Male sex slave He undoubtedly knows how to make his guests feel

Male sex slave He undoubtedly knows how to make his guests feel
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After our session in the bathroom Tony and mark both grabbed each one of my wrist and walked downstairs to the living room. They sat me down in between them on the couch as mark grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. A few minutes later we heard our moms car pull up and her coming through the front door. She came into the living room and saw us watching TV. "Looks like you guys didn't kill each other while I was gone" she jokes as she walks into the kitchen to cook dinner.

Mark laughs under his breath as he reaches his hand down to my pussy and gave it a slap "We didn't kill each other today but something is definitely gonna get hurt tomorrow". I let out a scream from the unexpected slap. My mom calls out from the kitchen "Heather I heard a scream is everything ok in there". I just played it off telling her that mark was just joking around bullying me. "Oh ok, and by the way I'm going on a important business trip tomorrow and wont be back till the next day".

I started thinking to myself that with mom gone all day and night there was no telling what I was in for tomorrow with my brothers.


Then both mark and Tony looked at me with grins on their faces and I knew that they were thinking the same thing I was. For the rest of the night my brothers kept a close eye on me to make sure I didn't try to take care of the orgasmic pressure that has built up inside of my pussy.

Even when I went into the bathroom either mark or tony was close by listening to what I was doing. Sometimes when our mother wasn't watching they would give my ass a slap or give my pussy a pat putting pressure on the dildo that has been stuffed in my aching pussy. Every time they would do it I couldn't help but let out a moan.

I was getting used to them touching me whenever they want to.

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I actually started liking it. "I'm going to go to bed guys ill see you in the morning" I said to my brothers as I got up from the couch. Tony grabbed my arm before I was able to fully stand up and whispered in my ear. "Remember that you don't dare touch that pussy of ours, And your training starts tomorrow" Mark over heard and added to Tony's instructions "Be prepared for tomorrow, because if you are gonna be slutting around we are gonna teach you how to be a proper slut".

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I just nodded and started walking away but not before mark gave me one last slap on my ass. I realized that as long as they were able to blackmail me, I was their property to do what ever they want with. I went to my room and started getting ready for bed. I stripped down and figured that I would just sleep naked that night.

I got under my blankets and tried to get comfortable. It was so hard because every position I would try to lay in I could feel the dildo inside me.

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I was so horny and I figured that if I didn't cum and have an orgasm that I wouldn't get any sleep. I thought to myself that theirs no way my brothers would know if I had a little masturbation session.

I reached down and got a grip on the dildo. I slowly started jerking it around. All I could think about was earlier. Mark and Tony's cocks fucking my mouth, how good they're cum tasted, their hands running over my pussy as I'm getting used with cum all over my face. I really started getting going as I began to think bout how good it would feel to have one of my brother's big hard cocks fucking my pussy.

I was coming close to Cumming as I fucked my pussy hard with the dildo wishing that it were Mark and Tony's cock. My orgasm came up quick as I started moaning. My hips started jerking uncontrollably as I had the biggest orgasm of my live. I came so much I soaked my sheets. Took me a few minutes to catch my breath and calm done but after I did I slide the dildo back deep into my pussy. I lay in bed for a while to make sure my brothers where sleeping.

When I was sure they were I got up and changed my sheets to cover up the evidence I left behind. I finally fell asleep even though my mind was racing with the thoughts of what was going to happen tomorrow. I was getting soaked again just thinking bout what my brothers were going to do to me.

The next morning I woke up to one of my brothers pinching my nipples and the weight of his dick and balls on my faces. When he finally spoke I knew it was Tony by his voice "Wake up your slut training starts today, lesson one is if you wake up with a cock in your face you open your mouth and suck on it".

It took me a few seconds to wake up and come to reality. But I finally did as Tony was getting impatient and shoved his cock in my mouth "suck it bitch". I closed my lips around his cock as I took it into my mouth. I started working it sucking in and trying to move my mouth up and down on it but it was kind of hard to as my head was planted on my pillow. Tony took that into his own hands though as he started thrusting his hips while fucking my mouth. It wasn't long before he pushed his cock all the way in my mouth and down my throat as he came in my throat making my gag.

I took every last drop of cum down my throat. "Now get up and get ready, Mark is downstairs waiting," he said as he put his dick away and left my room.

