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Chantelle: The Next Day, Saturday Afternoon Chapter One "Now can we go to the mall" was the first question as soon as I got in the car, rapidly followed by "Are we gonna stop for lunch?" and by "Did you like our show and blow!?" which provoked gales of laughter out of the two of them.

"Slow down," I replied "I don't know where you girls come up with this stuff, but yes, I loved your show and blow. Who wouldn't like getting a blow-job from one of you!? And I'm guessing that you two have had sex together before, 'cause that was so sexy and hot. And next, first of all, you two have worn me out so we're going to my house because I need to eat and more importantly, I need a nap.

Secondly, I can't take you to the mall dressed like that, looking like two dollar whores! Chantelle, you've got dried cum all over your face, and Kaylee, you've got a giant cum stain on your blouse, and some cum drips in your hair." My comments prompted squeals of laughter as they pointed at each other, looking at the evidence of what they had been doing a short thirty minutes earlier.

Then realizing what else I had said, they started complaining about not going to the mall. "Remember, you both agreed that you would behave, and do whatever I told you, right?" I quizzed them "So we're going back to my house for some R and R. We can prepare some lunch, my fridge and pantry are well stocked with food, we can relax in the tub, and then I'm having a nap.

That's my final word on the subject. While we busy talking about you two behaving, what did you take from that poor guy at the store that I had to pay five hundred bucks for?" "All kinds of cool things!" Chantelle answered brightly, wanting to keep it all secret, apparently. "Yeah, we want to have a show for you later!" chipped in Kaylee, in her best attempt at a sexy voice.

"Alright, alright," I said "you can show me later, I suppose." "What are we gonna have for lunch, then?" asked Kaylee. "Oh, oh, oh, I know!" Chantelle answered "We're gonna order some pizza, okay, Mike?" "What's wrong with real food?" I asked, plaintively. My diet and exercise routine having been co-opted by entertaining Chantelle, I was craving some real food, not more fast food. "Oh, you know why, Mike" purred Chantelle "If I can't get what I want to eat from you, I'll get it from the delivery guy when he brings us some more tasty stuff!" Kaylee looked confused.

"What do you mean, Chantelle? Are we gonna order pizza if Mike doesn't make what you want?" "No, silly!" Chantelle giggled "We're gonna order some pizza 'cause Mike can't give us any jizz right now, so we can get it from Evan, like I did last night." ""Why, what did you do last night you slut!?" Kaylee asked, excited to hear what had occurred the night before.

"I gave him head for the pizza! I wanted to suck him off, 'cause I wanted more jizz, and I told him I would've done it again for free if he wanted, so I think we should get more pizza for lunch!" Kaylee laughed again, "Chantelle, you're a nasty ho!

You're a awful scheming skank!" Chantelle just giggled in response. "Fine!" I finally responded, grudgingly "If you guys want more pizza, we'll get more pizza, but I'm going to make my own lunch." Which prompted even more mirth from the back seat. "No, silly! We just want to order the pizza delivery guy! With the special sauce!" choked out Chantelle, between peals of laughter.

"If you call him and make him come all the way to my house, you better order some pizza, then, so his boss doesn't get suspicious." I warned them "And I don't want this turning into a regular occurrence, either." We arrived at the house, and the girls hurried inside, so I couldn't see what was inside the packages from the sex store.

I followed them inside, kicked off my shoes, put away my dry cleaning in my closet and changed into my hot tub trunks. I made my way to the hot tub, looking forward to a relaxing soak. The girls, not surprisingly, were already naked and in the tub. They teased me about my trunks; to shut them up I stripped down to nothing and slid into the tub with them.

Unfortunately, a nice relaxing soak was impossible with the two chatterboxes replaying the day's events several times over, and then comparing the various cocks they had sucked over the preceding days, who's cum tasted the best, the worst and so on and so on. They both agreed that Josh not only had the worst cum, but he also smelled bad, and they were happy to be rid of him.

Kaylee claimed my cum was the best tasting, but Chantelle couldn't decide whether it was mine, or Evan's, the pizza delivery kid, she preferred.

"Kaylee, we need to get some pizza!" Chantelle said to her friend, sporting an evil grin "That way you can let me know whose jizz is better, Mike's or Evan's." "Mike, Mike, you need to order some pizza for us, now!" Chantelle demanded. "Nope, if you want it you can order it." I replied "I'll pay for it, but you can do all the work, okay?" "What if we can pay for it another way?" Chantelle slyly asked.

"You do what you want with Evan, I'm not going to stop you, but you can't make him pay out of his own pocket again." I said sternly.

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"Fine, I'll call." she grudgingly ceded the point. I tossed her the cordless phone, and told her there was a list of phone numbers on the side of the fridge.

She got out of the tub and, naked, sauntered to the kitchen to find the list, and made the call to order some pizza. She returned to the tub, looking very pleased. Apparently, everything was looked after. "So?" Kaylee asked, "It's all good?" "Yeah, the pizza's gonna be here in about an hour, and we can do Evan right after!" she said brightly. Kaylee turned to me and asked "You wanna see the stuff we got from the store, now?

We got all kinds of really cool toys and other stuff!" "Oh jeez, girls, no, I just want to soak for a few more minutes, and then I'm going for a nap. You girls have got me to cum more times than I can ever remember doing before, and I am absolutely worn out." I explained.

"Awww, Mikey's not interested in us anymore!" Chantelle teased "What are we gonna do 'til Evan gets here? Maybe we're not interested in him anymore either, maybe I'll do you instead, Kaylee!" Chantelle leaned over and kissed the other girl's mouth. Kaylee responded by rolling over on top of her and fondling Chantelle's breasts while they continued to kiss.

Kaylee began grinding her crotch into Chantelle's thigh, humping her leg furiously. It was incredibly hot to watch and I was tempted to join in the fun, but I knew they would entertain themselves for a while yet, not really needing my involvement. They continued their make-out session for at least another twenty minutes, as I sat in the tub watching them, and getting turned on more than I thought possible at this point.

They were each masturbating against the other's leg, mashing their cunts back and forth so fast and furious that water was spilling over the edge of the tub. Continuing to kiss each other while they were jilling on the other, each of them reached orgasm several times, groaning out their ecstasy into the others mouths. I had been stroking my cock for some time now, and it was becoming surprisingly hard, watching the girl-on-girl action.

They continued, totally unaware of my presence, for several more minutes. Finally, Chantelle pushed Kaylee away. Chantelle, panting from her exertions, leaned her head back on the side of the tub and sighed. Nor was she finished, apparently. Chantelle sat on the edge of the hot tub, leaned back on her arms, spread her legs wide open and ordered Kaylee to go down on her.

Kaylee, with a loving smile, slid over to perform cunnilingus on her teenage accomplice. I watched in rapt attention as Kaylee set to orally pleasing her friend, stroking my cock all the while. "That's it, bitch, eat me!" Chantelle cried "Make me cum all over your face!" Chantelle, once again aware of my presence, saw that I was pleasuring myself.


A sly expression flitted across her face. Leaning further back, almost pitching backwards out of the tub, she snagged one of the bags sitting on the floor, fumbled around for a few seconds, and then tossed something at me. Instinctively, I reached and caught it.

She had thrown a small bottle of flavored silicone lube, obviously acquired from the sex shop. "Don't stop you slut, make me cum!" she shouted to Kaylee, who was busy with her tongue and fingers on Chantelle's pussy. Suddenly, she grabbed Kaylee's head and forced it in even closer, closing her legs and squeezing Kaylee's head between her legs.

