We need a real man with a real cock SPH

We need a real man with a real cock SPH
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I was born when my mother, Helen, was only twenty-one years old. My father was in his mid-twenties and via a family trust was well established. Unfortunately he died when I was slightly less than two years old, a victim of an eighteen wheeler run amok. When he was killed, my mother was the beneficiary of a lot of insurance, a settlement from the trucking company, and the balance of his trust fund.

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Since the oversized house we lived in was paid off via mortgage insurance, Mom sold it, took the cash and bought a smaller home further outside of town, and invested the remainder along with all the other proceeds. She was frugal, became a shrewd investor, and did well for us. I can't even remember Dad except for some memories artificially preserved via family photographs.

I can remember other things from my early childhood. My mother nursed me until I was four and a half years old. The latter couple of years the nursing was only at night, at bedtime. I can remember those latter years, lying in bed with Mom, enveloped in her warmth, suckling her breasts as I fell asleep.

I slept with her from the time my father was killed onward. My other primary memory of my very early days was being naked around the house.

Once I was potty trained and Mom was confident that I wouldn't crap or piss all over the house like an untrained puppy, she soon gave up trying to keep clothes on me at home. I always just shucked out of them whenever she tried to dress me and then later she encouraged me to remain naked.

So I was always naked at home. Mom was generally dressed most of the time except when we went to bed and when we took our bath. We were very close all that time.


We bathed together, slept together, and as I previously said, I nursed until I was over four years old. Even after that time I usually fell asleep suckling one of Mom's breasts rather than sucking my thumb. Mom had a weekly bridge club. In my early years, I can remember their games as the time I always got to drink a coke. When I was little, I remember the women teasing me about being naked all the time. As I got older, they stopped teasing but instead enjoyed my bringing them their drinks, etc.

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One of the players, actually Mom's best friend, had a daughter named Vickie who was very close to my age. She began to come to the bridge games with her mother. Once we'd both learned to swim, we'd spend some of the time swimming in the above ground pool we had in our backyard each summer. Vickie would always wear her swimsuit, I'd swim naked. In the winter we'd play in the sunroom which was just off the den where the women played their bridge. As nearly always, I'd play naked.

Outside of the house and the backyard, I'd have to be dressed, of course.

The older I got, the more I hated the restrictive nature of clothes. When I started school, I wore loose fitting boxer shorts under loose fitting pants.


In high school gym class I was known for not wearing a jock strap under my gym shorts. I hated the constriction - I was used to hanging free. When I got home from school each afternoon I wasted no time in losing my clothes.

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For other times I needed to dress, I often wore baggy sweat pants or sweat shorts with nothing on under them. Past my tenth birthday I can recall that Mom began to spend extra time washing my penis and testicles as we sat facing each other in the hot water filled bathtub. I'd always get an erection and thought it felt real good. Around age twelve, I ejaculated under the scrubbing.

I can still remember the feeling, that first orgasm. I thought I was going to pass out it felt so good. It became our habit that after washing up, Mom would scrub my penis and testicles until I ejaculated into the wash cloth. She called it "cleaning my tubes" and said it was important for my development. So I really looked forward to our bath every evening. Around that time I can remember feeling differently about lying up against Mom in our bed, hot skin to hot skin, suckling on a breast as I fell asleep, her hand usually on my buttock squeezing me close up against her.

I always fell asleep with an erection and awoke with one. When I was about thirteen and a half as we laid there, me suckling a breast as usual, instead of pulling me close with her hand on my buttock, I felt her hand caressing my penis and testicles.

She continued for quite a while, stroking my penis, caressing my testicles as I sucked on her tit, then gently pushed me onto my back and rolled over on top to straddle me. Sitting up some, she let her breasts hang in my face and told me, "Go ahead. You can keep nursing." I began to suckle again, first one tit and then the other, then Mom raised up, reached down and grasped my penis, and guided it into her pussy as she sat back down on me.

Her warmth enveloped me as she sat there, eyes partially closed. She began to raise and lower herself slowly but steadily, stroking my penis from the point that it nearly fell out of her to where it was as deep as possible inside her. I didn't last that long before I ejaculated.

