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SEXY LITTLE GIRL GUIDES SUZY AND LINDA There are some advantages in holidaying alone. Choosing ones' own walking pace; destination undetermined; the option to embrace an opportunity should one present itself. It was under those circumstances that I chanced upon the camp.

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Distracted from the narrow meandering pathway that wound its' way through the old forest, I ventured stealthily through the close trees in the direction of the girls' laughing voices. Concealing myself amongst the dense undergrowth at the edge of the clearing, I surveyed the scene before me. Courtesy of the late afternoon midsummer sun, a golden haze suffused the still warm air with the small encampment, rendering the scenario both intoxicating and enchanting.

A fairy tale atmosphere, though on this particular summer evening the roles of forest nymphs were to be played by a troupe of sexy English Girl Guides. The girls moved among the tents, laughing and talking, oblivious to my voyeurism. They were all dressed in their Girl Guide Uniforms which consisted of a light blue blouse, navy blue skirt and white knee-hi socks. I knew from past experiences that the vast majority of Girl Guides also wore their regulation navy blue cotton school knickers with their Guide uniform.

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There was no doubt whatsoever that, after school uniform, Girl Guide uniform was my second greatest turn on. A few yards to my left, three girls sat in a circle on the lush emerald grass.

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Adopting my best Commando stance, I gingerly made my way through the foliage to a concealed spot near to the chattering group. Kneeling behind a bushy crop at the very edge of the clearing, my position afforded me a perfect view up one of the girl's skirts. Relaxing on the grass with her legs casually spread, the young girl - she was about thirteen of fourteen had innocently allowed her navy blue skirt to ride up her thighs, exposing her lovely little navy blue ribbed legged cotton school uniform knickers.

With my eyes fixed on her navy blue gym knickers, I unbuttoned my jeans, released my throbbing prick and masturbated to her slim white legs and navy knickers. Was I too, close? Although she was facing away from me, I was almost within touching distance of the nearest girl.

What should I do? I could be discovered. I knew that the excitement of seeing this lovely little Girl Guide in her uniform with her legs open and showing her navy blue knickers was exciting me so much I could come at any time … but I'd risk it for a little while longer.


Suddenly, the three girls stood up and walked towards one of the tents. Damn! I contented myself by watching a volleyball match that was being played at the other end of the clearing. The flap of a nearby tent drew open and a girl's head appeared, her long blond hair shimmering in the sun.

She was looking around the camp … then in my direction. Had she seen me? Surely not! The girl crawled out of the tent, followed by a dark haired companion clutching a green carrier bag. Both wore their full traditional Girl Guide Uniforms and looked so inviting as they bent low as if to avoid detection. The two Guides scurried hurriedly towards me. With my jeans and y-fronts still pushed down around my knees, I awkwardly sidled a few paces back into the woods and squatted down next to a tree.

In seconds the two Guides were through the bushes. I was slow to react … or the girls were moving too fast. The blonde tumbled onto me, sending us both sprawling across the forest floor.

The slender young girl let out a muted cry of surprise as she slumped onto my upturned body. In that instant, I wrapped my arms around her, holding her tightly against me and pushed my exposed prick up her Girl Guide skirt. I thrill of excitement rushed through me as I felt my prick brush against her bare inner thighs; a flailing curtain of blonde hair smothering my face. Running my hands over her sexy little Girl Guide uniform, I thrust my erection further up inside her raised skirt, pressing the throbbing head of my wet prick against her navy blue schoolgirl knickers.

Her dark haired friend bent over us, hissing urgently, "Suzy! He's got his prick between your legs and against your gym knickers." As Suzy wriggled free, I caressed her lovely thighs, feeling up her skirt to where her navy blue cotton schoolgirl knickers covered her sweet young pussy. Getting to their feet, the two Girl Guides ran like the wind disappearing into the depths of the overgrown forest.

I watched the green carrier bag vanish into the thick foliage. There were some advantages in holidaying alone!!! Regaining the forest path, I continued to walk in the direction the two Guides had taken. Suzy and her friend were both very slim and extremely pretty and I guessed they'd around fourteen or fifteen. In their traditional Girl Guide uniforms, they looked so young, sexy and highly desirable. I had memorised the location of the camp and, if I so desired, could return later to finish my voyeuristic wank.

Yellow beams of evening sunlight danced among the trees casting dappled illuminations on the forest floor. It felt great to be alive, surrounded by nature's random beauty in the fullness of this glorious English summer. I followed the winding path for perhaps five minutes without passing a soul, and then came upon a small stone church.

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The old building resided in poorly tended grounds to the right side of the path, it's condition suggesting that this holy place had not enjoyed the complement of a congregation for some considerable time. Carefully moving aside an encroaching bramble, I made my way to the arched stone entrance. The large wooded door was locked, and I resigned myself to continue through the forest … then I heard a noise from the far end of the building.

Peering round the corner of the Church, I watched the two Girl Guides emerge from a small side door. They still wore their Girl Guide uniforms which made me subconsciously reach for my prick, squeezing it through my jeans. Both girls had lovely legs and looked incredibly sexy dressed the way they were.

I stroked myself as Suzy and her friend approached the forest path, clambering over a crumbling low wall and exposing their lovely soft smooth navy blue ribbed legged cotton school uniform knickers. Here was now no sign of the green carrier bag, which I guessed had maybe contained a change of clothing.

Remaining at a safe distance, I surreptitiously followed the two Girl Guides through the forest.

What to do now? The girls, I assumed, were on their way to meet a couple of lucky boyfriends and I would shortly be forced to abandon my interest in them.

But two horny Girl Guides alone in a deserted forest … wearing their Girl Guide uniforms … I began to form a plan. I would try to get ahead of them, and then, when they approached, I would either hide in the bushes and wank as they walked past or expose myself and masturbate in front of the two little girls. Quickening my pace, I rounded a bend in the wooded pathway and then stopped abruptly.

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About thirty yards ahead the forest ended. Impeccably lit by the golden evening sunlight, Suzy and her friend stood at the end of the forest path intently engaged in an earnest session of rock-paper-scissors.

The outcome resolved, the girls walked on into the open countryside beyond the old forest. I would need to be extra careful now if I were to remain undetected. Hiding as best as I could, I watched the two Guides approach the only building in sight a small country garage. Boasting two petrol pumps, the ramshackle corrugated iron structure looked like it may have survived, with a minimum of modern concessions, since the 1940's.

A portly old grey haired attendant sat behind a counter in the tiny office; otherwise the place was deserted. Perhaps in the past the establishment had seen busier times, but nowadays I imagined customers must be few and far between. Approaching from the side, the girls sneaked secretively to the far end of the building next to the office.

While Suzy remained concealed, her dark haired friend walked to the front of the garage and entered, engaging the old man in conversation. Now I was both horny and curious! Making my way to the nearside of the garage, I discovered a small open window, through which I was able to see into both a dirty looking backroom and the front office.

From here I could eavesdrop on the conversation inside. I almost got caught. The scruffy old attendant turned and shuffled towards me, followed by the pretty dark haired Guide. I watched as the picked their way through a sea of tyres, toolboxes and miscellaneous garage debris, then sat side by side on a wooden bench in a dark corner of the dingy back room. The young girl's knees were slightly apart, giving me a lovely view of her where her navy blue gym knickers were pulled tight against her pussy.

"What's your name?" asked the fat old man. "Linda," the young Guide replied softly then, gesturing towards the man's crotch she continued, "Go on then, you said you'd show me." Leaning back on the bench and unbuttoning his grubby brown trousers, the old man pulled out his flaccid prick in front of the young Girl Guide.


She let out a loud squeal. "Quiet," t old he man implored. Linda laughed. "There's no one around." The squeal had been the signal. Suzy stealthily entered the front office, rounded the counter, and began to carefully prise open the cash drawer with a large screwdriver.

The girls had it all worked out! Taking hold of the old man's floppy prick in her hand, Linda started to wank him, "Is this the first time you've been wanked by a Girl Guide?" The old man grunted and placed his rough oil stained hand on the girl's bare leg. Excited by the Girl Guide's manual stimulation, the man's prick grew stiff, achieving an impressive erection in her small hand.


Releasing his prick, Linda turned and grasped the waist of his dirty trousers, pulling them down to his ankles. He wore no underwear. Taking a step backwards, a brief expression of shock passed over the young Guide's face as she stared at his monstrous prick.

Now standing fully erect, his enormous prick was far bigger than she had realised. Standing in front of him with her legs open and swivelling her slim hips, Linda seductively lifted up her Girl Guide uniform navy blue skirt, asking nervously, "Do you like my little navy blue cotton schoolgirl knickers?" Obviously too excited to even speak, the old man simply masturbated and so did I.

The sight of this absolutely gorgeous little Girl Guide, standing in front of us holding her navy blue skirt up round her waist and happily showing us her tight soft smooth navy blue ribbed legged cotton school uniform knickers, was the answer to every man's dreams. "Don't come yet," Linda pleaded. "I'll do a naughty show and you can wank to me." Meanwhile, in the front office, Suzy was stuffing bank notes into the breast pockets of her shirt.

Holding her skirt right up round her waist, Linda reached between her legs and gently eased the crotch of her navy blue schoolgirl knickers to one side, revealing her pretty little shaven pussy. Trembling visibly, she asked, "Shall I finger myself? Would you like to see me with my finger inside my navy blue gym knickers, fingering my hot wet little pussy?

The old man's eyes widened and his hand became a blur as he masturbated his massive prick in front of the uniformed girl.

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From the front door, Suzy shouted, "Linda!" Adopting an feigned expression of horror, Linda exclaimed, "It's my Mum!" and ran like hell, leaving the [perplexed red-faced attendant hastily pulling up his trousers in the backroom. By the time the old man had regained his composure, the girls were long gone.

A fiery red sun was beginning to descent towards the western horizon as I reached the old church, painting the weathered stonework in shades of mellow orange. A short sprint through the trees had enabled me to get there ahead of the girls. Entering the church by a side door, I found myself in a small room located behind the alter. Perhaps original a vestry, the room had been converted into a tiny apartment. I guessed it may have been used as an overnight stop by travelling priests, as drafted in to serve the local community.

A pair of narrow stained glass windows bathed the room in a rainbow of light. A heavy oak wardrobe stood in a corned by the door and a single bed had been placed against the far wall. Lying on the bed was the green carrier bed. I stood next to the doorway with my back to the wall and waited for Suzy and Linda to arrive.

I was not disappointed. Barely a minute had passed before the door opened and the two Girl Guides entered the room. Suzy walked in first a tossed a wad of bank notes onto the bed. Following her into the room, Linda turned and closed the door then jumped back in surprise when she saw me standing against the wall.

I pushed the door shut. Linda promptly joined her companion standing by the bed. There was a moment s impasse as I stood in front of the door, face to face with the two absolutely stunning little Girl Guides. I delivered the concise line I had been composing while I waited. "I know where you're camped … and I know what you did at the garage." Deadlock. A tense confrontational atmosphere pervaded the small room.

The girls looked at me, then at each other. Suzy spoke first. "You can have the money … " "No thanks." Linda frowned. "What do you want, then?" Half smiling, I said, "I saw what you did with the old man at the garage … that's what I want." The girls exchanged glances and Linda answered cautiously.

"Okay … but we can't let you go all the way with us.' That having been settled, I dragged the heavy wardrobe across the stone floor, blacking the door.

I didn't want to be interrupted, nor did I want either of the girls making an early exit. Linda spoke irritably. "Come on then, sit on the bed and take it out." I examined the pretty Girl Guided standing before me, slim and sexy with perfectly slender yet shapely legs.

Up till today, my main fascination had been schoolgirls' in school uniform but having seen these two very attractive and sexy young girls in their Girl Guide uniforms, I could very easily be persuaded to change my allegiance.

Linda had revealed her shaved slit beneath her Girl Guide uniform skirt, knowingly igniting the old man's darkest pubescent fantasies in a seductive display of nubile eroticism. This was a once in a lifetime situation and I was going to take my time so, very slowly, I said, "Show me your knickers, girls, show me your lovely tight little navy blue cotton schoolgirl knickers." Linda began to unfasten her but I stopped her saying, "No … keep your skirts on, I like lifting them up and watching you doing it too and I want so much to put my hand up them and between your legs." Both girls opened their eyes wide as I said that but it was Linda who gasped, "God, you're really into young girls, aren't you … which do you prefer, Girl Guides or Schoolgirls?" Pleased with the way things were progressing, I replied softly, "It doesn't really matter as both wear navy blue cotton knickers." Suzy was very quick to come in saying, "But Girl Guides don't have to wear navy knickers." "True," I replied softly, "But the few I've seen do." After a few moments silence, Linda asked, "Well, what do you want to do?

Do you want to lift our skirts or do you want us to lift them?" At this point, I suddenly noticed that Suzy was starting to look nervous and it didn't really surprise me when she stammered, "I … I don't think I can do this, Linda." "Come on, Suzy," Linda coaxed, "You'll enjoy it, you know you will." Almost close to tears, Suzy groaned, "I've never let a boy do anything to me, I'm scared." Not seeming to be particularly bothered one way or another, Linda sighed, "Well, I'm staying" With that, Suzy slowly turned and left, leaving Linda and I on our own and it was only seconds before she asked, "Well then, do want to lift my skirt or would you like me to do it?" "You do it," I replied, adding, "I'd like to see a young Girl Guide lifting her uniform skirt for me." Smiling innocently, Linda said quickly, "I'm not so young, I'm fifteen." "That's still young," I responded, adding, "But I'm not complaining, as far as I'm concerned, the younger the better." Opening her eyes wide as she reached down with both hands and took hold of the bottom of her navy blue skirt, Linda gasped, "How young do you like them, for God's sake?

What's the youngest girl you've ever been with?" Wanting to be perfectly honest with her, I replied, "Anywhere between twelve and fifteen but the youngest girl I've even done anything to was only ten." Standing there holding the bottom of her Girl Guide skirt, Linda asked then, "W ,, what did you do to her?" Hoping I wouldn't upset Linda, I said softly, "The same as I'm going to do to you." Blushing bright red, Linga gasped, "Oh, and what's that?" Taking a deep breath, I began, "I'm going to watch you lifting your Girl Guide skirt for me then I'll put my hand on the front of your navy blue schoolgirl knickers before moving it down till it's between your legs.

When I feel you're navy knickers getting wet with your love juices, I'll finger you through them till, hopefully, I'll make you come in them." After silently staring at me for a little while, Linda croaked, "I … I don't mind you touching me through my knickers but I've never let anyone make me come in them." Smiling and loving the way the conversation was going, I remarked innocently, "Only yourself." Trembling visibly and turning bright red, Linda almost whispered, "Yes." As things were seemingly moving along nicely, I said then, "Now, that's something I'd like to see" Watching me carefully with a lovely smile on her face, Linda started lifting her skirt ever so slowly as she sighed, "Are you telling me you'd like to see me masturbating?" "Yes, I would, very much." I replied.

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Strangely, Linda seemed to relax as she kept lifting her skirt till, with a funny look on her face, she said, "You, know, I'm lifting my skirt for you and I don't even know your name." With my eyes glued to the bottom of her skirt as it went higher and higher, "Sorry about that, I'm Bill." "Pleased to meet you, Bill," she said cheekily, adding, "Can I ask how old you are?" "Eighteen," I told her.

My eyes opened wide as she lifted her Girl Guide skirt right up till it was round her waist, showing me her lovely tight little navy blue ribbed legged cotton regulation school knickers, almost whispering, "There, Bill, do you like them?

Do you like my nave blue knickers?" "God, Linda," I groaned, "They're absolutely wonderful, so lovely and tight and I love the thick ribbed legged cotton and, as for the colour, navy blue just turns me on like you wouldn't believe." Smiling, Linda said happily, "I wasn't going to wear my school knickers today but something changed my mind." Moving forward and laying my hand on the front of the lovely soft smooth navy blue cotton of her schoolgirl knickers, I almost whispered, "Open your legs for me, Linda, open your legs nice and wide for me." The look on Linda's face was one of complete happiness as she slowly moved her feet wide apart, thereby opening her lovely legs wide for me.

As I started moving my hand down over the front of her navy blue gym knickers, she sighed, "Don't hurt me, Bill, please, don't hurt me." As my hand slipped between Linda's legs and closed over the now rapidly moistening crotch of her navy blue cotton school uniform knickers, I said softly, ''I won't, I promise, Linda, I'll be so gentle with you and turn you on so much you'll scream with delight." Surprising me by slipping her arms around my neck, Linda groaned, "You know, Bill, I've only let three boys touch me like this and each one was awful and hurt me but you're so gentle, so kind and gentle and I actually like feeling your hand between my legs." ""Linda, Oh, Linda," I groaned, lightly fingering her young schoolgirl pussy through the now reasonable wet crotch of her navy blue cotton schoolgirl knickers, "You're knickers are lovely, so lovely and soft and smooth and wet and I love feeling and fingering your little schoolgirl pussy through them." Poor Linda was in a little world of her own as I felt and fingered her hot wet little pussy through her navy blue knickers and it wasn't long before she was writhing and trembling then she threw her arms round my neck, coming in her knickers like you wouldn't believe.

Obviously feeling pangs of guilt, Linda freed herself from me and, pushing her skirt down, turned and left me standing there. Would I see her again?