"Fuck her while she eats me out Mike!" she said, excited "Fuck her in the ass! She can take it! She's gonna have to, 'cause I ain't letting go!" "Umm, are you sure about this?" I asked, hesitantly. "Fuck, yeah, just nail her in the ass!" Chantelle exhorted me "She's had lots of anal sex!" I wasn't going to argue further, so turned on I was by their sapphic exhibition in the tub.

I coated my finger in lube to prepare Kaylee's sphincter for my anal assault, but Chantelle had other ideas. "Fuck that! Don't be gentle, just pound her asshole, just like you did to me this morning!" I lubed my cock, and as Chantelle held her captive, I prepared to sodomize the fourteen year old fuck toy that was still trapped between her lover's thighs.

She was pitching and squirming, and I had a fleeting moment of doubt as to her willingness to get fucked in the ass, but I set it aside and got ready to pound her. I poked at her anus until I got centered, and shoved it home. Kaylee thrashed around and let go a scream that was audible, although muffled, from between Chantelle's thighs.

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I stopped my thrust and held it still, and then Chantelle released her vice-like grip on Kaylee's head. "You fuckin' bitch!" Kaylee screamed "I am so gonna get even with you! You're gonna be so sorry. I can't fuckin' believe that you did this." Chantelle laughed and shot back "That's what you get for doin' Josh those blow-jobs the other night bitch!

Now we're even!" "That's really mean, Chantelle" I accused her "Kaylee, do you want me to stop?" I asked my erstwhile sodomy partner. "Noooo, it's okay, it only hurts going in!" she groaned in answer "Fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck it hard!" "Don't stop with my pussy," Chantelle reminded her "you better make me cum, you better make me cum lots." While I fucked her ass with a steady rhythm, Kaylee returned to her oral ministrations, using her tongue on Chantelle's clit.

She was taking anal like a trooper, and obviously knew what to do with a pussy, because it wasn't long before Chantelle was moaning in ecstasy. I kept thrusting in and out of Kaylee's rectum, varying my speed and depth, and even attempting some corkscrew maneuvers. I knew it was going to take me forever to orgasm, and then I remembered the pizza was going to show up very soon, along with the girls' unwitting victim, so I slowed down and eventually just stopped, holding my cock still in Kaylee's asshole, watching as she was still vigorously lapping at Chantelle's cunt.

"Why did you stop?" she asked, plaintively "It feels so good!" "Pizza's going to be here very soon, and anyways, I'm done for now." I responded "You girls might want to get out of the tub and put something on, too, before your lunch shows up." "Lunch, and our dessert, you mean!" joked Chantelle, prompting peals of laughter from Kaylee.

"Whatever." "Don't be grumpy Mike." Chantelle chided me "You got excited watching me do it last night, I know you did. And I want you to watch again, 'cause it'll give you something to dream about when you have your nap." "I'm not getting dressed, I'm going to answer the door just like this." Kaylee announced "And I wanna blow him, Chantelle, you got your turn last night." "Yeah, I know.

Remember I said you needed to taste his jizz to see if it's as good as Mike's?" "Oh yeah, I forgot." Chapter Two Moments later we heard the approaching sound of Evan's car. I got out of the tub and put my shorts and shirt back on, then found some cash for the delivery.

The two girls, still not dressed, made me sit in my recliner before they went to answer the door. Seconds later I heard the doorbell ring, followed by squeals of delight from both girls. There was quite a bit of talking from the foyer that I couldn't make out, and then they all noisily arrived in the sunroom. Evan, carrying pizza boxes, stopped dead when he saw me. He looked very nervous, and was trying not to stare at the very naked Chantelle and Kaylee who were prancing about excitedly.

Chantelle noticed Evan's discomfort and told him "It's okay Evan, Mike's cool with all this. I made him watch yesterday too!" Hearing this only added to the boy's embarrassment and he turned a bright shade of red. "Evan, don't worry, we're good, okay" I told him, as he visibly relaxed "Just do whatever these two crazy girls want you to, and you'll do fine." "And don't you work nights?

How come you're delivering on a Saturday afternoon?" I was curious. "Ah, I got called in to cover for this afternoon, plus my regular shift tonight, so I'm gonna be working like 16 hours today." he answered. "It didn't matter" Chantelle interjected "I woulda made them call Evan in just to do our delivery if I had to.

I just told the guy that took the order that Evan had to deliver 'cause I owed him from the other night. Then I told him to tell Evan I would pay him double what I owed him, if he delivered!" With that both her and Kaylee screamed in laughter. "Evan, just do whatever they want you to. I'm paying for the pizza, I don't want you getting stuck with paying for it yourself." I told him over the noisy laughing. "Ladies!" I got their attention "Alright, the poor boy is yours, take him and do whatever you had planned, so I can have my nap." "We're not taking him anywhere Mike" Chantelle announced to the room "We already planned it, Kaylee's gonna give him a BJ right now and then I'm gonna give him another one just like I promised!" With this, Chantelle took Evan by the hand and led him over to the couch.

"He's all yours, Kaylee!" she said, and then pulled his underwear and jeans down with one swift yank. His erection sprung up, and Chantelle pushed him into a seated position on the couch, then kneeled down on the floor to watch the action.

Kaylee went and kneeled in between his legs and immediately inhaled his cock. She stroked and sucked, alternating between her mouth and her hand, spit on his cock several times and stroked furiously, then resumed sucking in earnest, bobbing her head rapidly and noisily.

Chantelle and I just watched, saying nothing. Kaylee took Evan's cock out of her mouth and just started masturbating it, telling him how she wanted him to shoot off in her mouth and how much she loved sucking his cock, while staring up into his eyes. I looked over to see Chantelle with her fingers on her clit, getting off by being a voyeur to her friends blow-job antics. "Oh fuck! I'm going to cum!" yelled Evan, after a scant five minutes of fellatio.

Kaylee immediately clamped her mouth over his cock, and then he ejaculated, apparently quite a river of cum, because she couldn't keep it all in her mouth. Evan pulled his semi-erect cock out of Kaylee's mouth so he could see her swallow, which after she did, started scraping all the excess cum into her mouth with her fingers, and playing with it in her mouth.

"I don't know, Chantelle," she told her friend, who was still busy rubbing her clit, "I think Mike's cum tastes better. Maybe you'll have to try Evan's again just to make sure." "Oh, oh, oh!" was all Chantelle could provide in return as she brought herself to a heaving orgasm. "Oh yeah!" Evan piped up, and walking over to Chantelle, he offered his cock for her turn. Chantelle put her hands on his ass and pulled him in close and then inhaled his cock.

Evan took her head in his hands and began using her mouth as a pussy, pounding his cock into her throat. She was keeping her lips tight on his manhood, but not providing any suction while he kept pistoning into her mouth.

It looked and sounded messy, as he pumped her mouth you could hear the squishing sound of his cock coated with her saliva. Kaylee was still kneeling on the floor, her face decorated with Evan's cum, intently watching the action. She glanced at me and my still almost hard cock and sidled over to the chair.

"Hey Mike?" she whispered "do you wanna fuck my ass again? I was likin' it when you were in my ass before." I was going to pass on the opportunity, being so tired, but thought how many times am I going to be offered the chance to cornhole a young girl, who obviously wants it? I thought my chances were low, so I decided not to pass up Kaylee's asshole. I told her to get on and fuck herself on my cock, facing away from me, so she could do all the work, and I could watch Chantelle blowing Evan.

Kaylee got up and turned around and put her hands on my thighs. I held my cock up straight and she eased her still lubed asshole onto my now erect penis, slowly sliding down on it until it was totally encased within her ass.

