Stunning lea gets rammed in a threesome brunette big tits

Stunning lea gets rammed in a threesome brunette big tits
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The next morning Lewis awoke and checked on Anna. She was still asleep and looked so innocent. He drank everything with his eyes and turned to prepare breakfast; he was hungry and knew Anna would have to be.

When he returned with a tray of eggs and bacon, Anna was awake and asked to use the bathroom. Lewis took her to the bathroom and watched as she did her business.

Once she finished he took back to the bedroom, but did not restrain her. He told her if she did not attempt to run he would not put the cuffs on right away.

She was thankful for the small amount of mercy being offered and sat on the bed and ate. Nothing was said right away while they both ate. Anna finally got up the courage to ask a few questions, "How long am I going to have to stay here" Lewis looked up at her and replied, "I am here for the week.

As long as you cooperate you could be back at your parent's house within 4 days." Anna's hated she had another 4 days to endure this madman's desires, but she at least had a countdown to look forward to. She carefully looked around the room; it was a normal bedroom with no defining attributes. She could be in any bedroom in any house in Tennessee. The curtains were pulled and she could not see outside. She doubting the madman would allow her to look out it or leave her out of the restraints without him present.

Lewis noticed her taking inventory of the room and contemplating her options.


He did not say nor did anything. He wanted her to come to the conclusion that she was trapped and the only way out alive was to fully cooperate with his every request. After Lewis finished his meal he told Anna to lie back on the bed and he refastened the restraints.

He went downstairs and cleaned everything up from the breakfast preparations. He took a quick shower and changed clothes. He then proceeded upstairs to play with his toy once again.


Anna heard him coming up the stairs. She knew this visit was probably going to include more abuse and rape; she closed her eyes and did everything she could to prepare herself for what might happen. She had resolved herself to giving her pussy as much as he demanded and would suck his monster cock if required. The one thing that scared her to death was anal sex. She could not imagine having that huge cock shoved in her little asshole. If he started down that path she knew she would have to do something to get him to concentrate on something else.

If need be she would offer her pussy and mouth like a cheap prostitute. Lewis entered the bedroom and made his way straight to the closet. He came out holding a sexy school girl outfit and a pair of black platform heels. He undid the cuffs and told Anna he wanted her to put the outfit on.


He wanted to take pictures of her and he wanted her to pose in sexy positions. As Lewis snapped picture after picture he requested her to slowly disrobe until she was standing in front o f him in only the heels.

He told her to turn around and bend over so he could see her lovely cunt and ass. Once bent over he told her to move back. When she did he reached up and rubbed the inside of her legs. She jumped at his initial touch, but then relaxed remembering that she needed to keep him away from her asshole. He moved his hands up until he was rubbing her tight little cunt.

Anna was surprised to discover it was not as sore as she thought it would be. She closed her eyes and tried to think of other things, trying to ignore the hand exploring her pussy. Lewis grinned as he felt her warmth. Her cunt had returned to its ready and willing condition after the past night's abuse.

He traced his fingers from her hardening little clit to her puffy little cunt hole, causing her to moisten. He pulled his fingers to nose and breathed in her delicious aroma.

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He moved his free hand to her ass and squeezed. She had a nice little bubble butt, the kind that gives a man the desire to bury their faces in it. Anna tensed up when she felt his squeeze; she had to do something to get him away from her ass. Lewis felt her tension immediately. He laughed inwardly; she did not want him playing anywhere near her ass.

This made him want to attack her sexy ass that much more. He looked toward her face as she turned it back to him, her fear and anxiety screamed out. He figured it was time to use this fear to his advantage; he wanted her to suck his cock and knew he could persuade her to do as he wanted.

He drove her fear to the next level as he pushed his fingers into her ass crack, and against her budding asshole. Her reaction was immediate. She rose up and spun around quickly to face him, the look on her face said it all. She would do anything to keep his cock out of her ass; little did she know her efforts would be futile. Lewis shot her an angry look and said "Bitch I was playing with that fine ass, did I ask you to turn around?" Anna quickly responded, "No, but I thought you would like to have me turn around so you could see all of me." "If I had wanted that I would have asked you that Damn it.

Now you can do one of two things you can spin back around and let me play with that wonderful little ass of yours or you can get down on your knees and suck my cock. You decided honey." Lewis demanded. She immediately dropped to her knees. Lewis chuckled, rose up, removed his clothes, and sat back down. He looked at her and calmly said, "Let's get one thing clear, I had better not feel any teeth at anytime.

If you do a good job with that mouth things will go much easier for you around here." Anna knew what she had to do and was determined to perform the best blowjob she had ever done in her life.

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She just hoped she could take that entire monster in her throat. She had been able to take the entire length of her past partners, but they were half the length of this one. She was determined to put as much as possible in her tiny throat and to do it as many times as necessary to keep that thing away from her ass.

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Lewis was semi erect when Anna leaned forward and took his cock in her hand. Her soft touch sent fire along the shaft, making it instantly grow.

