Renee enjoys my big cock

Renee enjoys my big cock
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Rachel's Night Out Rachel stood in front of the mirror in her room. Looking at herself in the mirror, she wished that she didn't look so young. In her school uniform and being so short, not even 5 feet tall yet, she barely looked her actual age of 16. It hadn't been a week since she had gotten her driver's license and tonight would be her first night out completely by herself.

She walked away from her mirror and walked to her closet to pick out her outfit for her night out. Eventually she settled on an outfit, she would wear a low cut black top and a black and gray pleated miniskirt. She laid out the outfit on her bed. She pulled off her uniform sweater before unbuttoning the blouse underneath to take it off.

She kicked off the flats she was wearing and then walked to the bathroom to put on some makeup that she hoped would make her look older. After spending quite some time applying makeup, she put on the finishing touches and went back to her room.

She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor and then took off her plain white panties and bra. Finally, she rolled off the white knee high socks she wore with her school uniform. She walked over to the dresser and pulled out red lace bra. She slipped into it then walked over to her bed to put her top and short skirt.

She went back to her dresser, opened a drawer and pulled out a pair of semi-opaque black tights. She sat on her bed and slowly rolled the tights up her sexy legs until she had them all the way up to her waist. She smoothed out the tights and her skirt and then went to her closet to pick out her shoes. She picked a pair of 5" black heels with an open toe and put them on.

Before leaving her room to leave she grabbed and put on a purple sweater on her desk chair. Looking at herself again in the mirror, she was pleased to see that she had managed to make herself look more grown-up.

"Maybe I will be able to hook up with an older guy" she thought. She kicked off her heels and slipped back on the flats she was wearing for school. She figured the heels would just raise questions with her parents, who thought she was merely going to a friend's birthday party and spending the night. As far as they were concerned she was still their little innocent angel and she hoped to keep it that way for as long as possible.

She looked at herself one last time in the mirror before she let her long brown hair down as a final touch. She checked everything one last time, put her heels into her purse and left her room to say goodbye to her parents. Following a quick goodbye to her parents, she got in her car and started to drive into the city for the concert. Rachel parked her car outside the club and before leaving her car she took off the flats she used to trick her parents and put back on the heels.

She stepped out of her car into the city evening and headed towards the entrance of the club. As she was nearing the entrance of the club, she was stopped by a bouncer.

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"You 18?" the guard asked and she leaned in close to him, touching him as much as she could. "Of course handsome," she whispered as she looked up at him with her pretty face, "don't you believe me?" "Go ahead" he said looking away as she felt his hard-on press against her stomach.

She walked into the club and quickly made her way towards the stage where the concert would take place. As she stood in the open area in front of the stage waiting for the show to begin, someone started talking to her. "Hi, I'm Jake" he said to her and with a little hesitance she introduces herself, "um… I'm Rachel." "Are you here alone?" he asked and she told him that she was since none of her friends could go, choosing to leave out because they couldn't get their parent's permission.

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"How old are you sweetie?" he asked and she quickly lied saying, "19." "I'm 22" he said, "You want me to buy you a drink?" "Yea sure" she said and he headed towards the bar. He bought her a few drinks as they talked some more before the concert. When the concert was over they walked out of the club together.

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She was feeling a little tipsy as they stepped out into the parking lot. In the parking lot there was a bit of party going on. Someone was playing music and there was some booze. The danced together for awhile, as she rubbed all over him. "Let's go smoke a joint" he said as he grabbed her hand and started walking her to his van. "Ok" she said as she was practically being pulled behind him. He slid open the door of the van and led the teen inside. He had her sit on the floor in the back with him.

She took off her sweater and threw aside while he rolled and a joint for the two of them. He lit the joint, took a hit and passed to Rachel who took two hits. They passed it back and forth until Jake took the final hit. She was feeling the effects of the pot mixed with the little bit of alcohol from early when she felt him rubbing up her thigh. Soon they were making out and he was feeling her up.

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He pulled off her shirt as they continued making out while he felt her tits through her bra. Without warning all the doors of the van swung open, and a group of men rushed into the van. In her impaired state she wasn't quite able to understand what was happening until it was too late. The van started and a hand came over Rachel's mouth as she began to try to get away.

She squirmed as the van pulled away from parking lot as she was being held by what felt like hundreds of hands to her. She was forced down onto the vans floor by the group of 4 guys as they all began to feel her up. She felt hands rubbing all over her legs, her pussy through her tights, and squeezing her tits. She began thrashing and twisting against the men causing to her to lose her right shoe. They had removed her bra and were squeezing and pinching her bare breasts and nipples when the driver pulled up to their destination.