She held the position for a few minutes, and then slowly started rocking back and forth, fucking her ass on my cock. Here I was, watching a teen-aged girl sucking a young man's cock while while my cock was buried deep in another teen-aged girls ass. It was a beautiful sight seeing her asshole stretch around my cock while she fucked herself. Her back was muscular with flawless skin, and two cute butt dimples just added the perfect touch to a magnificent view.

By now Evan had been face fucking Chantelle for at least ten minutes, and it didn't seem as if he was in any hurry to cum. I got to thinking that I would let Kaylee keep fucking me at least until Evan blew his load onto or into Chantelle. Up and down Kaylee went at a steady pace, moaning constantly. Every now and then she would give encouragement to Chantelle, who with her mouth stuffed full of Evan's cock wasn't able to reciprocate.

"Oh my god your cock feels so good in my ass!" Kaylee moaned "You can cum in my ass if you want, or you can shoot in my mouth, it's all good." She had increased the pace of her fucking, moving up almost right off my cock and then back down to the root. Her breasts were swaying in rhythm to her bobbing motion and the view of her anus swallowing my cock so completely was beginning to create the stirrings of an orgasm.

Meanwhile, Evan was forcing his cock to the hilt in Chantelle's mouth, occasionally making her gag, but she seemed to be in ecstasy having her mouth used as a receptacle for his cock. She had kept up a constant moaning around his penis and eventually it took its toll on the lucky boy. With a loud grunt he buried his cock to the back of her throat and yelled "I'm gonna cum, take it all you cunt!" With that, Chantelle became the active participant in the duo's fun as she pulled his cock out until just the tip was planted on the end of her tongue and proceeded to stroke him off into her waiting mouth.

"Fuck yeah! I'm cumming!" Evan shouted. "Oh god that's so hot! Swallow it all Chantelle!" screamed Kaylee, as she orgasmed on my cock. Chantelle noisily gulped down his entire load and, continuing to kneel on the floor, watched as I sodomized her friend. The final domino fell; I felt like my balls were boiling as I suddenly reached the tipping point and, forcing Kaylee's hips down on my cock, released a flood of jizz into her asshole. "Fuck, I'm cumming!" I yelled as my cum coated the fourteen year old's intestines.

I pushed her off me once I was done, and she rolled to the floor. I fell back into my chair, exhausted. Chantelle quickly scooted over to Kaylee, and lifting her leg in the air, started licking at the jizz dribbling from her ass.

Suddenly, she started rimming out Kaylee's asshole, trying desperately to suck all of my sperm out of her anal cavity. Evan and I just watched, stunned at the depths of depravity exhibited by the two girls. Evan jumped up "I gotta go, I still have deliveries to make!" "Thanks Evan!" came the muffled call from Chantelle, still buried between Kaylee's ass cheeks.

"Yeah bye and thanks for your cum!" Kaylee gasped out, as Chantelle rimmed her ass. Evan pulled on his jeans and dashed for the door.

I said to the girls, still engaged in their sapphic attentions "I'm going for a nap. If I'm not up in two hours or so, come and get me, otherwise, I 'm leaving you to your own devices." "M'kay, Mike." Kaylee responded though her moaning. "We got lots of stuff to keep us busy!" she giggled "All sorts of stuff, for girls only!" I smiled, and walked to my bedroom for a well deserved sleep Chapter Three I woke up a few hours later feeling refreshed.

I had fallen into a deep sleep; no wonder, as I had been absolutely sapped of all my energy and seminal fluid by the two fourteen year old girls who seemed determined to kill me with sex. My bedroom was dark and still as I rolled out of bed. Totally famished, and extremely thirsty as well, I decided I had better get moving, and get some nourishment. I wondered what Chantelle and Kaylee had done to occupy the almost three hours I had been asleep.

I walked into the sunroom through the kitchen to find my answer. There was Chantelle, spread-eagled over a chair, ball gag stuffed in her mouth, restrained by her wrists and ankles to the chair legs. She was being anally raped by Kaylee, who was wearing a large black strap-on dildo that had to be twelve inches long and at least six inches in diameter. Tears were running down her face, and she was moaning and sobbing through the gag as Kaylee brutalized her anus.

Chantelle looked a mess, a giant blob of sweat, tears, saliva and cum from her earlier encounters blowing me and Evan. Her ass bore the marks of a spanking, maybe even a whipping, and her thighs were coated in a mixture of her own juices and lube. Chantelle had another large dildo jammed into her pussy and Kaylee had a butt plug up her ass. I looked around the room and spied what my credit card had paid for at the sex shop.

There were a several vibrators, a paddle, a strap, a few bottles of flavored lube, a selection of various sized butt plugs, a two foot long double ended soft dildo, a dildo gag, several restraints and a harness of some sort.

Kaylee was busy jamming the dildo up in Chantelle's rectum as far as she could, obviously causing the poor girl some severe discomfort. "What the fuck are you doing?" I asked, in a stern voice "Kaylee, stop that right now, you're hurting her!" Kaylee stopped mid-stroke, and just held the dildo half-way up Chantelle's rectum to answer "No, Mike, I'm not hurting her, honest.

We wanted to try this stuff out, so we arm wrestled to see who lost. I think Chantelle lost on purpose, really. And I told her what I was gonna do to her once I got her tied to the chair, 'cause of what she made you do to me earlier." Chantelle's sphincter was stretched unbelievably wide around the giant dildo, and it had to be hurting her. I was concerned that her anus would tear, and voiced my concern. "But she said to do whatever I wanted to her to pay her back!" exclaimed Kaylee."Ask her, really!" "Take it out, right now!" I warned her.

"Just ask her!" Kaylee retorted "I'm tellin' you, you'll see, she told me." "I don't care, Kaylee, I told you to take it out, so just do it right now!" "Jeez, why you gotta be such a jerk?" she challenged "Why don't you just watch for a while, you'll see!" What the fuck, I thought, why don't these two listen when I'm being serious? I was getting angry, and I was worried that Chantelle could get hurt. I quickly reached out and grabbed a large handful of Kaylee's hair and pulled her head back so she could look up at me.

"Ow!" she cried "What the fuck!?" "Take that dildo out right now, and do it slowly and carefully." I ordered, angrily. "Okay, okay, fuck, I'll do it." I didn't let go of her hair, and she gently pulled the dildo out of Chantelle's ass, which gaped widely open for several seconds before slowly returning to its natural state.

"Take the dildo off, now!" I barked at Kaylee, still yanking on her hair. "Okay," she sobbed "That hurts!" "Not half as bad as what I'm going to do to you next." I offered. She reached around and unclasped the dildo clasps, and stepped out of the contraption. I could see why she had been enjoying using it on Chantelle; there was a smaller protrusion to tickle her clit while it was being used.

Unfortunately, some feces clung to the head of the dildo, which gave me an idea for later. I quickly held Kaylee by the wrist and twisted her arm halfway up her back, then pushed her face down into the carpet. "You fucking stay there, don't move a muscle, and don't say a word." she was crying now, not sure of what was coming, only knowing that I was angry, and much larger and stronger than her. I picked up some restraints, and pinioned her hands in front of her; she didn't try to struggle, she just kneeled on the floor and whimpered.

I looked around for more restraints, but not finding any went and removed the restraints from Chantelle's ankles and used those to bind Kaylee's ankles to the other chair.

I undid her wrist restraints and bent her over the chair in a similar position to Chantelle. Kaylee was now crying great big sobbing heaves, terrified of what I was going to do to her. I went and removed the ball gag from Chantelle's mouth to use on Kaylee. "Thanks, Mike." she quietly said. "I'm really sore, can you undo me?" "Just wait your turn." I replied I put the ball gag on Kaylee, and picked up the paddle.

