Auditioning amateur sensually cocksucks agent

Auditioning amateur sensually cocksucks agent
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I had been way too busy at work for months already, so I loved my sister Miriam's idea to invite to visit them at her family's holiday spot in Zeeland. Even though our lives are quite different the days, we are still very close.

She has been married for years and has three children (aged 8, 10 and 16), while I, her 8 years younger baby sister, am still single at 32. Miriam and her husband had rented a pretty and spacious bungalow with a private pool near the dunes, so this was a great opportunity to catch some sun and relaxation. So I was delighted to drive to Zeeland on a Friday afternoon, where they had already spent a few days. After an hour or so I drove into the bungalow's driveway and honked to let them know I arrived.

Mirjam and her husband came out, together with their 16-year old son, Erik. Wow, he had grown since I last saw him! I remembered a pimply shy teen, but here came out a lovely young hunk with dark curly hair. "Hi Maxine, was your trip OK?", asked Miriam, "Let Erik bring your suitcase inside." I embraced Miriam and Ruud and kissed Erik on his cheek, as he kissed me back a bit shy.

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"Hello aunt, give me your suitcase please," Erik said. "Come on, just call me Maxine, Erik, you're too big for this 'aunt' stuff now." With pleasure I saw his eyes glance my well-trained body. The thought of such a hunky young guy eyeing me aroused me a bit. After all, I hadn't had any sex for at least two months, and the past few weeks I had even been too busy and exhausted to masturbate.

The next morning Miriam en Ruud took their two younger daughter to some kind of theme park, leaving me and Erik to enjoy the pool. I was enjoying the sun on my back in my string bikini. Erik practically couldn't keep his eyes away from my tight butt and I noticed how his Speedo's were having problems keeping what was growing inside there contained.

The thought of my not-so-little nephew's growing erection aroused me, and I realized more and more I was really in need of some good and hot loving. Hot loving that I would love to involve my nephew in, in fact.

I chatted a bit with Erik about school and how he was doing there. Pretty soon I directed the conversation towards girls. Erik grew a bit shy when he had to confess he'd never been with a girl. I told that there was no reason to be ashamed about that, that sexuality is a personal thing and not a contest.


Then I blurted out: "But a healthy young Dutch boy like you must have lots of fantasies, and I bet you jack off at least once a day!" His face turned bright red and he looked down as he stammered: "Well, uhm, yeah, I have to admit I hardly ever skip a day." "Oh come on," I eased him, "everyone does at your age. When I was sixteen, I rushed to my room every afternoon I got home from school so I could go finger my pussy." He looked at me astounded with big eyes.

He clearly hadn't expected such frank and dirty talk from his aunt. "Tell me," I whispered, as I moved closer to him and laid my hand on his chest, "weren't you just having some of those fantasies about your own aunt?" He swallowed and his face grew even brighter, but decided not to let himself be a quitter: "Well sure, aunt, I mean Maxine, but you look so incredibly exciting in that bikini, it's practically impossible not to think of sex." "And what is it you're thinking of then?" I persisted, as my hand slowly glided downwards over his belly and rested on the erection inside his trunks.

He looked at me smiling, understanding that the afternoon with his aunt was turning out to be much more exciting than expected. "I was trying to imagine you without the bikini, exposing yourself to me," he sighed, as I lifted the band of his trunks and his swollen manhood jumped out to freedom. I closed my hand around it and asked him: "Did you imagine me to grab your dick like this too?" "No, but it's great," he managed to say.

"And how does it feel to have a woman's body against yours?" I asked. I let go of his dick, which remained proudly erect sticking out of his trunks, and moved up close against him. I felt his warm body against mine, his prick softly rubbing against my belly. I laid my hands on his shoulders and moved my lips to his mouth. I kissed him softly, eyes closed. Bashfully, he put his hands on my hips and answered to my kiss.

Our kiss continued, slow and concentrated, and I carefully let my tongue slide into his mouth. His tongue answered my probes and I felt how he slowly started moving his hands over my body, caressing my butt and lower back.

