Blonde angel swallowing black dick

Blonde angel swallowing black dick
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I used to go out with this girl named Amanda.Amanda was a very tall white girl at about 6' tall she was taller than most girls that you see.She was also a very large woman at about 450 lbs.She was also a virgin at the age of 21.I met her on-line in a chat room one night was talked for a bit and it was pretty good times for me so i started to talk to her more regularly.So one day she asked if we could meet and Ii was like OK cause we had gotten to know eachother so well.Before I saw her I was like I didnt care what she looked like cause she was such a sweetheart.So when I finally met her I was a little thrown off by her excessive weight but I decided to give her a shot anyway.As time went on I started to get to like her more and more even though I wasnt really physically attracted to her we enjoyed eachothers company.

One day I was at her house and her sister and her mother both went out to different places and we were all alone at her house.So she asks out of the blue"Do you wanna do it."I didnt really know what to say.Before I could say anything she had already started rubbibg my dick through my pants.It felt so good cause it had been such a long time since anyone had did that to me.So in a lustful state I moaned"Yes I wanna do you so bad".So she suggested that we go to her bedroom.

When we got in there she started kissing me and she couldnt keep her hands off of my dick which had become hard as steel.She kept massaging it while were snaking are tongues in echothers mouth.She then asks"Can I see it cause I've never seen one before." ''Of course you can'',I replied.

She unzipped my pants and fished out my 9'' cock and gasped in amazement at its size.She then started to stroke it with her big soft hands.It felt so good.I was as hard as I can ever remember.She started to rub my tip which was oozing precum from all the excitement that she had given me.Then she started to take off her shirt and her bra.Her titties was kind of small for someone so large but her nipples were big and rock hard and I couldnt resist sucking on them.And suck on them I did.I rolled my tongue around them and gently bit them causing her to let out a small high pitched moan.Then I sucked on them really hard making them even bigger.She had a skirt on so I started to reach my hand in between her legs.She was a little reluctant cause no one had ever dont that to her before but i kept my persiut up and finally got to her panties which were soaked.

Her aroma was very strong.I released my mouth from her big fat nipples so I could concentrate on her warm wet pussy.I pulled down her panties which were as big as my shirt and made my way in between her legs.I started to finger her slit and rub her clit at the same time.She started to moan. ''Have you ever had an orgasm before.''I asked. ''No''She said. I said''Not even from fingering yourself?'I asked ''Well''she said ''I have never done that before either.'' ''I find that hard to believe but if you havent you should cause I do and it feels really good.'' Then she asks''Will you touch it with your tongue?'' I was a little reluctant cause her aroma was very strong almost to the point of unpleasant but since no one had ever done it to her before I said''Sure.'' Her thighs were so massive I had a hard time getting to her pussy but i finally did and I started to snake my tongue in between her legs with reckless abandon.Anything worth doing is worth doing right I thought to myself.So i found her clit and started to suck on it and it got noticeably bigger and more sensetive the more and more I sucked on it.Then as I sucked on it i viciously ran my tongue over it sender her into a violent orgasm.''Ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh''she moaned as she clamped her thighs around my head.Her orgasm was so intense it seemed to last forever.I couldnt get out and was starting to run out of air so I put my hand on her knees and pried her legs open so I could get out.''That was wonderful'' she said.''Lemme return the favor.'' I was a little nervous cause this was her first time sucking cock and I had a bad experience before but I let her continue on sucking my dick.Her inexperience showed as she lowered her head and her teeth grazed the sides of it.''Ouch''I said.

''Sorry''she replied ''Its just so thick I cant take it in my mouth without it hitting my teeth.'' ''Ok just lick it like you would a lollypop or an ice cream cone''I said. This seemed to work cause she started to masterfully work her tounge around my head and shaft like she had done this many times before.In the back of my head i thought to myself that she had licked many an ice cream cone before I can tell.

After a while I needed to get inside of her pussy so I asked''Do you wanna do it now?''She nodded yes and she laid down on the her bed and spread her legs.Her being a virgin I knew this would hurt a bit.I was so in need of some I didnt care that much about it and just went at ramming her with full force.However it was like an inpenetrable barrier and I couldnt get my dick inside of her.What the hell I thought to myself and tried repetedly to thrust my dick into her seemingly extra tight pussy but it was to no avail and to this day I have never been able to fuck her.

I had to give up.I had spent the upwards of 20 minutes trying to get in and I had nothing left to show for it except a hard cock that had become very painful.''Whats the matter''she said.''How come we didnt have sex?''she wondered.

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''Well I cant get it inside of you for some reason''I replied. "Has this ever happened to you before''she said.

''Uh no not ever once''I replied ''So this is all my fault''she said with a frown. Even though I thought it was her fault I said''No its not anyones fault'' and gave her a hug. Just then her mom knocked on her door.''Oh shit'' I said out loud as we scurried to put our clothes on as fast as possible.We didnt even hear her mom come in.When we regained our composure we exited her room and went into the living room to face the wrath of her mom.