I got up and headed for the shower. I didn't bother covering myself up. After all the only people in the house was my brothers and theirs nothing that they wouldn't be seeing later anyways. I took my shower and started drying off.

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Walking back to my room I started wondering why mark and Tony weren't keeping an eye on me. I thought to myself that maybe they just loosened up on me finally. When I came back to my room there was an outfit laid out on then bed with a note. I picked up the note. It read, Here is what you are gonna wear today. Notice there is no bra so don't dare put one on. Sincerely Your new owners Just reading the note made me horny. It was the fact that they were controlling me and referred to them selves as my owners.

The outfit consisted one of my pink G-string thongs, a mini skirt that was so short that it would only come an inch or two down from my pussy, and a pink halter-top that would only come down a few inches from my breast. I put on the outfit and looked in the mirror. It was the skankest outfit ever. As I walked downstairs I could feel the dildo in pussy moving around. It was so early in the day but yet the dildo already worked up sexual tensions in between my legs.

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I got downstairs and made my way into the living room. To my surprise there was one of my brothers friend sitting on the recliner in the corner of my living room. I started blushing thinking to my self that he must think that I look like a total slut with the short skirt and top I was wearing. Although I found out that it made me horny looking like a whore and knowing he was staring at me.

Mark finally spoke up "Don't worry he's only here for the show". My jaw dropped as he said that. What were they going to do fuck me in front him or even let him get a turn with me. The more I thought about it the more a started to like that idea. Even though I was still nervous about it. Mark wasted no time and sat on the couch and unzipping his pants. "You are a slut in training so you listen to every word we say and do everything we tell you two, now get over here and start on my dick" he says as he signals for me to get on my knees in front of him.

I got down on my hands and knees in between Marks legs. While bending over my short skirt was riding up and my brothers friend had a perfect view of my ass and my pussy mound that was covered by my pink thong.

He started cheering as he pulled out his cock "whoa now things are coming along". I grabbed Marks cock and started stroking it. Looking up at him with a teasing smile as I started lick it. As I put it in my mouth Tony came up behind my grabbing my ass and moving his hand down to my pussy rubbing it through my thong.

I started purring as I took as much of Marks cock in my mouth as possible.

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I loved pleasing my brothers as I had Marks cock in my mouth taking all of it down my throat and Tony Playing with my pussy, which was jerking around the dildo that was still buried in my pussy.

It was making me so hot. Mark put one hand on the back of my head and with the other he reached down and grabbed the back of my thong that was covered by my skirt. "Always have your thong sticking out while giving head," he said as he pulled at my thong pulling it tighter in between my cheeks and pussy.

It started pushing up against the dildo and making my moan on Marks cock. After a few minutes Mark let go off my thong and used both of his hands to fuck my mouth. Tony grabbed my pink thong and pulled it down letting it drop down to my knees and leaving it their. He dug into my pussy and grabbed the dildo.

I let out a moan as he pulled it out from inside me. I started whimpering a little bit; finally having that dildo out of me left my pussy feeling so empty. I needed something in me so bad to fill it. Tony started getting undressed "don't worry slut that tight pussy will be filled up with some big cock in a minute". Mark took his cock out my mouth and ordered me to take off his pants" I took of his pants and he took the rest of his clothes off as he got up and went behind me.

I looked over at my brother's friend and he was really going at it jerking off his cock. It made me feel more like just a sex toy, just there to entertain him as he pleasured himself. Just thinking bout it made me even hotter and making me feel like a grimy whore that needed to be fucked.

Tony took Marks place as he sat down. I grabbed his hard cock and started stroking it. Mark placed the tip of his cock on my pussy and started rubbing it up and down on my slit.


"O yeah that little pussy of your is gonna get punished, next slut lesson is learning to beg for it". I didn't need any encouragement from him to beg, as I wanted his cock in me so bad. I started begging for him to fuck me "Please fuck me, I want you to shove you cock in me please, I need your cock to fill my tight pussy". With that he started to slide his cock into me. It was so thick. I started moaning as he shoved all of his cock into me.

"Yes fuck your little sister, and please fuck my pussy like it deserves". He finally got all of it in me. I felt so full and I loved it. He started moving his hard cock in and out of my pussy.

