Cute young teen destruction ive looked up to president oaks my entire life i really

Cute young teen destruction ive looked up to president oaks my entire life i really
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The story is about a year ago. I am a 18 year old boy. I am a 5'9" fellow and a well known and respected personality at my house. I live in a flat with my mom, dad, brother, grandma and grandpa. I am highly pampered by my relatives since I was born. Today my cousin sara was getting married. I met all my cousin brother and sister there after many years. Now since the marriage was held at a nearby location to our house. All arrangements were made for guest at our home and family members at our family friends home.

At the marriage I saw juli my cousin sis about 21 yrs. I had seen her way back when we lived in together in a joint family since then we never met.She was a girl with blonde hair which reached almost her higher hip.

A bit brownish skin colour with dark eyes and prosaic nose. She has grown too and her boobs were of great size and she so was so amazing and sexy that I wanted to fuck her. Thereafter I met aunt Eve ( juli's mom) and her younger sister jenny. Although juli and I didn't met each other for years but Jenny and me were close friends since we went to same school.

Even though jenny was 2 year younger to juli but she got almost the same sized boobs as her elder sis. Now when the marriage was over we found that we had more guest than expected so we had to book rooms at a nearby lounge.

Many guests with their infant asked us to stay at the room in the lounge.

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Unfortunately or maybe luckily there was no room left at the lounge except one. And the person remaining roomless were me, julijenny and aunt eve. I said" I would remain out tonight and you all can have a nice sleep." in a hope that either of them would protest and get me in. And thank god it so happened. Aunt eve said " you are not going anywhere this late night. come in." In the room l Was a king size bed that can easily accommodate 4 people easily but i insisted on sleeping on ground to show my fake innocence but they all offered a corner at bed beside juli.

All the female creatures in the room wore nighty. As soon as all the woman fell on the they became drowsy and then they slept. I was unable to sleep so I took my cell and started surfing porn sites. I saw porn of Ava Addams, Madison ivy. I don't know what exactly led me to do this might be the videos or the sensation within me. My hand went on juli's waist then to her hips then slightly climbing up to her breast. I got the feeling of my cock consume more blood than it ever had. As she was breathing in I gently pressed her boobs and as she breathe out I relaxed my grip.

But the bra of her did created some problem from reaching her nipple. Since I was facing her back I saw a zip which extended from her neck to region in mid spine. I slowly and carefully unzipped it when I saw three hooks supported bra holding her boobs. I unhooked two of them with a bit difficulties but was unable to unhook the last one. When suddenly she moaned I got alert and acted as if I was sleeping.

After few seconds later I opened my eyes the third hook opened and her arms straight above. I couldn't hold any longer and picked the untied part of bra infront to her exposing her breast under her night gown. I put my hands through the nighties' zip to her bare breast.

Then I began pressing it more.

When I suddenly felt some handy motion on my cock. I looked towards it and to my surprise aunt eve was waving my cock to and fro.

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I just suddenly sat and Aunt Eve noticed me. She asked" I wanna suck your penis." I was totally blown up and replied of course you can do. Suddenly someone else hold my hand and landed on a bouncy object. I turned to discover that juli's eyes were opened she had my hand on her tits. Thereafter my aunt took my cock into her mouth and started moving up and down. Meanwhile Juli took her nighty off and brought her tits near to my mouth. She said" This is the thing you wished and see I am granting it now come on Chris suck your elder sister's boobs." I took one of her hardened nipple in my mouth and with my hands I squeezed the other.

Meanwhile I thought if jenny would joined she would also have fun. So I declared my thoughts to aunt. She said " you are a naughty fellow.

Go and unzip her nighty and slowly pull her nighty up. We are coming to help you do so." I did as I was told. I unzipped jenny's nighty and started pulling her nighty and saw her bare pussy. As I saw her pussy aunt commands to suck her clit and she and juli will undo jenny's left over nighty.

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I widened jenny's leg and the first lick was marked by moaning from jenny. As her mom undid her nighty I saw her boobs almost the size of her elder sister. I suddenly moved up and pressed one of them so hard that it woke her up. As she woke to her amusement she saw her sis bare breast, mine wet penis and her naked body.

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She asked to my surprise" why are you two not naked?"( to me and her mom). She pulled my boxers down and looked at my 7" long and erectile cock and hmm in appreciation. Her mom said I will teach you baby how to take this inside your mouth. She took my cock and pulled it up down and then spit on it and via her tongue she licked every portion of my cock.

Then she widened her jaws and took my whole thing inside and then moving forward and backwards. I felt as if I was in heaven.

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After a few stroke I felt the tension in my structure and said " I m going to cum". She then stroked faster and at sudden instant the load came out.

All three were waiting me to come so I distributed my love equally. Then aunt asked wouldn't you come inside here pointing to her cunt. I replied ya ya. I widespread the legs and then brought my head to her clit then pulled her to me.

I felt a sudden pain so I said "aaahhh". My aunt asked me if I was virgin. I said" until now. " she said that's for sure. Then juli climbed to my face and brought her cunt near my mouth, I understood and started licking it.


Then widening her clits I discovered it's depth while I my aunt was riding my cock to and fro. Jenny's clit was sucked by her mom. Meanwhile my aunt said she wanted both vaginal and anal at same. Juli understood and brought a dildo and tied to her waist and introduced to her mom anus. I fingered jenny's vagina. Due to aunt I was again cuming but didn't said it. I came inside her and she felt it.

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She Said u must have told me about this then I withdrew my structure. My aunt asked jenny to clean it. Jenny sat in doggy style and sucked the portion she was born from. I saw her anus and without informing I got inside her. I pulled and pushed her and she was crying " aahhhaahhaahh fuck me harder fuck me". I tried very hard but she couldn't take my full length. While aunt was fucked with juli's dildo,jenny's cleaned my load from aunties vagina.

I pressed jenny's breast while fucking her in doggy- style. It was the best feeling I ever had in my life. Now as slept on my back upon the bed jenny got upon weewee and brought her vagina close to my weewee then sat on it. I felt a fluid presence, I feared if she got pregnant and asked her to get off then she said I was also virgin until now it must be my blood stained hymn.

After hearing that I felt some relaxation. Jenny rode on me like a pro at her first time. She went on crying but didn't stop. I saw juli was taking anal from her mom's dildo. I said " why use a dildo when you have a live cock". Now jenny. Got off me and juli slept aside me. I picked her legs up widening itand put my penis through her female part.

Then with a slow pace I began keeping up the pace then with fast stroke I began shaking the bed. Her breast swung to and fro. I hold them with great presure and increased my pace she cried out loud" aahh mom ahh mom save me". Hearing this her mom came feed her breast on juli's mouth and see began sucking it while jenny brought the to juli's anus and fucked her anal. Juli was full her became but I didn't stop her mom withdrew her breast but I kept on pacing up until I felt my ejacularion feeling and then withdrew it and projected my sperms on her breast and bare stomach.

I started licking it which pleasured her and she cum. On jenny's face who anal- dildo fucked her. At last we went to take shower where everyone gave me a blow job. I sucked each one's breast while with my hand I fingered other two's pussies and after few minutes changing the no.

After the bath every one said we would do it again but on another since we all were tired.