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I am sorry it has taken so long to write this chapter. I will try and be quicker going forward. ———————— Chapter 3 In this chapter, Jack takes care of some business, then takes his pet for some jewellery shopping. JACK: He put the car in reverse and pulled out of the parking spot.

Their entire shopping trip and the little session in the back took just over an hour, and it was nearly 10:45am now. He had more than enough time to drop her off at the spa/salon.

It was only a few blocks away, and since the bank was only a block away from there, time was not a factor. A couple of minutes later, he pulled up in front of the place. It was very high end. Usually frequented by only the richest ladies in town, and a few of the richest men as well.

He had been there himself as a reward for losing the last pound to reach his target. He knew that the service was incredible, and she would be pampered like she had never been before. He stepped out and ran to her side of the car, and let her out. He left the SUV idling outside as they went in, and stepped up the counter. "Hi. How are you today?" he asked the man behind the counter. "I am well, thank you sir. How can I help you?" Clearly, the man was batting for the other team, but Jack didn't care.

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"Well, this is my…" what could he say? "This is my little pet, and I want her to be treated to a wonderful afternoon." He heard a sharp intake of breath next to him, but ignored it. "That is so sweet of you. Every woman deserves to be treated like a queen! Any idea what you are interested in?" He was looking at her, but Jack answered. "Well, I have a few appointments to run, and need her to be pampered for the next 4 hours.

She definitely needs her hair done, and I want her to get at least one good long massage, wherever she has any aches or soreness. She works out too much." He said the last part with a chuckle, knowing what kind of workouts she was having. "Well sir, I can book her in for a massage right away, then she can relax in the hot tub, hit the sauna, have a nice mud bath, a facial and scalp massage, and then head into the salon when all is done.

That should take about 4 hours." "Sounds great to me. Make it so!" "Name?" the man asked. "Pet.ra" He corrected himself quickly. He didn't realize how quickly he took to calling her just Pet. As the man started typing, he remembered something. "I just need to get something from the car, can you get her registered, I will be back in 30 seconds." He ran outside and grabbed the bag with the dresses in it.

He pulled out 2 of the sundresses and tossed them back into the car, and grabbed the bag with only the green one left inside. "Her my little pet, something for you to change into when you are done." then he lowered his voice to a whisper, "You are free to enjoy the afternoon as you please." He left his credit card details with the clerk, kissed his slave on the cheek and headed out. He had 2 minutes to make it to the bank, which was exactly how much time it took him.

Jack prided himself on being on time. He was standing at the reception counter of the bank at exactly 11:00am. The account representative came out and invited him into his office. "How can I help you today, Mr. Harding?" "Well, I recently came into a large sum of money, and need to discreetly put it into my account, and I also need your help to invest it and keep it safe for me." "Well, where is the money, sir?" The bank manager had a skeptic look.

His eyes bulged out when he saw the cashier's check. "May I ask how you came into such a large sum of money?" "Honestly, I am having a hard time believing it myself, sir." Jack was in his late-twenties, he figured it wouldn't hurt too much to be polite with this man of over fifty. "My girlfriend is terrible with money, and she recently lost her mother and sister in an accident and the court settlement gave her a large sum of money as well as insurance money.

That is the sum of the total." "And she issued you a cashier's check for the whole amount?" "Well, she figured this way she wouldn't blow all the money." "Well, Mr. Harding, let me deposit this in the account for you." "Could you make it a joint account? This way I will feel more comfortable, less like I am taking 10 millions dollars from her?" The man smiled, "Of course. Can I get her name?" Jack gave it to him and he saw that she was a client of the bank until she closed all her accounts.

He decided he didn't need to know any details, and proceeded to open the account. "Any rules on the account?" "Well, I will want an account for investments.

Can you put 10 million into that account? I would also like one joint account, where either of us can withdraw the money at anytime. In there I would like to put the rest." "No problem, Mr. Harding." The man typed away at his computer for a few minutes. Then he printed some documents that Jack signed and then typed some more.

It must have been over 20 minutes before the man spoke again. "So first, the joint checking account, which has 624,542.00 dollars in it. It requires only one signature, either your girlfriend or your's. The I have an investment account open as well.

How would you like to invest the 10 million?" "I would like to put 5 million in fixed long term investments, low risk please. Something with a steady 2-4 percent should be fine. I would like to put 2 million in higher risk investments with a better expected returns. The rest I would like in a short term account, something I could access quickly if I need to buy some property." Jack had some plans to buy them a place to stay, instead of a small 1 bedroom apartment.

"Very well, Mr. Harding. Let me get that setup." More clickty clacking on his keyboard. about 5 minutes later, "All done, Mr. Harding. Can you please wait here for a moment?" "Sure." The man was gone about 10 minutes, and came back with a large portfolio in his hands. "Here are all the documents for today's transactions.

The rules for the various accounts are inside as well. You will also find 2 black debit cards, one for you and for your girlfriend. They will allow you access to our Concierge banking services, a 24 hour line for any needs you might require with your money. You will also be able to see both accounts online." "Thank you, sir." Jack stood up and shook the man's hand. "Please accept our thanks for choosing us as your bank." the man responded. He left the bank feeling good.

He had accepted the money, but he had set it up so that they could both use it. He didn't plan on splurging on things he wanted, but rather use the money wisely to get her setup so when he was ready to end their arrangement, she would be comfortable and wouldn't have to worry about finances ever again.

It had been almost an hour in the bank. He headed for his office, about 20 minutes away. When he got there, it was just past noon. He saw Anil sitting at his desk, and Salman's desk was empty. Anil got up as soon as he saw him. "Hello sir, how are you?" Anil was a new hire. He was a recent immigrant and had come here with his wife and new born baby boy. He was from India, and he came to him with excellent qualifications, but they were from back home, so no one was hiring him.

Jack seized the opportunity, and was able to expand his business into huge scale commercial projects thanks to Anil's knowledge of business applications. He also had the bad habit of calling him sir, even though he was the same age as Jack. "Anil, it's Jack, not sir. And I would like to see you in my office in 10 minutes, please." He had told Anil to stop calling him sir at least a dozen times a day since he started 8 months ago.

He figured letting him worry for 10 minutes about why Jack wanted to see him in his office was fair punishement. He sat down and booted up his computer and checked his email.