As he started picking up speed Tony Shoved his cock in my mouth. I tried taking all of it. He pushed my head down on it as I sucked. My moans and screams were being muffled by Tony's dick. "Take all this cock you little slut" he moaned out as moved up on down on his cock. It felt so good being fucked on both ends. I had Tony's cock in my mouth and Mark's cock fucking my pussy hard. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass.

I felt his cock get hard and I knew he was right bout to cum. He thrust into me a few last times. Then I felt him push all of his cock deep into me as I felt him release loads of cum. I was gripping down on Tony's cock with my mark I felt Marks cock jerking inside of me for a few more seconds till her finally pulled his cock out of my pussy. Mark got up, got dressed and started walking out the room.

I thought it was kinda strange that Mark would leave and not watch the rest of the show of me being turned out and my fresh young pussy being used. As long as their was still big cock in my the room to fuck me and abuse my pussy I didn't care. Tony yanked his dick out of my mouth and told me to get up little slut and ride this dick properly.

As I got up and turned around my brother's friend was still sitting there jerking his dick. I was so hungry for some more cock and cum in my mouth. I think Tony realized this as he looked over at his friend and said "Don't blow your load yet, this skank still needs some cum in her mouth after this".

I was so happy to hear that. I started lick my lips anticipating that hot cum as I started sitting backwards right on to my brother's big cock.


My pussy was so wet and full of cum still that Tony's dick slid right into my tight pussy. I started whimpering from the pleasure of my brothers thick dick sliding into me as I slid all the down on it and started grinding my hips down against his pelvis. As I was rotating my hips down onto his cock Mark came back into the living room, only this time holding a video camera. I was loving being a slut so much I didn't even care that mark was taping me being fucked hard by my own brother with my cum dripping pussy.

I just loved Tony's long thick dick rotating pushing up against all of my pussy walls. After a little longer of riding and grinding on Tony's cock I was about to cum. Tony put his hands on the back of my shoulders and started pound my tight pussy. I started Cumming right their. I couldn't help myself as my hips convulsed and ground right into Tony as my pussy just started pouring out cum.

I could tell that Tony loved my tight pussy grabbing onto his cock as I'm caught up in a crazy orgasm. As my orgasm started subsiding I felt Tony's dick harden as he pushes me down hard onto he dick making me scream out.

Tony was holding me down onto his cock for a good couple seconds till his cock exploded with loads of hot cum that I could feel just feeling up my little pussy. Not to long after Tony blow of his cum into my pussy, his cock went limp and popped out of my messy cum filled pussy. I got up off Tony cocks as I was right bout to go suck my brothers friend off to get some cum, Tony stopped me and reached down at my ankles and grabbed my pink thong that was still hanging their and pulled it up.

I felt cum dripping out of my pussy into my panties.

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I walked over to my brother's friend and got right to business as I grabbed his balls and put his cock directly into my mouth. I was craving cum so bad.

I was sucking his cock hard as my brothers are cheering me on saying stuff like "Yes you dirty little slut, if you want cum you got to work for it. I used that as motivation as I started sucking on his cock hard till he pulled his cock out of my mouth and jetted cum all over my face. They told me I had to eat it off my face. I didn't really care though because I needed cum so bad.

I licked up every single drop. After that things calmed down for the most part. My brother's friend left say "This was good we gotta do this again soon". Mark replied, "Yeah this slut needs as much cock as she can get". I started looking at him with a grin. I can still feel cum dripping out of pussy and just soaking my thong.

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I felt so dirty. After he left mark was still messing around with the video camera till him and Tony came over to me and started playing the tape. Instead of them making me watch the fuck session replay we just had it was of me in my bed last night fucking my pussy with dildo they had stuffed inside me.

I looked at them ashamed and told them I couldn't help it. Then Tony said "Don't worry bout it, you are gonna get punished for it tonight, I will tell you how in a minute. Mark had left the room for a minute but when he came back he had a butt plug in his hand. He told me to bend over, and being the good little slut that I am I listen to him. Mark grabs my thong and pulls it out my crack and started rubbing the butt plug on my ass up and done. I liked it for a minute till he shoved in deep right in my ass.

I started whimpering and I almost wet myself as he shoved it in. It didn't go in to hard either because I was already lubricated between my pussy juice and my brothers cum still soaking my pussy and my panties. Mark fixed my thong and told me to stand up. I did as I was told to do. Mark gave me a good slap on the ass and said "The surprise of your punishment tonight is that Tony is gonna give you your first fucking into your tight ass".