Two cuties make out and then blow each others hard boners

Two cuties make out and then blow each others hard boners
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The next day is Saturday. My wife is the only one that has to work today. John is not coming home until Sunday night. So Sue and I will be the only ones home for the day. When I awoke at around 8:30am I just laid in bed and thought of all that went on the night before. I fucked my step daughter and set my wife up to be fucked by our black lab Brutis. What a evening that was, My cock starting to stir as I thought of all that sex.I got out of bed and headed to the shower.

I was in the shower about 5 minutes when I heard a knock at the door. I stuck my head out of the shower and said yeah?? I heard Sue's voice come back through the closed door telling me she had to piss bad would it be ok for her to come in and use the potty??

I said yeah its unlocked. I kept my head out as she walked in, damn what a sight she was wearing her night shirt I could tell there was no bra under it because her tits swayed with her movement. As I looked lower I seen there was no panties on either as I could see her half inch wide love trail. She smiled at me when she saw me admiring her pussy.

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I smiled back and pulled my head back into the shower stall. My cock was already standing up hard as a rock. I heard the stool flush and Sue said thank you for letting me go then the door open and close.

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I was kind of disappointed because I was hoping she would hope in with me. I finished showering stepped out and dried off.


I then put on some deodorant my jean shorts and a tee-shirt. I looked in the mirror, brushed my hair then turned and walked out the door. Sue was in the kitchen making breakfast. As I stepped into the kitchen I could see Sue was still dressed the same. Sue came over and gave me a big wet passionate kiss. As we stepped apart she smiled and said breakfast would be done in a few minutes, and that the newspaper and a cup of coffee was waiting at the table.

I smiled and said Thank You then turned and walked to the dinning room table. As I sat down the memory of last night at this very spot made me start thinking of what had took place.

That made me smile and my cock twitch slightly. As I opened the paper Sue brought the food in so I pushed the paper aside. Sue sat my plate down and pulled out the chair next to mine and sat down facing me with her legs gapped open. I could see her puffy lips and just a hint of the wet pink love canal. We ate our breakfast without another word being said. After we finished I sat back and started reading the paper. Sue cleaned up the table and put the dishes in the dish washer.

Sue then came back in and said she was going to shower. I mumbled a ok as I read the paper. When Sue reappeared from her shower she was wearing a pair of shorts and a tight tank top. I could instantly tell she had no bra on as her tits swayed with every step she took. I was done reading by now so I moved into the living room. I sat down on the couch and Sue sat right beside me. We started talking about different things.

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Then I remembered the snake. So I asked Sue why the snake?? Sue looked me in the eye and smiled then told me it feels better than anything I have tried.

WHAT?? No way I then exclaimed. Yes way Dad it's AWSOME.

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Sue then said let me show you what I mean, jumped up and left the room. After a short time she returned with the snake. I said YOU ARE NOT Shoving that thing in me so how are you going to show me??

She said its easy Dad watch his tail. I looked down at his tail and it was vibrating and swinging in a circular motion. I said ok so what?? Sue then said it does the same thing inside my pussy it absolutely throttles my G-Spot. It makes me cum like a river, just non stop. Well now when I looked at the tail I could now see what she meant.

I know my wife cums like crazy when I am fingering her G-Spot while working her clit over. Damn how the hell did you think to try that I asked?? She then told me she always was holding the snake letting it slither through her fingers when she noticed how the tail always did the same thing all the time. So I thought what the hell and the first time I was the only one at home I tried it. I have been doing it for over a year now it is the best way to masturbate. Sue then looked at me and asked would you like to watch me do it??

I didn't even have time to answer and she was up taking her clothes off. I just sat there and watched. Sue laid down on the couch with her head at the other end and her sweet pussy facing me as she spread her legs wide open. I could see she was soaking wet as there was pussy juice running down her crack to her asshole. Sue took the snake and put the tail by her snatch. The snakes tail was doing its circles and vibrating.

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Sue grabbed the very end of the tail and shoved it inside her wet gash. As soon as the tail started in she shoved more in with the other hand. I would guess the snake was in about 4 inches or so. It was no time and Sue was starting to moan and hump her pussy at the snake.

Within what I would guess was 2 minutes her legs went stiff, her eyes rolled back and she went into convulsions.

I knew she had just had a massive orgasm. I just then realized I was rubbing my massive hard cock through my shorts. I stood up never taking my eyes off of the snake that was making my step daughter cum like a freight train.

I yanked my clothes off then stepped forward and reached out and squeezed one of Sue's tits as I tweaked her nipple. Sue opened her eyes looked at my cock standing at attention. She then reached out and grabbed it and guided it to her hot wanting mouth. I leaned over so as I was leaning on the back of the couch with my cock aimed straight down into her mouth. I started fucking her mouth slow at first. But as she started another orgasm I started driving a bit deeper now hitting the back of her throat.

I was picking up speed and was feeling the tightening in my balls. I stopped and told her that when she gets off again I am going to bury my cock into her throat and cum. She mumbled a ummhuu around my swollen shaft. I then started driving faster and faster. Again I could feel the cum wanting to release.

I was just wondering if I could hold out until she came again when I heard her start moaning and feel her tensing up. With that I pumped as fast as I could and just as I started to cum I crammed my whole cock down her throat. I was shooting load after load down her throat as I felt her body shaking with bliss from her own cumming.

After about 25 seconds I pulled my cock out of her throat and up to just her mouth she kept sucking it milking it for all it had to offer. Sue was sucking my shriveling cock so hard it was hurting. I finally pulled out of her mouth with a loud slurping sucking pop. I stood and seen she had removed the snake also. There was so much pussy juice and cum that it looked as if she has pissed all over the couch. I sat back down when Sue got up and took the snake to the bathroom then put him up.


As she returned she said I always clean him up it would be hard to explain all the pussy on him. We both laughed as she sat back down. As we was setting there calming down hugging and kissing the phone rang. Sue got up and answered the phone she talked for a few minutes then hung up and came back and sat down. I asked who was it?? She then said it was Mindy. And that she was coming over in about 2 hours. Mindy was her best friend she was 18 I would guess her at about 5'8" 140lbs.

about a 38d. I then asked Sue has Mindy done the snake?? Laughing she said no I have not showed her the snake toy. But I bet she would because I know she has fucked her dog before. Hell we have both fucked her dog.

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I looked at her and said is there anything you have not done?? She thought for a minute and said yes only one thing that I want to but haven't ever had the chance or the guts to try. Up till yesterday there was 2 but I scored 1 of them last night.

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Sue then leaned over and gave me a quick kiss and stood up grabbed her clothes then headed for her bedroom. I reached down and started putting my shorts back on. Hmm wonder what Mindy would be like??