Mamada y Saludo de Xiomi Golosa de Sta Anita

Mamada y Saludo de Xiomi Golosa de Sta Anita
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Stepford Meat Swap Story: #47 Copyright ©2010 Written: October 02 2010 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: KaosAngel Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ********************************************************* ~~!! NOTE !!~~ This story is bassed on a fictional town within the game Second Life called Stepford, I would like to thank Ariana RoeCastle, Emilie Muggins & Jerrol Jarvinen of Stepford for thier approval of this story.

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********************************************************* As the car pulled into the driveway Jessica ran out wearing nothing more then a tight white t-shirt and pink panties to meet Steve her father as he stepped out from the driver seat and right into her open armed hug, "Welcome Home daddy!" Jessica exclaimed as her father leaned in and placed a kiss on her forehead, "Sweety you know I don't like it when you prance around half naked, go get some clothes on" He said as they made their way to the front door of the house, "Im sorry daddy, I was just so happy to see you I forgot" She said as she ran off into the house.

Entering the house her father shut the door behind him in time to see Jessica's cute little ass bobbing up the stairs to her room. "How was your day sweety?" Her father asked from the couch when she returned from her room wearing a pair of tight blue jeans over her pink panties, "Boring as usual dad, I hate when you go off on a business trip and leave me home alone" Jessica said as she sat next to her father on the couch Steve is a self employed meat packer with his own meat processing plant where cows and pigs go in and neatly wrapped packages come out and he is always looking for the next best meat, "Im only home for a day sweety, I will have to be going out again tomorrow for a week to a small town in California called Stepford I have heard something about a special kind of exotic meat they use there that is said to drive the locals crazy with hunger, they just can't get enough of the stuff, If I can just figure out what it is we could make a fortune" Her father said as Jessica moved in close and leaned her head in and rested it on her fathers chest, "Can I go with you this time dad?" She asked and closed her eye's.

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"Yes you can come with me Jess" He said as he kissed her on the head and hugged her tight. The next morning when Jessica woke up she walked down the stairs in the same tight white t-shirt and pink panties to find her father at the kitchen table sipping from a cup of hot coffee, "Good morning sweety" Her father said ignoring her half nakedness as she came in poured a glass of orange juice and sat down at the table, "The car is packed we leave in an hour" He said, "Go get ready, I want to leave on time" He added as she ran up stairs to dress leaving her orange juice behind untouched.

The hour was up and Jessica was already sitting in the passenger seat of the car when her father came out jingling keys and got in beside her, "You look all ready to go sweetheart" He said starting the engine and backing down the drive way, "Oh I am daddy, This is the first time you let me come with you" She said looking forward with a smile as they drive down the road.

While on the road Jessica and her father talked about the great meat to be found in Stepford when they reach the small town but still not knowing what the great meat was they could only imagine at the wonderful taste that could captivate an entire town to abandon all other meat products.

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When they had reached the coast of California it was midday and Jessica had fallen asleep while her father drove the car up the coast closer and closer to Stepford while on a curved road on a cliff the car jerked, Steve lost control of the wheel and the car hit the railing causing a horrid grinding nose and sparks to fly every where. Thinking fast Steve slapped Jessica in the face to wake her up and she was about to get angry and shout at him when she came too and saw what was happening, Steve then quickly unbuckled Jessica's seatbelt popped open her door and pushed her out of the car.

Jessica landed on her ass hitting the ground hard just in time to look up and watch the car with her father still strapped inside crash though the railing and go over the cliff, Shouting, "NOOOOOO" Was all she could say or do as she was forced to watch the car disappear over the edge. Jessica stood up and slowly walked over to the end of the cliff where her father's car had just gone over and looked down to see the smoldering wreck of what was left of the car she had just been in minutes earlier and started to cry.

After the initial shock started to ware off Jessica looked around found herself on the east 74 interstate alone and not sure what to do, turning in the direction her father had been driving she started walking, Jessica walked until the sun started to set and she though her legs would carry her no further when she came to a sign that read, "Welcome to Stepford" Jessica's spirits started to perk up a bit, she made it to Stepford, not in the way she had thought but she made it.

Once Jessica crossed the border into Stepford she though for a moment she was in a ghost town as she looked around the town seemed deserted, "Where is everyone?" She asked herself as she passed a theater and approached a building with a sign that read, "Stepford Family Dinner" Jessica was hungry from walking and opened the door surprised that it had not been locked as she stepped inside to see it was as empty as the streets of the town seemed to be, looking around the dinner she noticed the kitchen equipment didn't seem quite right as she walked over to what looked like a roasting pit built into a counter top and pressed her finger into the sharpened tip of what she could only assume was a roasting spit, "This thing is so long" She thought to herself as she ran her fingers along the full length of the shiny steel spit, "What could they possibly roast on such a large spit?" She said to herself.


