Playing With Toys And Cocks

Playing With Toys And Cocks
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I woke up early, got out of my room (witch was really more of a closet) and begin with my shores around my mistress house. Picking up things, making her breakfast, and becoming the living room. I love doing my mistress chores. Suddenly I hear noises coming from my mistress room; I finish off her breakfast and set it on the dining table.

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The sight of her coming down the stair makes me melt, I can feel my legs getting weak, my mouth water, and my cock grows. She was stunning tan, long shoulder length black hair, DD36 breasts, tall, and her face was perfect in every way (all of her was perfect) "good morning mistress, I've prepared your breakfast" she walk toward me and gives me a taps on the head like a dog, smiling, and seats down to eat. I get my dog bowl and eat from it like I do every day.

Since am completely naked she enjoys dropping water on me and hearing my "jelp" like a dog. She laughs every time she gets me by surprise. When she's done eating she goes back to her room and I follow her on my hands and knees, all the way into her room.

"Ok slave I need to get ready for work so" she took of all her clothes in front of me. With that I almost cum in my underwear (I was only wearing underwear and a collar) "my new boss is really handsome, I want him to see my cleavage" she admired herself in the mirror. I was drawling on the carpet at that point. She turned at me eyes half closed with a degrading look. "Why the hell aren't you getting my clothes you little bitch?" "Sorry mistress" quickly and jump to her closet taking out her usual work clothes, and laying them out on her bed.

She dressed in them picking out clothes that would show of her perfect cleavage.


"You look beautiful mistress" I said almost involuntarily "Duh slave" she said with a smile "I want Mr. Jones to have a boner every time I hand him a file" as she admires herself in the mirror.

"Now am going to work little bitch I expect you to finish your shores or I will punish you again" she said as she walk closer to me until she stood over me in an impotent show of how was in change. "Yes mistress, as you wish" I said in a scared little voice. She taps my balls with her high heel shoes, which made me, curl up in pain "Ugh.

"Thank you mistress". She lath and walk out of the room, while showing of her ass. I stair in that direction long time. After I heard the car leave. God she was so perfect in every way, I am so happy to serve her. I crawled out of her room and began my shores to make the house perfect for my mistress. It took a long time to finish everything, from cleaning the house, to racking the leader of the jars, and finally my favorite part doing my mistress laundry.

Cleaning her cloths from dirty t-shirts to panties, and bras gave me a throbbing erection. I picked up the basket from her room and one by one separating darks and whites taking great care of each article of clothing.

I felt weak holding her panties, and bras. Against her orders I couldn't help myself from sniffing them and kissing them. I felt my hand reaching down my underwear. When I realized what I was doing I slapped my balls, and felt a sharp pain. I feel on my knees in pain against the waching machine. I did as my mistress had though me to do whenever I feelth urgs. In a few minutes I continued doing the laundry, still fealing the need to cum. When I finally finished I contined with the rest of my shores, untile I got yo my last shore cleaning my mistress shoes.


I got on my knees liking them each, sucking the heels, and polishing them. A bit after I finished my shores, the phone rang so I picket it up in the living room. "hello Denise Reina's house" I answerd as my mistress instructed me to.

"hey bitch, I hope your done with all your shores by now" "yes mistress offcours" "good bitch, am coming home early so get to work on dinner, but for you am bringing sometimg special" she said a sweet sadistic voice "yes mistress as you wish" she handup and I got to work.

I finished her diner and set it on the table ready for her arrival. I heard the doorbell wring and I rushed to the door. I opened for my mistress "hello mistress, I am so happy your back home" I got on my hand and knees bowing befor her. She looket at me with a devilish smile and walk right past me, into the living room. "licen up slave, I had a great day at work today, an predy soon Mr.jones Is going to be eating out of my hand like all men do" I was on my knees infront of her, as she sat on the couch with her legs crossed and dangling infront of me.

"today he coulden't stop staring at me, and he cuden't hide all his boners" I began cleaning her shoes with my tuong as is custom whenever she comes home.

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"and today as he called me into his office" she began running her hands across her chest, looking at me from the side smlling. " he graved my ass, and I kissed him, then we fucket on his desk" I felt my cock get hard as she told me what she did, my toughn started to move faster on he shoes. " he bent me over on his desk and slipt off my scurt, and I could feel his cock on my ass.

Mmhmmh" she skesed her boobs and water her lips. "God it was so good, his big cock in my pussy" she uncrossed her legs, and raised up her skert. "he left me with a little surprise on my panties" she slipt her panties off and showed them to me. They had large stains on bout sides.

She started spinning them from one of her fingers "I wonder what his wife will say if I giver this and show her how measy her husband is" she laught evily, and my boner only got harder.

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"I can see you like this slave, good because my pussy need to be clende" I crawld forward between her legs and began licking her, I was so exited to get to lick my mistress clean. I eat out my mistress as one of my duties, but today it felt so much hotter right from the beginning, her pussy was already moist, it made me work harder to pleas my mistress.

"mmmhmmh good slave you getting better at this. Oh. Do you like the though of my bosses cock in my pussy today" she graved my head from behing and pushed my face into her pussy. My toughn started to move faster, and faster "you patetic slave mmmh your tring to task his cock aren't you".I could tast her boss cum in and around her soft sweet pussy, the flavors mix, and I could feel my cock and balls getting hotter and harder in my underwear as I liket it all clean.

God I could barley stand it. "mmmh yeah good slave, oh oh oh yeaaaahhh" I started focusing all my energy into making her cum. "yeah yeah yeah YEAH AAAAOOOHHHH" her pussy cum in my face wetting my entire face with her juices.

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She graved my head, then pushed and kickt me away from her, "good little bitch, that's why I keep you around slave" she was glowing. I was on my knees panting with exitment, my cock hurt and burnd. "Mistress may I pleas cum" I begged. She lookt at me amused at my suffering, with a smile on her sweet face. I knew she wanted me to begge for it. I assumed dog position and groovel at her " please my perfect, kind, and may I please be alowd to releas my worthless seed" "Well you where good today, so you may start rubbing your little thing infront of me slave".

I craled infront of her on my knees, pulled down my underwear, and starting rubbing my dick. I looket up at her as I did it. She didn't even bother looking at me for that time, But her presence was enof to make me cum. After a few seconds of stering at her I cum into my hand as I am suppose to, I feelt an incredible satisfaction from just that.

"good bitch, I hope you injoid it" "oh yes mistress, thank you" "now you now the rules slave, you better eat every drop of cum" I noded because I alredy know what I am suppose to do. I starting licking the cum of my palm clean, swallowing the gue cum.

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It didn't have a good taste like my mistress cum but for her I eat every drop. " I now you injoy this slave, now am going to use this to get a promotion" she held up my the staind panties. After that she eat her dinner and when up to take a hot shower that I drew for her. I was still extremely turnd on for the rest of the night.

The next day she came back from work with a promotion, reaise, a company car, and more staind panties for me to clean.