Blonde fucked in the pussy

Blonde fucked in the pussy
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I felt Jenny's hand on my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see what she wanted and noticed that is was almost dark out. I sat up next to Jenny saying, "I guess we needed some sleep huh? Feel better?" "Yeah, you know, I do. I guess I was kinda tired. I usually don't take naps, but that one helped a lot. I wonder what Kristen and Rob are doing." She rolled out of bed, slid into her shorts and got a light blue tank top out of her bag and put it on. I followed her off the bed, pulling my shorts on and buckling the belt as we walked down the stairs.

I heard the crackle of a fire, but as I looked around, I didn't see Rob or Kristen in the living room. I peered around the corner and out the back door. They had built a fire in the fire pit and were roasting hot dogs. "Out here," I told Jenny.

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"OK, I'll be right there." "Well sleepy head. How was your nap?" Rob asked, motioning quotations with his hands when he said nap. "The nap was good. Thanks for asking. How long were we out?

What time is it?" "Its 7:30, you guys went up there around 3:00." Rob looked at me, knowing we weren't sleeping the whole time. "I hope you're rested." "Oh hey guys," I heard Jenny say as she shut the door to come outside.

"What are you doing?" "Cookin' wieners. You want one?" Kristen said in a smart-assed tone of voice. Jenny smiled, "Nah, I've got mine right here." She walked up behind me, and in a hugging motion, reached down and grabbed my dick through my shorts.

"So, Jenny, how was your nap?" Kristen asked with the same hand motions as Rob did. "Oh the nap was good. It wasn't very long. The nap. The nap wasn't very long. I'm preachin' to the choir aren't I?" They nodded their heads, wanting to hear more. "OK, yes, we fucked for a little while, but then we took a nap." "A LITTLE while? Try 45 minutes from when you went up stairs until you sounded like you were in a Southern Baptist Church, you were yelling for God so much.

I mean damn girl, was it really…" "OK, who wants a beer? I'm gonna go in and get some beers. Jenny, can you help me please?" I had to stop Kristen.

She and Rob knew what we were doing, but I guess she wanted more details. "Yo, Bri." Rob said.


I turned around to acknowledge him. What's on your back dude? Are you ok?" "Oh, yeah, I'm fine. It must have been the trees from walking to and from the pond earlier." Kristen probably told him that Jenny liked to scratch when she had sex, but I didn't need to tell him.

We walked into the kitchen grabbed four beers each and walked back out. As we passed through the door, I put two of the beers I had on Jenny's back. She screamed and jumped forward. "Dammit Brian!

That's cold!" "No shit?!" I asked. "I thought maybe leaving them in a cooler full of ice and water would heat them up. Sorry, Jen." "No you're not. You know you did that to get me…OK, it worked." She turned around to face me.

In the light coming out from the door of the cabin, I could see her nipples poking out through her shirt.

I looked at her face and smiled. "Come on, let's go eat." We walked over to the fire with Kristen and Rob. "You two are too cute together," Kristen said smiling at Jenny and me.

"There's just something about you guys that's fun and hot all at the same time." "Thanks Kristen. Now, where are those wieners you were talking about?" Jenny handed Kristen and Rob two beers each and sat down between Kristen and me.

Kristen handed her the bag of hot dogs and a bag of buns. Rob reached over, grabbed the skewers and brought them over to me. "So what have you guys been doing? Sorry we crashed, we were tired." Rob, sitting back down, said, "Actually we went fishing, and, tadaa!" Rob pulled two pretty good sized trout out of the fishing creel. "We won! These two fuckers never knew what hit 'em." He reached down, grabbed the roll of foil he had brought out from the kitchen, wrapped each fish in foil and placed them on the rock next to the fire.

"We'll just let them sit and cook for a few minutes, then its feast time." "Wow, nice goin' buddy." I looked over at him and he had this accomplished look on his face.

He put his arm around Kristen and said, "Well, I can't take credit for both of them. She caught one of 'em." "Yeah, and who's was bigger? Huh?" "OK, OK, your fish was bigger but only by a quarter inch. Live it up. You know, I never really liked fishing much until today. I realized that it doesn't have to be the thing you are doing, but the people you are doing it with. Brian, you know me the best. You know that as kids, my parents never went camping or to the mountains.

Whenever we went somewhere, we stayed in the nice hotels with pools, spas and all that shit. My first time camping, I thought sucked. We didn't have lights, real beds, or all the luxuries. But every time you and I have come up here, I like it more and more. Not trying to be a bitch, but you caused me to enjoy going places that I wouldn't have gone on my own. Like earlier, Kristen said that she has never fished and I didn't really like fishing, but we went and we had a great time." "That's cool Rob." Jenny said.

"I think it takes balls for someone to tell other people how much they enjoy their company. My thing is, I have always wanted to do something like this. Kristen and me, our boyfriends, when we found them, hanging out, just being ourselves.