Without warning I struck her ass several times, hard and fast. She jumped, and screamed through the gag. "I've had enough!' I yelled, as I continued to beat Kaylee's ass "Both of you are going to learn to listen when I tell you something. From here on in, I will mete out swift and severe punishment to you if you don't do as I say. You will not talk back and you will not argue with whatever I tell you!" Kaylee's ass was beet red, but I didn't stop.

I smacked her several more times before I finally stopped. I decided that she had had enough, for now, and turned to Chantelle and lifted her by her hair and put my face close to hers. "Do you understand, or am I going to have to beat your ass as well?" "Yes I understand!" she whimpered. "Alright, you two think about what I said while I go and prepare something for you." I left the two of them still tied to the chairs, and went out to my garage.

I found all the items I required, and once back in the house I went into the kitchen and fashioned all the pieces into a passable enema bag and hose. Depositing the enema bag in the bathroom, I went and got some towels and then went out to the sunroom and grabbed two butt plugs. Next, I prepared dinner, making a salad with spinach, broccoli and cauliflower, sprinkled with flax seeds and pine nuts and topped off with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Then for dessert, I put out some nutritional high-fiber energy bars. Back to the sunroom, I untied first Chantelle, then Kaylee, who was still crying into her gag, and told them to get into the kitchen and sit down at the table. They both lowered themselves very gingerly into the chairs with their heads lowered, not saying a word. Kaylee was sniffling quietly when I began to instruct them in how life was going to now continue for the two sluts.

"This is your new diet, starting now." I advised them "You will eat it all, without complaint, until you're finished. Understood?" "Yes, Mike." they both acknowledged my instructions. They promptly obeyed me, and began to eat.

While they were doing so, I explained what we were doing next. "This is an all natural high-fiber diet." I began "This is healthier than the junk you've eaten in the past, and it serves another purpose.


It will help clean your colon out, naturally, but we're also going to help nature along ourselves. Starting tonight, we are going to administer enemas. We will begin with me doing it to you the first time, and then after that you will be responsible to administer enemas to each other whenever necessary. When is necessary, you ask? If you feel a bowel movement coming along, you will go and get an enema from the other girl.

If you have eaten recently, but haven't shit for a while, you will go and receive an enema. This is to ensure that your colons are clean and flushed out, all the time. As well, as soon as you've had your enema and cleaned yourself up, you will take care to keep your assholes full of lube, constantly, and keep a butt plug in your anus at all times, only to be taken out when you're getting an enema, taking a dump or taking my cock.

I am not interested in your pussies, period. From here on in it's going to be anal intercourse only. If I feel the urge to fuck one of your asses, it had better be clean, full of lube and ready for me. I may cum in your ass, or I may pull out and cum in your mouth, whatever I feel like at the time. If I cum in your ass, the other of you better be ready to clean out the creampie. I may choose one of your asses for the day, or several days, and whichever one of you doesn't get cock, you better not complain.

If there are any complaints, or talking back, or disregarding orders, the paddle or the strap will be used, and not gently, as you've now discovered. If one of you misbehaves, you both will receive the paddle. Every single time, okay, if one of you is bad, you both will get the strap or the paddle. Am I clear? Do you both understand?" They both nodded vigorously, fear evident in their eyes. "Any questions?" I asked.

"I never had an enema," Kaylee finally spoke "What are we going to do?" "You will learn, very soon." I answered brusquely "You will also perform whatever act I demand. Whenever I demand it. You will also remain naked at all times in the house, no matter what. The butt plus is never to be removed, unless I give you permission. Even if we leave the house, you will have the butt plugs in, regardless. Alright?" They both nodded affirmatively. "Okay, into the bathroom with both of you." I showed them the enema contraption I had rigged up, and told them I would be buying them each their own, but this one would suffice for now.

"You'll have to share this one for the time being. I'll buy you each your own tomorrow. We'll start with Kaylee. Chantelle, you watch carefully, because you'll be doing it from now on, okay?" Chantelle nodded that she understood. She still hadn't said anything since I had beaten Kaylee. I got Kaylee to lie down on her stomach on the towels I had laid out, then demonstrated to Chantelle to prepare the tube by putting some lube on the tip, and to insert it completely into Kaylee's anus.

I filled up the bag with warm soapy water, and released the spring clamp to start the flow into her colon. Once the bag emptied, I told Kaylee to hold it and inserted a butt plug. "Now you hold it in until you can't stand it, then hold for another minute longer.

Sit on the toilet and remove the plug. Once you've emptied your bowels, wipe your ass until it's clean. If a lot of waste comes out, repeat the procedure. Got it?" Kaylee answered "Yes, Mike, I got it." "Good, sit on the toilet until you're finished, and then you do it to Chantelle so I know you both can do this on your own." Kaylee did as instructed, and I watched as she put Chantelle through the drill.

Once they were both finished I told them to go sit in the sunroom while I cleaned up. I returned to the sunroom to find them sitting together on the couch. They had tidied the room, putting away all the toys to my delight. I commended them on their initiative. "Good job, girls. Now, are you both "ready"? Let's have a look, shall we? Stand up, turn around, bend over and show me your assholes." They both did as told, and both had complied with my instructions. Chantelle's sphincter looked red and raw, and they both still had a pink tinge on their butt cheeks from their spankings.

I decided to test my new found power over them. "Chantelle, get over here!" I commanded. She reacted quickly, and came and stood in front of me. "Get down on the floor on your hands and knees and remove your plug. I want to fuck your ass now." I told her. Without hesitation she dropped to the floor and removed her butt plug, and looked up at me with a mixture of fear and lust. "Please, Mike, be gentle." she pleaded in a whisper.

She was resting her head on her arms, with her little butt high in the air, and it looked very enticing. Knowing that her asshole was already full of lube, I placed the head of my cock to her sphincter and started to slowly drive it in to her ass. She jerked a bit at the first push, but didn't complain. Once I was buried to the hilt I held still, just feeling the vibrations on my cock. It was so incredibly tight and hot that I just wanted to remain still for a while, enjoying the squeeze of Chantelle's anus on my cock.

She looked up at me, wondering why I was not doing anything. Tears were running down her face; it must've been painful, my engorged cock resting in her abused asshole. I began to saw slowly in and out of her anus, maintaining a steady pace, enjoying the feeling of the fourteen year old teenager's sphincter wrapped around my cock. She didn't cry out or protest, but she was quietly sobbing, tears streaming down her face, and I marveled at the power I now knew I had over these two teenagers.

I kept the steady pace going as I continued to fuck her ass, getting off on the thought that she was in agony and yet accepted what I was doing to her without protest. Kaylee was watching, not saying a word, but seemingly fascinated by Chantelle's painful abuse. I was working away in her ass, not remotely close to orgasm, when a thought struck me.

I decided to voice it to the girls and gauge their reaction. I stopped what I was doing and held my cock buried to the hilt in Chantelle's rectum while I told them what I planned next. "You are both now my toys, fit only to use as I want. Understand? You are nothing more than a cum receptacle. You now exist only to serve my every whim and pleasure. Your satisfaction is not important, only mine. You had better be prepared to have your ass or mouth ready anytime I feel like sticking my cock into something.

I won't care what you are doing, whether you feel like taking a load or offering your asshole for my pleasure, it's all so I can have my own personal fuck machines. You are nothing. If I hurt you or you suffer discomfort, that's too bad, because that's what you've both agreed to.