It was an abandoned, burned out church that was well outside the city and completely forgotten. The area around it was heavily wooded and there wasn't anyone living anywhere near this place. They dragged the gorgeous, intoxicated teenager out of the van and into the shell of the old, abandoned church. She still wasn't able to completely understand her situation in her condition, but she knew she was scared as she was thrown to the ground. As the tears streamed down her face, she felt someone get on top of her and when she looked up to see Jake, the man who she had spent the evening with.

"Wha, Wh, What's going on?" she managed speak as she looked up at him with her tear filled eyes. "It's only fair that I share any piece of tail I get with my buds" he said as he started bunching her skirt around her waist. She started pushing against him, but quickly one of the other men grabbed her arms and held them down. Jake unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans pulling out his hard cock. He ripped out the crotch of her black tights and then pressed his cock against her slit.

"Please" she slurred out, "You didn't have to do this… I, I, I would've…" He ignored her and shoved his cock into her pussy.

He started fucking the pretty brunette hard as the other guys cheered him on. The girl struggled as best she could against the assault, but it was completely useless. "Here it comes sweetie" Jake screamed at the crying teen, as he pushed into her one last time and blew his load into the teen. "Way to start her out" one of the other men said as Jake pulled out of Rachel and stood up.

She felt the hands holding her down release her and she quickly tried to crawl away from her attackers. They were initially caught off guard by her quick escape attempt, but before she could manage to get up one of the guys managed to grab her and pull her back.

"Nice try bitch," the man who caught her said, "but we're gonna need you all night." "Noooooooooooo" she screamed as she was forced down onto her hands and knees. Before she knew what was happening there was a cock in her face.

"Open up" the man said and Rachel hesitantly obliged allowing his hard cock to enter her hot mouth. Soon after he started fucking her mouth, one of the other guys stepped up behind her and forced his cock into her pussy.

She let out a small scream around the cock in her mouth when she felt this as the three other men cheered watching the beautiful teen got fucked from both ends. At this point, she quit fighting all together and just hoped it would be over soon. "Oooohhhhhhh," the man fucking her throat moaned, "swallow it." As his load flowed into her mouth, she did her best to swallow it, but still some of it dribbled out down her chin.

As soon as he pulled away from her mouth the next guy was there forcing his hard cock into her mouth. Without prompting she started to suck him off. "Good girl" he said as the rest of the men jeered the girl seeing her do it. "She must be cock hungry" one of them said along with the other men making comments. Then the man behind her tensed and came in her pussy with a loud groan. Quickly, the last guy to get a piece of this pretty brunette, who had been the driver, took his place.

He started fucking the girl with long and hard strokes. The girl was being rocked by the man raping her pussy, but she kept sucking the cock in mouth. "Oh baby," the man behind her shouted, "I can't hold it any longer." He thrust into the teen's cunt and blew his load deep into her pussy. He stayed in her and collapsed on her back, still running his hand up and down her leg in her tights. She kept working at the cock in her mouth until he pulled it out of her mouth.

He gave his cock a few jerks and then blew his load onto her pretty face. "Coat 'er man" one of the men cheered as his jets of cum blasted onto the teenagers tear streaked face. As the guy behind finally pulled away from the teen, she collapsed down on the ground.

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She rolled over onto her side and curled into a ball as the men gathered behind the girl. Rachel laid there, she had her make streaked by her own tears and cum, only one shoe, her skirt bunched, and her tights had the crotched ripped out and several other runs.

The men left her lying there as they went to sit in one of the few pews that remained in the building.

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Jake went back to the van to grab some liquor for the guys to share and while he was there he decided he would take back her purse to see what was in there. The guys shared the alcohol as they looked through her purse. She was starting to shiver as the cool late autumn air was on her bare skin.

"Come here slut" she heard from behind her. She slowly got up and hobbled over to where her attackers were on her one high heel. When she got there she saw the contents of her purse emptied on the ground in front of the men. "First, lose the skirt" Jake ordered and she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. Then he threw something at the girl now clad in only her black tights.

It took the girl a moment to look down and see her School ID laying on the ground and it read, "St. Joseph High School, Rachel Smith, Grade 10." "You must be one stupid 19 year old to still be a sophomore" he told her mockingly causing all of the guys to laugh. "Please I'm only 16" she pleaded though a new wave of sobs.

"We figured that much out bitch" he said, "Now you're going to suck all of our cocks starting with my man Matt over there." Jake pointed to his friends sitting at the end old rotting pew and without much hesitation Rachel got down on her knees in front of the man, took out his cock, and started sucking it.

After sucking him off and taking his cum in the face, she moved on to the next guy who gave her another load of cum in the face. She blew all 5 guys, finishing with Jake who was the only one not to blow his load onto her face, but rather forced her to swallow his cum.