Ever since Anil and the Salman had started with him, they handled most of the project work, whereas Jack handled the clients and finding new projects for them. Everyone was happy, especially his guys, since he paid them a salary, but also gave them a percentage of the revenue from the projects they worked on. Anil then walked in, and sat down when Jack pointed at the chair. He had just seen an email from a client, who was praising Anil's work ethic and the way he solved a problem during the deployment stage last week.

"Listen, Anil," he started, sternly, "I have been getting a lot of emails from clients about you, and I wanted to discuss this with you." Anil was nervous when he walked in, and now he was sweating. "I am sorry, sir, I do not know what to say. I am sorry if my work isn't up to par. I will try harder, I promise. I need this job sir. My boy is about to turn 1, and I wanted to get a bigger apartment, and I already signed the lease. Please sir." Jack was taken aback. He just planned to mess with him a bit, then tell him how good a job he was doing.

But now he felt bad. "Anil, relax man. I was just messing with you for calling me sir all the time. I have been receiving emails about you, but they are all excellent. Everyone of them praises you and talks about how good you are and how lucky I am to have you working with me." Anil looked like a deer in headlights. Jack laughed, and soon Anil was laughing too. Once the tension broke, they were both laughing out loud.

Jack was tearing up and Anil was too. That was the scene that Salman walked into when he stepped into the office. Salman was the newest member of the team. He was actually a bit older than the two guys, by a year, and a very smart man.

He was from the UK, but originally from Pakistan. Jack had no idea that was going to be a problem until Salman's first day at the office. Turns out Pakistanis and Indians are not fast friends. How was he supposed to know? After a few of weeks of tension though, the two guys started working well together and now were very close friends. Their wives were inseparable.

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Salman's wife was a bit older than Anil's, and she was the proud mother of a boy of 3 and a girl of 1. The kids got along very well as well, and were as close as siblings.

Jack calmed down long enough to welcome Salman into his office. "Come in Salman. Listen, I am glad you are both here. I wanted to let you know I need a vacation and want to leave the business in your hands while I am away." Salman was first to speak up, "Wow Jack, thanks for your trust.

Are you sure we can handle it?" Salman had no problem calling him Jack. His British upbringing helped there. "Of course you can. I won't be gone long. No more than a month, tops." "A month?" Anil asked. "We have at least 3 projects on the go, sir, and another 2 starting in less than 6 weeks." "Jack," Jack corrected Anil, for the millionth time, "and you guys do most of the work here anyways, I just schmooze the clients. I will meet them tomorrow and inform them, and I will be available by email and phone throughout my time off.

In fact, I won't be away from the city for the first week anyways, so I could pop into the office here and there, should you need me. My plans haven't firmed up yet, but I am sure I could make that work." Jack really just wanted a flexible schedule so he could enjoy his pet, and he wanted to make sure that if he was interrupted, it was on his terms.

"Ok, so I guess we can manage. Are you sure?" Salman asked. "Yes, I trust you guys. I have nothing to worry about." With that, they took care of planning the workload over the next few weeks, and who would take lead on which project. He then sent out emails to schedule meetings with the 3 clients who had ongoing projects to explain the plan. He didn't foresee any issues, but wanted to meet them face to face anyways. Before leaving, he pulled out the company check book and made 2 cheques, for 2 thousand dollars each.

One in each of their names. He put them in envelopes and handed them to his colleagues before leaving. "This is the pre-vacation bonus. I think it is only fair that I offer you guys something since I sprung this on you.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will meet with the project leads for the clients we are working with now. Just take good care of the projects in hand, and we will be ok!" With that, a few pleasantries and handshakes, he walked out of the office.

He still had about 20 minutes to kill before he was supposed to pick up his pet, and didn't know what to do. He was getting pretty hungry, since lunch was easily two hours overdue. He figured he would wait and the two of them could get lunch together. He hopped into his X3 and headed to the Spa to wait for her. SLAVE: The afternoon at the spa was amazing. She got a wonderful massage, releasing all the tension in her back and neck.

Then she had a few hours of being pampered. She had a nice soak in the hot tub, a mud bath and then a manicure and pedicure. Her nails and toes were now a matching shade of dark red, and it was some special stuff that wouldn't chip or peel off.

Finally, she got her hair done, straightened and styled, and had them put stuff in it so she wouldn't have to spend hours maintaining the straightness every day. Even her ass hurt less than earlier. Something about the salts in the hot tub and the mud bath had soothed the skin.

She could still feel it when she sat down, but it was bearable, and only served as a reminder to be a good pet for her Master. She was in a great mood when she walked out of the Spa. Her master pulled up just as she stepped out the doors.

She got in the car, and he immediately looked her up and down. "You look amazing, my pet. The haircut is super hot!" She beamed from the compliment. "You are downright glowing!" She smiled and blushed, happy to hear him so pleased. "So, I assume you are hungry?" he asked her. "Actually, the Spa kept feeding me little things, fruits and hors-d'oeuvres, but I could have a bit of lunch, Master." "Ok, then why don't we head back to my apartment and we can eat." She didn't answer because it didn't seem like he was asking a question.

They drove in silence, and her Master collected all the bags from the back and they both headed up the elevator. She wondered if she would see the man from this morning again. Her cheeks reddened at the thought. Once at their floor, she remembered the lady she had flashed.

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She smiled, remembering the reaction. Her Master must have noticed, because he asked her what was funny. "Well, this morning, while I was waiting for you at the elevator, some lady came out of that apartment." She pointed at the door, "And she was looking at me in a very judgemental way and muttering about me being a harlot or a whore or something, so as she got on the elevator and the doors started to close, I flashed her." She was looking at him as she said this, and he smiled, then frowned for a second, and broke out in a grin.

Uh, oh, she thought, did she do something he was going to punish her for? "Wow my little pet, you are really something. So you like to flash little old ladies?" "Well, she wasn't that old, maybe late 40s, early 50s, Master." "I see. I am glad to hear this, but I do not recall telling you to flash any of my neighbours when I sent you out here to wait for me.

I appreciate you telling me though, so the punishment will be light." Oddly, she was actually happy to hear about the punishment. After this morning's harsh spanking, she thought she would despise another session, but she was intrigued to see if all his punishments would get her so hot.