''Amanda can you come with me to my room for a second''her mom said.


Amanda followed her mom to her room and the door closed.After about a minute or two Amanda energed from her moms room. ''My mom said you can stay here but you have to sleep on the couch.And since its 1 in the morning we have to go to bed now'' ''Ok goodnight'' I said as i gave her a quick kiss. ''Oh yeah my mom said she wants to see you in her room too''Goodnight''she said as she went back to her room.

I went to her moms room which was upstairs and her mom was laying on the bed in a halter top and some skimpy shorts.All I could do is try not to stare at her breast because they were so fucking big and very round with just a little bit of sagging from her old age.At 50 years old she had quite a body in her.She was a little plump but no where near as large as her daughter.I stared to get a hard on right there as I stared at this mouth watering vixen in front of me.I hadnt gotten any from Amanda so it started to hurt as blueballs was starting to set in.I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible to jerk off to relieve my self.

''So did you and my daughter have sex while I was gone?''She said. Thrown by what she said I was like ''Uh nnnnno well not exactlly.'' ''Your full of shit.''she laughed.''Whats wrong with you''she inquired as she noticed a grimice of pain on my face. ''Uh ummmmm''I didnt know what to say.She then moved her eyes to my raging hard on that was furiously tenting my pants ahd there was a little spot of pre cum on them as I looked down myself. ''Someone has blueball''she said and laughed at me.''Then she said ''Im sorry I guess you were telling the truth you didnt get to fuck her'' I nodded no and just wanted to go to the bathroom to jerk off but her mom had other plans for my dick cause she got up and went to close the door and all of the sudden she removed her top.My jaw just droppped as her massive juggs were right there in front of me.They were huge at least DD capped with big brown nippled like her daughter.I guess it runs in the family.

''You like them'' she asked.I nodded yes cause it was very obvious that I did.Then she preceded to walk towards me with her big tits giggling with every step.She stood right in front of me and reached out and grabbed my dick through my pants.It hurt a little but she rubbed it gently giving me a raging hard on the easily tented my pants.Sensing my discomfort she undid my pants letting me rock hard member free.She kissed me as she gently stroked my dick.I wonder if she could taste her daughters juices on my lips as she kissed them.Anyway she dropped to her knees and started to suck my dick.She was so much better than her daughter.This is where experience comes in to play cause she deep throated my 9'' cock with ease.I was impressed not only with the deep throat action but with the incredible feeling it gave me.She was deep throating my dick and rotating her tongue around it at the same time.I had to stop her cause i didnt want to cum quite yet.I wanted to be inside someone and I knew this MILFish piece of ass was mine.

Since we were close to the bed P pushed her on to it and lowered her shorts revealing her extremely wet pussy.I needed no invitation as I lovered my face into her dripping snatch.For an older woman her pusssy was surprisingly tasty.She squirmed around as my tongue assaulted her clit.I was moving my tongue across it as fast as I possibly could.''Oh god''she said.Then I stuck two fingers in and out of he pussy as I ate her and she screamed in delight.Then I reached up and started playing with her big juggs.Squeezing them and pinching her nipples.They were so soft like pillows topped with some of the biggest nipples I ever seen.At this she moaned and her whole body shook and a river of juices acompanied her shaking.Her orgasm ran through her like a train.''Ohhhhhhhh Yes'' she screamed and she pushed my head into her pussy.

After she finished cumming I had to get a hold of her nipples and feel them in my mouth.So I crawled up to her and kissed her sharing her juices with her and eased down to her nipples.I lick all around the nipple and breast before i finally put my mouth on them and sucked as hard as I can on them.''Its been so long since anyone made me feel this way''she said.''Please fuck me.Its been years since anyone has been inside of me.I need it so bad'' ''Well''I said.''I dont know how long I am going to last I havent come yet and i know I am close'' ''Its OK as long as you fuck me hard and cum inside of me.I wanna feel it when you cum.

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At that I lined up my dick with her pussy and rubbed my head up and down her slit before entering her.Her pussy was very warm and tight.I started fucking her slow but then I started to furiously fuck her with reckless abandon.With each thrust the bed would squeek.I was afraid Amanda was going to catch us cause we were making a bit of noise but we both needed sex so I just kept at it.I was correct and I probably lasted 2-3 minutes before I felt cum rushing through my balls.I let out a small moan as I lot out a load of cum inside of her that wouldnt stop.There was so much that it started to run out of her before I finished cumming.

''Thank you for giving me a good time''she said.''Its been years since I got fucked like that.I hope you give mt daughter the same pleasure you gave me.'' I said''Thank you for helping me out I really needed to cum.Im sorry I couldnt last longer.'' ''Its Ok but you better go before Amanda comes looking for you''she said ''Ok.Thanks again''I said as I was exiting her room.

