Honey Dejour got cock schooled

Honey Dejour got cock schooled
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This is my first story ever so go easy on the comments pls.

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It all happend when i was 14 years old.

My name is Allen and when i was 14 i was a fairly small kid for my age. About 5,6 110 pounds. I was an extremely horny kid so every chance i got to masturbate, i did. One of my best friends at the time was a kid i met playing soccer, his name was Mathew.

Me and mat would always hang out at each others houses and our parents were also really good friends. Almost every weekend we would sleep over at each others house. This involved us staying up late playing video games, eating junkfood, and sometimes turning on the adult channels when our parents were asleep. We never really talked about sex, but we would always just sit and watch whatever dirty program was on and not say anything.

Sometimes though when he thought i was asleep i would catch him with his hands down his pants. I knew what he was doing. One weekend our friendship made a change that we would never forget.


He called me in the morning and asked if i wanted to come over. I agreed and said i would ride my bike over later in the afternoon. Once i got there i immediatly went and said hi to his mom giving her the usuall hug and kiss on the cheek, than proceded to run down to the basement where Mat's room was.

"Hey dude whatsup!' Said mat. " Hey man gues what i got!" i said " I dunno what"? he said "The new grand theft auto 4" i said, (knowing he would be jelous) "no way man we are so playin that tonight' he said 'Yea but is your mom ok with it'? I asked "Probly not but we will just play it when she goes to bed' He said " Alright cool but what are we gona do now?" i asked " I dunno we can play fight like we always do" he said " alright.

lets do it!' Now me and mat always got into wrestling matches and we would always see who could pin the other or make the other tap out.

We would usually strip down to our boxers and take off our shirts because his basement was very hot and we would get very sweaty. So we both stripped down and got ready for the match.


"Ok the looser has to do anything the winner says" He said " Uhh ok but nothin gross". I asked, I wasnt very sure what he had in mind but i went along with it anyways.

As soon as he said go i went for his legs taking him down to the floor and jumping ontop of him. It felt so good to have my crotch rubbing intop of his chest but i couldent keep it there long because i didnt want him to get suspicous.

He eventually got me rolled over and he got me pinned with my arms behind my head. He was positioned so that his crotch was pretty much on my neck. I looked up and noticed that i could see up the leg of his boxers. His cock was almost falling out of the leg of his boxers and all i could do was stare. "Dude i can see your dick!' I said not nowing what to do.

"Haha dont look homo!" he said I couldent help it though. I couldent see very clearly but i could make out the shape of it.

We continued to wrestle and eventually he got me to tap out by an arm bar. "Ha i knew i would beat you!" he said with a big smile on his face" "ya ya whatever so what do i have to do?" i asked. By now we were covered in sweat and were trying to fan ourselves off. "You have to kiss my bare but!" he said " Ew no im not doing that" I told him " you have to.

You lost!" " Too bad thats nasty" I had always been sort of curious about boys, and i never really had that many friends that were girls so i figured my best chances were with a guy. "You promised." he said. Knowing we never broke promises "Ok fine but we cant tell any one about this" i said worrying about getting caught " of course man now lets do it" With that, he pulled down the backside of his boxers and showed me his white hairless ass.

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At first i wasnt sure what he wanted until he told me "Go ahead kiss it". I moved forward and put my face right up to his behind. He was all sweaty and it smelled so good. For some reason he pulled his but cheeks apart a little and i got a clear view of his ass hole. At this point my cock was hardening and for some reason i made no effort to hide the tent i was making in my boxers.

The smell of his sweaty body made me lose all sense of awareness and i just sat there staring at his pink little ass hole.


After a few seconds i decided i would go in for the kiss. I didnt know if he wanted me to kiss his but cheek or hole but i couldent hold back any longer and decided to go for the hole. I brought my lips up to his hole. It smelled so good and without thinking i stuck my tounge out and began licking up and down his but crack.

" Oh man that feels so good" he said " Keep licking" Without warning he began grinding up and down on my face.

I couldent stop, i just kept licking all around his sweet ass hole. I noticed his hand was moving around infront of him, i realised he was rubbing his dick through his boxers.

For some reason i came to my senses and pulled my face from his ass. As i did he stopped masturbating and tried to hide his boner. " Man im sorry i dunno what happend" I said " Wow it actually felt really good" He said "What?" i asked, Having no idea what it felt like. " Yea it felt really good" he said After a few seconds he looked down at my boxers and said, " Have you ever masturbated before?". I obviously had many times but not with any one.

"Yea sometimes" i said shyly. " Want to masturbate now?" he said I couldent believe it, he actually wanted to masturbate with me right now. "umm yea i gues so" With that i slowly slid off my boxers revealing my 5 inch uncircumsised boner. He also took off his boxers and showed me his 6 inch also uncircumsided boner. At this point i was so horny and without thinking or asking i just reached forward and grabbed his cock and began pulling it up and down.

" Oh yea that feels so good" he said with a complete look of ecstacy on his face.

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His cock felt so good in my hand. I pulled back his foreskin and looked apon his beautifull pink head. I was stuck in a sexuall trans.

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I couldent take my eyes off of his sweet little cock and i just kept jacking it up and down. At this point my cock was extremely hard and Mat took notice of it and moved his hands slowly towards my cock.

He grabbed onto it and nervously jerked it up and down.

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I stopped pulling his cock and laid back with my eyes closed. I loved the feeling of his hands rubbing my cock. After what felt like minutes of him jerking me, i felt a wet sensation on the tip of my cock. I looked down and saw that he had put his mouth over my cock and was licking it all over. "Oh my god that feels great" i said He proceeded to massage my balls and even moved down to lick them a few times. I could feel my insides turning and new i was about to cum.

" Oh my god mat im gona cum" To my suprise he kept sucking me and just as i began to spurt, he opend his mouth "Oh yea ya yea yea uuuhhhhh" and with that i shot my load straight into his mouth He kept jerking me untill he had a good mouthfull of jizz.

I looked down at him and he smiled at me and swallowed the deposit i had made in his mouth. "oh man that was amazing" i said " Have you done that before?" i asked " hehe yea, Me and my younger brother mark jerk each other off all the time" He said completely honestly.

I was so shocked that he and his brother did that kind of thing. I never expected his innocent looking little brother to be into sucking dick. " So whats that stuff taste like?" i asked (refering to the jizz) "Why dont you taste for yourself" he said with a smile He didnt have to tell me twice.

I immediatly grabbed his stuck and stuffed it in my mouth not knowing what to do. I just sucked it all over and began licking his shaft. His dick was so warm and hard, i loved the feeling of it sliding around in my mouth. I grabbed his balls and begand massaging them around in my hands. I even put my mouth down and sucked on his nut. After a few minutes he told me he was about to cum. I didnt stop jerking, if anything i jerked faster and put my mouth back down and sucked on his pink head.

His body began to spasm and i knew it was coming. I felt 3 streams of hot cum hit the back of my throat.

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I immedialty swallowed it all. It tasted like sticky salty water. But i loved it. " We should go clean off he said" still panting from the orgasm he had. "uh ok lets go shower" With that we went to go shower (together) where i licked his ass hole again and we both gave each other blow jobs. Even today i have a thing for sticking my tounge up in a sweaty ass hole. Or even having some one just sit on my face while i tounge thier asshole.

Thx for reading my first ever story. Nice/sudjestive comment only pls. And sudgestions are welcomed.