Novia coge en otra casa

Novia coge en otra casa
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A Prison Story Part 4 A New Whore By JIMMY SEAY Brian was relieved that the kid had at least momentarily left the cell but he dreaded James's return. Would the kid bring back someone else to fuck him? Or even worse, would James return with a multitude? The though of even one more convict knowing was unbearable. It would be so humiliating! Brian looked down at his body, there were a couple of bruises in his muscular frame from the beating the kid had given him, his shriveled cock look even smaller than normal now that it had no hairy man bush around it.

Filled with shame the muscular bully squatted over the toilet and began to douche as the kid had ordered.


The neck of the makeshift douche bottle slipped easily into his violated ass ring this go around. He filled the fuck cavern the kid had created with warm soapy water and expelled the kid's sperm.

After refilling the bottle, he refilled his ass. The water put pressure on his stimulated prostate, just the effect of having his ass sloshing with liquid caused the once top convict to begin to bone up. His balls were spent in their shaved scrotum but as his dick erected they began to work on producing a fresh batch of cum. By the time Brian had finished douching his little 5 ½ incher was not only completely boned, it was also leaking precum.

The once hetero hunk couldn't understand the reason his body was betraying him. He knew nothing about prostate glands, he didn't understand how douching his ass had caused this steel hard erection. He couldn't understand the empty feeling his ass was experiencing. He didn't like getting fucked, he wasn't turned on by other men, he didn't like cocks!

He liked women or a pretty sissy boy. His face was red as he looked down at his leaking hard prick.

He didn't want the kid to come back and see him on hard. He decided to jack off and get rid of the betraying boner. James hadn't gone far.

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He stopped at the first convict that was out on the cellblock runway. "I'm breaking in a new punk and I want to make sure the bitch learns his place. I'm looking for a few dudes to fuck the faggot but I want the bitch used hard and humiliated." James didn't waste time explaining nor did he need to. 28 year old Joseph Baker was always ready to fuck something and he didn't much care what or who.

At 5'11" and 195 pounds, the stocky stallion could already feel his 7 incher waking up. He replied "Let me at the punk, I need to plow some ass anyway." "There's just one string attached," James replied. "I want to humiliate this fuck bag even more than I have already. I want him to think I'm whoring him out, but I want him to think I'm selling his services for practically nothing. So bring a honey bun or a postage stamp or something, just any commissary item as long as it's worth less than $1." Joseph snickered and agreed and walked to his cell while James waited.

Joe came out with a bar of the cheapest soap the prison commissary sold.

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Joe was a bit confused when they stepped inside Brian's cell but as his eyes locked on the naked dude that was sitting on the toilet beating off, he broke out in cruel laughter. James slapped Brian. "Bitch! What do you think you are doing? What in the fuck! Why are you playing with that little clit?" Brian was as red as a white man can get. The embarrassment of getting caught beating off plus the addition shame of being slapped by the kid was overwhelming the muscular stud.

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Joe just laughed louder and shook his head, "I always figured this loud mouth bitch would turn out a faggot." Joe, like the majority of the cell blocks residents had never liked loud arrogant Brian. He handed the bar of soap to James, "Yeah, I'll pay for some of that punk's pussy." James held up the bar of soap inches away from Brian's red face. "Look what your first customer paid me, bitch. I sold your pussy for a bar of soap. You're gonna show him a real good time, you're gonna make him a satisfied and happy customer or this bar of soap is going up that pussy, bitch." James snickered and walked out of the cell leaving Brian and Joe to get down to business.

Joe began stripping, his dick was hard before he got completely undressed. "I should have guessed you were looking for some dick, faggot. You tried to play the man role a bit too hard. You ain't so tough now are you queer boy? Now crawl over here and kiss my cock, fag." Brian was so ashamed. He did the only thing he knew to do, he crawled over and kissed the head of the convict's dick. Joe was uncut, his 7 incher was above average in thickness, his full balls hung low in their hairy nut sack.

As the muscle bitch kissed his cock, Joe reached down and retracted his foreskin and exposed a precum covered dick knob. "Kiss it and lick it, faggot man, clean my dick head." The convict growled.


"Shine that dick knob up good, you low life queer." This was Brian's first oral exposure to dick, he cringed as he licked at the disgusting slime that had oozed from the convict's piss slit.