Leaving the dinner Jessica continued to wander the streets of the town a deep hunger setting in, until she found some signs of life as she approached the center of town Jessica saw a young girl like herself who also walking toward the center of the town, as Jessica got closer to the girl she noticed that the young girl was naked, "That's a little weird" She though to herself as she and the other girl stopped a few feet in front of each other.

Giving Jessica a good overall look at her nude body, "Hello, Why are you walking around naked?


Jessica asked, "Why are you not walking around naked?" The girl asked in reply. Jessica was confused she continued to look over the body of the girl until she saw a gold ring with a metallic disk hanging from it pierced though her clit, Curious Jessica moved a little closer and knelt down in front of the girl, The naked girl stood her ground and followed Jessica with her eye's, Jessica reached out for the metallic tag and gently grasped it, it read, "Stepford Meat, Spitroast #187123, Grade A PRIME, Fit for human consumption," Jessica read the tag a few times not sure what she was reading and then stood up to meet the girls eyes, "What does this tag mean?" She asked, "You are not from around here are you?" he strange girl asked, "You should leave while you still can!, but if you really want to know what the tag means go down those steps over there and check out the beach" She said as she pointed to a stone staircase, Jessica's turned to see where the girl was pointing and when she turned back the strange girl was gone.

Jessica though about it for a second the girl had said, "Leave while you still can!" These words were now set into the back of her mind as her curiosity overtook her common sense and she approached the stone staircase and headed down to the beach, From the top of the stairs she could see firelight in the distance, she heard luau music as and smelled delicious barbecue as she continued to get closer she could see where the towns people were. Jessica was startled by moans coming from her left she walked over to a large black cylinder on wheels as she got closer she could feel the heat and see the smoke rising from the closed lid.

Jessica opened the lid and was shocked by what she saw inside the cylinder was a girl about her age bound to a metal grill over a charcoal fire, "WHAT THE HELL?" She shouted bringing the roasting girl back to her senses, she opened her eyes and looked at Jessica, "Hello miss" The roasting girl said looking into Jessica's eyes, "What the hell?" Jessica said again softer with her hand covering her mouth, Jessica took a seat next to the grill her eyes never leaving the roasting female flesh before her, Jessica noticed a similar metallic tag siting an a table nearby, it looked as if it had just been cut off.

"Who put you in here and why?" Jessica asked, "My father, It's my turn, we roasted my older sister last week" The girl said her voice soft as she grew weaker from the flames licking at her tender flesh, "But your not an animal to cook, you're a girl!" Jessica said as she stood up and poked the girl's roasted breast and was surprised at how meaty it looked and delicious it smelled, "WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING?" Her mind screamed, "All girls in Stepford are used as meat" The girl said as she closed her eyes and died.

Jessica was horrified at what she just witness and even more concerned about her own thoughts as she watched the helpless girl die before her eyes, She brought the finger that touched the roasted breast to her lips and sucked it in to her mouth and tasted the barbeque sauce mixed with the roasted girls natural juices and had to admit to herself that she liked the taste as she closed the lid and let the girl roast in peace.


Walking back to the stone steps, Jessica now had a good idea of what this strange and exotic meat the town was so famous for, "They roast girls here!" She though to herself as she looked down at her chest, "OH SHIT, IM A GIRL!" At that realization Jessica jumped into a bush on the right of the steps as she saw a man walking by with a large spit like the ones she had seen in the dinner, as she hid in the bushes she creped slowly along the stone wall for several yards, "PSSSST" Jessica heard coming from in front of her, "PSSSST" She heard again and followed the sounds slowly.

"Over here" A naked girl called from the mouth of what looked like a sewer tunnel and Jessica moved closer, "Your not from here are you?" The girl asked, "How did you guess?" Jessica said half joking, "Well your clothes for one thing, girls in this town are kept naked" The girl said taking Jessica's hand and pulling her gently further down the tunnel to a larger chamber, Jessica didn't resist, "You will be safe in here, until we get you out of town" The naked girl said softly, "Your going to help me?" Jessica asked with a little fear in her voice.

"Sure we are!" The naked girl replied as Jessica felt a sharp painful blow to the back of her head, she slumped into the naked girls arms and passed out, "Jason what the hell took you so long?, I've been waiting here for hours" the naked girl said as she dropped Jessica's unconscious body to the ground, "Stacey come on this tunnel is not easy to find" Jason said as he dropped the large rock he used on Jessica, and placed his shoulder bag on the ground next to Jessica, "Lets get started we don't have much time" Stacey said as she keeled down over Jessica and pulled off her shoes, then her socks, while Jason unbuttoned her pants and slipped them off her legs, "She is very beautiful" Jason said as he reached for her panties, pulled them off and tossed them with the pants, "Don't fall in love with this bitch Jason" Stacey said as she pulled off Jessica's shirt and bra and they joined the rest of Jessica's clothes.