He gave her the key to unlock the door since he was carrying quite a few bags. He walked in dropped all the bags on his bed, then pulled out two large suitcases from his closet. "Pack up your clothes in one bag, then fill the rest of it and the second bag with mine.

Make sure you pick up clothes for me to wear during the day, at the gym and for evenings, as well as underwear and socks. Also, don't forget my PJs, swim suit and a few different pairs of shoes. Can you handle that, my pet?" "Yes, I can, Master." She was wondering where they were going, but she started to empty the bags and take off all the tags from her clothes.

Once her stuff was in the first suitcase, which was still three quarters empty when she was done, she started to go through his closet and drawers and packed the stuff he requested. Then she remembered something he told her in the morning. She was supposed to be naked when they were alone, unless he told her otherwise. She quickly stripped off her dress and put it beside the bags on the bed and then continued with her assignment.

She kept the sandals because they looked cute, and she knew that her Master would prefer her to keep them. JACK: He went into the kitchen and made himself a nice turkey sandwich and grabbed a bag of premixed salad.

These things made his life so easy, since all he had to do was open a bag, dump the contents into a bowl and add dressing. He was a lot more careful about what he ate then he used to be, so he tried to mix in greens and veggies with every meal. He grabbed two plates and put them on the small counter that doubled as a table in his tiny apartment, and grabbed some utensils.

He then called a friend of his who was a property developer, and asked him for a good real estate agent to find a place that was in need of a lot of work. Jack had a plan, to have a place that was central, downtown in his city, but something that was also very modern inside. Since his town had a lot of redevelopment going on in an old industrial area, a lot of warehouses were being converted into huge lofts. He hoped to pick up a building like that, to convert into a nice place for his pet and him to live in, and also have a couple of apartments to rent out.

His friend recommended the agent he uses for exactly that purpose, and they also discussed his plans. He offered to help him take care of the renovations and coordinate the architect, the construction guys and to streamline all the permits and everything he would need.

Jack was glad he called him. His friend was a reliable guy, and this would make everything a lot easier. He then called the agent, a lady named Jamie. They spoke and he explained what he was looking for, and talked a bit about location and size. She promised to send him a few listings that afternoon, and they planned to meet in a couple of days to see the few places he might have liked. He hung up the phone and then called for his pet to join him for lunch.

It was nearly 3:45pm, and he had plans for after lunch. He was looking at his emails on his phone when he heard his pet pull out her chair and sit down next to him. He looked over and there she was, naked in her high heeled sandals. "Wow!


You keep surprising me, pet." "Thank you, Master. I just remembered the rule from this morning." she answered. "Very good, my sweet little slut." He smiled at her, then served a bit of salad onto her plate.

He ate his sandwich and had some salad too, and they quietly but quickly finished eating. She even took the plates and bowl and cleared the counter when they were done. Then she came back to stand in front of him. She looked like she wanted to say something. "Yes?" he inquired. "Well, Master, I was just thinking, I haven't had much protein today, and lunch didn't have any either, so I was wondering if maybe, well, maybe you had some protein for me, Master?" He was on the verge of laughing.

She asked him so sheepishly, her eyes to the floor. And the nature of the question was just odd. But then again, the situation wasn't exactly normal. He was just staring at her for a second, and she looked up and then quickly dropped her eyes again.

He got up and pulled her towards the sofa, and sat down. She knelt in front of him and undid his belt and unzipped his pants. Jack raised his hips and let her pull his pants down his thighs, and then down and off completely. His pet then took his semi-hard tool into her right hand, and she put the head into her hot, wet mouth. She sucked hard on the end, and licked it as she pulled on his cock till it got completely hard.

Then she started to suck on it, going down as far as she could, taking him into her throat with surprising ease. He sat there and enjoyed the blowjob, and then decided now would be a good time to give her her punishment for the incident at the elevator this morning. He pulled her head off his cock and made her stand up in front of him.

He got up and went to his room and looked through his box of camping equipment. SLAVE: Why did he make her stop? She was really getting into the dick sucking when suddenly, he pulled her off and made her stand up, then left the room.

She just stood there, wondering when he came back with something in his hands. When he got to her, she saw that he had found a few clothespins, the wooden kind with a spring. She right away understood she was going to get her punishment now, and she also remembered how much he used to want to put the pins on her nipples, when they were together before.

She would have let him, if only he hadn't kept asking for permission. She found it easier to say no than experience what she expected would be quite a bit of pain. Anyways, now she was going to feel what it might be like. He stood right in front of her and dumped the clothespins on the sofa. She couldn't count exactly how many there were, but there were at least 10 there.

He gently took her left nipple into his hand, and twisted it slowly while pulling out. Just as she felt the stretch in her nipple, as he approached the maximum point that her nipple could go, he placed a clothespin over it. At first, the sensation didn't hurt so much as feel like strong pressure. The pain suddenly hit, and she realized he hadn't released the tension until then, which clamped the two pieces of wood tight over her sensitive nub.

It stung and the skin felt pinched, the feelings something she hadn't experienced before. Unlike a pair of fingers, the wood was rough, and it dug into her skin more than fingers could, and the pressure was constant and unrelenting, whereas she had never had her nipples so strongly pressed.

He did the same thing with the other nipple, then cupped both breasts in his palms and jiggled them. The movement of the pins added to the sting in her sensitive flesh, and as they moved around, her nipples were pulled in every direction. He then proceeded to place a clothespin on each breast, about an inch above her areola. He lightly pinched a bit of the sooth skin, and placed the pin to apply an excruciating sensation in that area.

The sting in her nipples was quickly replaced with this new sensation, a pain that was very sharp. After he did that on both breasts, he added another pin below and one on each side. She was tearing from the pain in her very sensitive breasts. It was radiating out of the area, and felt like her chest was on fire. After what seemed like an eternity, but was really just a minute, the sharpness of the pain was replaced with more of a ache, a sense of stretching in her skin and the dullness of constant pressing.

This is when the pain started to turn to pleasure. She felt her pussy getting wet, and as she shifted her weight from one leg to the other, she could feel her lips gliding against each other between her legs. Her Master admired his work, not even looking up at her face since he started to place the little clamps on her skin. He then smiled, and then removed the pins on the top of her tits.

Everything till then was nothing compared to the way it felt as the pressure was removed and blood started to return to the affected area.