I know that we won't always be able to do this, but right now, I am happier than I ever remember." She turned to me, looked into my eyes, "Thank you." She turned back to Rob and Kristen, "Thank you guys for this." Jenny held her skewer out and started to cook her hot dog over the fire. I could see a smile on her face as she watched the fire.

I rubbed her back, "You're welcome." I said. I loaded my hot dog on my skewer and started to cook it.

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It was quiet. I looked over at Rob, gave him a head nod and he returned it. He put his arm back around Kristen and pulled her close to him. The fish was done shortly after that. We ate dinner, had some more beers and sat around and talked for a while.

It seemed as if we ran out of things to talk about after a while and we just sat there, staring at the fire. I looked over at Jenny; she was looking up at the sky. "Look at that. All those stars. So beautiful." She looked back at me, squeezed my hand and kissed me. I heard Rob get up off his chair, move it and lay on his back on the ground.

Kristen shortly followed him, laying her head on his shoulder. "That's a good idea.

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Come on Brian." She stood up, moved her chair out of the way and pulled me up out of my chair. I pushed it back, and lay down. Jenny copied Kristen's position on Rob. Jenny put her hand on my leg. I laid my arm over her shoulder and across her chest, placing my hand on the upper part of her stomach. As I did this, Jenny, snuggled up closer to me, placing her other hand on mine. I started to run my fingers through her hair. "You know that turns me on right? When someone plays with my hair?" She asked me.

She ran her fingernails gently over the back of my hand. I started to move my hand with hers. She interlocked her fingers in mine and squeezed my hand. She slid our hands down her stomach to where her shirt wasn't covering it. She lifted her shirt up and slid our hands back up her shirt, stopping as we got to her breasts. She put my hand over her breast and started to squeeze it. I kept softly brushing her hair as she moved her other hand up and down my thigh.

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Each time she went up my leg, she would get closer to my crotch. After a couple of minutes, she landed her hand on my dick. It was just starting to get hard. The more she rubbed it, the harder it became. I pinched her nipple and she moaned. I thought I heard her say something so I asked her, "What?" "I didn't say anything," she replied. I picked my head up and saw that Kristen had rolled over and was lying on top of Rob, kissing him. Rob had his arms around her with one hand on her ass.

His other hand was slowly untying her bikini top. I saw his hand go up in the air and then the strings across her back were gone. She lifted herself up off of him a little, grabbed her bikini and put it on the ground. I grabbed the back of Jenny's head, lifting it up and pointed her in their direction. "Hmmpff," she said. Jenny slid her hand up, found the waistband on my shorts and slid her hand down to grab my growing cock. I let out a sigh as she started lightly stroking me under my shorts.

"You like watching people don't you?" she asked. "Yeah, I like to see what they do. You learn a lot from watching others." I laid my head back down and kept playing with Jenny's breasts. I ran my hand sideways over her nipple, flicking it with each finger. I did this for a while, and then Jenny lifted herself up and rolled on top of me. Before Jenny lowered her body onto me, she sat up on my stomach, reached down and peeled her shirt off. I could only see her silhouette from the light of the fire.

"Come here," she said, pulling me up to a seated position. "Turn this way." She pulled me over so I turned to my left and laid me back down. The way I was now laying, the light of the fire was gleaming off the front of Jenny's body. Rob and Kristen were directly above my head so I tilted my head back to see what they were doing and they were in the same position as us, but Kristen was facing us. I looked at Kristen's eyes, she was staring at Jenny.

I moved to look at Jenny and she was gazing back at Kristen. Jenny brought her hands up to her chest and started to grab her tits and pinch her nipples. I reached up to help her, but she just pushed my hands away, saying, "No, you just get to lie there. It's my turn now. All you do is lie there." I put my hands back down at my sides and looked over at Kristen and Rob again.

I saw the fire lighting up Kristen's body, and Rob had his head tilted back looking at Jenny and me. I put my head back down, looked up at Jenny just in time to see her bend down to kiss me. I opened my mouth to receive her, but she turned her head and went to kiss my neck.

As she kissed and licked my neck, I said, "You know that's my spot, don't you. I love that." She started to kiss me from my shoulder, to my chest, up my neck and to my ear. "Yeah, I know," she said. "That's why I'm doing it." I could feel my cock getting harder the more she licked the base of my neck. Jenny started to grind on my cock for a while. Then she lifted herself up, reached down, undid my shorts and slid them down to my knees.

She sat herself up on her knees and unbuttoned her shorts. She brought one leg up and slid it out of her shorts, then slid her shorts off the other leg. We were both lying there naked. I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my chest as she laid herself back on to me. She moved back and started to lick my chest; starting at my neck, down the middle, over my stomach and down below my bellybutton, stopping and lifting her head before she reached my cock.

