Hot gay Our resident crimson rocket Spencer is continuing his

Hot gay Our resident crimson rocket  Spencer  is continuing his
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His kisses trailed down her neck, not ending until he reached her breasts. He cups one the large breasts in his hand, massaging it delicately.


His lips move to her left nipple, sucking on it the second his lips envelope it. His free hand trails down her stomach, down to her pants. He pushes his hand inside roughly as his hand reaches its destination. His hands go underneath the fabric known as her panties, fingering her at that moment. He releases his hand from her breast, taking off her pants slowly.

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Once they are off, he throws them across the room. His erection prods her covered vagina, making her pull off the fabric. But it only reaches her knees before he pushes her on her back, forcing his swollen length inside the heavenly hole. She gasps at first, but that gasp turns into a moan as he begins thrusting. He holds up her leg as he goes deeper inside of her, her growing moans pushing to go faster.

He lifts her ankles to her shoulders after two minutes pass, his length pushing deeper and harder into the girl. no the woman underneath him.


He thrusts as deeply as possible when the girl's climax approaches, but suddenly pulls out his length. The woman groans at this, but he quickly slips himself underneath her, back to him.

He enters her again, his cold hand cupping her breast again. His large member pulls in and out of the heavenly bliss at a inhuman pace. He thrusts harder when he hears her pleased moans. The hand that was once clutching the sheets for support came up and cupped the woman's wildly bouncing breasts.

He thrusts into her wildly, the woman's moans elevating in noise. He releases one of her breasts, lifting her left leg up to deepen the contact his member had with his partner.


Finally, he wraps an arm around her stomach, his grip on her breasts and over her abdomen tighter than a vice. The heavenly tight hole clenches, and the boy pours his seeds into the woman, hearing her pleasured scream.

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He pulls out of her, pinning her down and positioning hislength between the valley known as her breasts. He cups both of herbreasts, squeezing them between his length.

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He begins slowly pullingand pushing in and out of her breasts. After five minutes he beginsthrusting at a dramatically increased pace, now moaning loudly.Thewoman leans up, putting her tongue inside of his dick-hole. The boymoanseven louder at that moment, now thrusting wildly into herbreasts.

Then, when he almost reached his climax, he releases herbreasts, pushing his length into her mouth. She begins sucking almostimmediately, slowly at first, then started sucking so hard that theboy felt as if his dick was about to be ripped off.

He groans after amoment, thrusting his whole length into her, reaching into her throatwith it. He explodes his seeds into her mouth, breathing hard once hereleases the last seed of his climax.The woman flips them over,mounting him. She positions himself, pushing his still hard lengthinto her opening.

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She moans as it fills her. SHe grabs his shoulders, grinding her hips against his. Then she begins riding him wildly,nearly choking at the sheer size of his length. The boy leans up,sucking hard on her nipples.

She screams, riding him faster. As theboy thrusts up when she pounds down on him, their bodies glistened inthe dim light in the room.

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After five minutes, the boy begins feeling the woman pound down onto him even more. He clenches his teeth,holding in the loud moans that would emit from his throat.

Then herwalls close around his member, and he cums at long last, feeling as ifhe were squeezing his release from him. He positions himself behindher, lifting her knees in the air. He thrusts deeply into her, bitinghard into her neck. Her pleasured whimpers only make him thrust evenmore wildly. He thrusts into her, drilling her with his length goingin and out, in and out, in and out. Her breasts bounced from the forceof his thrusts, and her moans turn to screams of both pain andpleasure as the boy bites down even harder into her neck.

Her delicatehands grab the back of the boy's head to hold onto, not only his head, but her own consciousness. She screams her pleasures at the top of herlungs, piercing the air.

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She feels his length drill into her again,making her clench her eyes shut from the pleasurable wavesreverbrating inside of her. He releases her neck from his teeth,moaning as she screamed. Her walls close around him, and he barelyholds himself before releasing. He lifts her ankles to her shouldersin the same position, thrusting even deeper inside of her than all theother times combined. Now they scream, their voices filled with cursesand groans.

They clench the parts of their bodies that they hold onto;The woman the boys head, and the boy the woman's ankles. He thrustshis whole length inside her, feeling the walls close on him again. Hereleases every last drop of his cum inside her, and the woman's eyesroll to the back of her head, her body finally giving into exhaustion.

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They fall asleep after collapsing, the boy holding the woman in hertight embrace from behind, cum spilling from her hole.