Stranger Need To Fuck My Mouth and Ass Without Questions Compilation Taboo BJ

Stranger Need To Fuck My Mouth and Ass Without Questions Compilation Taboo BJ
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Hi my name's Janet and this is my story of seduction. I grew up in a very old fashion family. My dad was a construction supervisor and my mom was your classic 50's stay at home mother with the aprin and everything. I am the oldest of me and my sister Sarah. My parents were very conservative and seemed pretty dependent of one another, as there was very little PDA between them while i was growing up.

My mom was a big advocate of going to church every Sunday and my father was an usher so every Sunday my sister and i attended church. Between my conservative upbringing and my strong faith i couldn't help but be a nice conservative girl focused on her studies while growing up.

I took after my mother's sense of style and wore full dresses and ankle length skirts to school and never really saw the need to do where anything more reveling, after all i didnt plan on having sex until i was in love and married anyway.

My sister on the other hand was the black sheep of the family. She was very liberal with her clothes and was always pushing her luck with my moms approval of her wardrobe. She was always flirting with guys at school and giving out, she would even flirt with the muscly construction workers at my dads work the few times we were there, and she wasn't even 17. So anyway my sister and i are polar opposites. When i was a junior in high school i began developing into a women and my breasts were the first to show.

They grew from a 30B to a 32DD by my senior year and by the time i graduated a 32G which sounds huge for my 5'4" 103lbs frame but to tell the truth they looked good on me, they were full, round, firm, and compact.

Not to say they weren't big but they weren't too big looking like the girls with big boobs that are only big because they are long an saggy. Mine were firm and round. Sarah was of course jealous and said they were pornstar boobs because they looked fake.

I still however maintained my conservative and religious values. I didn't get much attention from men, probably because i was always studying and didn't have much of a social life and they probably hardly noticed my boobs since they were always hidden in my loose fitting full coverage dresses.

The lack of attention from guys was fine by me. After i graduated i went from job to job for a while. I fell in love with my now ex husband Todd who worked in the office across from mine when i worked as the assistant to a woman that had a fragrance business. I married Todd when i was 21 and still a virgin.


We had sex on our honey moon. By most peoples standards it was probably boring. We just missionaried for about 5 minutes then he came. It was a little uncomfortable since i was a virgin but Todd only had a 5 inch penis so it didnt hurt really. Since then my sex life has been pretty boring. Todd and i had sex every few months. Just the same old missionary. I guess sex was never really a priority to me and Todd didn't really do anything to make it one, i mean having his 5 inch cock in me for 5 minutes just never really changed me to crave sex, he never even had an orgasm, but i didn't know any better either.

When i was 23 my son Josh was born. Ten years after Josh was born Todd left me after a few years of resentment. He said he could not take our boring sex life and walked out.

The divorce was pretty devastating to me but, in the last few years Todd and i had grown apart and weren't very much in love.

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So there i was a single mom with a ten year old son. When josh asked why Todd left i told him that i was too boring. He smiled and said "Well he sure is a dummy, i dont think your boring mom" Josh brightened me up a little bit. "oh thank you sweetie" i gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. The next few years were tough, i hadn't been alone in so long.

Josh was now 15.

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Watching Josh blossom into a handsome young man sure did help me get through it though. He was into baseball a lot and had become a very talented player. He had began working out for baseball and was developing some nice muscle and maturing into a very handsome man. One day i was doing a load of laundry. I took it out of the dryer and sorted Josh's clothes out into a pile. I folded his pile and took it to his room.

I came to his door and was about to walk in when i heard him panting. He was breathing hard and sounded like he was moaning. I slowly turned the nob and cracked the door to see what he was doing and see if he was ok. The sight stun me. He was sitting completely nude on his bed masturbating!!!! And he had a pair of my granny PANTIES i had wore yesterday over his face.


I just stood there stunned, not knowing what to do. My eyes became locked on his cock.

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I quickly covered my moth before i gasped. It was massive. I'm sure Sarah would have called it a pornstar dick because it was so huge, like she did my breasts. It had to be a least 9 inches and his hand couldn't even fit around the shaft it was so thick. It was throbbing and pre-cum was seeping down it. I backed away from his door softly closing it and went to my room. I sat on my bed still in shock. My son is masturbating, And using he had my PANTIES.

Then the thought of his huge cock jumped into my head. i began to get warm between my legs. The thought of his throbbing cock made me feel like electricity was flowing though my body. Fuck Janet he's your son you can't think about you son like that.