He shoved down onto her back and she just laid there at his feet staring up at the ceiling. She could see the cloudy sky through the holes in the rotting roof and again felt the chill of the autumn air. As her rapists above her drank, talked and mocked her, she managed to drift to sleep. She was jerked awake by someone pulling her hair. "Wake up honey" a man said as she opened her eyes. She couldn't see very well because there dried cum hanging from her eyelashes. One of the men was rolling her on to her side and then was laying close behind her.

He was making the hole in her tights much bigger and suddenly she was awoken when she felt his cock press against her asshole.


"Oh god, Please Nooooooooo," she screamed, "I've never… I'll do anything else… Pleasssssseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" "You're so good at everything else whore," Jake said from behind her, "Just look at it like we're going to teach you a new skill." Jake held her in place as she screamed and tried to get away him as he shoved his cock against her asshole. While Jake tried to get his cock into her ass, one of the other guys got down in front of Rachel and easily shoved into her pussy.

While her pussy was being fucked, the man behind was pressing against her asshole, but it still hadn't managed to enter her. She screamed into the chest of the guy fucking her pussy when her asshole finally gave and the cock entered her ass. She was in tremendous pain as he slowly forced his cock deeper into her bowels.

"Please… Jesus… Fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkk… stop it, stop it, I can't&hellip. Nooooooooo" she screamed at the top of her lungs. She didn't really care about the man pounding her pussy; she just wanted the cock out of her ass. Jake's cock was buried as far as it would go in her ass.

The man fucking her pussy finished and pulled away, but she didn't even notice as he ass was being fucked. She was screaming nearly constantly, not believing that such pain could exist. He was fucking her ass with long strokes as the sobbing brunette pleaded with him. "Please finish… Please hurry" she quietly pleaded as she gave up screaming and wished she would fall into the mercy of passing out.

He kept up the rhythm as he fucked the sobbing girl and his orgasm approached quickly. He thrust all the way into the beautiful teenager's ass causing her to let out a quiet yep and came deep in her ass.

He pulled out of her tight ass making the girl sigh in relief. She laid there a moment allowing her to develop some hope that they were finished, when her hopes were crushed. "Come over her whore" one of the men said, but Rachel didn't move. She laid there sobbing when she was pulled to her feet by her long brown hair. "I told you to come bitch" the man said and then bent her over and shoved into her abused asshole.

She screamed and cried while he fucked the poor girl's ass without mercy. She thought she couldn't with stand so much pain without dying as she screamed incoherently. He didn't last very long due to his rapid pace and shot his load in her ass pretty quickly, but it still felt like an eternity to the pretty brunette.

He pulled out and the sobbing girl's legs gave out and she collapsed on to the ground. Quickly someone rolled her on to her back and forced his cock into her pussy. She was relieved that he wasn't fucking her ass and almost thanked him out loud. Instead she laid there silently staring up at the sky through the holes in the roof only letting out little grunts when he was particularly violent in his thrust.

He pushed into her a final time and blew another load into her cunt. She realized she had lost track of how many times she had been cummed in as he pulled out of her and walked away. Soon another man was between her legs and pushed his cock in to her abused pussy. "Wrap you're legs around me" he ordered as he started slowly fucking her. She did as she was told. He liked the feeling of her smooth sexy legs in tights as they wrapped around his waist.

He started fucking the pretty teen as hard as he could, causing her one remaining heel to fall off her foot. His hard thrusts were causing Rachel to yelp each time her forced himself all the way into her. "Cum… Just cum soon" she pleaded quietly while she was being fucked. She looked at him with her pretty blue eyes and cum covered face hoping he would just finish. He didn't last much longer, blowing his load into her pussy. She unwrapped her legs from him as he pulled away and went over to join his friends sitting in the pew.

They allowed her to lay there for a few minutes before Jake called her over to them. She slowly got up and made her way as best she could in one high heel over to the men who had raped her. "Sit on my lap" Jake ordered and she didn't have the will anymore to fight, so she just did as she was told. "How many guys had you fucked before us sweetie?" Jake asked the abused teenager. "3" she said quickly. "When did you first fuck a boy?" one of the men asked.

"When I was 14" she said quietly as tears slowly started rolling down her check. "Have sucked off a lot of boys?" Jake asked, "a lot of handjobs?" She just nodded her head.


They kept questioning her about her previous sexual encounters causing the already abused teenager extra mental anguish. They finished questioning the pretty humiliated teen. She had felt the hard on growing against her ass through the tights and she look to see the 4 other guys had hard-ons as well. They had her lay down on her back as the 3 of the men stood around her. They ordered her to jerk off the two guys standing by her sides.

