Burning craving makes this playgirl suck with all her passion

Burning craving makes this playgirl suck with all her passion
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Fbailey story number 819 She Peed In The Urinal I was in the men's room at the end of the basketball game taking a leak when this cheerleader came in, dropped her cheerleading briefs and pink thong panties to her knees and backed into the urinal next to me.

I looked over at her and she said, "The line at the girl's bathroom was way too fucking long. I couldn't wait; I really had to go. You don't mind do you?" How could I possibly object to her baring her ass and then pissing right next to me? I shook my head to let her know that it was okay. I finished and zipped up in time to watch her hobble over to one of the stalls, take some toilet paper, and wipe her pussy dry.

I had a wonderful view of her ass the whole time. When she turned around and stood up I recognized her as Tabatha Green, the head cheerleader. Her completely shaved pussy was on full display. She wasn't trying to cover herself up either. I asked, "Why didn't you just use one of the stalls?" Tabatha giggled and said, "Because I took a dare and this was it." I said, "Really." Tabatha smiled and said, "Yes, really!

The other girls picked you out for me." I said, "But I'm only a freshman." Tabatha said, "I know. You are Nikki's little brother.

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She is the one that picked you. I had to pee in the urinal and stand here for five minutes while you look at my uncovered pussy. Then…" I asked, "Then…what?" She actually blushed and said, "Then I'm supposed strip naked, kneel before you and then suck your cock and swallow your cum." I said, "Oh my God!" I asked, "What if someone comes in?" Tabatha said, "They won't.

The other girls are protecting us." Then Tabatha took off her sneakers, her tiny skirt, her cheerleading briefs, and her panties. She took off her bulky sweater and her bra too. Tabatha looked fantastic. I had never seen a naked girl before, unless you count pictures on the Internet.

Her breasts and nipples were wonderful and her body was fit from all of the practice that the cheerleaders did. She knelt down and got my hard cock out of my pants.

Then she took in a deep breath and slipped her lips over the head of my cock. When she backed off I could see her dark red lipstick on my cock. I was never going to wash it off.

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She sucked my cock and left red lipstick all up and down my shaft. When I exploded in her mouth she held onto my ass and pulled me almost all the way into her mouth as I fired off shot after shot. She swallowed it all and then licked my cock clean of any cum but made sure to leave her lipstick on my dipstick. She told me to stand still as she got up and walked to the door.

She opened it up and four other girls came in, including my sister Nikki. They had to check out my cock to make sure that Tabatha had fulfilled her part of the dare.

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My sister asked, "Did she swallow your cum?" I said, "Yes!" Nikki said, "God damn it all to hell! She never fucking swallows.

She hates the taste of cum. Fucking Christ!" Nikki turned to Tabatha who was still fully naked and said, "Fuck you bitch, I'm not doing it!" Tabatha smiled and said, "You have too!" The other three girls told Nikki that she had too…or else!

Or else what? I watched as my own sister stood in front of me and undressed. First she took off her bulky sweater, her sneakers, and her tiny skirt. She stood in front of me and reached back to unhook her bra and remove it.

Then she lowered her cheerleading briefs and panties together, stepped out of them, and kicked then at Tabatha.

Nikki then looked right into my eyes and asked in her sweet little girl voice that she used, to get what she wants, "Please fuck me from behind…doggy style!" I just looked at my sister, and then I turned to look at Tabatha. Tabatha laughed and said, "Go ahead and make sure that you cum inside of her." I looked back at Nikki and she just nodded her head, turned around, and got down on her hands and knees.

My cock had been sticking out of my pants but it was really hard. In recent years I had often thought about loosing my virginity, about having sex, and sometimes I thought about having sex with my sister.

However, I certainly never thought that it would actually happen in my lifetime. In all of my dreams the girl and I were always fully naked…and I was magnificent so I undressed to be as naked as Nikki and Tabatha were. The other girls were telling me what to do by giving me various instructions and ideas. I got down on my knees behind my sister. She reached back between her legs and held my balls.

Very gently she pulled me closer to her. Her hand slid off my balls and around my cock to pull me up closer to her. She took a moment to open her pussy lips and pull the head of my cock right up to her hole.

Then without any warning she lunged back at me, impaling herself onto my cock. I wondered who was fucking whom. I quickly realized that it didn't matter. My cock was finally in a real live pussy, not that I would put it in a dead pussy. I was thrusting and she was thrusting.