It burned and felt like a hot ember was placed where the clothespin was. He was slow with the first one, and she gave out a high pitched shriek, short but loud, when he did it. He must have liked that, because he then removed the same one from the other breast quickly.

Now she had two hot spots on her tits. She was crying again, like this morning after her spanking. Tears were flowing down her cheeks and dripping off her face onto her breasts.

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Her Master was not done yet though, because he took the off lower ones. This time he didn't press the pins to release the tension, instead just pulling on them till they snapped off. She felt the pull of her skin, then the sudden release as the flesh bounced back into place. The pain was stronger than the first pins, and the movement as her tits sprung back into place made the other pins shake, which added sparks of pain all around.

He then grabbed the two pins on each side of the areolas, and brought them together, pulling the meat of her breasts into itself, then pulled out, stretching her breasts out until the pins snapped off.

She screamed, a howl of pain, as the clothespins released and the blood flowed back. She backed up slightly from the shock. She started sobbing, breathing in gasps. He was smiling, and then put his hand on the top of her head and pushed her to her knees. Despite the burning sting in her breasts, her pussy was a fountain.

And again she could feel her nectar dripping past her lips. She desperately wanted to be used by her Master, to have him toss her down and to forcefully put his cock in her cunt. But her master had other plans.

He remained standing and pushed his cock towards her lips. He fucked her face, slowly at first and he sped up as his need grew. He started pushing against the back of her mouth, trying to push his cock into her throat. She relaxed, and after a couple of thrusts, was able to let him past her gag reflex.

He was fucking into her mouth and throat with full strokes, and she could hear the light pop as the cock cleared her throat when he pulled back. She could feel him getting closer, and she was sad because if he came, her pussy would definitely not get any attention. She could sense his orgasm coming, as he sped up and wasn't taking the same long strokes, mostly just pushing his head into her throat.

She then felt his dick swell and then it flexed, as the first shot of his cum blasted into the back of her throat. She forced her head back a bit so she could catch some of the cum in her mouth. The next couple of spurts did just that, coating her tongue and the inside of her mouth. As he stopped spurting, he just held his cock head in her mouth, slowly deflating. She kept her lips tight around the base of his glans, and swallowed his precious cum.

She delicately moved the tip of her tongue around his sensitive organ, and licked at the little drop of cum in the slit. He pulled his cock out and sat down on the sofa, and she stayed kneeling on the floor in front of him, with a smile on her face.

She licked her lips for effect, and looked at him, he was completely relaxed as he spread his arms out on the sofa. JACK: He was satisfied. A nice blowjob after finally getting a chance to use clothespins on her! He looked at her, kneeling there. She looked like she had forgotten about the pins still on her nipples. He mustered all his strength and sat up on the sofa, quickly pulled the two of them at the same time, up and out.

Her tits stretched out into cones on her chest for a second until the pins finally snapped off. She shrieked again. What a lovely sound to his ears. It was such a sexy little scream, high pitched but short. He could feel some blood returning to his manhood at the sound. He dropped the clothespins and rubbed her reddened breasts, delicately. She kept flinching, but didn't move away from his touch. They must be so sensitive, he thought.

Even this must be causing her such discomfort. He then thought back to this morning, how turned on she was after her spanking and wondered if this would have caused the same reaction. "Stand up for me, my pet." She did, and he right away noticed the scent of her arousal. He could also see the sheen of wetness on her pussy and inner thighs.

He leaned forward, and licked along her left inner thigh and stopped just before he touched her pussy lips. Then he did the same thing on the other side.

She was trembling from the sensation, and he repeated it a couple of times. She tasted amazing. She used to be very self-conscious, and rarely let him down there to eat her sweet pussy.

Well, now he could do what he wanted. He pulled her forward by the ass. She let out a gasp, and he made a note to avoid pressing to hard again. He had almost forgotten how sensitive she might be from the spanking this morning.

He licked from the bottom of her slit all the way up to her clit, rubbing his rough tongue against her love button. He lapped at it like a cat, short and quick strokes, over and over.

Her body jerked with every swipe, and she was panting. He then slowed down his tongue, and made the licks long and smooth, and put his middle finger into her sopping wet cunt.

His finger was sucked in by her sex, and he could feel her vaginal muscles clamping around it. He fingered her like that, for a few strokes, then added his index finger.

He wasn't a great pussy eater, but he knew enough that when a woman put her hands on your head for support, her legs trembling and her juices running down your hand and arm, you were doing something right. He sped up with his fingers and tongue, and then hooked his digits to rub against the bundle of nerves that were her g-spot. He applied pressure, effectively pulling her towards his mouth with his fingers, and slid in and out at a good speed.

She was moaning loudly now, and he was sure she was getting close. He then sucked her clit between his lips and flicked it hard with his tongue. Two flicks and he felt a gush around his fingers, soaking his hand, at the same time as her whole body started to shake and his fingers were pushed out by her convulsing vagina. His fingers were followed by a spray of her fluids, getting all over his arm, chin, neck and soaking his shirt.

She screamed out as she came, and tried to pull his hair out at the same time as she slumped forwards, stopping when she put her head against the back rest of the sofa behind him. That was when he released her clit from his mouth and tried to slide out from between her and the sofa. When he was free, she just fell forward and to the side, sprawling on the cushions and breathing heavily. It was quite a sight to behold.

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Her hair was spread out all over her back and shoulders and the seat, her knees were on the floor and her upper body was bent over the sofa. That was when he got a good view of her ass. It was red and looked like he hadn't done any serious damage. It wasn't bruised, but irritated. He caressed them lightly as she recovered. He waited for her breathing to slow down and for her to lift herself off the sofa and into a kneeling position. Then he delicately pulled her onto her feet.

He turned her around and kissed her, some of her sweet nectar still on his lips. She sucked them into her mouth hungrily. After a few moments of passionate making out, he backed away and straightened her hair around her face.

"OK, now I need a shower. Would you like to join me?" "Yes, Master." She said softly, breathily. It was such a sexy sound. He pulled her into the bathroom, and as he removed his shirt, she sat on the toilet and removed her sandals. He started the water as she was doing the other foot and stepped in, to be joined by her right away afterwards. He took the wash gel and the soft scrub, and soaped her whole body, being careful not to wet her hair.