She reached up and started giving the men hand jobs. "I want you to use your feet to jerk off my cock" the man standing at her feet said. She brought her feet to her cock and started to rub them up and down his cock. She had used her feet once before to get off that perverted nerd, so she could cheat off of him in math. The two guys she was jerking off came nearly simultaneously and their loads fell mostly on her boobs.

Not long after that the man at her feet blew his load on the tights covering her feet and shins. The two other guys, Jake and Matt, approached the beautiful girl. Both of them were stroking their cocks over the girl and soon added their loads to cum that as on the girl. Jake blew his load onto her smooth stomach with some jiz polling in her little belly button.

Matt's load landed on her upper thighs and pussy creating more cum streaks on her tights.

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The man who had forced Rachel to give him a footjob went to get her shoe where it had fallen off her foot. As the other men gathered up the liquor and her purse and headed back to the van, he leaned down and shoved the 5 inch heel into raped pussy.

"Good Night sweetheart" he said as he made his way to the van with the other guys. She heard the van start and jumped up as fast as she could. The heels quickly fell out of her pussy as she stood and started running towards the van. It pulled away and she gave chase until it disappeared in the trees. She screamed out and fell to her knees as the tears started flowing heavily. She finally got up when she noticed that the sky was getting lighter and made her way back to the building that had once been a church, but was now little more than a shell.

She walked past where the van had been and saw her sweater lying in the dirt. She picked it up and put it on. It definitely wasn't bent to be worn without another shirt as it barely covered her tits, but she didn't really care and was glad to have as she was freezing. She wondered if they left it for her or if it had fallen out accidentally either way she was glad to have it. She walked into the abandoned church and realized how much walking in bare feet on the stones and sticks hurt her bare feet.

She gingerly walked further into the building to find her skirt lying where she had left it, so she slipped that on as well. She looked around and saw her heel lying on its side and decided to leave it.

She wondered if anyone would ever find it and wonder how it got there. No matter what they imagined, they couldn't imagine the horror that had lead to her high heel lying on the floor of an abandoned church. She scanned the ground one last time and saw a few things left over from her purse.

Her school ID, some make up and her car keys, which were the only thing she took. She left the church and followed the gravel road that her rapists had left on. Her feet were killing her and she had been walking for hours when she finally got out of wooded area and could see a road ahead of her. She needed to rest for a little bit so she just sat on the side of the gravel path.

It was light out now and she looked down at her self. There were cum stains on her tights and lots of little runs in them as well as a few big ones. She rubbed her sore feet surprised to find that they weren't bloody. She laid down and was about to pass out when something forced her to get up and get to the road. She was completely exhausted, but forced herself to get to the road.

She got to the road and collapsed in exhaustion beside the road. She looked both ways and in a stroke of luck there was a truck approaching from her right. She jumped up and waved the truck down. The old truck stopped and the old man sitting inside gave her a look like she was a misplaced whore. "Get in" he said and Rachel walked to the passenger side and entered the truck. "How much?" he asked looking the girl up and down. "What?" she said to him.

"How much?" he said again. He must think I'm a prostitute she thought and she told him she wasn't like that. "You sure look it," he said, "but if you aint get out." "Noo," she pleaded, "I need a ride back home." "And I got shit I gotta do today," he said, "I aint got no time to take little ladies to town." She thought for a moment, "What do you want?" she asked, "I need to go home." "That's more like it hun," he said, "Suck my cock and I'll drive you into the city." He started driving while Rachel took out his cock and sucked him off.

They were just getting to the outskirts when he came into her mouth and she promptly swallowed it all. "Thanks sweetie" he said when she pulled away and sat up in her seat. He rubbed her thigh and then started fingering her as she directed him to the club where her car was. She held back tears as he molested her until he finally dropped her off outside the club and without a word left.

She hurried over to her car hoping not to draw any attention to herself. Once inside her car she finally broke down and started crying profusely as she started on her way home. She pulled her car into the driveway and sat there a moment to compose herself. She remembered she had left her flats in the car, so reached back and slipped those on her feet.

She hoped she could sneak into her own house without her parents seeing her in her current state. She walked in the front door and thankfully her parents weren't anywhere in sight, so she went quickly to the stairs to go up to her room.

Just as she reached the top of the stairs, she heard her mom shout after her, "How was your night at Jen's?" "Fine" Rachel shouted back as she mustered the strength to sound normal as possible. "I'll let you know when lunch is ready sweetheart." Her mom shouted back as she walked into her room where she took off her clothes and threw them in the garbage.

She felt she couldn't tell her parents about what happened and face all the questions they would have for her. She quickly went to the bathroom and jumped in the shower hoping it might make her feel better, though she knew it wouldn't.