Isabel se masturba y me manda su video

Isabel se masturba y me manda su video
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This is a continuation of day 2 of my slut's experience - it is a combination of events, all true (with just a touch of embellishment by her - she will be disciplined for exaggerating) I had Zoe work on day 2 - what happened while I was at work - I will finish day 2. Zoe writes: The door closes behind him as he leaves for work.

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I get back into the shower to wash and get ready for the day. As I'm washing my hair I can't help but think about him and how exciting it is to be with him. I want to please him. He has said often that he would like another woman to join us. I decide that today I will find a woman, and we will both be here waiting when he gets back.


As soon as the hotel bar at the resort opens, I go and order a margarita. The bartender smiles at me and makes small talk, and I size her up as a potential partner.

She's pretty enough, but flat-chested and very thin. Definitely not his taste. He likes a woman with curves. I people watch, considering women as they come and go in the bar. I reject one after another for various reasons. I am picky. I want to find someone who will really please him. I'm working on my second margarita and feeling pleasantly buzzed when she walks in. A pretty brunette, about my height, and of similar build. She is wearing a low cut red dress and I can see the curves of her full breasts above the neckline.

The dress is clingy and I notice the nice round curve of her ass beneath the fabric. Her legs are shapely. And she has a very pretty face, with big brown eyes and full lips. I give her a friendly smile and she sits down next to me and orders a margarita for herself. We chat, and I discover that she's here on business, staying in the same hotel. So far, so good. I discover that she's single. I buy her a second margarita. I tell her I'm here with my man and I can't wait for him to be done working.

She laughs and asks if we have specific plans. As she's speaking, she turns her stool towards me and slowly uncrosses her legs, and pauses for a fraction of a section before recrossing them.

Long enough for me to see that she's not wearing panties and that her pussy is shaved. I look up and meet her eyes. She is smiling, and I know she knows I saw and that she wanted me to see.

We are both a little tipsy at this point I ask her if she has plans for the evening. Still smiling in a suggestive way, she says "no" and asks if I have any suggestions. As she asks, she reaches out and puts her hand on my arm, her fingers brushing the side of my breast as she does so.

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For a second, my head spins. Who's doing the picking up here? I lean towards her slightly, so my breast pushes harder against her hand. We are still smiling at each other. She lifts her index finger from my arm and quickly flicks my nipple through my shirt. I feel it instantly get hard. She smiles and does it again, harder. A strong shiver runs through my body and I feel the wet warmth begin between my legs.

I realize she wants what I want. I ask if she would like to come up to our room and meet my man. "I thought you'd never ask." she says. We laugh and both quickly toss back the last of our margaritas. They are very strong, and I sway a bit as I get down off the barstool. She links her arm through mine, and I enjoy the warmth of her soft body close up against mine. We walk towards the elevator, arms linked, laughing, looking like regular girlfriends giggling about a shared joke.

If people only knew that beneath our dresses, neither of us is wearing panties, we are both shaved, and we are headed upstairs to get busy.

Once in the elevator, I lean back against the wall to steady myself. My head is spinning a little from the alcohol. I close my eyes for a moment. Suddenly I feel her in front of me. I can smell her pussy, know that she is aroused. I open my eyes just as she leans in and kisses me.

She presses her soft body against mine, and cups my breast with her hand. Her tongue darts into my mouth, and I realize that my pussy is ripe and fragrant as well.

Her hand moves down from my breast and pulls up my dress. She is still kissing me as I feel her fingers between my legs and she starts rubbing my clit. I moan with pleasure. She pulls away and smiles knowingly at me. "You are just a slut aren't you? You can't help yourself". She laughs. The elevator stops at our floor, and as the door opens I am still leaning against the back wall, aroused and languid, She grabs my hand and pulls me into the hallway.

"Keep yourself together long enough to get us into your room, slut," she is laughing at me. I walk down the hall, swaying a little from the margaritas, digging the room key out of my purse. We reach our door, and I let us both inside. He is not back yet. (my note: Zoe has a tendency to attract dominant people, both men and women, it has happened several times and she gives off a "sub-vibe" that certain people gravitate towards.) I want us to be ready for him when he returns.