Nod your heads if you understand and agree to my terms." Chantelle looked back at me, her face contorted in pain, tears running down her cheeks and quickly nodded.

I turned to see what Kaylee's reaction was, and she also quickly nodded. "Good. Now, here's the next thing I want. Kaylee, I want you to insert that giant dildo into your own asshole, and you will leave it in for the duration of my fuck with Chantelle." I waited for an argument, but it didn't come. Kaylee, with a look of shock, just nodded her head. She crawled over and picked up the still dirty dildo and a bottle of lube.

She was shaking, but trying to comply with my order. "Hurry up!" I barked at her "Get that thing in your ass, or I'll do it for you!" Crying hard now, she rolled on to her back on the floor, and with two hands on the stem placed the dildo at the puckered entrance to her asshole and started forcing the dildo in. It must have hurt like the dickens, but her fear of what I would do to her outweighed the pain and discomfort that she was forcing on her own anus.

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Within a few minutes, almost all of it was inserted into her rectum. I almost told her to start fucking herself with it, but decided against it. "That's right, Kaylee, just keep it buried in your asshole and sit there 'til I'm done with Chantelle's little pink star." I had resumed my slow steady pumping into Chantelle's asshole, in no rush to cum, just wanting the message to sink in to the girls brains that they were nothing more than a piece of meat for my pleasure.

"When I'm finished, I'm calling all my single golf and poker buddies to come over tonight, and you two are going to service them all night long. You're only going to be a mouth or an asshole for them to use for the entire night. I don't care if your asses are too sore to use, that's your problem. I don't care if they face fuck you and make you puke all night long. You will be nothing more than a hole for them to stick their dicks into.

You're going to start the night out by putting on a show together with your toys, and next I'm going to offer one of you up as our own little glory hole girl, sucking cocks for however long the guys want to keep using your mouth. Once that's done, I'm going to offer up her asshole for any guy who still wants more. And whichever one isn't lucky enough to be the fuck hole will act as a fluffer for the guys to stay hard enough to keep doing the other one's ass." You should have seen the looks on their faces.

They both looked like they had won the lottery. I was expecting them to be scared and unwilling, but I must have hit on the right idea. Chantelle had stopped crying by this point, and when finished telling them of my plans, she was so turned on that she started fucking her asshole back onto my cock. Kaylee was madly fingering her clit by this point, even with her asshole damn near torn apart by the giant dildo. "Chantelle," I asked my now willing sodomy partner "How's your asshole feeling now?" "Ugh, good, ugh, Mike, ugh" she answered while I was pushing my cock into her ass right to the root "It's still sore, but I can take it, I swear.

Let me be the one who gets fucked, please? Can I get to swallow all the jizz too, please, pretty please?" "I haven't decided who's going be the lucky girl yet" I announced to the both of them."But it means you're going to have to suck off like maybe as many as a dozen guys, some of them more than once, I'm sure.

And you're probably going to get your ass pounded beyond what you think you can take, you know. Are you both telling me that you can do this?" They both answered affirmatively. What was I going to do with the two of them when the week is up, I thought to myself. I probably won't want to let them go, and they won't want to leave at this rate.

I had created two very cute, but problematic sex monsters. I still wasn't feeling the urge to cum yet, and I was still steadily pumping away at Chantelle's ass when I spotted the bottle of baby oil and had the inspiration on howt I would decide which girl played which role. "Alright!" I said, excited, as I kept my cock buried in Chantelle's still red and sore looking anus "Here's how it will be decided.

The two of you can wrestle for it. I've got a tarp in the garage, and enough baby oil for the both of you to get nicely oiled up. We'll set out the tarp right here, get the both of you oiled up, and the first to pin the other three times wins, and can decide what role she wants to play." "That's stupid!" Kaylee exclaimed "Why can't we have like a real contest?" My eyes became slits, as I stared at her, shocked that she would argue with me.

"Kaylee," I quietly asked though clenched teeth "have you forgotten your instructions?" She gasped. "Oh fuck, I'm sorry Mike! Honestly, I'm really sorry!" She was now pleading with me. "It's too late." I reminded her sharply "Now you both get punished. That was the deal." Chantelle looked stricken.

She almost said something, then caught herself, but the look she sent Kaylee said volumes. I yanked my cock out of her ass, and told them to both kneel on the floor. Tears running down both of their faces, they quickly complied. I searched around for restraints and noticed I didn't have enough for both of them.

Shit! What to do. I spun around trying to find an option that worked, when, bingo! I spotted the kitchen table. I thought it would make do for what I had in mind, so I took them both by the wrists and made Chantelle bend over the table at one end and Kaylee, with the dildo still buried in her colon, bend over from the other end and restrained their ankles to the table.

Then I took the two remaining restraints, crossed their arms and then attached the restraints to their wrists. Now they were tied together and had to look at one another as they got whipped.

Perfect! "I'm going to strap your asses twenty times each, and you're going to count them as I do it. For each count you miss, I add another. Chantelle, you're first." Whack! I brought the strap down on her ass, hard enough to hurt, but not hard enough to cause any trauma or bleeding. She screamed, and gave the count of one through her tears. Whack! Her cheeks jiggled nicely with each stroke. "Two" she counted, now sobbing loudly. She was a ghostly shade of white, as was Kaylee, watching dumbstruck.

Whack! "Three" she could barely choke out the count. I wondered what would happen when I strapped Kaylee, as I intended to strap her somewhat harder than I was strapping Chantelle. Whack! I hit her with a lighter stroke, although I'm certain she wouldn't notice the difference. "Four" she said so quietly that I had to strain to hear it. Tears were streaming down her face, but she was determined to tough it out.

I brought the strap down on her reddening ass six more times as she kept count. When I got to ten I paused, letting the burning sensation to take root. It had to hurt, and hurt badly by now. Kaylee looked like she was going to throw up, watching Chantelle and knowing her turn was coming up. Without any warning I brought the strap down on Chantelle's ass again, catching her by surprise, and she yelped as she tried to keep the count.

"Eleven!!!" Four more times I stroked her cheeks with the strap, turning it to a brilliant crimson color. She bravely kept the count, breathing hard, and choking out the numbers as I hit her five more times, reaching twenty without her missing any. "Chantelle, that's your twenty. That was very good, you didn't miss your count. Now you can watch Kaylee take her strapping" Chantelle visibly relaxed with relief as I turned my attention to the other miscreant.

Kaylee looked as if she wanted to be anywhere but my kitchen right now. She was already crying; tears were pouring down her cheeks, pooling on the table and her fear was palpable. "Now, young lady, why are we here suffering through this?" I asked her. "Because I argued with you." was the response in a quivering voice. "And?" "Because I'm supposed to listen and do as I'm told." "Yes. And why is Chantelle also here?" "Because if one of us is bad, both of us are going to get beaten." she answered belligerently "And that's not fair either, you shouldn't strap both of us 'cause I was the only bad one!" I just stared at her, not believing what she had said.

Too late, she realized what she had done. "Oh my god, I'm sorry I didn't mean it the way it sounded, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Mike, please." her words came out in a rush, tears starting all over again. "Too bad, Kaylee, that'll be ten more strokes for you girls." I admonished her "This is why this has to happen, because you just can't keep your mouth shut!" "Ohhhhhhhhh" Chantelle's low moan only added to the tension.

"Oh, baby girl, I'm so sorry, but you both agreed to the rule. You only have Kaylee to blame." I said softly, knowing that between the strapping and the dildo, her ass was in ruins. It was going to hurt her far worse than the first twenty strokes she had already received. And then, an unexpected surprise. "Mike?" Kaylee asked in a low quiet voice. "What, Kaylee?" "It's my fault, Chantelle doesn't deserve any more. I'm sorry if this sounds like arguing, but it's not, okay? Whatever more you were going to whip Chantelle, you can give to me instead.