She was holding it up, bunched up in her hands. He then cleaned himself quickly, and then used the handheld shower to rinse her off. He told her to step out and she grabbed a towel to start drying off while he rinsed the soap off himself.

After they both dried off, he grabbed a pair of jeans that remained in his closet, and a black t-shirt to wear. He got dressed as his pet just continued to stand there. "I think we need to get you some things to hold your hair up. It would have been much more fun to have you wash me off in the shower." He said, jokingly. "I am sorry, Master. I didn't think about it, I was so worried about my hair.

I am so sorry. Please don't punish me again, Master." She was smiling as she said it, and she pouted at the end, giving him her trademark puppy dog eyes. He came up to her and lightly kissed her on the forehead, and threw her dress at her. "Get dressed, my slut. We have much to do, and I hadn't planned for this little intermission." He grabbed his toiletries and her toothbrush from his bathroom and tossed them into the suitcase. He surveyed what she had packed, and satisfied, he zipped them both shut.

She had just finished tying up her sandals again. He grabbed both suitcases and headed for the door. He placed them outside in the hallway, then came back to grab his laptop, his keys and his slave. "Let's go, my pet." SLAVE: She was wondering where they were headed, especially since he was taking both suitcases with them. She had glanced at a clock as they were leaving, and it was almost 5 o'clock. She couldn't believe that it had only been as long as a standard workday since she left the apartment the first time this morning, and since then, she had been spanked throughly, fucked hard, eaten out and given two blowjobs.

She did feel pretty thirsty though, and was glad when they got to the car and she saw a water bottle in the cup holder. Her master had opened the door for her and she had sat down before he loaded the bags into the back of his suitcase. She had a few sips of water while she waited, and he got into the driver's seat and took the SUV out of the garage.

Once they were on the road, he spoke. "Well my pet. I think after all this, it is only right that I get you some jewellery. What do you think?" "Oh, that isn't necessary, Master. You already got me such nice shoes and dresses, and even treated me to a spa afternoon. You do not need to get me anything else. Really, Master." she answered. "Oh, but really, my pet, this jewellery is actually a bit for me more than you. I am getting you a couple of rings!" "Oh wow, that is really nice of you, Master." They drove along for a few minutes and he parked in a strip mall that had a tattoo and piercing studio.

She suddenly understood what her Master meant by rings. They had talked about this a few times before, and he had told her often that piercings were a huge turn on for him. Obviously he meant to have her get a piercing. She remembered how he had tried to talk her into nipple piercings once, and she was almost convinced.

But then she thought about how much it would hurt and chickened out. She would probably have done it if he had just dragged her there, but he was too nice. She had to decide if she was ready for this. This would be a point of no return, after this, he would completely have dominion over her body. She would be giving up the ability to say no to any modifications going forward.

She was thinking about it when she felt his hand on her lap. She looked over, and he reached over and caressed her cheek, and looked into her eyes. "You have a choice, my pet. If we go inside, you will come out with your nipples pierced.

If you don't want to do this, that's fine as well. This is a huge step, so there will be no ultimatum and no punishment. I am going to go inside. If you follow, I will be very happy. If you don't, that's ok. Just stay here and I will head back in a few minutes. Then I'll take you to the next surprise." He hopped out of the SUV and started to walk towards the shop.

She thought about it, and she realized that she would do this. It was the ultimate act of submission. She would allow him to change a part of her body, to suit his wants, to give him pleasure.

And the idea of it was so sexy, to have this secret thing that no one could see, but she would know, and it was so naughty. She stepped out and reached him before he opened the door to the shop. "I want to get my nipples pierced, if that's what you want, Master." She said it with in a sultry whisper, and put her arm through his. He smiled at her, his whole face lighting up. She gave a short laugh, and added "You should lock the doors to the car, Master." He fumbled in his jeans pockets and found the key fob, then they walked into the shop.

The shop's walls were covered in pictures and drawings, and the actual floor space was divided into two. The front was a waiting area, with a couple of red leather sofas around a round table covered in tattoo magazines, photos and binders. The back was the actual studio space, where there were a couple of chairs and tables, and a couple of drawing easels. The two areas were divided by a counter, which doubled as a showcase filled with different rings, studs and some pipes and bongs.

They walked up to the showcase and looked at the jewelry on display. JACK: He was happy she agreed. This was really a test of her resolve, to see if she was seriously committed to being his slave. Now he knew she was willing to see this through. He actually had a bit of a fetish for piercings, nipples, belly buttons, clit hoods and even ears and eyebrows.

He loved the glint of metal on a girl's skin, the manmade piercing enhancing the beauty that nature provided. He looked at all the different objects laid out under the glass. He knew he wanted something unique. A simple stud or ring would not do. As he scanned through row after row, his eyes fell on an odd shaped ring.

This one looked like the greek symbol for Phi. It was a silver ring, with a black bar that went through. On each end of the bar were small balls.

They waited for a couple of minutes before a girl walked up to them. She must have been 18 or 19, about 5' 3", and was dressed in a black tank top and tight blue jeans. The skin on her arms was covered in tattoos, and her nose and eyebrows were pierced. She also had purple dyed hair, cut short, and her lips had bright red lipstick, that matched the red flower pinned to the black hair band she was wearing.

Her breasts were probably C cups, but looked huge on her tiny, skinny body. An amazing punk rock beauty. "Hi, welcome to Metal and Ink. My name is Laura, how can I help you?" Jack pried his eyes from her body to answer. "Hi, Laura, my name is Jack. I would like to get my pet's nipples pierced today. Do you think that is possible?" He answered. Laura looked a bit surprised at the way he introduced his pet, but took it in stride. "Of course it is. Do you know what kind of stud or ring you would like?" He pointed at the pieces he had been looking at.

She pulled them out and explained the way they worked. Basically, the balls on the end of the bar screwed off, and the bar slid out of the ring.

The silver circle was meant to go over the nipple, and the bar went through holes in the ring and through the flesh, to come back out the other side and be locked in place by the ball once screwed back on. Effectively, this little piece of jewellery had the dual effect of constricting the base of the nipple, and pushing the nub out. It would mean the nipples would always stick out, and the thicker they were, the more engorged the ring out make them. He watched his pet while the girl explained, and he saw she was interested in them, listening attentively.

