Pissing boy hidden movie gay Wesley Gets Drenched With Devin

Pissing boy hidden movie gay Wesley Gets Drenched With Devin
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The world had greatly changed since the forties. More people own guns, police had better weapons and appeared more aggressive if not more restricted.

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Jerrod was more impressed with this world then the one he had left behind. The girl he had let live in the graveyard was his personal escourt. She lived like a queen and he loved the fact that he never overspent the money that he had which he actualy had buried in his last life. She wasn't greedy, and only wanted whips, chains, and a gag or two. What could he say, he may have loved her. But he never was really sure of love.

Last time he thought he lobed someone she stole from under his nose. He kept her alive for days chopping limps and eating them, the parts he didn't eat he gave to her. She didn't know what it was, she ate feriously. Stupid girl.

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This girl seemed different. She had no real want for money. No real envy for shopping. She didn't believe in the tradional god. Hallows was on his way on getting the town to fear him again. Not as a mobster though, a tactic that didn't work to much the time before. But instead a legend. He would make everyone know who he was through his malicious actions. He wanted to be a symbol of fear. The first few victims were already found, the entire town was already nervous.

It was time to make them scared. Carla love coming on this adventures, and was extremely excited for this one in particular. Emma was walking home. An african american woman with long black hair, smooth skin, pink fingernails. She wore a deniem miniskirt and let her long legs tell people about her. She wore an almost see through black shirt. As she strutted in black clogs she sifted her left hand through her hair making sure it was just right.

It was puffed up alittle bit wavy and coal black. Her facial feature were soft and were her large breasts which hung tight in her bra.

Her ass nearly hung out from the skirt. Mainly for it was too small for her. She carried a purse, it hung on her left arm, like royalty she lifted her left forarm keeping the purse from sliding away. She took out a small mirror and looked at her lips, they were red and plump. "Could I get a light?" a girl near the alley way asked holding out a cigar. She wore a black miniskirt and a Five Fingered Death Punch hoodie. She loved that band. Her nails were black and her face was covered by a combination of her hair, sunglasses and a back hood.

Emma pulled a lighter out from her purse Which was right next to her mace and her pistol. The girl put the cigar to her lips as she lit the rolled tobacco. The girl sucked hard creating a large line of ash quick. She suddenly twisted it over and blew all of the smoke out toward Emma also scattering ash at her.

Emma cursed at her, sheilding her face. Carla grabbed the womans shoulders and forced her into the alley way as Emma made sure their was no ash in her eyes while Carla "Appologized" about how that happened. She walked her into the side door of a building saying she would help clean her up.

Emma finaly opened her eyes and looked around, she was in a kitchen. She turned around to see a rotting corpse with an outstanding grey suit in front of her.

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She screamed as Carla pushed her into the dead monster. The corpses hands rose and held her like steel. It's dry face came in and licked her neck with a dry purple tongue. She cried out as his dry dead fingers slowly slid up her large suculant thighs. Emma opened her mouth to scream when suddenly something was shoved in. Carla snapped the gag into place. The womans full lips pressed against the ball gag as she tried to scream. The fingers kept climbing and climbing until they reached her precious womanhood.

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Emma gasped as the fingers started rubbing her velvet pussy. Carla's hands went under her shirt going up and gripped her breasts and licked her ear. "She tastes divine." Carla gave. Emma felt the cold dead hand grasp her panties and then yanked them off. She leaned back trying to get away crying.

But her body only pressed into Carla more. Jerrod never had seen a woman lick another womans ear, or grab her breasts. He offere whores to do this for money back in his time, but they never did do it. This girl, his girl, was different for sure. He unzipped his pants pulling his large thick pride. He opened his mouth, the gaping hole in his cheek widened as he spoke.

"I am going to enjoy you." he taunted spreading her legs apart. Gripping her by the thighs he lifted the woman and drove into her deep and fast. She tried to scream but the gag prevented it. He came forward and bit her neck hard. She tried to scream, Jerrod licked the small bit of blood from her delicate neck. One of his hands slid back grabbing her full round ass. He sqeezed again, then slid it further, he put a finger to her asshole and circled it with her finger.