I was bad and that's not her fault." Her whole face was quivering, but she was looking me in the eyes, not in defiance but in resignation. Frankly, I was impressed. "Kaylee, that's very brave of you. I will consider your offer, in the spirit it was given. You were already going to have ten more strokes added for your defiance, for a total of thirty, so now you're willing to take the ten extra I was also giving to Chantelle?" "Yes I will." she choked out her answer. "Alright, but I'm not taking the dildo out either.

You realize I'm not going to let up, also?" "Oh god" the reality of what she was doing suddenly hit her "Yes, I know. I'm so sorry." "You don't realize how sorry you're going to be, Kaylee." Chantelle finally spoke up "But thank you, and I love you, baby." I had moved around behind Kaylee, with the strap in my hand, prepared to beat her ass soundly. I was going to attempt to hit the dildo on the end, as well, hopefully that would cause additional pain, as well.

She sensed what was about to happen, and made the mistake of clenching her butt, squeezing her anus even tighter around the dildo and drawing her skin more taut.

Whack! I brought the strap down on her ass hard, harder than Chantelle had received. "Oh god!!! One!!!" she screamed out.

I strapped her ass until we reached the count of ten, at which point I stopped to let the blood flow back to her ass cheeks, causing her even more discomfort. Chantelle watched, crying in sympathy for her friend, not able to offer any comfort other than to stroke Kaylee's hands with her own restrained hands. Ten more times in quick succession the strap came down, accompanied by her counting and crying.

"Okay, that's the original twenty." I announced "I'm going to give you your next ten, and then the ten more you took for Chantelle. Are you ready?" Kaylee just nodded her head. I now had a raging hard-on; this was making me hornier than I would have ever expected. I went back around to Chantelle, and undid her ankle restraints, then undid the wrist restraints that were binding the two girls together. Taking the restraints, I then clasped them together to restrain Kaylee's wrists to the opposite table legs, then moved back behind her.

"Chantelle, suck my cock while I finish with Kaylee! If you can get me to cum before she's had her allotted strokes, I will call it even. So you can save your friend, just like she saved you." I didn't need to tell her twice!

She dropped to the floor, and inhaled my cock and went right to work, using her mouth like a vacuum cleaner to suck all of my cum out as fast as possible. I took a swat at Kaylee's ass. "Twenty-one!" she cried out, her tears flying to the table. Chantelle's mouth was working overtime, so I decided to hurry up and gave Kaylee four more strokes in quick succession as she counted.

Whack, whack, whack, whack. And she counted along, not missing one. Between Chantelle's sucking and stroking I wondered just how long I would last. I strapped Kaylee several more times, while she counted the now completed thirty strokes. I again stopped, and now Kaylee's ass looked like it had been sunburned for hours. It looked sore, and I imagined that she was in some serious pain and discomfort, added to by our short break, which was inflaming her cheeks even more.

The combination of my arousal and Chantelle's mouth was starting to take effect. Our little break now over, I returned to the task at hand, and administered three more strokes as Kaylee counted them out. That would be as far as we got however.

Suddenly, I felt the rush of sperm through my balls, and let go a huge continuous stream of cum into Chantelle's mouth, taking her by surprise and almost choking her.

Cum shot down her throat, out of the sides of her mouth and some even leaked out through her nostrils.

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I must have fired off a dozen of the biggest cum spurts I had ever done. I fell to the floor, weakened from the force of my ejaculation, and sprawled there for several minutes. Chantelle was still kneeling on the floor, wiping her face with her fingers and licking them clean, while Kaylee was still softly sobbing. I collected myself and stood up. "Kaylee, I hope you learned your lesson." I spoke to both girls "You can just stay there for a while and reflect on your situation.

I'm going to leave the dildo in to reinforce it. Chantelle, you can clean up this mess of cum. Using only your mouth and fingers, clean me, yourself, and the floor, and you better do a good job. " "Okay, Mike! Thank you for the load of jizz, that was awesome!" Chantelle replied, now in a spunky mood. "I'm sorry Mike, I'm really, really sorry, I'll be a very good girl from now on." Kaylee interjected, through her sobs. "If Chantelle can get you hard again, do you wanna fuck me, pleeeeease?" Unbelievably, my cock twitched at this request.

Kaylee, although strapped until her ass was the colour of a cooked lobster, and painfully stuffed with a giant dildo, was horny for more! "I'll try," I answered "Chantelle can fluff me after she's finished cleaning, and if she does her job well, I'll stuff your ass full of cock, okay?" "Okay!" she said happily.

"But I guess I should take out the dildo first." I replied. "It's okay, I deserve it. I'll leave it in however long you think I should be punished for. It really hurts now, but I know I need to be punished, 'cause I was a really bad girl." She said, in a husky voice, then she added "And I don't care if you never use my pussy, you should only fuck my ass whenever you want to fuck me.

It's all I deserve, even if you make it hurt." "Okay, slut, suck my cock again. I want it hard enough to fuck Kaylee's ass." I ordered Chantelle. "Do it, do it now, and do it good." "Yes, Mike." she said, humbly, now kneeling on the floor "Whatever you want." "And don't use your hands, either." "Yes, Mike." "Maybe I should use the restraints on your wrists again." "Yes, Mike." "Mike?" Kaylee piped up, from her tied up position on the table.

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"What?" "You know we got a harness thingy?" "Yeah, I saw it, why?" "You could put it on Chantelle if you don't want her using her hands, 'cause it's for that." "Yeah, Mike, we kinda figured out how it works if you want me to show you how." offered Chantelle. "Yeah, and then you could leave us tied up and use us whenever you want." said Kaylee. I mulled over the possibilities.

They were obviously accepting of their new status as nothing more than a hole for my cock, so I was intrigued as to exactly where I would use them. I didn't want them staying on the cold tile in the kitchen, so I left them there and went into the sunroom to do location scouting. I kneeled on the floor in front of the coffee table, and determined it was an appropriate height, and then I located the harness to see if it would work as the girls had told me. Developing the scenario in my mind, I decided on the course of action, and went and back to the kitchen.

"Chantelle, off you go." I motioned her towards the sunroom "Kaylee, I'm going to undo the restraints, but you're going right back into them, okay?" "Mike, I need Kaylee to come with me to the bathroom, okay?" asked Chantelle. "Very good!" I was pleased that they remembered the instructions.

"I maybe need to go too, anyways!" Kaylee said. I followed them into the bathroom, more for my own entertainment than anything else, but I wanted to ensure that the bathroom stayed clean. Chantelle immediately sat on the toilet to have a bowel movement, not embarrassed in the slightest to be watched.

Kaylee, meanwhile, spread some more towels on the floor. Chantelle finished, wiped herself and lay face down on the fresh towels, as Kaylee cleaned the tube and a butt plug then filled the enema bag with warm soapy water.

After lubing the tip, she knelt down, and pulling a cheek aside, gently inserted the tip into Chantelle's rectum, and released the spring clamp, allowing the liquid to rush into her colon.

Chantelle moaned, more in pleasure than any discomfort, I thought, as Kaylee retracted the tube and inserted the plug. "There baby, just hold it for now." she said "I'm gonna go poo now while we're waiting." "Okay" Chantelle responded "I'm going to explode soon, I think." "Just hold it in for another minute, okay?" Kaylee advised as she removed her dildo, and sat on the toilet. Her cute little butt hole was dilated at least a few inches; it was the biggest gape I'd witnessed ever.