Jason tied Jessica's hands behind her back as Jessica started to come to with a massive headache to see the naked girl standing over her smiling, looking around she also saw a man standing behind her and a large rock on the ground, "What happened?, Why are my hands tied?, Why am I naked?" Jessica asked still groggy and not sure of where she was, "My name is Stacey, or as the town lotto is concerned Spitroast #187666" Stacey said looking into Jessica's eye's, "That's my brother Jason" She added pointing to the man, "Please tell me what's going on?" Jessica asked tears rolling down her cheeks partly from the pain to the back of her head and from fear of her situation.

Jason then pulled out a pair of tin snips and a strange looking device with a trigger and placed them on the ground as Stacey sat down next to him, laid back and opened her legs, "Lets get this over with" She said, Jessica was so confused, Jason picked up the tin snips and moved his hand close to Stacey's pussy, Jessica heard the snip of metal as Jason removed Stacey's Meat ID tag from her clit, tossed the cut ring away and put the metallic tag into the strange looking device, Stacey got up and started to dress in Jessica's clothes, "What are you doing those are my clothes!!" Jessica said as Jason put a new gold ring into the device with the tag.

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While Jessica was distracted with Stacey dressing in her clothes Jason moved in close and place the device at Jessica's own clit and pulled the trigger locking the piercing in place and causing Jessica to scream very load, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" Jessica felt the pain in her clit and instantly knew what he had done and started to cry, "WOW, we are almost the same size these fit great!" Stacey said as she walked around in Jessica's clothes and then moved close to her, picked up a ball gag from Jason's bag and stuck it in Jessica's mouth, "That's enough outta you meat" Stacey said as Jason put away his tools and picked up their new meat-girl.

There was just one thing left to do, Jason used his key to remove Stacey's slave collar and with little resistance snapped it around Jessica's neck, locked it in place and clicked a leash to the ring in the front, "Now to answer your question, My number was called up in the towns meat lottery and they ordered Jason to turn me in to the beach barbeque tonight" Stacey said as she circled Jessica tracing her fingers over Jessica's smooth skin, "It was very convenient you coming to town when you did, I followed you around the town unnoticed from these tunnels all day" Stacey said, "This was a great idea Jason, they wont be looking for me now, hehe" Stacey added as she cupped Jessica's tits, "It's time for us to go, Stay in the tunnel until after the beach roast that's the only time to travel safely" Jason said as he turned to leave the tunnel leash in hand pulling his unwilling meat along with him.

Jason left the tunnel pulling Jessica with him down the hill to the beach, Jessica was getting a good view now of exactly what this town was using as their exotic meats as she looked around in fear at all the girls not much older then herself, lying on butcher tables or bound to machines like the ones she saw built into the counters in the diner, As they got closer to the beach she also saw roasting pits with girls already on spits rotating over the fire some were still alive and twitching, "Chef Jason reporting with Spitroast #187666" Jason said as he approached a man with a name tag that read, "Stepford Diner Chef, Jerrol Javinen" Holding a clipboard, Jessica looked down and could barely see the metallic tag dangling between her legs, but could make out what it said based on the tags she had read hanging from the clit of the naked girl she had met when she first entered Stepford and on the table by the cylinder grill, it read, "Spitroast #187666, Grade A PRIME, Fit for human consumption" Jessica started to cry as she realized her fate.

Chef Jerrol took Jessica's leash, "You will need to be careful with this one, she's feisty" Jason said as he turned and walked away, "So #187666 lets see where can I put you?" Chef Jerrol said to himself as he looked down at his clipboard, "Looks like machine #3 is open and waiting for meat" Chef Jerrols added walking toward the machine pulling Jessica with him, "Ok boys #187666 has reported for her town duty, have her spited and over the fire quickly there running out of meat for the tables" Chef Jerrol ordered as he passed Jessica to the two men standing at the machine and went about his work.

The two men cut Jessica's hands free and before she had a chance to fight dropped her down onto a spitting machine and locked her arms and legs in place, "Oh almost forgot to remove the gag" One man said as the other put the spit into position and inserted the sharp tip 6 inches into Jessica's pussy, "PLEASE DON'T DO THIS" Jessica screamed, "IM NOT MEAT!!" She screamed again as one of the men pressed as red button on the machine starting the spits slow movement, "YEAH HAHA, They all say that don't they?" One man said to the other and they both laughed as the spit pushed passed Jessica's cervix into her uterus, "AAAAHHHHHOOHH" Jessica screamed the pain was greater then she had expected as she felt the spit on its travel though her tender pain filled body.