He plunged his bony finger into her ass. She screamed out as tears surged. Emma's tits were still being molested by Carla's cold delicate hands. Jerrod took his finger from the girls hole and beckoned Carla closer. She came in kissing Jerrod with her tongue flickering inside his dried out mouth.


His hand grabbing carla's round apple ass that he would so often crave for. Emma was so disgusted. He took his penis from her pussy and threw her over the metal kitchen table tearing her shirt from her body along with her bra. He spread her ass apart seeing her throbbing asshole.


He put the tip of his penis on her hole and slowly circled her hole. She tried to scream but only a moan was made. Emma's eyes bulged in horror when she suddenly her a loud crack. She looked over to see her female captor with a bullwhip.


Carla strutted slowly to the sexy black captive whispering in her ear. "You're going to lick my pussy, or you're gonna get the whip, understand?" the fearful woman nodded. Carla took the gag off and then kissed her deeply, her tongue almost reached the back of her throat, licking the insides of her mouth.

Carla sat on the table and spread her legs infront of Emma sliding in closer so Emma's mouth was right over her pussy. Jerrod shoved himself into her asshole. Emma screamed as Carla grabbed her head and shoved her mouth onto her pussy.

She moaned at the vibration of the scream. Emma had no choice, she started licking the girls cunt as her ass was being thrashed. Jerrod's dead hands grasped her ass and sqeezed it her ass cheeks together further increasing his pleasure. Carla whipped the whip from side to side moaning. Faster and harder as she came closer to an orgasm. Seconds later she gushed into Emma's mouth and whipped her back so hard she started bleeding. Emma choked on the juices because of the complete and utter pain she felt.

Jerrod bent over licking her wound crushing her ass between his fingers as he came inside her asshole. He pulled out. "What do you want to do with her now master?" Carla asked. "I think she's hungry, better let her meet the others." Carla smirked as she lifted Emaa up and walked her to the lobby where there laid six dead bodies, most dismembered and chewed on.

"Doesn't that just get you soaking?" Carla whispered into her ear as her fingers slid to Emma's pussy and started rubbing her clit while kissing her neck. Carla suddenly whipped her to the ground and pulled a flog from her purse. While sitting on her chest. Emma nearly screamed again realizing the wetness she was feeling all over her back with actually blood.

Carla lifted her miniskirt and stood over her. "You are going to lick my ass out, if you don't I'll flog you untill you passout. " Carla threatened while her larger shapley hips came down upon Emma's face. Emma grabbed the sides of her hips and started licking. Carla looked up and saw Jerrod Harrow standing before her. She moaned a bit and licked her top lip slowly.

Jerrod approached her with his penis erect. She grasped thr phallus and put her lips around it starting to suck. Emma couldn't believe what she was doing, her tongue swished around this girls ass hole as she moaned loudly. Carla loved the feeling of Jerrod's cold hard dick in her mouth. Feeling the rough texture going down her throat and and her tongue circling around his head.

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Jerrod grasped her hair and shoved his dick inside her mouth and jizzed down her throat. She thankfully swallowed everylast drop cumming from her ass. She stood up and grabbed jerrod's head and put it at her chest. Jerrod grasped the left one greedily and put the other one in his mouth, his tongue like sand paper licked her nipples.

His dick started to rise again and she felt it. "Take me in the ass." she begged. Carla laid down on Emma kissing her deeply. Shs felt Jerrod on top of her and his phallus suddenly penetrated her asshole. She moaned loudly grasping Emma's large tits.

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She licked Emma's neck and her face. She bit hard on Emma's bottom lip making her cringe in pain. But Carla didn't care she loved it.

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She opened her mouth and screamed an orgasm in Emma's face. Jerrod got off of her. Carla kissed Emma a few more times feeling her body. "Goodbye, you were fun for a while." she teased. The two left without a word. When the police found Emma she was in a corner with eyes wide with a story to tell. The next night the news were reporting the new serial killers/ rapists, "Mr.

& Mistress Death".