Hung men spanked gay Raven Gets A Red Raw Butt

Hung men spanked gay Raven Gets A Red Raw Butt
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Chapter 2 Saturday came faster than I thought it would. As my mom drove me down the gravel road she asked me if it was appropriate that I should be spending 5 hours alone with a man. I told her it would be fine and not to worry because we would be at the tack shop most of the time.

So I arrived at Mr. Monroe's house and knocked on the door. He answered and asked what we should do first.

I told him that we should go to my favorite tack shop called The Big Red Barn. We went and bought some buckets, halters, lead ropes, cross ties, rubber floor mats, saddle racks, bridle hangers, and a new hose.

When we arrived at the house we still had 3 ½ hours left so we screwed a few folding saddle racks into the wall, laid down the rubber floor mats, hung the cross ties, and set the buckets in place. Then we went back into the house. As he went in the bathroom (probably to wank off or something) I did some snooping.

It was funny how Mrs. Monroe would walk around like she was so holy when she was at church, but as soon as I opened her drawers there was dirty lingerie.

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I searched deeper into the drawers and found handcuffs, a vibrating strap-on dildo, and some lube. When Mr. Monroe got out of the bathroom, I blindfolded him and handcuffed him to the bed. He asked me where I found them and I told them that they were in his wife's drawer. I left the blindfold on him while I put on the strap-on and lubed it up. I pressed it to his ass hole and he asked me what I was doing. I just ignored him. While I began to slowly fuck him in the ass, he started to moan.

"Yeah, you like that you like that you little man hoe. Don't you." I said. After about 20 minutes of that I stopped and took off his blind fold and one handcuff. Then I started sucking his cock. Little did I know that he had taken his camcorder out and began to film me.

I worked the head in my mouth and then worked my way down his shaft. Only taking it out of my mouth to lick it down all sides. He took his free hand and began pushing he head down on his dick. I had gotten my courage up to try to deep throat it. I choked and almost puked but, I did it.

Finally I felt his cock get tense. His moans grew louder and before I knew it he was spewing his nice warm cum. I swallowed every bit of it. Then I decided that I didn't just want to rock his world when I fucked him, I wanted to rock his cock too. I placed his dick between his legs and lowered myself onto it.

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As I rocked back and forth I started to moan. Before long I began bucking my hips and came. "OH GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD! THAT FEELS SO GOOD! OHHH YEAAAASSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!" I orgasmed over and over again up until Mr. Monroe finally got off himself. I sat on his face and commanded him to eat my pussy.

I came twice more, took off the other handcuff, and collapsed next to him. I awoke just in time to get dressed and have lunch before my mom got there.


We finished our pizza just in time. My mom knocked on the front door and asked to see what we had done to the barn. We showed her what we bought and what we put up. She asked why it had taken so long to get all that done. Mr. Monroe told her that we had to go to Lowe's three counties away for some special screws and then we had time to watch a movie.

So she thanked Mr. Monroe and we left.


On the ride home my mom asked me what happened while I was there. I told her the same story as Mr.

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Monroe had and it wasn't brought up again. The next day in school was long and Mr. Monroe's daughter, Kaite, kept on asking me why her dad wanted me to help him at the tack shop instead of her. Although, I knew why. I just kept telling her it was because I ride and know what horses need and that she needed to practice for the swim team.

CHAPTER 3 The next Saturday rolled around and it was Mr. Monroe's birthday. Mr. Monroe and I were supposed to work on the hay loft and pasture fencing. First we went to Lowe's and got some super heavy duty rope, 70 feet long and 1 inch thick.

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Then we had to get some 4x4x6 and 20,000 feet of electric tape and rope fencing and drove back to the house. He had already dug the holes for the wood so all we had to do was put the wood in and pour the concrete.

I decided since it was his birthday his fuck would have to be extra special.

So after putting in the wood and concrete we put up the lowest of the tree rings of fence and went into the house. Mr. Monroe had expected 4 hours that day. And so I told him to get naked and lay on the couch. He did as told while I went to go put on one of Mrs.

Monroe's older sexy negligées. I came back out and thought that it was his birthday and he should have some fun. I started with a hand job, then I started sucking him off. Just as he was about to cum… "SURPRISE!!!!" Mrs. Monroe walked in along with everyone from the church, including my teacher, my mom, and my best friend who just happened to be his daughter.

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And what a surprise it was. This story continues, but it will be a while before I post more. I am working on a different series currently. I hope you have enjoyed this one so far and look for, I love to hang with my Brother part 1 !!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading!