Hot slut found in the midst of gay guys

Hot slut found in the midst of gay guys
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Chapter 7 I stood there in shock not sure what to do next, Amber standing only a few feet from me with her eyes bouncing from my cum covered cock to my eyes. I didn't know what to say, we both stuttered as we tried to figure out who should speak first. Finally I spoke, Amber still looking down at my hard as possible dick "I am so sorry, I thought you were in your room.

I am so embarrassed." Her eyes raised from my dick to look my straight in my eyes and said "There is no reason for you to be ashamed. After all I am a big girl now and you don't have to hide anything from me!" I instantly recognized that as what I had told her only a short time ago.

I replied with a similar comment to hers "I guess your right, I'm sure you have seen a man naked before." We stood only a few feet apart completely naked with grins on our faces as I looked down at my still hard cock to see a few drops of cum had dripped to the floor. "Let me clean up and I will be to your room, I think we need to talk." She looked at the puddles of cum on the floor and smiled "O.k., I'll be in my room." I watch as she walked to her room.

I reached down and pulled my pants up, grabbed my shirt and wiped the puddles from the floor and tossed it to the wall.

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Trying different ways to start our conversation in my head I slowly walked to her room, still not sure what I was going to say. When I walked in her room she was in front of her computer, quickly minimizing the screen as I entered.

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I stood behind her in her chair and saw my fake email address in the last tray, she had put on one of her long sleep shirts. I took a seat on the edge of her bed as she spun the chair around facing me, the long shirt wadded up on her hips leaving her slick skin exposed, her hairbrush between her legs. Before I could speak she took control of the conversation "Daddy, I don't want you to be embarrassed about what happened.

I know what you were doing and I completely understand, you said I shouldn't hide anything from you so you shouldn't have to hide anything from me." I couldn't take my eyes off the hairbrush between her legs knowing she had it stuck in her sweet pussy before I walked in her room. "Honey I agree but I have to know you are comfortable with that, I don't want you feel to like you are doing something wrong. I need to know what you are comfortable with as far as seeing me naked or me seeing you naked, like just now I never would have done that if I thought there was a chance of you catching me.

I hope it didn't scar you for life." I replied ending with a quick laugh hoping to ease the tension.


"I could always go without clothes around here if you would let me, I only put clothes on when I come out of my room cause I figured you would get mad if I came out naked.

It didn't bother me catching you a while ago, I know you sit at the computer and do that all the time I can hear you sometimes all the way in my room.

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You must really like looking at them little girls, I have seen the websites you like." My heart raced, she had to know I was looking at her since I liked those girls. "Besides, I am prettier than most of those girls! I know you like looking at me, I see you trying to hide you hardon all the time." she said as she looked down at the one I had going as we talked.

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"I do like looking at you, you are beautiful but I figured you would think I was weird for looking at you. You don't know how hard it is living with someone as sexy as you and not being able to show it." I said smiling. "what do ya mean, you think me and my friends don't talk about how good looking you are and how they all wish they were older so they could go out with you. I do know what its like." the room got extremely quiet. We sat and looked at each other until I broke the silence "Honey, I just want to say you are welcome to dress or not dress how ever you want around the house but you can never tell anybody about it.

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O.K." I said waiting on a reply. "Daddy, you feel free to walk around in what ever you want to, and don't worry about trying to hide it when I make you hard." she said grinning at me. "Oh yeah, don't worry about trying to hide when you jack off either if I don't want to see it I just wont walk in, hows that." I told her that was fine and stood up and held my arms out to give her a hug, my apparent hardon pushing at the front of my pants.


She stood and stepped close to me as I wrapped my arms around her. As I pulled her close my cock pushed against her stomach, she made a grunt and wiggled in closer. "You are going to have to get used to that if you are going to strut that pretty ass of your around here." I told her.

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"I think I can used to the compliment." she replied as she squeezed tight. We broke our hug and I left her room. I couldn't believe the conversation we just had and it was all because of some stranger sending her emails turning her on. I knew she would tell the man about our conversation so I went to check my emails, I had one from right after she caught me naked.


"You wont believe what just happened, I walked in on my dad right after he had jacked off!!!!!! He still had cum oozing from his dick. We just stood and looked at each other naked. He sent me to my room and said we had to talk, I hope hes not mad." Before I could start typing one back to her the next one came through. "OMG!!!! Daddys not mad. We decided I was big enough now we shouldn't have to hide things from each other any more and we shouldn't be embarrassed about seeing each other naked so I could walk around naked all I wanted.

He couldn't take his eyes off my pussy while we were talking. I told him he didn't have to hide his hardons from me anymore and he could go naked to I hope he does I want to see his big dick all the time.

He made me so horny, I want to take you some more pics. What do you want to see me do, I will do anything I MEAN ANYTHING!!!!!!!" It felt like my dick was going to explode as I read that. My little girl was so horny over me she was willing to do anything for this man, she was about to live out all my fantasies about her in front of a camera. I was going to puther to the test.

"Sounds like your daddy is a lucky man, but not as lucky as me I get to see things he doesn't. I really liked seeing that brush in you, why don't you see what else you can find to put in that tight pussy of yours. I cant wait to see what you find. Maybe your daddy will catch you this time." I sat at the computer after sending the message and listened to drawers being opened and closed throughout the house, I even heard the refrigerator open and close.

After all the rummaging the house got quiet, I knew she was in her room taking pictures for that man. I could barely resist going to her room and catching her like she wanted me too, I was scared if I did the pictures and emails would end and I was really enjoying them.

I sat and slowly stroked my swollen cock waiting to see what she had found to hide in her beautiful pussy. "OMG I am so horny!!!

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I didn't know I could fit such big things in my little pussy. I want to send them to you smallest to biggest is that ok?" "I am about to cum all over my keyboard waiting to see you fill that pussy up.

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My daughter just came through here in nothing but a shirt so I am real horny now too." Only seconds later an email came though. "look at these while I see what else I can find"