Putzfrau fickt Glückspilz

Putzfrau fickt Glückspilz
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Victoria sat listening intently to what the huge tattooed man sitting on the other side of her desk was telling her then lent forward When he had finally finished speaking. "So let me get this straight you want a random female taking from my club so you and five of your friends can rape her.?


Victoria asked "It's more wanting to be rough not too many bitches like being slapped and roughed up and just to fuck her rough and her.'Ohhh and i want To bring my three dogs as well they love cunt and I have heard you can arrange that here also.

So do we have a deal or what?" He asked. Victoria sat back a little and felt herself getting wetter by the second then smiled a little and stood walking around her desk to stand near the Tattooed man. "I have a proposal for you. Now just listen you will get what you want and I will get hopefully what I want. I will be the girl for you and your friends." She said never taking her eyes off the man. He looked at Victoria for a few seconds before he spoke."So you are willingly to let us do what we want to you and the dogs fuck you as well." He asked not to sure whether she was serious or not.

Victoria lent down and took his hand and put it between her legs."Does my very wet cunt answer your question.".She asked. He grabbed her cunt hard and squeezed it making Victoria groan a little. "Ok Saturday night 7.30pm.where do i take the dogs?".he asked rubbing Victoria's cunt hard.

"Take them to the right of the club there is holding pens there the handler will look after them until they are required the room we will be using Is also on that side of the club with a side entry to the room." She said breathing short quick breaths.

The man released her and stood."Alright see you then.".He said and walked for the office. Victoria watched him leave feeling her pussy throbbing for a release Victoria spread her legs and put her hand inside her panties and began Rubbing her clit hard it did not take long for the release to come Victoria let out a long groan and grabbed the desk edge as the overwhelming Feeling ran thought her body.

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Ruby watched Scott leave for a week long business trip she would have nearly been in tears a month ago but now it was 'ok cya when you get Back". Once he was gone Ruby showered then went shopping for a few hours then headed off to the club for her shift.

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The first client had a special way he like his hour spent and that was to watch his tastes were a white female getting fucked by a black male. He would be naked and jerk himself off and blow his load on the females face but she wasn't to lick it or wipe it off.

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Ruby looked at Tash with a raised eyebrow."Ohhh well that's what he is paying for.".She said with a laugh. "So who is my partner for this client."? Ruby asked. Tash smiled."Your favourite Nate.".She said with a wink. Ruby smiled."Ohh hell yeah he is huge and go's for ages.".She laughed then seen Nate walking down the hallway towards her grinning. Tash had gone and got the client and all three walked to the assigned room as soon as they entered the client undressed Ruby and Nate Followed suit.

"Alright suck him off.".He said Ruby nodded and went to her knees and started taking the head of Nate's cock in her mouth as soon as she Did she started getting wet and took more of him in her mouth. After a few minutes the client told Ruby to stop and turn around to face him once she did he stroked his cock harder and sprayed his cum over her face. "Don't touch it.now get on the bed all fours so he can fuck you." He said then looked at Nate."Don't be gently fucking her hard her pussy and her ass." he Said.

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Nate put in two fingers and fingered Ruby for a few short minutes Ruby pushed back on them hard and groaned."Nate fuck me put that cock in me now." She said and let out a long groan as all 8 inches of this man thick cock slammed into her. The man watched stroking his cock faster and faster until finally He got on his knees in front of Ruby again and shot hot cum over her face again.


About a minute later Ruby let out a "OH MY GOD IAM CUMMING NATE". Then pushed back hard on Nate and came in a gush."Oh god" Ruby said and Hung her head. "Alright now her ass".The man said. Nate pulled out then played with Ruby's ass for a few minutes before putting the head of his cock at her ass opening and started pushing in Ruby gasped As Nate pulled in and out before pushing all the way in."Ohh god.fuck me Nate hard.".Ruby panted.

The man looked at Ruby."Do you like him fucking you with that big black meat of his." the client asked. Ruby nodded."I i do." she said "Does he fuck you outside of work as well.?'. He asked Ruby shook her head."No but i wish he would though.".She said.


Nate grinned."Just say the word Ruby fuck you any time you want me too.".he said and rammed into her ass harder making Ruby yell. The man knelt in front of Ruby again and blew his load Ruby's face was now dripping cum. Nate went ridged and pushed into Ruby's ass and held it there as he filled her ass."Ohh damn".He muttered and relaxed but stayed inside Ruby.

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The client nodded and got off the bed and dressed and left the room not saying a word. Ruby looked over her shoulder at Nate who was now pulling out."Hmm he still had time left". She said. Nate shrugged and handed Ruby a towel."He is the client Ruby he wants to leave then so be it now come on we need to shower we have 20 minutes I think I can amuse you until then." He grinned and walked her back to the change rooms as Ruby went to walk in one of the showers Nate grabbed her arm And pulled her into his he washed her body pushing his soapy fingers into her pussy Ruby in return washed Nate and with a soapy hand stroked his cock.They Both rinsed off Ruby thinking now she would get ready for her next client but Nate had other ideas.

As Ruby walked out naked to the racks to get a new outfit Nate walked up behind her and picked her up and walked to the nearest seat and sat down and lowered Ruby onto his very ready cock. Ruby licked her lips then realized they were sitting in front of a few of the girls who were grinning and watching Nate grabbed her hips and moved her up and down Fast and hard Ruby moaned loudly.'Ohhh god you feel so good.".Ruby gasped Nate moved his hands up and held onto tits just then Jess walked in and stopped Staring at Ruby and Nate."Good lord".She laughed Nate grinned then shifted his hands back to her hips lifting her up then lowered her ass over his cock Ruby Reached behind and spread her ass cheeks Nate went straight in Ruby gasped as her ass was suddenly filled Nate thrusted in deep and reached around and Started rubbing her clit hard Ruby clasped Nate's thigh."Oh god iam going to cum.Oh fuck Nate don't stop." She said and seconds later Ruby came Nate Rubbed her pussy then put it up to her mouth for her to suck her own cum of his fingers.About five minutes later Nate moved Ruby up and down harder and faster Then rammed her down holding her there as he shot his seed into her ass once more.


Ruby slumped back onto Nate and smiled."Good you always fuck me so good anytime Nate you want to fuck iam there Hun.". She said and get of Nate slowly. Nate grinned."Same goes for you Ruby.Ok shower time again.".He said and took Ruby's hand and headed back to the shower. Saturday night could not come soon enough for Victoria she showered once again and dressed in white robe finished off her hair then left her office and headed Down to the back of the club to the isolated rooms as Victoria stopped at the door to the room she could hear all the male voices instantly she was wet again.

Victoria opened the door slowly and walked in to see six naked tattooed men Victoria closed and locked the door behind her then opened her robe and let it drop To the floor. The man who had arranged this walked to her and grabbed her by the pussy making Victoria gasp."Boys this is our toy for a few hours she is up for anything and everything." He said and grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to the other men."Start sucking slut.'.He said.

To be continued.