my ring. Robby rolled me over and told me how great it was, I immediately grabbed his balls and squeezed, Robby screamed and rolled on the bed. I jumped on top of him and grabbed his hair, slapping his face saying "you bastard, don't you ever hurt me like that again, I told you to stop but you continued to pound into me making me scream in pain.

Robby continued to be in pain I turned around putting my ass in his face, grabbing his balls again and told him to lick my asshole and suck his cum from my ass. He hesitated and I began to squeeze his balls again. He immediately yelped and buried his tongue in my asshole. He licked and sucked, he gagged as his cum slide out of my asshole into his mouth. I felt his tongue slip into my loose asshole and it felt great as he continued to work my ass.

After a few minutes, I released his balls, turned around and put my pussy in directly in Robby's mouth, without hesitation he began to lick my clit and cunt hole.

I felt the orgasm build, I told Robby to stick his finger in my ass. As he worked his finger and sucked my cunt it took me only a few minutes and I had a powerful orgasm, squirting my women cum and piss into my son's mouth. I continued to fuck Robby's mouth until I was fully drained and empty. I raised off my son's mouth looked down at him with sad eyes.

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He looked at me and said, mom I don't know what got into me, it felt so good knowing I was fucking your ass I couldn't control my self, it won't happen again ever, I will never ask you for anal again. Looking down a my son after his apology I said, "Thank you for that, but you can butt fuck me when you want too, just under my control and with more patience unless you want your balls squashed again." We both laughed and walked to the bath room to clean up.

In the bathroom, I pushed Robby into the shower, got on my knees in front of him took his cock in my hand and told him to piss on me. He hesitated and I grabbed his balls, he looked me understanding and let fly a stream of hot piss over my tit's and stomach. I don't know why, but it felt sexy to feel the hot piss hit my skin, I looked up at my son and he seemed to be enjoying the site, I raised up his cock and pointed at my face letting a stream of hot piss hit my face. Robby just groaned after seeing his piss covering my face.

With his last few spurts, I put his cock in my mouth and let him finish with his cock in my mouth. The piss dribbled out of my mouth and I let his soft cock flop out of my mouth and rubbed it on my face, kissing the head of his cock.

We stood and showered, this time washing our selves not each other, we dried, dressed and went to dinner. We were talking like lovers rather than mother and son. Knowing that I was leaving for home in the morning I wondered what was next for both of us. (Cont'd on another time)