After several minutes our lips unglued and Erik looked at me radiantly. "That was awesome," he smiled. "And it's going to be much better," I assured him. I sat up on top of him, my crotch resting on his turgid member. I could feel his dickhead against my pussy through the fabric of my string.

"Today I'm gonna teach you to make love to a woman." I unclipped my bikini top and exposed my breasts to him. Contented, I saw the lust in his eyes as he stared at my firm C cups bouncing above him. I took his hands and put them on my tits. "You are allowed to touch as well as look, you know," I smiled.

A bit clumsy, he massaged my tits, his fingers fondling my nipples which stood out firmly. "Come on, you horny boy, kiss'em," I said as I lowered my tits on to his mouth. Eagerly, his mouth took in as much of my right breast as he could, then pushing it out to suck on my nipple.

God, that made me horny.


I could feel the juices flowing from my pussy, wetting the crotch of my panties. Erik lost all timidity now, too, and I could feel his hands furiously kneading my butt cheeks. Unwittingly we had both started rubbing our crotches together, increasing our mutual horniness even more. I let myself slide off of him and stood up because I feared one of us was going to come already. I looked down at him, his cock sticking out of his trunks, his eyes concentrated on my body.

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"You don't have to imagine me exposing myself to you anymore, Erik", I said, as I took off my string and stepped out of it. "You can now watch it for real." I stood astride over him, and lowered myself to my knees. Silently, but without reservations, he looked at my pussy above him, his eyes full of lust. I spread my pussy wide open with two fingers, showing him my wetness. With my other hand I slowly fingered my clit and pushed my middle finger inside. "That's how girls do it to themselves when they are horny, Erik," I panted, "see how my pussy is shining with wetness?

That's because you made me so horny, Erik." "Oh yes, Maxine, you've made me horny as hell too," he sighed, as he looked at my finger in my wide open pussy. I stood up again and Erik stood up as well. He took down his Speedos real fast, proudly showing his rock hard dick, which was at least 8 inches long.

He embraced and kissed me, much more fiercely than at first. His hands freely roamed and fondled my body, as I grabbed his butt and drew his proud member against me belly. For a moment I wanted to pull him down and ram his hard dick into my longing cunt. But I knew he'd come almost immediately then, and I wanted it to last longer. I'd have to cool him down a bit first, and I knew just how to do that. I kissed his neck as I grabbed his dick solidly.

Slowly but very firm I massaged his rod. Erik panted into my neck: "Oh god, this is so hot." I lowered myself onto my knees, kissing and licking his body on the way down, until I reached his large and swollen balls hanging under his cock. I looked up at him and took one of his balls into my mouth. He looked surprised but his horniness didn't subside.

I slid my lips along his rigid pole. Erik looked on as I treated his cock like a piece of candy. "Look at me Erik. Look at me as I suck on that gorgeous dick of yours." I slowly let my lips slide over the tip of the head, licking a bit of pre-cum of the opening. "Oh Maxine, this is the horniest thing ever, I've never been so horny before." He couldn't stop watching at the sight of his dick disappearing into his aunt's mouth.

I slowly licked the tip of his dick inside my mouth as I let my lips slide up and down his shaft. I let my lips slide down his shaft, all the way, until the tip of his dick entered my throat and his entire dick was in my mouth. I heard Erik moan above me. I grabbed his upper legs and started to fuck him with my mouth, pushing his dick tightly against the top my mouth with my tongue.

I felt his cock swell up inside my mouth and quickly let it slide out, holding just the tip between my lips. Erik slowly started grinding his hips, now fucking my mouth himself.

"Oh Maxine, I want to come so bad, I want to shoot my sperm into your sweet mouth," he moaned. I grabbed his dick and took it out my mouth completely, looking up. "Yes, let me taste that sticky juice, Erik, I want it all," I said and pulled back his foreskin, revealing the very purple head. I let my lips slide over the now exposed dickhead and started going up and down very fast.

I felt his dick stiffen even more and saw his face grimacing as he let go a deep moan, as the first spurt of cum jumped out of his cock and into my mouth.