Laura then explained how to keep the nipples clean and prevent infection, and how this particular metal had anti-bacterial properties. His pet looked like she wanted to ask a question, so he gave her hand a squeeze and nodded when she looked over, "Will the piercing hurt?" She asked. Laura told her how it would hurt a lot as the nipple was actually pierced, but that it was about the same as someone pinching her really hard.

The initial pain subsided before the whole procedure was done. On top of that, after a few days, a lot of clients said they were even more sensitive than before. She also added that this particular nipple ring had the benefit of keeping the nipples constantly a little hard, enhancing pleasure from almost all contact.

In fact, sometimes it became too much, so they had these little hemispheres that could be snapped on to prevent clothing from brushing the sensitive nub. Jack knew right away these were the ones he wanted. He told Laura they would take them, and that he wanted the piercings done right away. She looked a bit surprised, and made a glance at his pet, as if wondering why she didn't say anything about it.

He was impressed when his pet didn't say anything, but just smiled. He gave her hand another gentle squeeze then let go and put his arm around her waist. He leaned over and kissed her cheek, as a small reward. Laura kept the slightly puzzled look on her face as she guided them back to a chair.

She turned around to pull the curtain shut to offer her clients some privacy, but Jack told her she could leave it open. There was no one else in the store anyways, but anyone who walked in would see what was happening. He had figured out that his pet really got off on the idea of getting caught in a compromising position, so he figured he would push the limit.

That's when Laura's look changed from what looked like intrigue to understanding. "Oooh, you two are a Dom/Sub couple? That's pretty cool. I assume she is also into exhibitionism?" The shop girl was quick. "Yeah," he replied, "something we are trying out.

I kind of sprung this on her. She has had about ten minutes to get used to the idea, but my pet is a real trooper." He was proud of his pet, and he wanted her to know it. "That's so cool. I always wondered what that would be like, to give up control to someone, about everything." She looked over at his pet, "How do you like it?" He nodded, and she answered, "Well, I am really enjoying it.

It's only been a day, but wow, it's been a great day. My Master really knows how to take care of me." Laura had a look of surprise on her face. "Wait, it's only been a day, and you are already letting him get your nipples pierced? Are you crazy?" His pet laughed before answering. "Well, I've known him for a looong time, and we were engaged once. I trust him, and I know he won't harm me. And I gave myself to him, and also told him that he could do whatever he wanted with me.

So yeah, if this is what he wants, well." She looked at him and smiled. "And you aren't worried about this arrangement not working? What if in a week or a month or a year you decide you want out? Nipple piercings aren't permanent, but even of the hole heals, ir might leave a small scar." The girl asked. "Oh well then, that's too bad. I'll live. Anyways, I have nowhere to go, and nothing to go to, so I don't think I will want out, as you put it." Laura didn't have anything else to say, so she put on some rubber gloves, and placed the rings into a beaker with some boiling water in it.

She then unwrapped the piercing needle from it's sterile paper wrapper. A short metal bar with a pointed tip, really. She explained that they didn't reuse the needles here, so they wouldn't have to worry about any issues with communicable diseases. She got some gauze and some cream ready and laid everything out in front of herself.

Then she fished out the jewelry with a small scoop and put it in a second pot, this one filled with a clear liquid. "It's rubbing alcohol, it will cool down the rings and disinfect them even more. We are all about safety here." Laura said.

"Everything is ready, I need you to, ummm, bare yourself." She added, timidly. His pet blushed furiously. She turned pink from forehead to her breasts.

It was funny to see on her pale skin. She nonetheless reached behind her and undid the bow holding up the two parts of her dress, and lowered them away from her double-D tits. SLAVE: She was so nervous. What if someone walked in, she was completely exposed in the chair. She hoped no one would come in, but also really hoped someone would.

Laura started with the left nipple. She took a piece of gauze and applied some rubbing alcohol to it. Then she delicately sterilized the sensitive skin of her little nub. The alcohol felt icy as it evaporated, and her nipple was standing at attention in a matter or seconds. What Laura did next though was the most painful thing she had experienced in her life.

She took the ring and pushed it through to the lower part of her nipple, right where it met the areola, and pulled a bit to make sure it was well placed. While still pinching her nipple and pulling it slightly out with her left hand, the girl grabbed the needle in her right and pushed it through the hole in the ring, then through her sensitive nub, and back through the hole on the other side of the ring.

She gritted her teeth and held back a shriek. The pain was like nothing she had felt before. It was focused, like a laser. And it was not a fun kind of pain. It just hurt. Laura then let go of the nipple, and took a hold of the protruding end of the needle with her left index and thumb, and slowly pulled it through, while simultaneously pushing the barbell through from the right side.

In what looked like one fluid motion, the needle was through. Laura screwed the ball on the end of the barbell, locking everything in place. She could feel the throbbing pain, radiating from where there was a new hole in her skin, as well and the pressure of the slightly tight ring.

Even though she knew what to expect, the pain was exactly the same on the other side. Incredibly, Laura had managed to pierce both her nipples in a matter of seconds. No more than a minute had gone by. She then disinfected the whole area, and applied an anti-biotic ointment to the area. "All done. Now make sure to put this cream on twice a day, for a week, then once a day, before bed for another 3-4 weeks.

Try and avoid any contact with saliva or any foreign objects for a couple of weeks, until the skin is healed. You will know when there is no more bleeding at all and the skin has mostly healed around the metal rod." Her Master thanked Laura.

The girl smiled at him, then looked back at her. At first, she thought the girl was looking to make sure the piercings were ok, then she realized that the shop girl was actually staring at her breasts.

She got a bit of a thrill from that, and she didn't cover up right away. She was sure of the girl's interest when she licked her lips subconsciously. She couldn't believe the effect the attention was having on her.

Her nipples felt like they were getting harder, trying to stand up and get Laura's attention. Her pussy started to get wet; she looked over at her master, and smiled, then reached up and took Laura by the back of her head and pulled her into a kiss.

The girl was stunned for a second, but opened her mouth when she slipped her tongue through her lips. She knew how much her Master had liked seeing her kiss another girl before. Once, they had gone out to a club with a bunch of friends, and after one too many drinks, she grabbed one of her girlfriends and started to make out with her on the dance floor, with him right behind her.

That night, when they got home, he was an animal in bed, and although it didn't last long, he was rough and really took charge. He had fucked her good, in fact, it was one of the best times they had together. JACK: He watched his pet make out with Laura for a minute, and was getting quite turned on. His cock was uncomfortable in his jeans, pushing up at an awkward angle.

