Appetising pretty gal looks fine on one eyed monster

Appetising pretty gal looks fine on one eyed monster
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I awoke early Saturday morning to the sensation of my wife rubbing something onto my dick, needless to say it didn't take long before she had me standing at full attention. She laughingly said well it sure didn't take too much to get princess sophia to come alive, it was a little nick name that she had given to her favorite toy that she took from the movie Ms.

Congeniality, she thought that was histarical and hell why should I mind with all the attention she was giving it! She rubbed and stroked and sucked on my dick for a while stopping just short of bring me to full eruption several times. Then suddenly and without warning she got up out of bed and said well that's enough of that for now I have been cleaning this entire house all by myself for the last year and since your home you can give me a hand with some of the cleaning chores so get up and get dressed.


Oh and by the way I set out some clothes in the closet for you to wear and don't leave anything out, remember I have the video and your doing as I tell you to all weekend as she laughed and left the bedroom . I went into the closet to find a little silk black maids outfit with the white lace trim aparon. It was complete with a little black and white lace cap that tied to my head, small black choker with a white lace bowtie, fishnet style thigh high stockings and garter belt, crotchless panties, lace gloves, 4 inch high stilleto heels and a padded bra filled with gel filled bags to give me the feel of nearly real boobs.

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I somewhat reluctantly although I must admit not completely honored my wifes commands and put on the required attire all the way down to the stelletto heels, I never realised how hard those things are to walk in.

I exited the bedroom and clumsily stumbled down the hall to find my wife sitting on the couch having a cup of coffee and she laughingly said hey don't ya look cute in your little maids outfit. Then she pointed to the vacuum cleaner and said ok now get to work.

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I vacuumed the entire living room area with her sitting on the couch seemingly watching television but more laughing at me stumbling around in the stilleto heels, it had to be quite a site. When I had finished that she said I needed to get up on the step stool and then she handed me one of those little feather dusters to clean the blades on the ceiling fan.


While I was up there she had bent over under the coffee table to pick up something however I noticed she was down there a little long and when I asked what she was doing she said she wanted to look up my skirt to make sure I had my panties on and since I did she was going to give me a reward. As I stood on the step stool heels and all I asked and just what might that be?

She moved toward me and placed both her hands around my ankles and started rubbing my legs and rubbed them all the way up my thighs and then grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and gave them a nice firm squeeze and a sharp slap and then stuck her head under my skirt and began to suck my dick. She started by just tickling the tip of my head with her tongue then began to make circular motions around the entire head then worked down one side of the long hard shaft and back up the other side and then put the whole thing deep into her mouth taking it all in and worked her mouth alll around it then back up and down the length of the shaft once again bringing me nearly to the point of exploding in her mouth and again suddenly stopping and laughingly saying to me ok now get back to your chores you dirty little maid whore.

Though this was exciting it was also somewhat frustrating not being allowed to cum.

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After completing all of my living room cleaning chores she told me that I needed to go in and begin my chores in the bedroom start by making the bed and then clean the bathroom. She came into the bedroom and sat on the loveseat and watched me make the bed, I asked her what she was doing and she said she just wanted to watch me bend over the bed and see my ass poke out from under the outfit.

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I said ha ha very funny and kept on with my chores in an effort to get this event over with. After making the bed I went into the bathroom and cleaned the toilet, then as I begun to lean over the bathtub I felt this firm smack on my ass and my wife said mmmm mmmm that ass is looking good. Not even missing a beat I just kept on cleaning and then suddenly again I felt another smack on the ass and she said did you hear me? to which I replied yes maam I heard you.

Then as I remained bent over the bathtub I felt her behind me and she began to play with my ass cheeks at first just kneading them and tickling them with her finger tips then squeezing and rubbing them harder and harder and reaching under and tickling my balls then around and rubbing my still rock hard cock.

Then she began to tickle my ass hole with the tip of her fingers and I felt the sensation of her fingers being lubricated with something and then slowly gently sliding them inside my asshole and wiggling them around.

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Then I felt something else that seemed different and it was, it was a string of anal beads which she slowly and gently inserted till they were all inside my asshole all of them down to the last bead. After getting them completely in she commanded me to turn around.

I did and she grabbed my dick which was already sticking out from under my skirt and once again began to suck on it wasting no time sticking it completely into her mouth and wrenching her head back and forth side to side and up and down the whole time moaning and groaning mmmmm hmmmm mmmm hmmmm she sucked me till I began to cum and she went at it even harder and faster then without me seeing her because my eyes were shut and my head was layed back on my shoulders she reached around and pulled the beads quickly out of my asshole which made me cum even harder and faster and more than I think I ever have before without ever even pulling my dick out of her mouth she swallowed every bit of my heavy load of warm cum.

Then she ripped all my clothes off me and made me bend her over the bathtub and fuck her till she had a full leg shaking orgasm then we took a bath and got ready for the rest of the weekend………more to cum later