Her bowel movement was over in a few seconds, the anal expansion from the dildo had certainly helped in moving things along. Finished, she performed the necessary clean up, then assisted Chantelle to the toilet, where after removing the plug, she released a torrent of dirty ass water. Kaylee told her she would have to do it again because her colon wasn't clean enough. She then repeated the entire procedure, and the second attempt produced a much cleaner flow out of Chantelle's ass, much to Kaylee's satisfaction.

She made Chantelle lie back down on the towels, and spreading her cheeks inserted the tip of the lube bottle into her anus and squirted at least two ounces of lube up her rectum. She proceeded to insert a finger and swirled it around in there to move the lube around, then replaced her finger with the butt plug. The entire time she chattered, talking about how cute she thought Chantelle's anus was, how much she loved her friends boobs, how her ass hurt, but in a good way now, a sort of stream of consciousness reflecting their new existence as my pleasure toys.

Now it was Kaylee's turn for a repeat of what just happened to Chantelle, the difference being that Chantelle spent a lot more time fingering Kaylee's anus, eventually finger fucking her with three fingers inserted, and she put two or three extra ounces of lube in Kaylee's rectum. I'm not sure if the show was primarily for my benefit or not, but it had the desired effect of getting my cock a little bit stiff, especially while listening to Kaylee orgasm around Chantelle's fingers.

Now with both of them with nicely flushed out anal cavities and a butt plug in each asshole, I prepared to set things up in the sun room. But before I had a chance to say anything to the girls, Chantelle interrupted my train of thought with a request. "Mike?" she asked, in a quiet respectful tone "Can you leave us alone for a few minutes please? We need to clean our faces and fix our make-up." Considering all the sperm and other juices that had coated their faces throughout the day, I thought it a fair request.

"No problem!" I answered "Do you want me to get your bags for you?" "Yes please." I didn't have to wait very long for the girls, and even if it had been an hour, it would have been well worth the wait.

The two of them sauntered out looking like little emo porn queens. Kaylee had pulled her strawberry blonde locks into two pigtails, and Chantelle had her much darker hair pulled into a loose ponytail, and the both of them had the wide dark eyeliner and the sparkly two-tone white and green eye shadow with matching lipstick.

The effect of the make-up coupled with their youthful bodies and hairless pussies made me as horny as I had ever been in my life. They looked ready for any depraved sex act possible. I motioned for the two sexy girls to follow me to the sunroom so I could prepare them. The harness wasn't as complicated as I first assumed; it only took about three or four minutes to truss Chantelle in it. It consisted of a soft-lined leather collar and belt connected by a three inch wide leather strap with attached wrist restraints.

It was fully adjustable, to hold the restrainee totally immobile, if one so wished, and the wrists could be restrained in front or behind.

I had trussed Chantelle's wrists behind her, but left a small amount of slack. I then forced her to her knees onto a sofa cushion and stuffed the dildo gag into her mouth and fastened it behind her head. What a sight she looked. It was turning me on, big time. I turned my attention to Kaylee, waiting impatiently for me. I forced the ball gag into her mouth and fastened it closed. Next, I bent her over the coffee table with a cushion under her stomach, and tied her thighs to the closest table legs, followed by restraining her wrists to the table legs at the far end of the table.

She was now positioned with her ass higher in the air than her head, with her anus at the perfect height for me to kneel on the floor behind her.

I left them there while I went to the kitchen for a bottle of water and a quick tidy up. My plan for having some poker and baseball buddies over was not feasible owing to how late it already was, so I called several to invite them to my house for the following afternoon. I didn't let on what was going to happen, but I invited bachelor friends only, seven of them, and swore them all to secrecy.

I didn't want it getting back to my married friends, and I didn't want to contribute to broken marriage vows. Well, at least not yet. I set to making a list of snacks and drinks for the fun, as well as a few more items I would need for the humiliation of Chantelle or Kaylee, and noted that I would have to go to the mall after all for some last minute groceries and beer. I took a quick peek into the sunroom to see what was going on, and the two of them were exactly where I had left them.

I walked into the room, removed my shorts and shirt and climbed into the hot tub for a nice long quiet soak. I quickly relaxed, and not needing to rush anymore, grabbed a magazine from the side rack and proceeded to catch up on some current events.

I was curious how long it would take for one of them to cramp or otherwise become uncomfortable. After about a half hour, I snuck another peek, and still neither had moved or made a sound. They were exactly where I had left them. I got out of the tub and dried myself and went and got another water from the kitchen. When I returned to the sunroom, I chose Kaylee to begin the fun. I knelt down on the floor behind her so I could fuck her tiny perfect little asshole, and noticed that her pussy was leaking juices down her thighs.

She was getting off on being humiliated! I promptly removed the butt plug and replaced it with my cock. I didn't feel the need to be gentle, and frankly, I don't think she was expecting me to be kind, so I just shoved it into her rectum right to the root.

Nothing more than a grunt came from her, and I quickly settled into a fast hard pace in her asshole. It was tighter than I thought it would be, considering the size of the dildo that had been up her ass earlier, but I guess that's the resiliency of the young and their assholes. I fucked her for several minutes, then pulled out and went over to Chantelle, who was staring up at me with her big overly made-up eyes. I told her not to make a sound, and removed the dildo gag, and replaced it with my cock, fresh out of Kaylee's ass.

I took hold of Chantelle's head and started face fucking her hard and deep, ignoring the gagging, tears and spittle that shortly started flying from her. Every few strokes I would bury my cock in her throat and hold it there, almost until she puked, and then returned to the frantic fucking of her mouth.

After several more minutes of orally destroying Chantelle, I pulled my cock out and promptly returned the dildo gag to her mouth. I returned to Kaylee's ass, shoving my cock in hard as I could, and fucking that tight little anus with abandon.

I knew after cumming so much in the past twenty-four hours that I was going to last for a long time, an hour or more was likely. Pumping in and out of Kaylee's rectum felt like heaven; the tight little muscle had a vice like grip on my cock, the action was smooth from the lube coating her colon and the sight of her wide open cheeks and the anal ring wrapped round my cock was an erotic visual feast.

Thinking to spice it up even more for both of us, I pulled out and went over to the bags of toys and got a vibrator, and turning it on shoved up her hairless little pussy, and returned my cock to her asshole. She could only scream and moan through the ball gag as she came, hard, several times over a few short minutes.

Every time she orgasmed, her sphincter would spasm and clench my cock in an even tighter grip. That fourteen year old little pucker was the best fuck I had ever experienced. But, I didn't want to exclude Chantelle from the fun, so I pulled out of Kaylee's anus, and leaving the vibrator still going, went back to Chantelle. I picked her up off the floor and took her over to the couch and bent her over the arm.

Having her hands trussed behind her back left her bending in an odd way, but really, did I care? I just had to shove her arms to one side to access her asshole, which I promptly stuffed my cock into. With a jolt and a grunt she accepted my invasion of her rectum, which was stretched wide around my cock, and with all the lube Kaylee had squirted into her anal cavity, my cock slid in far and fast. I started jack hammering into her ass, entranced by the sight, and the feel of my cock shoved up her ass.

It was a nice tight and warm fit, but I was still going to take a long time before I was ready to cum, so I just enjoyed the ride, so to speak. After a good fifteen minutes of pumping her asshole it was Kaylee's turn again. The poor girl still had the vibrator running in her pussy, and must have been in an agony of sexual bliss, cumming several times over.

This time I eased my cock into her, and fucked her very slowly, dragging out the intensity while the toy in her pussy vibrated along. I finally felt the start of an orgasm, and let it build slowly while I plundered her asshole at a very reduced speed.