She is coming towards me and I know she is going to kiss me again. As her mouth meets mine, I reach out and pull her dress off her shoulders. She doesn't resist. She is wearing a lacy black bra. I lift her breasts out of it, and, ending the kiss, I bend my head, and close my lips around a hard red nipple.


She gasps. I suck on the hard nugget of her nipple and gently nibble on it with my teeth. I feel her hands reach around and grab my ass and she pulls me more tightly against her. I reach behind her and unhook the bra, letting it fall away so her breasts are naked.

I cup them in my hands and push them together so I can suck both nipples. She throws her head back in pleasure. I release her and say, "let's take a shower. We'll be clean and fresh when he gets back." She answers by stepping out of her dress, and she is completely naked except for the heels. She's beautiful. Heavy, full breasts with hard red nipples. Wide hips and round ass. As I am undressing, she turns and walks toward the bathroom. I notice a tattoo of a rose on her ass. It makes me hot.

I join her in the shower and we soap each other up, running the soapy washcloths all over each other's bodies. I wash her breasts, between her legs, and turning her around, I wash the crack of her ass, paying special attention to her asshole. I lean against her and whisper in her ear, "Is your asshole clean? My man will want it to be clean." She laughs again. "Yes. I cleaned it out before I went to the bar. Just in case." I am pleased, although again I wonder who exactly picked who up.

It's my turn. She washes me now, circling my breasts, then rubbing my pussy with the washcloth until I am squirming with pleasure. She sees the bruises on my breasts and the welts on my ass. She touches them gently with her fingers and then with her lips. I sigh with pleasure.

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"Did he do this?" she asks. "Yes" I answer. "Did you enjoy it?" "Yes" I breathe. She hears the passion in my voice and turns me to face her. She pushes down on my shoulders and I know what she wants, but my obedience to him is stronger than my desire to please her. "No" I say "We must wait for my man.

He will want to watch me eat your pussy". She stops pushing, and asks "Do you always do what he wants?" "Always," I say "He owns my sexual life. He owns me. You are a gift from me to him." "Do I have any choice in this?" she says laughing. "Do you want one?" I ask, "If you want to be in charge, now's the time to leave. If you stay, we'll both do exactly what he wants." Her answer is to laugh again and playfully bite my breast, hard enough to make me catch my breath.

She turns off the shower and pulls me out. She takes her time towelling off. She's clearly not going anywhere. Back in the bedroom, both still naked, she sits down on the bed, while I make 3 drinks, 1 for each of us and 1 for him.

He should be here any minute.

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I bring her her drink and say "What should I call you?" She smiles and says, "If it were just you and me, you would call me Mistress.

But, since your man will be using both of us as he pleases you should call me Candy". "Is that your real name?" She smiles and I realize she is not going to answer. I sit down on the bed next to her and we both take sips of our drinks. I want to maintain the pleasant warmth of my buzz.

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She starts playing with one of my nipples, twisting and pinching it. It sends electric jolts pleasure straight to my clit.

My eyes close and my head goes back. Just then, I hear his key in the lock. It adds to my excitement. He comes in and stops when he sees me and my friend, both naked, both very much aroused, waiting for him on the bed. I see his eyes light up with pleasure. "Don't stop on my account," he says, "I want to watch you together" He picks up the drink I made for him, and takes a deep swallow.

Candy is pushing me back on the bed, her mouth on mine, her hand exploring between legs. I hear the familiar sound of him unbuckling his belt and pulling it away from his pants. I tremble with anticipation. I know what's coming next. To be continued.

(Another note; it is Zoe's practice to always keep her ass clean when she is seeing me, we have established a routine of shaving or waxing, cleaning her hole, and certain other preparations prior to being together - she does ask women if they mind having their ass cleaned out and will help her do so if needed)