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She was playing with my balls with one hand and holding herself up with the other hand. I reached under and felt of her breasts and her nipples. Soon it occurred to me that she was trying to make me cum quickly so that it would be over with. I looked over at Tabatha and mouthed the words, "Thank you" because I was not at all anxious to cum quickly after her blowjob.

I fucked into my sister and I enjoyed it all. I looked over at one of the other girls and she was holding up her cell phone and smiling at me. I smiled back at her and grabbed onto Nikki's hips to give her a few last quick thrusts before I came. That was exactly what I had been waiting for. I had cum more in my sister's snatch than I had in Tabatha's mouth. Everyone knew that I had cum but Nikki didn't pull away. I didn't want to pull out either, so there we were, joined at the crotch.

A minute or so later my cock shrank enough to fall out of my sister's pussy.


She turned around and sucked on my cock and licked it clean. Some red lipstick was still visible but most of it had washed off inside my sister. The three of us got dressed as the other three kept the door blocked. Both Tabatha and Nikki gave me their panties to keep. When the door opened and we walked out I had Tabatha on my arm. Nikki and the other three followed us out. The rest of the cheerleaders were standing there along with several boys standing around.

Cheers went up, guys shouted out, and I felt as if everyone was staring at me. Maybe they were. I don't know. All I do know is that the next day at school I was the best known boy there. Every boy congratulated me. Most of the girls smiled at me. A few of the girls asked me if I would like to go out with them. That next Friday I was invited to the pre-game party at Tabatha's house. All of the cheerleaders and all of the basketball guys were there.

I was the only outsider but I sure felt welcome. Tabatha's mother offered to show me around her house. She let me see Tabatha's bedroom and then took me into her bedroom. The door got closed and locked behind me. Mrs. Green said, "So you're Nikki's little brother.

I've heard of you. My daughter gave you a blowjob! Did you really fuck your own sister?" I nodded my head and she looked shocked. She asked, "So who are you going to fuck tonight?" I told her that I didn't know what she was talking about. She said, "This is the pre-game party." I said, "I know." She laughed and said, "I don't think that you do know! The girls will let the boys fuck them until they are completely drained and relaxed.

That's how we win so many games." I could hardly believe my ears. Mrs. Green asked again, "So who are you going to fuck tonight?" I smiled and said, "I think that I would like to fuck Tabatha then." She smiled and asked, "How about in a threesome with me?" I said, "With you!" She said, "Yup!

You can stick it in my daughter and then in me. You can fuck Tabatha while she eats my pussy. You can fuck me while I eat her pussy. Better yet, we girls can do a sixty-nine and you can fuck whichever one of us that you can get into." She left me sitting on her bed and went to get Tabatha. She came back with her and the door got locked again. Tabatha was naked.

Mrs. Green asked Tabatha how many boys had fucked her so far. She replied three and then her mother told her to douche for me.

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While Tabatha was in the private bathroom I watched Mrs. Green undress. A real woman!

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She was so pretty, even prettier than my mother was. She had bigger breasts than her daughter had and she had short well-trimmed hair on her pussy. Tabatha came out and got nipple to nipple with her mother and kissed her. They helped me out of my clothes and then we got on the bed together. Both of them sucked my cock before Mrs. Green pulled Tabatha's face to her pussy so that I could mount her daughter. I entered her pussy and then I started to compare her to my sister. If I closed my eyes they both felt the same.

I looked at Mrs. Green's face and breasts as I fucked her daughter's pussy right in front of her. It felt so good that I came in her. Mrs. Green told Tabatha to go back to the other boys and to leave us alone. After that she taught me how to make love to a woman. We made love not just sex or fucking. She taught me a lot.


I fell asleep in her arms. In the morning I woke up with Nikki in bed with us. She told Mrs. Green that she had been fucked ten times before the boys were drained. Apparently, Tabatha had been fucked fifteen times…including once by me. Mrs. Green started licking Nikki's well used pussy while I pounded her from behind.

We won a lot of games and I attended a lot of parties until Nikki and Tabatha graduated. The very first day of my sophomore year I was the king of the school. Everyone knew who I was, all of the boys wanted to be me, and all of the girls wanted to sleep with me.

Even the teachers seem to respect me. I continued to visit Mrs.

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Green whenever I could. The End She Peed In The Urinal 819