The sooner he excited this man, the sooner this would be over. He did his best to make that happen. Joe snickered as the muscular turn out went to work on his fuck tool. He encouraged the new cock sucker, "Get it nice and wet, lube it up and get it ready so I can pack that pussy." Brian was a novice so he did a fair share of choking and gagging as his mouth tried to handle the engorged cock.

In about 10 minutes, he was able to bob his head up and down and massaged the hard prick with his mouth. Precum leaked onto his taste buds leaving the bitter after taste of a virile horny leaking man.

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"Okay, faggot, now face down on the bunk. Daddy's gonna pack your pussy now." Joe climbed on the muscular back of the cell block's newest fuck boy. He nudged his prick into the smoothly shaven crack between the two big muscle buns and stabbed a few times seeking the fuck hole. When his cock head touched the ass ring, he sank in with a mighty plunge, moaning as his dick tingled from the sensations of entering the warm fuck passage.

Joe didn't hesitated, once he had buried his wood in the convict's ass, he began the fuck stroke. His pace was rapid and wild, he was fucking for both his own pleasure and to inflict pain on the arrogant muscle stud. Of course having his shit chute once gain filled with a steel hard piece of man meat was a bit painful for Brian but his prostate tingled and his little shriveled wiener immediately firmed up.

As he took yet another rough fucking, little moans escaped the muscular stud's mouth. Joe snickered and fucked. He rode that fine firm ass, he drove his fuck rod in and out of the moaning convict turn out. As he pumped his wood thru the man tunnel, he looked down and saw the hickies James had left on the back of Brian's neck and shoulders. He moved his mouth down and bit into the muscular neck and sucked to add to those purple passion marks.

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As he pumped his hips and drove his cock inside the once arrogant stud, his mouth worked to enlarge the hickies that Brian already carried.

The muscle man's betraying manhood was in overdrive, Brian's little dick was rock hard, stiff as a board, his balls were churning up another load as Joe's thick fuck shaft used his ass cunt. Oozed leaked from Brian's dick, his moans were growing louder as he found himself nearing climax. He had forgotten his shame and embarrassment, they took back seat to the growing need he had to cum. He had forgotten he was straight, he had forgotten all about the fuck pain. His thoughts were on one track now, he needed to once again cum.

Joe was giving the muscle bitch a nice hard fucking. He drove in hard and deep, the fuck tunnel was a warm clutching sensation, it hugged his fuck pole and the little ass ring was a tight hot rubber band that clamed around his rod. He slammed into the man's powerfully built back, he clutched the masculine waist line.

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He gave the stud a royal fucking, he plowed in and out of the hot ass. Brian's moans weren't that of a man being raped or taken against his will. They were the moans of a man receiving pleasure. Husky, needy man moans, the sound of a man enjoying whatever sexual experience his body might be receiving. His balls were full, they would explode at any second, sperm would blast out, his climax was seconds away.

The hard fat fuck stick banged into his prostate, his ass ring locked down, his nuts pumped!

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Cum sprayed out of his little woody, it coated the bunk's sheets and it coated his shaved stomach. As Brian's fuck ring locked around Joe's prick, Joe in turn went into orgasm.

His heavy nuts drew up, he fired, his nut juice blasted deep into the muscle stud's fuck chute. His sperm coated the inside of the turned out man's ass walls. His dick convulsed as his balls pumped out their load. He collapsed onto the broad shoulders, he rested and panted with his weight supported by the muscular fuck boy's back.

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Brian could feel the dick dwindling inside his ass. He could feel it grow smaller, he could feel it shrinking inside his butt. His own balls were empty, the guilt and shame began to return as he listened to the panting man that rested on his back.

Joe pulled out after a few minutes. "On your knees, faggot. Clean my cock with that mouth, fag boy." Brian was on his knees in mere seconds. He didn't hesitate, he licked the now soft dick that had just fucked the hell out of his ass. He cleaned it good, half hoping it would stiffen again and half hoping it would enter his ass and fuck another load of cream from his nuts. As Joe left the cell, James entered. "Douche that cum out, muscle b itch.

I need to fuck again. I'm gonna give you another good dicking, then a few more customers will be dropping by to try out that pussy." Brian didn't even hesitate. He grabbed his douche bottle and began to fill it. This time the muscle stud was more than ready to have his ass overfilled with the kid's huge cock.

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