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I went and laid on the couch and started to watch TV.I was still pretty horny and there was a skin flick on Cinemax so I started to get hard again fast.So I took out my dick and began stroking it thinking about the experiences I had had tonite.I closed my eyes and imagines what it would be like to finally get it inside of Amanda when all the sudden the front door opened and Amandas 16 yr old sister Karen came in.Well the embarrassment I felt watching porn and jacking off made me just wanna crawl under a rock and die.

''Oh my''she said.''Uhhhhhhhmmmmmmm hi Mike.'' ''Kkkkaren uuuuuuuh I just uuuuh''there was nothing I could say to explain.But I do know that Karen was the hottest girl in her family.She was only a little large.Her tits werent as big as her moms or her sisters but the were nice and perky and her ass was nice and round .The only thing she did have was a little bit of a stomach but other than that she was gorgeous.

''Are you thinking about me while you do that''she laughed. I realized that my dick was still out so i quickly tucked it back into my pants and she frowned. ''Can I see it again''she asked''I promise I wont tell anyone'' ''Well I dont know your mother or your sister could come at anytime''I said.


''Pretty please I promise Ill make it feel good''she grinned. ''Ok but just for a minute''I said. She came over and sat beside me and unzipped my pants letting my dick spring out.''Oh my its the biggest one I ever seen'' she said as she started stroking it.Wow soft hands and big tits definately run in this family.Then without warning she lowered her head and licked the precum I had off of it.

''Have you done this before''I asked.She nodded yes.''Is it OK if I do it now?'' ''Sure''I said. Now I dont know what they teach in school these days but this chick was a pro.She started out by licking the full length of my shaft.Then she got to my head and swirled it a few times and tongued my pee hole.She licked my balls and genlty sucked on them.Then she deep throated me and bobbed her head at the same time.She had skills with her mouth that I didnt know existed.Then she sucked on my dick and bobbed up and down real fast.I then without thinking reached into her blouse and started to play with her titties.Making her nipples hard.Just like her mom and sis they were very big.Since she didnt seem to mind I got bolder and stuck my hand in her pants.I found her pussy and stuck one finger in ther while she continued to bob on my knob.She let out a gasp and I took my hand out of her pants.I licked my hand and to my delight my taste buds didnt decieve me.Her juices were the sweetest I have ever tasted.

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I had to taste them first handso i asked her if i could lick her pusst cause she tasted so good.She nodded and we switched positions.She shed her pants and her shirt and looked so good in her bra and panties.Then she spread her legs and I removed her panties and revealed her neatly shaven pussy.It was dripping with anticipation.I lowered my head into it and started to tongue her slit and she moaned with apperciation.I went slowly at first cause i wanted to get as much of her sweet nectar as I could.So i massaged her pussy lips with my lips and made pretent that I was actually kissing her.I stuck me tongue inside her and lapped it out like a dog brushing her clit on the way out.That really got her excited.''Do that again''she moaned.So I did this time I really put my tongue into her clit.''Thats it, right there she said.So thats when I got the hint and started to probe her clit with my tongue.It wasnt long before she exploded into a series of orgasms one after another.Her whole body shook as orgasm after orgasm ran through her 16yr old body.

''Oh my god that was wonderful''she panted.''I wanna feel you big dick inside of me now.I need it so bad.Pleeeeeeeeeese.'' Well at this point I had already fucked her mom.Also if i didnt make her happy then she might tell so I was like why not make us both feel good.''Ok but please dont tell I could get in big trouble''I said.

''I promise.Cross my heart and hope to die''she said.With this I scooted up with my big throbbing member in my hand and slowly guided it into her pussy.It was so tight.She wasnt a virgin but she must have only had sex once before cause Her pussy gripped my dick like a vise.I had to go slowly just so her pussy could get used to my size.I slid the full length in and out with slow full strokes''Oh yeah thats it.Fuck me faster and harder.It feels so good''she said.At that point I needed no further coaxing ans I statred to pick up the pace and really started giving it to her.Now she was being vocal everytime my dick went in to her she said yes.I was at the point where she was fully able to take me to the balls so I would take it all the way out and slam the full length into her.The couch made noises one every thrust but it felt so good and her pussy was so tight I couldnt stop myself.Her big tits were juggling everytime I slammed it into her.Just then she sharked to shake and another orgasm hit.This time her juices started to squirt out of her like a fountain.''Ahhhhhhh yes it feel so good'' she yelled.

At this point was almost ready to cum so I announced that I was close.''I wanna taste it''she said. So I pulled out but wasnt quite ready to cum yet so I asked if i could tit fuck her. ''Tit fuck?Whats that?''she asked ''Let me show you''I said as I straddled her chest.I took her big boobs and stuck my dick in between and pushed het tits together.Her skin was so smooth and flawless.Pluss her juices from her pussy added to the pleasant sensation.This was overwelming.I told he I was gonna cum and she opened her mouth.Just then ropes upon ropes of my sticky man goo entered her mouth.She managed to swallow it all and I was impressed.

Just then I looked up and her mother and her sister were standing there.