He was mesmerized as he watched her open her mouth and slowly suck the head in. She swirled her tongue around its girth, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout his entire body. Anna watched Lewis as she placed the head of his cock in her mouth, she swirled her tongue around it and was rewarded with the look of immediate satisfaction on his face.

She continued to work the head, while she prepared herself for the next phase. Lewis was in heaven, this little girl was great at sucking cock and she had only the head in her mouth. Just as he was starting to wonder what it would feel like with more of it in her mouth Anna leaned forward and slid about 8 inches into her mouth and throat. All Lewis could do was open his mouth and let out a deep sigh.

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Anna shocked herself at how much of the huge cock she got down her throat first try. She sucked up and down its length in short strokes, getting used to.

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She could see that her efforts were having the desired effect on Lewis. Once she got comfortable with the amount she had taken she started to pull her head back until only the head was in her mouth and then slide back down until the same amount as before pushed into her throat. Lewis was in heaven as he watched this gorgeous little Asian sweetheart suck his cock like no other woman ever had. She looked up at him each time she would push its length back into her throat.

He placed a hand behind her head, the image driving him wild. Anna became a little concerned when she felt him place his hand on her head. She hoped he did not push her head down forcing her to take the rest; she was near her limit as it was. She decided to keep him from forcing down her throat she would try to take a little more, the next time she went down she continued on and was able to get all but about an inch in her throat.

This cut off all access to air and she had to fight the gagging sensation building in her throat. Lewis could not believe his luck; this little slut was deep throating him or at least giving her best shot.

She worked her little mouth up and down all but about an inch. He so wanted to feel it all in her mouth and throat. The thoughts of it filled the base of his cock with cum. He knew he would not last long with her skills working on him. Anna sensed his cock growing and knew he was close to cumming.

She hoped she could time it correctly and pull back as he shot off. She did not want that thing blasting down her tiny throat. She also wanted this over soon, as her mouth and tongue were getting tired. She sped up the pumping of his cock in and out of her mouth, which produced the desired effect she was going for. Lewis could feel his cock begin to stretch, as his cum started to build and fill his cock.

He almost shot immediately when he felt Anna increase the rhythm. Man was she good at this. He knew he would have to have another one of these before he let her go.

He could hardly take anymore; he needed to dump his load. Anna felt him tense and knew it was any second and he would cum. She started to prepare herself for his load when she felt a strong push from the back of her head and his pelvis lurch forward.

She could do nothing but watch and feel in terror as his entire cock was pushed into her throat. She gagged hard, but he held firm and drove his cock even deeper into her throat.

She could not breath, she could not pull away. Lewis fucked hard into face, pushing his cock deep into her throat. Her gagging reflexes heightening the sensations he was feeling.

He pushed one last time as deep as he could; she was gagging repeatedly by this time. He looked down at her; her eyes were filled with shock and horror. The image and feeling was more than he could take, he blasted load after load deep in her throat. Anna was desperate; he had caught her off guard and had buried his monster cock in her little throat. She was gagging uncontrollably, getting little to no oxygen in the process.

Just as she was about to panic she felt his cock swell and knew the inevitable was about to happen, she relaxed as much as possible and swallowed as fast as she could as he dumped load after load in her throat.

Lewis could feel her swallowing his cum, the action increased the sensation he was feeling. He wanted to blast at least one load on her face and quickly pulled his cock out of her mouth as his last load broke loose from his head, shooting her open mouth and covering her face with thick gooey cum. He watched as she gasped for air, drooling cum the entire time. Anna was near panic as she felt him pull his cock from what felt like her stomach. She quickly started gasping for air, as she felt a thick load of cum spray into her open mouth and all over her face.

She leaned forward and let cum drain out of her mouth as she gulped in large lungs full of air as fast as she could. She knew she had saved her asshole from being raped, of which she was happy, but she did not know if her throat could handle that abuse again.

Lewis was totally spent. He had never felt such an intense oral orgasm in his life. He had never been able to push more than half of his cock in a woman's mouth before, which left him wanting. He looked down at his sweet little toy. She was still gasping for air, she too was spent.

He had near choked her to death. She was slumped over on his right leg, breathing in as much air as she could get in her little lungs. Her face was covered in drying cum, but she was beyond caring about that. All Anna could think about was getting air.

Her knees were killing her, but she could not move. All she could do was lean over his legs and drink in air. She thought she was going to die for a second. She started to think she had made the wrong decision about saving her ass; maybe she should have been saving her throat. She looked up at Lewis and in a surprising little girls voice asked, "May I get up and lay down now?" Lewis felt sorry for her.

She was worn out, drained, and completely submissive. He reached down and helped her up. He placed her on the bed and pulled the covers up. As much as he would have liked to leave her hand cuffs off he knew better and fastened her to the bed. Anna did not care, she just wanted to rest. It was about 3 in the afternoon and Lewis felt like a nap. He checked to make sure Anna was secured and then retired to his bedroom. He slowly drifted to sleep thinking of how wonderful Anna had sucked his cock.

How submissive she was afterward. He wondered to himself as he was fading, would her asshole be as great or better. He smiled as he promised himself he would find out later that night.