He cleared his throat, which brought the two of them out of their little world. Laura stood up and nervously smiled, and his pet grinned like the cat who caught the canary.

Jack wanted to get out of here so he could get some relief. "Well, that looked hot as hell. Pet, tie up your dress. Laura, how much was it for the piercings? And I would like to get those little shells you told me that snap over the rings." "If you can give me a couple of minutes, I'll clean up here and then I'll ring you up at the cash.

You can sit on the sofas and I'll come and get you." They sat down and he started to look at some of the images strewn about the table. His pet also looked interested in the images, because she grabbed one of the binders and started flipping through it.

"You should know, I don't mind you making out with girls or anything, but you did it without asking my permission. And that can not be tolerated." His pet had a sudden pained expression on her face. "Start off by apologizing to me, then I will have to figure out a way to punish you.

Since I can't do anything with your nipples, and I assume your ass couldn't handle much after this morning, I'm going to have to find a creative solution." Jack trailed off, thinking. "I am so sorry, Master. I don't know what came over me, I just felt like I had to do it. I think it's just the combined affect of having my tits out, and her eyes were so intent on my tits.

I was so worked up thinking about someone coming in and seeing me like that, then there was the pain, it just… I guess I just acted on impulse. I am really sorry, Master." "Honestly, I think you enjoy being punished. In one day I have already had to punish you twice, and now I have a third opportunity. You need to work on controlling your impulses. Henceforth, you are not to do anything sexual without asking me before you do it.

Understood?" "Yes Master. Does that mean that I should ask for permission before I kiss Laura again?" She said it in a playful way, with a smirk at the corner of her lips. "Yes, that is exactly what it means." He paused. "Pet, are you into girls?" Jack was curious, because if she was able to do more than just make out with a girl, he could fulfill his dream of a threesome with her and another woman. "Well, am not repulsed by women. I wouldn't say that I would instantly want to have sex with any girl, but I am willing to be with a woman, and the idea makes me wet.

Like right now, Master, I am soooo wet." That last part she whispered into his ear. "My first kiss was with a girl, my best friend in middle school.

In fact, we would practice, all the time, in the shed behind her house, after school. I still remember how she would lie down over me and we would rub our thighs against each other's pussies until we came, making out at the same time." His cock had deflated slightly in the couple of minutes since they sat down, but it was once again steel in his pants. This time he was able to adjust it in his jeans and find some level of comfort.

"Ok, then you have my permission. But you also have to get Laura's number. And for your punishment, you will have to ask Laura if there is any other way that you can pay for the piercing.

I think you know what that means, right?" She nodded and stood up. SLAVE: She got up and headed towards the back of the shop. She could see the cute girl, working away. Laura was bent over placing something into a lower shelf, and she got a nice view of her ass in the tight jeans she was wearing. "Excuse me, Laura?" she asked, timidly. The girl stood up and turned around. "I hope I wasn't too forward earlier? I don't know what came over me, and I am sorry I crossed the line there." "Oh, no, don't worry about it.

I was actually tempted to make a move myself." Laura answered, with a smile. "In fact, I was mesmerized by your amazing boobs, and how the piercings made them look even better. Want to see mine?" Laura didn't wait for an answer and lifted up her tank top, revealing a pink bra. It had a front clasp that the girl opened, and revealed her tits to the Slave. Even though they looked perfect, and looked quite large on her small frame, the most impressive thing was her nipples.

They were long and hard, and there were rings in them. "I had them pierced when I started working here 4 months ago." "Wow, they look amazing." Laura slowly fastened the bra back and lowered her tank top.

The Slave looked at the girl, and screwed up her courage. "I was wondering, was there any way I could pay for the piercings, you know, without money?" "Hummmm," the girl replied, "I can't give away the actual nipple rings, but I can definitely come to some sort of agreement with regards to the labour cost.

How would you like to pay?" "I don't know, what would you like?" "For starters, I wouldn't mind seeing what you look like without that dress. Then maybe I could get you to spend a bit of time taking care of some of my needs?

I can tell you, seeing your tits out earlier really got me pretty horny." "OK, but I need to go ask Master first. I will be right back." She went back to the front of the store. She wasn't sure she could do this. She had never actually been with a girl.

Just a bit of kissing here and there. She wasn't repulsed by the idea, in fact quite the opposite. The thought made her very excited, sexually. She was just worried she might not know what to do. Her Master was still sitting on the couch, looking at pictures of tattoos in a magazine.

"Master?" "Yes, my sweet little pet?" "Umm, Laura says that I have to pay in cash for the actual nipple rings, but that she can work something out with me for the labour part of the piercings. I wanted to know if you are ok with that, Master?" "Well, what will you be doing, pet?" "I really don't know. She did say she wants to see me naked, which I am, well, I am ok with." She paused, then added, "And she mentioned she wanted me to take care of her needs, which I assume means make her cum.

I just don't know how to do that, in middle school we just rubbed over our clothes." "Well, from what I understand, you have an advantage, since you are a woman… Why not just do what you might want to have done to you?" "I guess, Master." She was still hesitant. "Well, I will go and try anyways, Master, if you want?" "Yes, but tell Laura that I want to watch.

If that is a problem for her, then I will just pay for the work and the jewellery and we can leave." "Ok, Master." She walked back to where the girl was. She had finished all her cleanup and was organizing the display case. "Master said ok, but that he has to be able to watch, otherwise he will just pay cash." Laura thought about it for a second, and nodded. "Ok, but I have to close the shop for a bit. I'll be right back." She grabbed some keys from behind the counter and walked to the front door, which she locked.

Then she flipped the sign in the window to "Closed" and put up a piece of paper that said "Out for lunch, back in 20". She even asked her Master to join them at the back.

Laura then guided them through a small door that led to an office. Once inside, she cleared some place on the desk and sat down, and pointed at a chair for Master. "So we have 20 minutes." Laura said. Then she stood up and kissed her. They made out hard, lips crushed against each other, while Laura reached behind her neck and undid the knot holding up the material over her breasts.

My san and my tan

She then stepped back and admired the newly pierced tits in front of her. The slave reached over and undid the zipper holding the dress up, and it simply pooled at her feet. Laura stared at her, noticing the lack of panties right away.