I could see the skin of her anal ring pulling out with every back stroke and pushing in with every forward stroke, keeping a tight seal on my cock. Eventually the sights, sounds and feelings of sodomizing the young hot asshole had its desired effect and I let loose a stream of cum into her colon. Once I was finished with my spasms, I left my softening cock in her ass until it just wouldn't stay anymore, and I moved away and rested on the floor.

After a few minutes I retrieved Chantelle from the couch and taking off the dildo gag told her to clean Kaylee's ass of all of my cum, and when she was finished with Kaylee, she could then clean me, and to use only her tongue.

She didn't complain at all, but it must have been difficult having her hands strapped behind her back, but eventually she had even cleaned all the jizz from my groin. "Oh my fucking god that was hot!" she exclaimed.

"Don't be getting to talking too much or I'll put the gag back on you!" I said jokingly. "Can you undo this harness so I can I undo Kaylee?" she asked "Do you want a show?" "Yeah, come here and I'll take off the harness." I answered her first question "And, yes I would love a show.

Give me your best shot." I helped her out of the harness, and after she stretched and worked out the kinks in her muscles, she went and took the restraints and ball gag off of Kaylee, and she quickly removed the vibrator from her cunt, where it had been buzzing all this time.

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"Oh fuck, Mike, oh my god you made me cum so many times, I lost count!" she squealed. Chantelle turned to Kaylee and whispered in her ear. Kaylee shook her head several times, and then Chantelle slapped her across the face. Kaylee looked both hurt and shocked at the behavior of her friend. "What was that for!?" she asked Chantelle. "That was for getting us in more trouble." was the response. "I'm so sorry Chantelle, honest. I think you should whip my ass." Kaylee looked slyly at her cohort "Do you want to use the strap or the paddle?" "You pick!" Chantelle said, brightly.

Kaylee retrieved the strap from the kitchen and handed it to Chantelle, and kneeled down in front of her. "I'm so sorry, Chantelle. You know I love you and I never want to hurt you. I deserve whatever you want to give me." "You're such a bitch, Kaylee. You know you love getting spanked, don't lie. This'll make you cum you slut." Chantelle pushed Kaylee towards the stool.

She stumbled a little, then, resigned, took her place as instructed, placing herself on top of the stool with her ass in the air and gripping the sides of the little ottoman. Kaylee lay on top of the ottoman, looking at me and wasn't prepared for the first stroke of the strap. Chantelle swung the strap hard and fast, and it left a bright red welt across Kaylee's cheeks. "OWWW!" she cried "Fucking bitch!

That's too hard!" Whack! Chantelle swung again before Kaylee had finished speaking. "OWWW!!! Fuck that's too hard Chantelle!" she was crying, but made no move to cover her ass. Chantelle reached down and felt Kaylee's pussy "Liar! You're soaking wet bitch!" Chantelle stepped back and aimed the next swat right at Kaylee's pussy lips. "Fuckin' bitch!!!!" Kaylee screamed, and started crying.

Chantelle gave her another eleven strokes without stopping, Kaylee screaming the entire time. "Go get the giant dildo, right now!" Chantelle instructed.

Kaylee gingerly got up and brought the dildo to Chantelle. "Put it on me." Chantelle ordered her. Kaylee did as ordered. "On your knees, cunt!" "Now open your mouth." Chantelle commanded.

She started forcing the dildo down Kaylee's throat, eventually jamming it all the way in. I was astounded that she could take the entire thing.

Chantelle held her head right to the bottom until she started thrashing around. I was concerned until I noticed Kaylee's fingers on her clit, rubbing furiously.

Chantelle was face fucking her with the dildo in long strokes, pushing it all the way down Kaylee's throat, sometimes holding it there until Kaylee would gag. Chantelle abruptly pulled out and told Kaylee to lube the dildo. "Now bend over the stool, bitch, 'cause I'm going to do your ass just like you did mine!" "Oh god!" Kaylee let out in a mixture of fear and arousal.

"But before I do that, go and get the double ended one!" Chantelle demanded. Kaylee went and retrieved the twenty-four inch double-ended dildo from the bag of toys the girls had lifted from the sex store.

"Now bend over you slut." Chantelle took hold of the flexible cock and started jamming it into Kaylee's pussy. Once it was partially inserted she began fucking Kaylee hard, getting about eight inches inside with each pump. "Ohhhhh, fuck." Kaylee was in ecstasy."You're gonna make me cum!" Suddenly, Chantelle pulled it out, and forced it into Kaylee's asshole. "Ahhhhh!" Kaylee didn't seem to mind very much into which hole the dildo was inserted.

Chantelle began fucking her ass with the same power she had been doing Kaylee's pussy. I noticed though that she was forcing it in further each time she pumped it. Then she stopped fucking Kaylee, and concentrated on just forcing the dildo in further and further, until all but enough for a handhold was inserted into her intestines.

Close to twenty inches was up inside Kaylee's rectum. She was moaning and massaging her clit, so I knew it didn't hurt her, and so I just watched in awe.

"Oh my god I feel so stuffed full, Chantelle, it's so hot. You're making me cum lots!" "You should see it, baby girl, I got almost all of it up your ass!' "Are you ready for this?" Chantelle asked, pointing at the strap-on. "Oh god yes!" Chantelle slowly pulled the dildo out of Kaylee's ass, dragging out the process so that it made Kaylee cum again.

She then placed the head of the huge strap-on cock at Kaylee's little anal opening, and slowly started to push it in, while Kaylee continued toying with her clit. Kaylee moaned harder with each small push of the dildo into her sphincter, and as her anus began to stretch around the head, she rubbed herself to an orgasm. With that, Chantelle shoved it home, almost to the hilt on the first try.

Kaylee screamed, more in sexual ecstasy than pain, I thought, as she was continuing with the action on her clit. With the dildo's small protrusion into her own pussy, Chantelle was starting to build towards her own orgasm, wildly fucking Kaylee's ass with deep strokes.

Kaylee's tiny pink pucker was now stretched about six inches in diameter, and it obviously wasn't hurting her one little bit, as she was in an almost continual orgasmic state. This teenaged girl was an anal slut of the first order. Kaylee came, and in doing so relaxed into the stool, and Chantelle was not far behind, experiencing a massive orgasm, then collapsing on Kaylee.

Finally, Chantelle undid the harness and stepped out of the strap-on, leaving it buried in Kaylee's ass. She had turned a blush pink color and was covered in a patina of sweat, the evidence of her exertions in Kaylee's rectum. Panting, she turned to me and said "Oh my god, I never done that before, you know, fucking another girl like that.

I like came buckets." Kaylee removed the giant dildo from her ass and rolled to the floor. "Fuck that was intense. You can do that anytime, bitch!" "Baby girl, I'll be doing it anytime I want. You'll bend over for me whenever I tell you." Chantelle told her. With that, she pulled Kaylee by the hair and forced her face down into Chantelle's pussy. "Eat it, slut!

Eat it 'til I tell you to stop." Kaylee went to work on Chantelle's clit, licking and sucking, making love to it softly and slowly. It didn't take long for Kaylee to make Chantelle cum, and over the course of several minutes she forced a few more orgasms out of her. Finally Chantelle pushed Kaylee away and rolled over onto her back and sighed. I decided that the sex fun was over, for now, and that we needed to get back to some normal activities.

"Alright, girls, let's have something to eat, and then we can watch some movies and clean-up before we go to bed." I got up from the couch and went into the kitchen to get dinner started.

We needed nourishment and rest, for Sunday was going to be a long day.