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Redhead girl loves sucking off big dick
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New Years Eve Jason had accepted a job in the office at a mine in Northern Canada in the fall of 1972. He was 24 years old, 6 feet tall, 150 lbs., quiet and shy and the only people he knew all worked at the mine.

He had been in invited to spend Christmas with a family at the campsite which he enjoyed and had helped him forget about being so far from home. Several of the families had befriended him and he had gone drinking in town with some of the guys from the bunkhouses. With New Years coming up and having not met any single women that he wanted to out with, he was going to stay in his apartment for the evening.

He had a couple of books he could read and what was the big deal anyways. He would get a good night's sleep, go to the cookhouse for breakfast and go for a nice walk in the cold arctic morning. April was an athletic girl 5' 5", 140 lbs.


and in her final year of high school. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do after she graduated, but for now she was content to stay at home.

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She didn't care to go out much and as a result was in high demand for babysitting by many families in the camp. This particular New Years she going to be babysitting for the Paulson's who had 2 boys and a girl all under 7 years of age. Just as she was getting ready to leave there was a knock on the front door and there was Mr.

Paulson. He told her that his wife had just gotten very sick and they were not going to be going out. He apologized for the short notice and gave her the $20.00 he would have paid her for babysitting because it was too late for her to get another job and even if she did get a call, to keep the money anyways.

Jason was just starting the next Executioner novel when he heard a knock on his door. His neighbour told him that if he wasn't doing anything, there was a get together with some of the people in camp in the Rec hall and he was invited to come along. It was a BYOB affair some people had gotten some munchies as well. Jason thanked him for the invitation.

He then topped up his mickey of Bacardi, changed into some other clothes and went over to the Rec Hall. Mack Bolan would have to wait. April's parents felt sorry for her and asked her if she wanted to come with them to the Rec Hall. She didn't feel much like going but decided to go with her parents. Every year this impromptu party would usually get about 2 dozen couples there. People would sit a chat, music was playing and some were dancing others were playing cards or pool and the atmosphere was quite relaxed.

Jason had joined in with one of the groups chatting when he was asked by Mrs.

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Cunningham if he would care to dance. While they were dancing, she mentioned that she had brought her daughter April to the party and if he would mind dancing with her a few times. Jason said that he would be glad to dance with her. Jason danced with a few of the other ladies and had a couple of drinks before he asked April to dance. After a couple of fast dances he asked her if she wanted to sit and he pointed to an empty table and asked her if she would like to sit there with him.

She accepted and then he asked her if she would like a drink. She said that she hadn't had alcohol before but she didn't think her parents would mind if she did. For the next hour and a half they talked, drank and danced and then it was coming up on midnight. They joined everybody on the floor and sang Auld Lang Syne and then they kissed. As they were kissing, Jason pushed his tongue in April's mouth and she readily let him in.

As they were kissing they held on to each other very tightly.

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Neither wanted to stop but as people were leaving the open floor, they did as well. April asked Jason for another drink, her fourth of the evening. They were sitting very close to each other when she said "I want to kiss you again, but not here." Jason smiled at her, kissed her quickly on the lips and said "Finish your drink and let's go out for a walk." As there were leaving, they told her parents that they were going for a walk and would see them later.

They walked around the outside of the hall when Jason suggested they go into his place. Once inside they started kissing before they removed their heavy coats. Jason mixed some more drinks (April's drinks were getting progressively stronger through the evening.) and they went into the living room and on to the sofa.

As they were kissing, Jason moved one of his hands from April's arm and put it on one of her breasts. He started to squeeze a little and as he did she backed off from the kiss and smiled at him. He then moved his other hand to her other breast and began to massage it as well. "I've never done this before" April said "I hope you don't mind." With that Jason lowered his right hand and leaned into her and resumed kissing.

He then slid his hand under her shirt and up her back and undid her bra. His other hand moved drown from her breast up under her shirt and bra. He rubbed his hand over her very hard nipple as she began to moan.

He then lifted her shirt and bra as she lifted her hands removing them and stared at her beautiful naked chest. They then laid down on the sofa and kissed as Jason massaged her naked breasts. He then slid his had down to her pants, undid the button and the zipper then slid his hand down to her warm pussy.

It is very wet and he had no problem inserting his finger in her. Jason whispered to her "Let's finish our drinks and move into the bedroom." They quickly finished their drinks and he picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. April said as he was carrying her "I'm so nervous." "It's OK, I'll be gentle with you." He laid her on the bed and removed her pants, long johns and finally her panties. Then he quickly undressed himself and laid on the bed with her.

He took her hand and put it on his hard manhood and wrapped her fingers around it then had her slowly stroke it as he kissed her and fingered her pussy. He could feel then he was very close and got on top of her. He slowly entered her and took short strokes. As he was kissing her he started taking longer strokes and then he heard her gasp as he broke her hymen and slid all the way in. A few strokes later he came.

