Fantasia Bianca Gets What She Wants

Fantasia Bianca Gets What She Wants
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I only got to the library for two reasons, to get a good book to read and to get a good pussy to fuck.


And like most occasions I only ended up with a good book but I did however speak ever so briefly to a nice ebony mature woman about 5'3" a little on the plump side but definitely sexy enough to catch my attention. as a technique is always glance at the books that someone is checking out in order to learn more about them and she had exactly what I hoped for erotic novels of urban author that I was familiar with.

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and the absence of a wedding band I knew that I had at least a chance of saying hello so I did. She smiled and I introduced myself her name was ann and she seemed a little embarrassed about the selections but I made a joke to break the ice. and before walking away I asked her to tell me if it was worth checking out the next time I see her again, I winked and she laughed at little and we parted ways.

A few weeks went buy and I had went to the library and few more times since then and hadn't run into ann nor did I spot any other prospects in the women category but I did find a few good books that caught my attention and I was deep into the final few chapters of one of a naval crime detective drama.

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I took a speed reading class in college that has allowed me to finish a book in 3-4 hours at a time when I really like them and if I get to a comfortable spot in the back without a lot of distraction, it is a great day. so there I am flipping pages and I hear from behind me "the book was okay" a sweet voice whispered behind me instantly I knew that had to be ann from awhile ago. I put down the book and stood up and turned to her, she stepped back and looked up at me towering above her and placed her hand on her chest.

standing a full foot above her I guess she forgot or didn't notice my height the last time we spoke, and I replied that I needed to be reminded of the title because I only remembered the author. ann blushed and told me she didn't want to repeat the title out loud which is exactly why I asked in the first place and when she noticed this she smiled shyly up at me flashing perfectly straight and white teeth which I am a fan of.

this time we spoke for about a half hour getting to know each other and flirting back and forth she eventually asked me if I was married and I said yes and asked if that was going to be a problem and she slowly considered this for a moment and said nothing and changed the subject i wasn't sure how to take this and got my answer when she made a comment about my height being a huge turn on for her.

She told me she had to leave because her mother and son were waiting in the car.

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I was shocked when she told me and i apologized for taking up so much of her time, but she waved her manicured French tipped hand and assured me that there wasn't a problem "I wait on them all the time and I really enjoyed talking to you". I agreed that I enjoyed myself also an added that we should do it again sometime to which she offered me her phone number and added that she understood if I only called her we both smiled and she walked away.

I stood there watching her and when she turned around to see if I was looking i didn't disappoint her. she had on tight blue jeans and a blouse that matched her shoes and her purse.

I noticed that she also had a nice fat ass to match her double d breasts and all I could think about was how all of lovely dark chocolate feel and taste while laying on top of me.

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A few days later I had to go out of town for a few days for work and I decided to call Ann and when she answered the phone she revealed that she was happy to hear from me after not seeing me in the library.

i explained to her that I was busy with work and asked if that was going to be a problem. she said no and explained that she had noticed me at the reading desk quite a few times before and even before speaking to me about the book, she saw me but decided not to say anything until she had a chance to finish reading chocolate lust slave.

The title that she previously didn't want to repeat. We laughed about it and and quickly got more personal with each other for the next 4 hours and discussed a wide range of topics including her children and her parents and she being single, and how she had retire early due to a workplace injury.

we went over my children and wife and my job and how I don't have much sex due to my wife's medical history and difficulties. So after that we got more comfortable and discussed much more enjoyable topics of arousal and preferences in positions and styles she asked me how big i was, and I took this as an opportunity to suggest that I send her a photo of my cock and surprisingly enough she accepted and I got up and took off my shorts and lifted my shirt up over my head and wrapped my hand around my already rock hard dick and jacked it a few more times to get some pre cum flowing out of the tip of my thick mushroom head, so she could see the affect she was having on me.

I like to spit in my hand and stroke my cock a few times and get it nice and juicy before sending a text message.

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I told her to call me back after she received my message in which I typed the words "I hope this will work" underneath the picture with my dick hanging down showing the swollen veins and circumcised tip, with a small droplet of clear pre ejaculate slowly dripping out for my urethra. While I waited for a response I went to the bathroom and took the opportunity to brush my teeth, and returned to find my phone had two missed calls and couple of text messages waiting for me.

I forgot that I had my phone on silent mode and quickly opened my screen and started reading her responses "OMG" was the first one followed by a missed call and then "how long is your pretty little friend?".

and then a correction "I mean big friend?" and then another missed call. i called back and explained that I was in the bathroom, and she joked that hopefully I still had some energy leftover.

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alluding to me having be jacking my dick off and laughing afterwards I told her, I only stroked myself enough to show her some of my candy. and she loved that answer and the conversation went on from there about her really wanting to experience a big cock like the ones that she read about in the novels. and if I was able to make sex last longer than 5 minutes?


I told her yes I was and is explained to her that I was able to control my body, and we could go for as long as she wanted to. Because I was so big I only had been with women who were much older than me at a "really" young age I was taught how to focus more on lovemaking with more experienced partners and a few of them helped me relax and share myself with them without any of the problems that boys normally encounter with inexperienced teen girls.

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I couldn't just shove my dick inside of a woman but instead I learned to allow the process of foreplay and lubrication come naturally and as a result of a lot of patience and practice my cock being 8 1/2" long and the thickness of it was not a problem with most women after we get started. We spoke for about an hour more and said good night and promised to stay in touch with each other and I got some sleep. Comment to read more