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I ought to talk to him, masturbation is a sin. But what would i saw i watched you masturbate.

I decided i should just forget about it. I went down stairs to do some work to keep my mined off of it. It was difficult though, the heat between my legs was getting hotter. I hadn't had sex in 5 year since Todd left and that was hardly sex. I figured this must just be pent up sexual frustration from the last 15 years or so. I didn't actually lust for my son i just was reminded of sex and that's why this is happening, or at least that was what i was telling myself.

I looked up how to deal with sexual frustration online and every blog said masturbate. I had never masturbated before as it is a sin.

I was not going to masturbate but the war in my crotch was very strong. I went up stair and took a cold shower and then a few Tylenol PM to try and sleep my hornieness off. I dreamed of my sons cock. I imagined he took me and ripped my clothes off. "no josh no" i yelled in the dream He ripped my panties down and placed his huge dick right outside my pussy. "No Josh im your mother" i yelled in the dream Josh lined up and was about to stick it in.

I woke up right before he got it in. My panties were soaked with my juices. Fuck Janet you need to get control of yourself. I went and took another cold shower to get all the juices off me and to get any kind of relief i could.

i got dressed in my usually conservative clothing, a full length skirt and a loose sweater. I went down stairs. "Hey mom" Josh said My pussy twitched, "H. hey sweetie" "I'm going to go sleep over at Kyle's tonight if thats alright" my pussy was pouring out juices now and i could feel it dripping down my leg "thats f.fine sweetie, h.have fun" Josh came over to hug me.

His strong hands clasped my back. i couldn't handle it my pussy lost control and began spasming, my fingers dug into my back "Oh my god" i yelled. I was cumming for the first time and i didn't have any stimulation. "are you alright mom" josh asked "oh. aw yes sweetie i just took some Tylenol PM and am a little light headed and thought i was going to fall" "Alright mom, well if your alright ill see you tomorrow" "Bye sweetie" the door slammed and he left.

I had just came for the first time and i felt so good. I need to be fucked, i need my sons cock. I am going to seduce him. I went to my room but to no surprise had not sexy clothes. I didn't want to be boring, i have a day to prepare.


I got in my car and drove to the salon i go to. I need a sexy cut i thought. I got it cut short, just above my shoulders and then died bleach blonde. I then headed straight to the mall. I went Victoria's Secret and got a few bras, my favorite being a leopard print, strapless pushup bra.

I got a matching black thong with a leopard print crotch along with a few other thongs and G strings. I then went to the lingerie section and got a few corsets and so fishnet hose.

I was about to check out when i saw a purple night that was sheer from about mid torso down. I headed to the check out. "Wow is there a special someone" the cashier said "Oh yes, after i seduce him" haha the cashier laughed and handed me my bag.

I had one last stop, i needed a dildo.

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I headed to Spencers Gifts, also in the mall. I walked in and a young girl asked if she could assist me "yes i need a dildo" i said, it sounded so naughty and strange coming out of my mouth.

she took me to a shelf and said her is our main selection. there was nothing muh over 6 inches. i leaned over and quietly said "my partner is more like 9 inches do you have anything like that" "Oh you lucky women" she said with a smile " we have one" she went to the back and returned handing me the box.

it was a big jelly dildo, the box said Cockzilla on the front. "perfect" i said I rushed home and took all the bags to my room, i was soo horny. I ripped my clothes off and saw my self in the full length mirror. I looked good, nice firm tits, a round ass. My new blonde hair made me look younger an slutty.

Then i laughed, i haven't trimmed my bush i a while, not really a point when your not having sex. It looked funny my brown bush with my blonde hair. Oh well deal with it tomorrow. i took out the leopard thong and bra and put them on with the fishnets, i looked so hot and was so turned on. i grabbed the dildo and ripped open the box and jumped on my bed.

i moved my panties over and placed the head of the cock on my pussy "oh" it made my pussy twitch, i slowly put the head in "Oh fuck" it felt so good I pushed it in more "oh my god, so this is what ive been missing" i got it all the way in and sat there for a second and then started cumming "FUUUUCCCCKKKKK" i started pumping fast, my pussy was clenching the cock as i spammed "i fucking need your cock josh" i yelled "im going to seduce you" i whispered as i slowly pumped the dildo in me as i passed out in exstacy