He laid there on top of her for a short time then still inside her they rolled onto their sides still embracing and kissing each other. She said that she had to go pee so they separated, got off the bed and walked hand in hand to the bathroom. He watched her as she peed. When she finished, he lifted the toilet seat and started to pee as well. She was standing beside him watching and reached over and held his cock in her hand as he peed. "This looks and feels so different from a little while ago.


Can you make it hard again?" "If you want to make out again, then we'll make it hard. You want to do it again?" "Yes, I won't be so nervous this time." They went back to the bedroom and she got him hard again then they started to make out.

This time it took almost ten minutes before he came and the shudder that went through his body was the best that he had ever felt before. They laid there together kissing and petting each other for another ten minutes before either of them spoke. "You want to stay for the rest of the night or do you want to go home? It's 2:30 now." "I better go home, my parents will still be up.

The party usually moves to our place." They held each other, kissed closed their eyes and promptly fell asleep.

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Ten o'clock the next morning Jason woke with a bit of a start. The sun was just rising and as he moved, April woke as well. "Good morning beautiful" he said to April an he kissed her on the forehead. "Oh my gawd it's morning, what are my parents going to think?

I've got to get home. What am I going to tell them?" "Calm down, we'll think of something" Jason said as he kissed her again but on the lips this time. "You look so good to me right now." They got up, went to the bathroom and returned to the bed and resumed kissing. Soon they were making love again and enjoying each other's touch.

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When they had finished, they cuddled together. Suddenly there was a loud banging on the door. Jason got up, put on his housecoat and went to answer the door. There was Mrs. Cunningham. "Is my daughter here?" she inquired. "Yes she is" said Jason knowing better than to lie. "May I see her?" And with that Jason lead her to the bedroom. "Would you leave us alone please?" "I'll get a few things and go have a shower." With that Jason got some clean clothes and went to the bathroom.

"Hi mommy." "It's a good thing it's me here and not your father. How could you do this this? Didn't you remember anything I told you? Did you have any protection? Well answer me dear" "I'm sorry mommy, it just felt so good. I couldn't help it" "When did your friend last come for it's visit." "Two weeks ago I think, I finished just before Christmas." "You made love with him and he went inside of you?" April nodded.

"My gawd honey, you could be pregnant right now. It's my fault, I asked him to dance with you a few times. I had no idea this would happen. What am I going to do?" "Mommy" she sobbed "I'm glad it happened and if I'm pregnant, I'll have the baby. It's nobody's fault, no it's my fault because I wanted it to happen and I'm glad it did.

We did it three times and if I never do it again, I will always remember last night. The first time any guy really talked with me, danced with me, kissed me and made love to me three times. All you asked him to do was dance with me. I love you mommy, please don't hate me." "I don't hate you honey, I love you very much and I don't want you to be hurt.

THREE TIMES. Oh my goodness." "Can he come for supper tonight?" "Oh I don't know, OK, yes he can. I hope you father won't get upset, I've never seen him mad and I hope this won't set him off." "Thank you mommy, I love you." "You get cleaned up and I'll be back with some clean clothes for you." After she was gone, Jason can out of the bathroom clean, shaven and dressed.

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He went to the bedroom and looked at April laying on the bed. She pulled the covers off completely exposing herself to him. "I told her everything. Yes everything and you're invited for supper tonight." "She invited me?" "No, I asked her and she said it would be OK. She's worried that I might be pregnant but I told her that it would be alright. She'll forgive you, and me and I think daddy will be OK as well." "I only met you last night and I think I'm falling in love with you." "I feel the same way, but I better get cleaned up; she'll be back soon with some clean clothes for me.

Looks like you're going to have to clean these sheets." She kissed him as she walk past him then said "I love you." While April was in the shower, Jason changed the bed and tidied the bedroom and the living room. He started thinking about what she had said. What if she were pregnant? Should he marry her just for that reason? Would he make a good husband? Could he support a family? Would her family like him?

What would his mother say? He was now getting very nervous about tonight. He could always say no and have supper at the cookhouse.

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But what message would that send to April? His friends used to say screw 'em and forget 'em. But he liked her. And she liked him. Tomorrow he was to be back at work and he couldn't have all this nagging at him.

They were sitting on the sofa (she was wearing his housecoat) when her mother returned. April went into the bedroom to get dressed while Mrs. Cunningham and Jason sat in the living room and talked. She told him not to be embarrassed, she understood how these things can happen and it's not the first time something like this has happened nor will it be the last.

She said that she had spoken with her husband and he was OK with him coming for supper. He told her that tomorrow after work, he would go into town and buy some condoms to which she replied that that was a good idea although it may be a little late. After she was dressed, April and her mother left to go home but not before Jason whispered in her ear that he loved her. He then went over to the cookhouse to get something to eat.

Three weeks later it was confirmed that April was pregnant and three weeks after that they got married. Jason retired from the company in 2005 while working in the head office.

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In 2013, they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary with their three children, ten grandchildren and two great grand children. They are still very much in love.