The Slave let her gawk for a second, then she took charge and pulled the purple haired girl's tank top over her tits. She unclasped the bra and dove right in to suck her left nipple into her mouth. She had never sucked a woman's nipple, but she knew she liked it when a guy applied a lot of suction, and pressed his teeth into the sensitive nub, so she did the same.

She was rewarded by a moan from Laura, and kept on reducing and increasing the suction, like she was nursing at her breast. After a few seconds, she released the left nipple and moved to the right, while toying with the free one with her hand, twisting and pulling lightly at the ring.

Laura was panting and moaning in short order, and had her hands in the Slave's hair. With her free hand, the Slave was running her nails along her back, applying enough pressure to leave red marks, but not enough to be called scratching. After a couple of minutes of alternating between the two nipples, she stepped back and undid the girl's jeans. They were on so tight that she had to struggle to get them off her hips and then off her calves. Underneath, was a black thong, with a tiny patch of material at the front and only ropes over her hips and between her crack.

She pulled them off as well, and then removed the girl's shoes to get the jeans and underwear completely off. Beneath the thong, the girl was shaved smooth, except for a small landing strip of black hair above her slit. Her lips were pink and clearly wet and engorged from her arousal. Laura's arms were not the only part of her that were tattooed. She had a snake on her left thigh, that wrapped around and went down to just above her knee.

Her right thigh was covered in an outline for a lotus flower, in black. She also had a salamander on the top of her right foot. The Slave directed the girl to sit on the desk, and moved back in to kiss her. As she had her tongue trying to push as far into Laura's mouth as possible, she dragged one finger down between her tits, over her flat stomach, around her belly button and then kept going down. She pulled on the hair of her landing strip, eliciting a small yelp from the girl. She let go and rubbed the side of her hand in between her wet lips.

She brought her free hand to squeeze her left tit, and applied a little bit more pressure with her hand between her legs. JACK: He couldn't believe the show he was getting. In front of him was his pet, completely naked, making out with a cute girl that couldn't be more than 19. The little punk rock chick had her hands in his slave's hair and her legs were spread out on the edge of the desk.

He couldn't resist, and undid his jeans and pulled out his cock and started to slowly stroke it. His slave had her hand between her and the girl, and he couldn't tell what she was doing from his current position. So he rolled the chair around till he was next to them, and saw that his slave had pushed a finger into Laura's pussy and had her thumb rubbing her clit. Laura was breathing heavily already, and her hips started moving with the movements of his slave's fingers.

His slave then moved her lips off the girls mouth and down her jawline to her neck. He could hear soft slurping noises as she kissed and nibbled at the sensitive skin. She simultaneously added another finger to the punk girl's pussy. This brought out a long moan from the girl. His slave had her thumb pressed against her clit and her fingers were moving in and out, getting faster.


The room was filled with the sounds of Laura's moans and the wet sloshing noises of the fingers in her pussy. Her hips were moving back and forth, and her head was now hanging backwards. Suddenly, she tensed up and stopped moving, and a gush of liquid sprayed out of her cunt. Her mouth was frozen in a silent scream.

Then her legs started to shake, and her back went limp as her abs and thighs started to spasm. She let out a high pitched grunt, not quite loud enough to be a scream but not a moan.

She finally slumped back leaning against the back wall behind the desk. His slave then pulled her fingers out of her pussy and brought them up to her lips. She licked at Laura's secretions gingerly, and obviously liking the taste, then sucked her index completely into her mouth. She offered her middle finger to him, and he eagerly took it into his mouth and tasted the young girl's nectar. It was some of the best pussy he had ever sampled. The whole scene had him quite worked up, and he needed to get some relief.

He reached up and grabbed his slave's head and pulled her down, making her kneel in front of him. He guided her head right over his dick and pushed her head till his cock head disappeared between her lips. He twisted his hand in her hair, getting a firm grip, and forced her mouth to fuck his turgid member.

He used her as a living fleshlight, and within a few moments was ready to blow. He pushed her down one more time, and unloaded.

He could feel his balls contracting, almost painfully, releasing another load into her today. He pushed his hips up as he shot rope after rope of jizz into her pretty mouth. She dutifully swallowed every drop, not letting any of it out the corners of her lips. He released her head when he was completely spent, and she lightly sucked on the head as his dick softened. She let go with a pop, and while still kneeling smiled up at him. He smiled down and stroked her hair, smoothing the strands that had gotten mussed up with the activity of the last few minutes.

She reached up and put his cock back into his underwear and carefully buttoned up his jeans and pulled up his fly. Then she just waited, on her knees in front of him. "Good job, my pet. I think Laura definitely enjoyed your payment.

Why don't you get dressed and help her get her clothes on. I think we should get going, I have other plans for the evening." "Yes, Master. I will be out in a minute." Jack left the room and headed out into the waiting area.

He found the magazine he was looking at earlier and found the tattoo he was admiring. It was an incredible design. It was a dragon, whose head started off under the right breast, pointing towards the navel.

From there, the neck of the serpent rose around the outside of the right breast and under the arm, where is continued across the back. There the body of the dragon went diagonally down the back, with small wings. The tail started just over the left hip, over the cheek of her ass. The tail than wrapped around the left thigh, behind the knee, and the tip of the tail ending behind the leg, over the calf muscle.

The dragon was drawn in mix of red, black and gold, an exquisite piece of art. He was flipping through the rest of the magazine as he waited for the girls to come out. His slave came up to him and let him know Laura was at the cash waiting for him.

He promptly paid the 55$ for the nipple rings, and left her another 100$ tip on top. He figured if the owner asked about the payment for the piercing, she should have enough to cover the cost, in case. "Thank you very much, Laura. I really appreciate your efforts." He told her, as she handed him a bag with the hemispheres for his slave's nipple rings.

"You are quite welcome, Jack. And thank you for having her make me cum. It felt great." "It was my pleasure, I assure you. Actually, I think my pet has something she would like to ask you." He nodded at his pet, and she asked "Can I get you phone number?

I would love to meet up again." "Sure!" She scribbled it onto the back of a business card for the shop. "Make sure to call me, and next time maybe I can get some of that huge dick your master is packing?" she added with a grin. "Thanks, Laura. And maybe we can share Master, if he let's us." His pet answered, with a smile.