As she felt me start to cum, she sat down to bury me deeply and I could feel the walls of her vagina alternately squeeze and release my penis as I came. When I finished, she laid forward on me, her tits squashed against my chest and spilling out on either side. Kissing me softly on the lips she said simply, "I love you, Joey." And then kissed me deeply, her tongue probing for mine. We laid there kissing for some time as I felt wetness creeping down my testicles.

From that time forward, Mom stopped masturbating me to orgasm in our bath, saving me instead for our bed. The next night after we climbed into bed, me with eager anticipation, Mom pulled me over on top of her as she laid on her back. Pushing me downward toward her breasts, she lifted one to my lips from where it sagged partially off the side of her chest.

I suckled the tit before she gently pushed me down further to kiss her abdomen then prodded me further down until my face was in her dark bush.


I asked "What do you want me to do, Mom." She said simply "Lick me, Joe." I began to lick around in her bush before she prodded me lower and pulled her legs out from under me, raising them to cross them over my back, lifting her hips toward my face. Finding her slit, smelling softly of our bath soap, I began to lick along its lips, up and down its length. As she began to rock her hips, thrusting gently at my mouth, I felt her hands on the back of my head, pulling me tighter against her pussy.

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I licked deeper, probing between her lips with my tongue as deeply as I could reach. She began to breathe funny and thrust her pussy harder into my mouth. Soon she began to shake and moan softly to herself then I felt her relax for a few moments.

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I scrambled back up her and we kissed deeply before Mom wrapped her legs around my hips, pulled me toward her, grasping my penis to guide it home. As I squished into her wet pussy, she raised both legs in the air and said simply, "Hard, Joe.

Fuck me hard." I began to hump lying flat on her but then raised myself up on my knees and hands to slam her harder. With her heels on the small of my back, her hip thrusts met mine as I tried to hammer her as hard as I could. Her tits flailed back and forth with each of my strokes and I was soon feeling myself rising toward orgasm. As I came, I lost the ability to thrust with any rhythm and collapsed on her after ramming my penis as deeply in her as I could plant it.

Trembling as I came, I pumped my load into her. I laid there for minutes hot skin to hot skin, Mom gently stroking my back, our sweat mingling between us. Rolling off of her toward my side of the bed to lie up against her, my flacid, dripping penis was hanging down, pressed between us. Mom said, "Just a minute." As she rolled off her side of the bed and went quickly out into the hall to return with a towel stuffed between her legs. She crawled back onto the bed and scooted over close to me, taking the end of the towel to wipe off and milk my penis before lying back onto her back.

I said, "That was really good, Mom. Can it be like this every night?" "As long as you want it to, honey." She replied. "Just never, ever tell anyone else." "I won't, Mom. I'm not stupid." I told her. I fell asleep lying up against her that night. When I awoke next it was just becoming daylight, streaks of sunlight beginning to shine in the front windows. I was still up against Mom and I began to run my fingers lightly on her tits, around the nipples, larger loops around the entire tit, then back to the nipples.

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Just as I realized I had to piss, she woke up, opening her eyes slowly and looking at me. "I gotta' go." I said as I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. As I was finishing up a long piss, Mom walked in behind me and patted me on the butt. "My turn next." She said.

"But I'm not ready to get up yet. Let's go back to bed." I washed my hands then jumped back into the bed and covered up with the sheet. When Mom returned, she crawled under the sheet and scooted over to me. After kissing me softly on the lips, she moved down the bed and the next thing I knew, I felt her mouth on my penis and her fingertips on my testicles.

As she stroked my penis with her mouth it became erect almost instantly. She continued to suck, caress, and stroke for many minutes before I felt like I was going to cum. "I'm gonna' cum, Mom." I told her but she just continued to suck until I felt myself go over the top, my penis pulsing.

I heard her swallowing as I pumped my load into her mouth. She finished up by gently sucking the head of my penis, squeezing it between her lips and pressing it with her tongue before crawling back up the bed to kiss me on my lips, then probing with a salty tasting tongue. I felt like I could fall asleep and sleep all day but she said, "It's time to get up." She pulled on her robe while I, of course, stayed naked as we went out to the kitchen, her asking me, "What would you like for breakfast?"