I looked up at her and saw that she was looking over at Kristen and Rob. I tilted my head back again to look at them. I saw that Kristen was naked now and I noticed that she was doing the same thing that Jenny was doing.

I looked back at Jenny as she lowered her head to plant numerous kisses up my chest. She picked her head up again, looked at Kristen and quickly smiled, then returned to her kissing. I got it now. Jenny was showing "shy" Kristen what to do to drive Rob crazy.

Jenny slid up, pushed my now rock-hard cock up so it was pressed against my stomach and started to grind her very wet pussy on the bottom side of my cock. Jenny sat up, grabbed her tits and rubbed them. Her eyes switched back from me to Kristen again and back to me. She pinched her nipples and kept grinding on my cock.


Her juices were covering my hard-on. Jenny moved off of her knees and into a squatting position, hovering over my fully erect dick. Looking up at Kristen and Rob again, I saw that Kristen had done the same thing over Rob. Rob kept his eyes fixed on Kristen's body hovering over him. I brought my attention back to Jenny. She grasped my cock, picked herself up, and slowly squatted onto my pole. "Mmmmmmm," she moaned as she slid down my shaft, going all the way down taking the whole thing in her wet slit.

She brought her hands up and ran them through her hair, arching her back. She kept her hands on her head for a while, making sure I saw her tits sticking out more.

She looked so hot and seductive in the light of the fire. She was just sitting on me with my dick in her, not moving. I was helpless, I 'wasn't allowed' to touch her, and with her sitting on me, I couldn't move to pump my dick into her. It was the best helpless feeling any guy could ever want.

Jenny kept her hands on her head, holding her hair, and started to grind on me again. She closed her eyes, bit her lip and tilted her head back, moving herself ever so slowly on my cock. I could feel her juices all around the base of my shaft. I closed my eyes and felt like I was floating. I heard the crackle of the fire and felt the warmth of Jenny's pussy surround my hard cock. I ran my hands up the outside of her legs and kept them there.

Apparently I could touch her there and that was it. I opened my eyes and looked up at Jenny; she had made eye contact with Kristen again. She was smiling with approval. I didn't look over at them this time; I kept my eyes fixed on Jenny's beautiful body glowing from the firelight. She brought her hands down from on top of her head and put them on either side of my shoulders.

She bent down and softly kissed me on the mouth. That was by far the most passionate kiss I have ever had…ever! She leaned down so she was lying on top of me again, wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me up to a seated position.

I had to put my arms behind me for support so I didn't fall back. Jenny kept one arm around my neck and ran the other one through her hair again. Our eyes were fixed on each other's. We had this perfect moment that nothing could ruin. She started to push herself up pulling my cock out so that just the head was inside. Then she slowly slid back down on to me.

She did this for a few minutes. I could feel the juices flowing into my balls, but I knew that I wasn't that close to cumming. She tightened her snatch around my cock the next time she lowered herself on me.

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This time, she went even slower, gripping my shaft as hard as her pussy to grip. She got down to the base of my cock and started grinding again. With me in the seated position, she could grind her clit on me, which made her start to breathe heavier and moan.

I could hear Kristen starting to moan behind me. Jenny took her hand out of her hair and moved it to her chest. She pinched and twisted her nipples, alternating between them. She started to moan louder as she grinded faster on my dick. I could feel her pussy warming up inside and she started to tighten her grip on my hard-on. As her grip tightened, my juices were really flowing into my balls now. "Babe, I don't think I can hold it much longer." I told her. "Try as long as you can. This is too good to stop.

Close your eyes and relax." I laid back down, put my head down and closed my eyes. I was floating again. I lay there for a while as Jenny continues to fuck me slowly. She moved her hands to my chest and ran her fingernails up and down my chest and stomach.

"I'm close Bri." "I know I can feel your pussy heating up." I opened my eyes again, sat up and grabbed her hips. I started to move her back and forth on my cock. This time she didn't remove my hands from her. Jenny started to scream as I felt her pussy tighten up even more. I pumped her pussy full of my dick, trying to push it farther into her.

I felt the cum running up my dick. "I'm cumminnnnnnnggggg! OH fuck! Iiiii'mmmmmm cccuuuuummmmmiiiinnnnnggg!!" I yelled, practically as loud as I could. Jenny was now screaming out of ecstasy, writhing her hips back and forth at a fast pace. I felt my cum get to the tip of my cock, pushed her back one more time, and pulled her back toward me again.

I pushed hard into her, releasing my hot juices into her sopping wet pussy. "Oh my Goooddddddd!!" I pushed again, this time draining my cock deep into her pussy. She had a few really hard convulsions then lay back down on my chest. We were both breathing very heavily and sweating. She picked her head up and kissed me, 'thanking me' for the great sex. She stayed on top of me, and kept me in her as we fell asleep for a while right there on the grass next to the fire.

That was the perfect fuck. I have yet to have anything better than that one.