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I continued sucking his head until the spasms of his dick stopped, my mouth filled with his cum. I held quiet and very slowly let his cock slide out of my mouth, keeping my sperm-filled mouth closed. I got up, leaning against his untensing body, and spoke somewhat unclearly with my mouth full: "Look how much cum you shot in your aunty's mouth." As I spoke some of his cum dribbled out down my chin.

Then I ostentatiously swallowed all of it. "Oh God, Maxine, I could never dream of meeting someone that sexy, and now my aunt turns out to be the sexiest slut on earth," he whispered as he kissed my sperm-encrusted lips. "How can I ever thank you for that?" He held me firm, one hand on my back, one on my butt.

I had some definite thoughts about what he should do, since I was so horny I nearly exploded by now. "How about returning the favor to my pussy with your mouth, naughty boy?

It's time for you to learn some pussy-eating, and my pussy badly needs some." "Your faithful student reporting, madam," he replied, beaming at the prospect, and no longer surprised by anything his aunt said. I pulled him down, on top of me, and we kissed intensely.

Then I pushed his head downwards, his lips kissing my body like I had done his. He pushed my tits against each other and sucked my erect nipples, eliciting a deep sigh from me. He continued his way down as I pushed him further, stopping when he reached my pussy.

He looked at my opened legs, my pussy invitingly opened. Cautiously, he kissed me just beside my pussy lips, and looked up at me. "Come on, it's not gonna bite you," I said. He smiled at me: "OK, but I don't really know what to do." I spread my pussy with two fingers, showing my erect clit: "Just kiss my pussy and suck on my pussy lips, but don't lick this little clit directly. I'll tell you when it's not right." Enthusiastically, he started sucking my labia, working his way around my pussy.

Then he sucked my whole pussy and waves of joy shot up from my groin. "Oh yeah, that's good, don't stop," I encouraged him as I twisted and turned under his caresses, "put your fingers inside, now." He inserted two fingers in my pussy and started finger fucking me with them, as he continued to suck my clit.

I grabbed his head and pulled it tightly against my pussy: "Oh God, yes, do it.

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I can't hold it any longer. Suck my horny pussy, big boy." He valiantly kept sucking my clit as I buckled my hips and cried with joy as the long awaited orgasm rushed thru my body: "Oh, yes, yes, that's it, oooh." He kept on licking me as my orgasm continued and slowly subsided.

As I came to my senses, I saw Erik look at me radiantly.

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"Wow, that was so intense. The way you come, it's just incredible." Well, I had to agree with that. But I wanted more. To my joy, I felt his dick was already hard again on my leg. "Yes, Erik, you made me come really good. But I still want to feel that dick of yours in my pussy," I said. No more slow play, I wanted to be fucked right now. "Oh Maxine, I can't believe what a horny bitch you are." I sat on my knees, turning my ass towards him and put my hand between my legs, ordering him: "Come here with that juicy cock." Eagerly he crawled to me, pushing his pelvis against my butt.

I grabbed his dick and pushed the head between my pussy lips. Instinctively, he grabbed my hips and started pumping his dick in my pussy. I saw he watched intently how his hard cock went in and out of my sopping pussy. He fucked me very slowly to enjoy all of the spectacle of my butt and pussy and his dick.

"Come on, fuck me harder with your big fat cock. Fuck me like a whore. I want you to fuck me deep," I cried, as I pushed my butt up and body down.


"Oh yes, you horny fucking bitch, I'm going to fuck you, I'm going to fuck you real hard." He started fucking me faster now, and harder. I could feel his dick go all the way in, his balls beating against my clit. I closed my eyes, my world reduced to the feeling of the fat dick pounding my pussy. I tensed as another orgasm took hold of my body, crying out. Far way I heard Erik moan as the warmth of his semen filled my pussy. Panting and caressing we lay, his softening dick against my pussy leaking his cum.

"God I needed that," I sighed. An hour or so later the rest of the family returned. "Did you two enjoy yourselves?" Miriam asked. "We sure did," I answered, winking at Erik.