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"Im not the girl your looking for" Jessica said as the spit traveled though her stomach and into her chest, "Says here Spitroast #187666" One of the men read on the tag between her legs, before Jessica could say anymore she felt the tip of the spit slide up between her lungs and slip into the opening to her esophagus and she started to gag a bit, "OH this one's almost done that spits gonna pop any second" One of the men said as he got some cooking twine from the table, "AAHGUAGUG" Was the last sounds Jessica made as the spit came out of her mouth, the tip covered in blood and the machine released her arms and legs, "Program finished, RESETTING" The machine said, Jessica moved her free hands to her pussy and could feel where the hard steel spit entered between the folds of her pussy lips, "Im really impaled pussy to mouth" She though to herself as she felt one of the men roughly grab her hands and bind them behind her back with the cooking twine.

She felt the other man slide a smaller pole into her anus and shoved it in hard then attached it to the larger spit, "OHHMGGHH" She moaned loudly at the pain she felt, "Look at this slut she's getting off on it" One of the men said as he reached over and picked up a pair of tin snips and removed the metallic tag from her clit, then grabbed Jessica's feet and bound her ankles to the spit with the same cooking twine that bound her hands, "Meat's ready Cheff Jerrol" One of them called out as they each picked up and end of the spit and carried Jessica to the roasting pits at the water line of the beach, "Ok put her on pit #6" Chef Jerrol said makeing a note on his clip bored and the two men placed the ends of the spit into the "Y" frame supports and attached the the rotateing moter to the end.

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"Looks like they have things from here" Jason said watching the action with Stacey from the tunnel opening as they watched the two men place Jessica's spit into the support frame and she started rotating, twitching over the red hot coals that would soon cook her flesh and all evidence of a meat swap would be gone, "I think while there busy with that girl and not looking for you it's best to leave now" Jason said as he stepped out of the tunnel, Stacey behind him and followed the wall to freedom.

As they approached the end of the wall Jason looked up to see a beautiful woman standing before him, "Where do you think your going Chef Jason?" Emilie Muggins town sheriff asked looking down at the man on his knees, "Umm hello sheriff" He replied hoping Emilie was in a good mood and had not seen Stacey, "Fleeing somewhere?" Emilie asked nodding to Stacey hiding in a bush behind Jason as two deputies came up behind Stacey and grabbed her by the arms and forced her out into the open in front of the sheriff, "You didn't really think you could get out of my town did you?" Sheriff Emilie added as she waved the men off to carry Stacey down to the beach, "Now what to do about you Chef?" She said looking down at Jason who now looked very afraid.

"To the punishment center with him!" She ordered to another set of deputies who then carried him off to be punished for his crime and she followed the deputies carrying Stacey to the beach, "PLEASE NOOO, PLEASE, ILL DO ANYTHING LET ME LIVE!" Stacey screamed as she was dragged to the beach and got a close up view of Jessica still alive but just barely, Jessica smiled inwardly at the site of the bitch who put her into this position begging for her life, "Strip the meat boys" Was Emilie's reply as the men did just that, Stacey was naked in seconds, "Looks like the meat is missing its Meat ID tag" Emilie said looking at the meat's bare clit and pulled Stacey's tag from her pocket.

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"What's going on over here sheriff" Chef Jerrol Jarvinen said hearing the commotion, "Why is the meat's clit bare?" Jerrol added looking to the sheriff, "It's a runaway, apparently it thought it could get away with swapping places with a stray girl that wondered into town alone, I had been surveying the new meat as she wandered and witnessed the near successful swap" Sheriff Emilie replied, "Im sure I can leave the rest of this in your capable hands" Emilie said handing Chef Jerrol Stacey's Meat ID tag and left to continue her duties.

Looking down at his clipboard Chef Jerrol made some notes, "Ok men take this meat to machine #4 and get it on a spit we don't have much time" Chef Jerrol said as the men dragged the crying girl to the machine and strapped it in Stacey offered no resistance as the men worked around her getting the spit into position the required 6 inches into her pussy and pushed the red switch that started the spit moving, Stacey could feel her cervix penetrated then her guts pushed aside as the steel lover made its way up passed her lungs and heart though her body and into the back of her throat.

Looking at the sharp end of the spit in front of her eyes Stacey couldn't believe that she had been run though by a steel pole, "Ok this ones ready for the pit" Called the machine operators to Chef Jerrol as the operator made all the adjustments placing the smaller stabilizer into the meat's anus, tying the meats hands behind its back and ankles to the end of the pole, as had been done to Jessica, "Ok men pit #5 is open get this pig roasting" Chef Jerrol said as the men carried the spitted girl to her roasting pit, "Oh great I get to watch the bitch roast" Jessica thought to herself from her own spit on pit #6, Jessica enjoyed the show of Stacey twitching and screaming around her own spit for several more minutes then died a little happier then she had been earlier.


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