Biggest shlong tears all holes

Biggest shlong tears all holes
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Saturday morning. Rain lightly tapping the bedroom window. Together.

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Each other, in a sideways embrace. No obstruction to the electrical contact between their bare skins as they slide against each other ever so gently. With his strong caress around her lower waist, he moves down to lightly plant a kiss in the slight angle of her neck.

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Slowly moving up to her ear he whispers, " good morning, beautiful" In a low and husky tone that sends electric vibrations down her spine and into her loins and the insurmountable depths of her womanhood. He moves in to the earlobe and lightly brushes it with his tongue as his hand moves from her stomach to her sweet, moist opening that wafts with her heady fragrance.

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With a single finger he slides in ever so slowly so as to not ajar her, but to put her into an even more sensual ease. He slightly brushes against her clitoris causing her to arch backwards against his hardened, smooth and muscular physique.

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At the same time she feels his glorious member ever so awakened and starting to grow slowly and move in towards the small of her back. She turns on her side backwards to face him and envelops him in a complete kiss.

He moves his hand to envelope her perfectly shaped buttock cheeks.

In that moment everything else melts away and it is just two deeply connected lovers in ecstatic bliss. With the light covers from the bed still draped over their warm bodies she turns around completely and begins to climb onto his developed torso.

She leans forward with both hands pressing onto his chest to give another long, deep and moist kiss. Her lips, soft and delicate with the taste of pure honey make contact with his. She proceeds to push their lips apart with her warm tongue to meet his. The kiss suddenly becomes much more fierce in nature, but still one of love. She breaks the kiss and leans her pelvis forward and plunges herself down on his large, fully erect member.


The bulbous, swollen head begins to push her warm, moist lips open in order to delve deeper into her awaiting, aching abyss. As the full ten inches slide completely inside her, she is unable to hold back a massive moan that let him know his manhood has done it again.

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She pushes further and has swallowed his mass while he lifts her by her ass up and thrusts her back down on it all. Immediately he rises up and envelopes her breasts in his and hand and mouth. While he has her luscious mound in his mouth he softly nestles the small dime-sized nipple between his teeth and slowly applies pressure at the same time amassing the other breast in his large rough hand. Soon after she lets out a muffled, low-tone whimper in satisfaction.

They both begin to ungulate their hips in rhythm with the building pressure between them starting to amount to what is the unstoppable and fast approaching.

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Her moans are becoming much more full and higher at the same time. His are low and almost barking because of his perfect body glistening as his thrusts become faster and more rough. The bed is banging against the wall so hard it sounds like Morse Code. After some time, the neighbors in the apartment below begin banging on their ceiling wanting the madness to cease.

Together they both continue to moan, louder and louder in asynchronous harmony. Their hips and the bed moving at a breaking speed. The dawn is soon to be on the horizon.

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At last, it is upon us. Together they release their love and ecstasy for one another in large, multiple bursts. He is now up and holding her close to himself, with her beautiful, large breasts pressed against his massive chest, while their simultaneous orgasms wash over each other and they feel the others muscle contractions tense and release numerous times. Alas, when the last wave has ceased he lies down and she goes with him to rest her head on his chest.

Their breathing starting to return to normal. He leans to place a light kiss on her lips. Then leans to whisper into her ear, "I love you." After staying in bed for an hour longer, he gets up to take a shower, his massive member still a full eight inches soft hanging and bouncing as he walks around the room to get clothes for the day.

He leaves the bathroom door open while she lies in bed, still not having enough of his special love making skills.


She massages her, now swollen, lips, ready for another round with her man. While he is in the shower he notices that she is massaging and watching him. He decides to put on a show for her. He begins to take liquid soap and let it pour from a height and let it fall on his chest and slide down his fully defined torso then down to his member that is becoming more full again.


He massages the soap into each of his pecs separately then leans back while his hand traces the outline of his abs down to his fully erect, low hanging cock. He takes both of his hands around his swollen member and begins to thrust against his grip.

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Back in bed, the covers are off and she now has two fingers moving much more quickly to match her breathing. She has one finger in her mouth slowly going all the way in and back out. She moves her moistened fingers down to her nipples who are standing at full attention.

As the nipples feel the wetness of her fingers against the cool air, they become even harder. She cannot take it any longer her pussy lips are flushed and her clitoris is pumped up, too.

She slides out of bed and begins to sultrily walk towards the shower where they are both ready for another adventure&hellip.To Be Continued.